I hate my job and am almost finally done. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Canada's favorite coffee chain. Please nothing is off limits!


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pinkpizza25 karma

What's the worst thing about your job?

tone9058 karma

Where do I begin? haha... Lately, it has just been dealing with new minors. Now that I'm a tad older and finishing up my degree it is very hard to teach the 16 year olds the job. They are insufferable! Bitching about how hard working 3 hour shifts are, or how rough going to school and then work is and you just want to tell them to get ready for real life because it is going to hit them like a wall. However, over my almost 8 years the hardest thing has been the inconsistencies. Changes in policies or management styles are the worst. You will have one manager who doesn't care about a certain Tim Horton's standard but then her manager will so you are constantly trying to make 3 or 4 people happy. Also, changes in policy or policies that are damn near unachievable are infuriating.

thebeautifulstruggle24 karma

Stupid checklist by district managers. I tried got 80%, cut corners got 96%

tone9013 karma

Hahaha exactly you know what I'm talking about... as for the post of yours that got deleted here is my reply: As long as you didn't call off too often we'd be friends. My back of the house is usually spotless and my freezer is always free of empty boxes. And my dip pans are always filled. I've never had any problems with my overnighters in the past. Now we close at 11 so they eliminated the shift.

thebeautifulstruggle6 karma

Hahaha yeah man. We always got shit done but grouchy as fuck by 8am

tone907 karma

Yeah I always felt for you guys always getting shit and working the shift 98% of people don't want.

thebeautifulstruggle6 karma

To be honest it was a pretty good shift if you're a single guy and a student. Fridays and Saturdays we would have drunken club girls craving donuts and our friends drop by. Also all the local Tim Horton's night staff were friends so we would finish duties and hangout.

tone906 karma

Yeah that's what I always got from my overnights too. I'm just saying that all the morning people and most of the afternoon people wouldn't be able to handle. I've worked my fair share overnight bakes covering for people and I always enjoyed it. Especially when I used to be a pot smoker!

tlfalkenberg2 karma

The Sunday morning dt times can suck most times too.

tone902 karma

Ugh DT times don't get me started

Oilfan991120 karma

I like getting bagels toasted with butter, but why on earth is there such inconsistency with this? Sometimes the bagels will be very toasted, other times not at all, sometimes a tonne of butter, other times very little, and everything in between.

tone9018 karma

It really has to do with the toaster. If there is a bulb out in the toaster it makes a huge difference. Same goes for the belt if that belt is older it moves slower and causes things to get a tad toastier. The standard is a toaster set on 6 but that is so different from location to location. As for the butter it really depends on who is making it. Cream cheese is supposed to be scooped using a scooper but butter really is freehand. I am known to over butter, it will tell you pretty much exactly how the person making a bagel likes their bagels buttered haha.

mcogs1012 karma

Inconsistent toasting is usually a result of the quartz heater tubes getting dirty and less heat reaching the bagels. Managers are also quite adept at ignoring equipment issues until catastrophic failure.

The age of the belt has no bearing on the belt speed, if the potentiometer on the toaster is wearing out, the belt speed can be different at any given setting than a brand new unit. If the sprocket on the gearmotor or the gearmotor itself are wearing out, this can also cause speed issues, though usually manifesting as random stop/starts on the conveyor.

Also at play is the fact Tim's uses a few different brands and models of toasters currently, usually Holman QCS2 or QCS3, and as more stores undergo their mandated renovations, the Nieco solid state control Toasters.

tone904 karma

Thank you repair man! Yeah by bulbs I mean quartz heater tubes and by belt speed I meant potentiometer... I just didn't know it hahaha

mcogs103 karma

Timmies calls are the highlight of my day, they're usually a pretty clean location to work in, and then someone like you tries very hard to give me free coffee on my way out.

tone905 karma

Yeah no frier means no grease and yeah I usually always give the repair guys some donuts and coffee on the way out. Also, its nice having someone to bitch about the local sports teams with haha

shiverman00716 karma

Of all the baked goods that you are suppose to throw out, how many make it to the dumpster?

tone9025 karma

Sadly, a lot! I am a night shift supervisor, mostly, and my location closes so we throw out around 5 or 6 dozen a night. It is really sickening knowing we throw out probably thousands of pounds of food a year. As for donuts that "expire" which the Tim Horton's standard is after 8 hours... we rarely throw those out and mostly it is just us supervisors saying "fuck that, I am not wasting stuff twice."

travass10 karma

Ever considered donating it to say local shelters?

tone9027 karma

I've made the suggestion apparently it is against company policy. Liability reasons was the excuse I was given.

NorthernBaker22 karma

Also a Tim Hortons Supervisor here, I got the same excuse too. Liability if whoever we donate it to get's sick.

tone9014 karma

Yeah, its a bullshit excuse. Thanks for the confirmation that it isn't just my owner.

Operader3 karma

I worked for a different restaurant chain. I'm pretty sure this is common practice for any place that sells food.

Besides, why would you help people that are starving? /s

_Slevin4 karma

Had a friend who worked for Panera Bread in high school. He said that they donated all the left over bagels and bread every night. Don't know if they still do though (this was 9 years ago).

tone904 karma

They do. It's usually posted right on the door... which is another reason I think this policy is bullshit.

SRD_Grafter2 karma

Not sure, if it is at the corporate or store level. But I know one of the local ones still donates older product to the local blood center.

Back in the day, I used to work at Krispy Kreme and when I asked about doing something similar, it sounded like they had considered it, but that most of the shelters wanted it delivered, which the boss didn't want to do (as we were thin stretched worker wise).

tone903 karma

Yeah, I assume its just about profits over people.

tone902 karma

Yes wouldn't it be horrible if corporations cared about people!

matterhorn12 karma

I worked at McDonalds and it was the same.

They wouldn't even let us take stuff home for ourselves at closing (although some of the nicer managers would allow us).

I know it's a liability thing, but I don't understand why they can't sign a contract with a food bank that it is eat at your own risk, and we are not responsible if someone gets sick. I would be interested to see a lawyer weigh in on this.

tone902 karma

Same. As I have said before I think this liability reasoning is pretty BS

koziklove2 karma

I used to work overnights at a Tim Hortons back when we made the donuts/everything in house.......we were told we couldn't donate leftovers because no one would come get them and we couldn't drop them off.

tone901 karma

Yeah I always thought it was just laziness etc.

Curgan13373 karma

When you say rarely throw those out, I assume you mean the staff eats them not you just keep selling them right?

tone902 karma

I mean we keep selling them. We have to have a certain amount of product in the showcase and if something rarely sells we usually just keep older product there instead of having to bake an entire new batch and waste that too. More popular donuts usually get sold pretty quickly so this isn't a problem there but those old fashioned plain or glazed in the showcase at 9pm were probably made at 10am.

TheMcG13 karma

Since you have stated you work for an American location, I have to ask. Do your employee manuals really have a section explaining what a double double is?

tone9019 karma

Yes they do... plus they all have Canadian spelling which to us ignorant americans is always funny... Colour, Flavour, Centre, etc.

MerryChoppins10 karma

What IS a double double?

tone9016 karma

A coffee with two cream and two sugar

matterhorn13 karma

hmm, I didn't know this was a Canadian only thing.

tone903 karma

Well I'm in the states and it's pretty common language outside of my work place too.

dimplejuice11 karma

What do you think about the acquisition by Burger King?

tone9010 karma

Business as usual. I think Tim's is trying to make a move to expand globally and this is a pretty decent move if they are doing that, however, if not it will probably fail like the Wendy's merger a decade ago.

DownHereWeAllFloat8 karma

I happen to love my Baconator & 8' Long John combo.

userisok4 karma

8 Feet!? That's indeed a long John.

tone904 karma

It's the party sub of long johns haha

tone901 karma

Well I believe there are still combo locations around haha

DiabolyAlcoholy10 karma

What was the biggest doughnut flop you know of?

tone9010 karma

Great question! I've seen so many it's hard to remember haha. Recently the dark chocolate donut was a pretty big flop at my location. It was a chocolate fill donut filled with chocolate dipped in chocolate sprinkled with chocolate rice crispy things (which were actually amazing on their own) and had a triangle of dark chocolate as a garnish... really it was just toooooo much chocolate. Probably the biggest flop I've seen though is the halloween donut they put out every year. Essential it's just a boston or vanilla cream (its changed over the years) but they put this edible sticker on it that tastes like eating paper... no one ever buys them!

torndownunit3 karma

I grab coffee for people at work in the mornings daily, and I don't even remember that chocolate donut. It sounds horrific.

Was the Dark chocolate donut part of the whole "dark roast' campaign? Is the dark roast popular? I only ever see people order it when someone behind the counter specifically asks if they want it.


tone903 karma

Yeah it was part of the dark marketing and it did horrible. I would throw out dozens a night. Dark roast is somewhat popular. I think over all it should get phased out but they have invested a TON of money on it. Ad campaigns, new brewers, new pots, and have been forcing most of us to suggestive sell like crazy. People don't seem to like it all that much.

MastaGrower3 karma

yeah I learned when I was in Costa Rica over the break that the dark roast is so that you can purchase coffee beans from anywhere mix them together and dark roast them and the coffee will taste the same.

tone906 karma

Yeah, honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it is a way to get rid of the beans that are rejected for regular roast.

Bveronis9 karma

This summer I was obsessed with the Oreo ice Capp. In September or so they were unavailable why would they discontinue it? Also why do you hate your job?

tone907 karma

It will probably come back next summer tbh... usually when things are popular like that they have a way of coming back. As for why I hate my job there are a multitude of reasons some asked me that questions specifically before I'll just refer you to that answer haha.

Letmeneckbeardbro9 karma

How often do employees of your establishment covertly deposit semen into food orders before serving them?

tone9019 karma

roughly twice an hour... excluding me :P Never honestly if one of my employees ever did that or spit or anything like that I would fire them on the spot. As much as I hate my job I do care about people regardless of how shitty those people treat us sometimes.

scotttech19 karma

How are you celebrating Tim Horton's birthday today?

tone908 karma

Oh wow! What a coincidence didn't know it is his birthday. I'm celebrating with this AMA. You guys have all been great btw!

DrkSnpr148 karma

What's with the attitude I get every time I order an Iced Cap?

tone9015 karma

Probably comes from the fact that every teenage girl orders 10844963562 million during the summer and we get sick of making them but tbh I actually enjoy making iced capps

marthathought8 karma


tone9020 karma

Always ask for food first it means we can start it and will be faster. As for coffee, always order size and then cream sugar and always say dark roast or decaf before your cream and sugar if thats what you are getting.

Turtwig4767 karma

How many people have you fired?

tone909 karma

I've had to fire one. It really is the managers job but once my manager had me fire someone on the spot for stealing.

magicmalek7 karma

did they steal cash?

tone9012 karma

Yep right out of the registers... and Tim Horton's is covered in cameras sooooo stupid move

totosi3 karma

How big of a problem is theft from the register? I've noticed the cameras so I assume it happens pretty frequently.

tone905 karma

No the cameras are a pretty solid deterrent, thats pretty much their purpose.

mrpoppadopalis6 karma

I was getting coffee with my fiancee getting ready to do the paper route we do when we got our coffee which was supposed to have caramel syrup or something like that. It ended up being the worst coffee we ever had it tasted like nothing with a hint of raspberry nastiness. We didn't complain abd ended up going to McDonald's instead. What's your worst complaint story and/or worse fuck up an employee of yours has ever done?

tone9012 karma

Haha where do I begin. Over the years I've compiled so many stories about customer complaints or employee fuck ups so I'll just tell a short one. I once had a lady order a decaf double double with a shot of espresso. This is surprisingly common and I can never understand why, it seems counterproductive. My employees and I thought nothing of it. About 4 hours later just before close a woman comes in and slams a coffee on the counter and asks for the supervisor. I come walking up front and she starts yelling that her coworker got her this coffee and she drank half of it and now she can't sleep. She goes on and on about how she orders decaf because she has trouble sleeping when she drinks caffeine late... I sympathize because I have the same problem if I drink any caffeine after 7 I'm up all night. I ask her what was in it just curiously and she say decaf double double with an espresso shot... I almost lose it. I explain what espresso is and she tells me I'm wrong that it is just coffee flavoring. This goes on for about 20 minutes I refund her money she goes on her way. Two days later I receive a complaint from corporate about how espresso should come in decaf. As for your coffee may I ask what you got in it? I assume someone put the wrong flavor shot in we have a raspberry flavor shot and I find it atrocious.

mrpoppadopalis5 karma

We ordered the coffee with a caramel shot it was bitter as hell with A faint taste off raspberry pretty much the opposite of what we wanted

tone909 karma

If it was black I've noticed our shots don't blend well with the taste. Maybe the location used an older raspberry hopper to store caramel in those shots stain anything they touch, including the hoppers, with the color, flavor, and smell.

Fatscre6 karma

Why didn't the birthday cake timbit/donut stay around longer? Also why is it that it is carried at one location but not another?

tone905 karma

Locations can pick what they carry to a certain extent. Usually promotional items must be carried for x amount of time and then become unavailable or optional. My location still has the birthday cake timbits stop by hahaha

Fatscre3 karma

Ahhh so is there anything I can do to bring that item back?

tone903 karma

Like I said earlier to another commenter usually when stuff is popular it'll make a comeback at some point.

Fatscre4 karma

Thank you for the info

tone903 karma

No problem glad I could help!

blanketbounces5 karma

Is the crack hidden in the cups, the coffee or is it sprinkled on top like cocoa powder before you hand it over? I try to make it at home and it NEVER tastes as good as when I get it from the shop

tone906 karma

We sprinkle it on top of the coffee in the brewer the temperature is perfect to release the cracky goodness haha. No, I feel like our cream is just really fatty and delicious.

blanketbounces5 karma

I drink my coffee black, no cream. Seriously, though. Where do i buy wholesale TH crack?

tone903 karma

Yeah I drink mine black to and have never had this crack like experience. I always assumed it was the cream. Maybe get commercial brewer, we use a BUNN brewer and buy our coffee.

ElectronFlow3 karma

Followup: Do you know what temperature water the brewers at Tim's uses? For example, when I worked at Coffee Chain ©, the brewers were set to around 195 degrees.

tone903 karma

I do not know off hand I want to say it is around 210

DiabolyAlcoholy5 karma

Why do the ads say always fresh when it's obvious that they freeze and reheat? Also why did they go about doing that instead of making fresh doughnuts in the back?

tone9010 karma

That's a joke we always talk about between employees like always fresh my ass everything is pre-baked or par-baked. When I started muffins were still batter but even that has changed I am assuming this is just a corporate model. Having massive factories allows uniform quality (even if it is subpar) while allowing for easier expansion.

queefin_it_real3 karma

what is 'par-baked'?

Stromboli615 karma

Just out of curiosity, how much does the average Tim Horton's worker know about the actual Tim Horton?

tone902 karma

Well I didn't know today was his birthday. They make you watch a video about him and I live in a place where hockey is pretty popular so around here quite a bit.

redditorx135795 karma


tone908 karma

I really do hate it after almost 8 years everyday is horrible and repetitive.

darkkn1te5 karma

Which one is Canadian Maple? In some Tim Horton's Canadian Maple is the one with the filling. In others it's the one without the filling. Which one is it?

tone9011 karma

Canadian Maple is filled. Maple dip is a ring donut.

marzstr5 karma

Do you ever just take a donut if you're hungry ?

tone906 karma

I used to but I haven't eaten Tim Horton's in roughly two years. Everyone does this occasionally but it is company policy to pay 50%

NorthernBaker8 karma

That would be for corporate stores I think. Family owned TDL licensed stores can give their own discounts based on their labor costs/food price costs. My store is 30% off all food and drinks, coffee and donuts are free.

tone905 karma

Yeah our owner just uses the corporate rate. I've heard of stores like yours though.

Nohams4 karma

I read your title as Tim Hortons survivor. So, what is the most likely way you could get killed while on the job?

tone903 karma

Probably a tweaking customer lol And yes I am a survivor!

steampunkjesus3 karma

Tim Bits: Greater or lesser than munchkins?

tone902 karma

I have actually never had a dunkin donuts munchkin... although I like their coffee better for some reason... even though both kind of suck imo

reseph3 karma

Never heard of Tim Horton's. What makes it special, aside from coffee?

MacerV9 karma


tone905 karma

You can get better donut holes elsewhere

tone908 karma


FizzyDragon8 karma

I dunno, I kinda like the iced capps. Cheap, sweet coffee slush, yum!

tone902 karma

I used to like them. If the machine is clean they are pretty good.

FizzyDragon3 karma

I saw in another comment that teenage girls order them a lot. I'm a bit older than that (32) but still female. Do you recall any other foods that had really obvious demographics?

tone905 karma

Old people love apple fritters and are the only people that ever order OF plain (unless people are getting them for their dogs.) Also frozen hot chocolates are usually teens as well (or kids.) You can usually tell Boston Cream people from Vanilla Cream people... idk why, its a learned skill.

matterhorn15 karma

my dog LOVES the plain timbits. He gets upset if we come home with Tim Horton's and forgot to get him one.

tone902 karma

That's a great part of the job too, getting to see the dogs beg in people's passenger seats.

Bloedman3 karma

What do you advise your friends / relatives to not order?

tone9010 karma

Everything usually tbh. I really don't think our food is all that great everything is pre-baked. Our soups are powdered mixes or frozen cream blocks. Our sandwich meats are loaded with preservatives. As hypocritical as it seems I am all about local foods. We have a great local donut shop about a block away from my store and I can never understand why people order our donuts. Same with coffee our local coffee shop is top notch and people over look it. I guess it all benefits me because those places are busy but not crazy busy which means on my days off you'll find me there haha.

lovebeardsandtattoos7 karma


Almost every single Tim Hortons has a drive thru, almost every one is open 24 hours and it's widely known. Local bakeries/coffee shops have much better products, but not the same, no drive thru and much shorter hours. Before Timmies jacked up their prices, it was cheaper to get goodies from there than a bakery. I've been getting my donuts from Zehrs for years now, twice as big, tastes better and cost half as much.

tone902 karma


jnetelle3 karma

Hi. How long did it take you to become a supervisor? Good luck with school!

tone905 karma

I was a supervisor after my first year. I'm a pretty hard worker and caught on quickly. I'm also the kind of guy who people like to follow and am generally nice... wow that's super egotistical haha... but it was pretty quick. Thanks I'm almost done!

qpNiTROqp3 karma

Has Deadmau5 ever been to your location?

tone902 karma

He has not but if he did stop at my location I would be sure to snap a picture with him seen as that my roommate is obsessed with his music

Theoriginalmegapedia3 karma

Why do you hate your job? I've worked in the coffee business, as a barista, for years and I always loved it!

tone9012 karma

Because at Tim Horton's you are a fake barista. I'm pretty much just a fast food worker. No one at my work actually is that interested in coffee. I would probably like being a real barista, as I love coffee but Tim's is just really a fast food place.

Jhager3 karma

Why is it the only times in my life I've heard of Tim Hortons is on reddit? I'm goin to have to travel to one just so I'm not left out.

tone902 karma

Where are you from?

AAEburns3 karma

Are there opportunities, as either a customer or employee, to come up with a product and have it evaluated to go big? (I'm referencing McDonald's Egg McMuffin introduction to the market.)

tone908 karma

Nope... I made the suggestion of starting a veggie patty sandwich like subway a few years ago. We have a lot of vegetarians by my location and a pretty big Hindu community that strays away from our food for dietary reasons but my suggestion was shot down. I've never heard of anything a customer or employee creating ever going big... Oh, I've also invented a reese's ice capp but I got yelled at for that haha.

thebeautifulstruggle5 karma

Surprised. A lot of Hindus and other vegetarians love the cream cheese bagels.

tone902 karma

Yeah they do but for dinner time something more substantial would be nice

betz44443 karma

How does Tim Horton's manage to make their coffee so gross? And why do they insist on serving everything lava hot?

tone905 karma

Haha I've been asking myself that question from day one along with "why do people like this shit?" They say that the temp is "the perfect brewing temp for premium coffee." And I'm assuming their beans are just the cheapest they can get away with so thats why it taste like coffee flavored hot water.

mouse0ver13 karma

What was the grossest drink you've had to make? I talked to one staff member and they've had people put in like 6 creams, 6 sugars, etc.

tone906 karma

I have a regular who drinks a medium with 3 cream 10 splenda... I actually can taste the splenda just from the dust haha

thePeds2 karma

Former Tim's employee here: 2 drinks I can remember are a regular who would a large with 5 cream and one honey. The second was an extra large with 12 sugar. That's about half the cup

tone902 karma

Yep 11 and 11 is a full cup of cream and sugar so that sounds about right haha.

shiverman0073 karma

Why can I never get a bagel toasted correctly from the drive through?

Every time the edges are burn and the rest of the bagel is soft. Even when I asked for it double toasted is still pretty bad.

tone904 karma

Again it really is how well kept the toaster is. If one bulb is out in that thing bagels will toast differently. Also, it depends on the freshness of the bagel fresher bagels will still be soft in the middle and always burn on the edges this happens often in the AM. Also, people on the AM usually cheat and toast the bagels through faster to help lower their service times.

Turtwig4763 karma

Is the coffee at least drinkable? or does that contain pubic hair like at mcdonalds

tone9020 karma

For cleanliness and freshness the coffee is usually good. Pots are used so quickly they don't have time to sit very long and usually all the equipment is clean. As for quality, imo our coffee taste like water that is coffee flavor but then again I'm usually a gourmet coffee drinker (I do pour over, vacuum, and french press at home) with beans from a local roaster.

jbaird3 karma

Has the coffee got worse over the years or has everyone just got better taste in coffee?

I seem to remember Tim's was ok a long time ago, I don't know if it was just compared to the regular shit coffee but seems like everyone has upped the bar lately and Tim's is either stayed with the same thing or just got worse and worse..

even consistency wise its been bad, I held out for a long time still buying Timmies but after too many weak burnt shitty coffees I just gave up.

tone907 karma

I think with the growth of Starbucks and independent brewers and roasters people have become more knowledgable about good coffee and Tim's has remained the same.

queefin_it_real3 karma

Not sure if you've answered this already, but how do you like Tim's coffee? Will you continue to drink it after you leave?

tone904 karma

I did answer it but I will again. I'm not a fan and oddly enough I don't drink it at work. I think it taste like coffee flavored water. I usually try to make my coffee at home with beans from a local roaster. I prefer pour over coffee or french press but for guests I usually use my vacuum pot because it's entertaining.

wachet3 karma


... I have always been of this opinion, yet the Timmy's cult has always showered me with downvotes when I express it. I think the coffee at Tim's is just plain nasty.

tone904 karma

Yeah it's pretty tough telling anyone it's nasty they usually get pretty defensive I've had a few comments that I'm not representing the brand but I think I've been pretty honest about MY experience there.

Mrbrian872 karma

Have you tried the dark roast? I'm with you on coffee flavoured water for the regular stuff but the dark roast is better

tone903 karma

I have and will admit that personally I like it better but still like my coffee at home.

achow882 karma

As an avid coffee drinker... i agree with all of this.

tone902 karma

Avid coffee drinker as well... Can you understand why I hate the job haha

vensamape3 karma

Who do you see as competition? What are some rival restaurants?

tone903 karma

I don't... but the upper management sees Dunkin, Starbucks, McDs, and local coffee shops as rivals

vensamape3 karma

What about Subway and Chipolte?

tone903 karma

Subway in a sense but not chipotle

g3ckoNJ3 karma

They don't do that roll up the lid contest in the US do they?

tone902 karma

Of course they do roll up the rim it's their number one promotion and it is the bane of my existence for 2-3 months every year.

ozzyman272 karma

Why did you get rid of white hot chocolate?

tone902 karma

IMO it's gross... Also, it didn't sell well.

forgotten_epilogue2 karma

At a multi-lane drive-thru, how do you keep track of which car has which order?

tone903 karma

I've never worked at a multi-lane DT so I have no clue... Magic???

fooloverb3 karma

They have cameras set up. Inside there are monitors that show which car enters the single pickup line first after they order.

tone903 karma

The more you know!

marzstr2 karma

Have you ever looked at a person's customized Tim card and said "what were you thinking"?

tone905 karma

I usually do haha... Also I really don't understand people with cards that have a ton of money on them when I know they reload them for themselves. I just can't fathom having $100 tied up in a company when I could just have cash.

matterhorn12 karma

Yeah this baffles me too. Tim's accepts credit cards with the tap feature too (at least in Canada) so I don't know what the purpose of a Tim's card is. Not to mention if you lose it, your money is gone. Lose a credit card and at least you will be reimbursed.

tone902 karma

Exactly it really just shows how popular of a place tim's is and the level of brand loyalty people have.

AtoZZZ2 karma

Why don't you guys come to America? And why is Canada obsessed with it?

tone9011 karma

We are in america! In fact, I work at an american Tim Horton's. It's just a regional thing. I don't know how much further south they will expand as Starbucks and Dunkin have pretty much cornered the market everywhere else. As for why Canada, and where I am in the states, is so obsessed with it I ask myself that everyday hahaha

pyjamatoast2 karma

I've heard from more than one Tim's employee that iced capps are (or used to be) mixed in a giant, unwashed bucket that sits on the floor. Is that true? One of them seemed pretty serious/disgusted about it, and swore off iced capps after seeing it.

tone903 karma

True! We do wash our buckets but they are usually stored unopened on the floor. However, as someone who has to clean the machine I won't drink Iced Capps because of the fermented film that begins to form in the machine tank after a week of use.

pyjamatoast2 karma


tone902 karma

Sorry for ruining your experience!

SweetContext2 karma

As a former Tim's overnight employee, I applaud you for your work term. I went mental after 2 months and had to leave.

Is the menu selection much broader where you're from, than here in NS?

tone902 karma

Yeah, 8 years is a looooooonnnngggg time in the Tim's world. The menu selection is huge now. When I started half of the stuff on the menu now didn't exist. Really I think this takes away from what we used to do well.

keepin_ur_lights_on2 karma

Why do I always have to ask for a sleeve on my scalding hot cup of coffee? Are your employees trained to offer it without and only give one if asked???

tone903 karma

Paper waste cost. Employees are trained to only put a sleeve or double cup on when it is requested.

Dr_Jerkface1 karma

Where did you get your liberal arts degree?

tone905 karma

I'm close to getting a BA in History from a school in the US. I'd rather not say how much longer I have or where exactly just because I'm sure my managers wouldn't appreciate this AMA.