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Whoot! You are hot! My favorite character on my absolute favorite show!

Not even sure what to ask.

How about, how much of Archer get's edited out that turns out to be over the top? Would be interested in what is considered too offensive for the show. Is there anything?

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That's a policy I would recommend you never follow, and possibly talk to your manager about changing it as it's actually an illegal policy. What you described is Kiddie Porn distribution by definition. Do you really think there's an exception in the law that says it's illegal, unless you're escalating it within a company?

Doing anything with material like that, other than contacting the authorities and turning over the evidence, could get you in a lot of hot water.

I'm betting somebody is misunderstanding the actual policy and giving you bad information.

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Outstanding work! Big fan.

Do you find it hard to keep all the voices separated? Do you find yourself 'in-between' voices sometimes?

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Probably just a misguided policy. Guessing there's been cases where innocent parent's are turned in for taking pics of their kids playing in the tub, making bubble beards and what have you. Not Kiddie Porn by context, but could end up getting them sued by a false accusation.

As a side note. I would venture to guess, in the case of obvious Kiddie Porn, it might be illegal to even return the pictures to the person without law enforcement being involved.

Like you said in other comments, hope you never have to be exposed to that or make those kind of decisions.