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Food trends, current and past. My questions are 1) which trend are you glad to see go/tired of seeing and the opposite spectrum 2) which do you wish to come back/want to promote?

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Are there opportunities, as either a customer or employee, to come up with a product and have it evaluated to go big? (I'm referencing McDonald's Egg McMuffin introduction to the market.)

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Not that either one of you would resort to violence, but has there ever been a guest so heinous to your sensibilities, that you thought to yourself, "Geez,this man/woman/group really needs a violent response?"

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When the trucks comes in to replenish stock, how does the trucker/driver feel about the products he or she is transporting? Granted, product is product (be it a dildo or plywood), but I could always spend a few minutes talking to the drivers since I was the in charge of the delivery dock.