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UPDATED 12/20/2014: Another threatening message has been left on Diaz's website, this time ostensibly signed by "Meg Henson" (wife of Jeffrey Henson Scales, also a former New York Times staffer), under the same IP address and an e-mail address signifying "Wanda Smith."

It reads [entirely sic]:

"... But now? I’m coming for you. Watch out, whatever you are. I don’t stop, and I don’t lose. Say ONE more lie about my wonderful TALENTED daughter, don’t make this pile of shit page disappear, and I guarantee you. You will regret it. What?!? You’re garbage and you know it, clap your hands? Clap them nasty things. I will have EVERY law enforcement agency on your nothing else SO quick. Ask around, it. You need a job! This ain’t one. Married a millionaire, my ass. NO ONE would marry you, or even befriend you. Why? Because you’re a liar, an EDP, and you need to be institutionalized. When I get your highly hidden name; it will become the prejorative for cowards. That’s what you are. Self publish, it. NO one wants you. No one. Except the police. At this point, I officially acknowledge that you are a threat to my life, and that of my family. And I WILL stand my ground, you nasty piece of nothing. Yes. I am here for you. Come find me! Let’s see what happens then, fugly mind, soulless, unwanted, it. Come get some. File this under BYE! You’re gone."

This further evidence is being reported to the NYPD.

By popular demand, a timeline and apparent motives for the cyber-harassment/ threats is outlined HERE.

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Here is a great ELI5 summary that a Redditor was kind enough to provide in another thread:

  • Indie author publishes book 10 years ago.

  • Few weeks later, similar but dubious essay pops up in NY Times.

  • Over the years, author gets victimized by press, Gawker, etc.

  • Fed up, author tries to hire freelance journalist to “pen investigative report.”

  • Owner of Gawker threatens writers NOT to accept writing job offer, “under threat of termination/blacklist.”

  • Fast forward to now (10 years later)– author publishes second book, detailing everything she has been through at hands of media, NY Times, Gawker, etc. Includes evidence that NY Times and Gawker colluded to steal her story [in an apparent attempt to garner a “book deal”* and/or “screen option” for themselves].

  • Current NY Times staffer “at heart of controversy” cyber-harasses and physically threatens author for “unveiling alleged New York Times (and Gawker) impropriety.”

  • P.S. Seems like the Gawker/Times “collusion” to steal author’s story came about because a head editor of Gawker was (gay) dating a columnist for the NY Times.

    • [The dubious Times article was indeed published in a book of essays edited by Ira Glass, titled The New Kings of Nonfiction.]

A big THANK YOU to the very gracious Redditors who suggested this AMA and left great encouraging messages. I would love to do a free e-book giveaway on Amazon for Redditors if anybody’s interested.


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nixon_richard_m53 karma

It seems like you're all over the place here. Please describe your mental health.

Are you currently on any medications?

Do you regularly see a psychiatrist or psychologist?

Is there a history of mental illness in your family?

Do you think the Times is not responding to you because they find your claims baseless? You're acting like it's some crime that you're not getting the response you're demanding. Don't you understand that the Times has no obligation to you?

Richard Nixon

PX_This-25 karma

Don't you understand that the Times has no obligation to you?

Sorry, but you're wrong. The Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists in fact states that they are indeed obliged to "seek truth" and report it.

That includes seeking truth about allegations of their own impropriety.

Bratmon33 karma

You can't just look at a list of 10 questions and answer the one that makes you look the best!

Well, clearly you can, I guess...

Blizzaldo20 karma

I think it's fair when your asking about someone's mental health over the internet. That's a very sensitive personal subject and should absolutely not be included in an AMA, or if it is, it shouldn't be expected to be answered. IMO, it fits the fifth criteria for comment removal, as it seems pretty offensive to imply a history of mental health problems by asking a battery of questions like that and even pretty creepy to even ask about someone's mental health.

Also, it seems more like an ad hominem attack then actual questions, atleast IMO. Rather then focusing on their points, the entire first half of that seems like it's trying to find some reason to dismiss OP's points that isn't related to the points.

PX_This-19 karma


DStoo8 karma

This is the person that "most certainly found" that the times was attacking her by using public IP address "geo location" search and it "definitely showed it down to the block".

How many blocks does NYC have? How many people live per block? Even IF IP addresses worked like that (they don't) you still wouldn't narrow it down to who was actually harassing you to the block level.

Bratmon-1 karma

I think you replied to the wrong comment.

DStoo9 karma

I replied to the right person. I replied to you as to why they picked the ones that made her look the 'best'.

PX_This is attentionwhoring. If you look at the other replies it becomes pretty clear this is to drive clicks to her website, crappy 'pilot', and other work.

She used GeoIP trackers that "you can just google for" as evidence:

Those both list me as being in Savannah, Georgia while I'm all the way up in Michigan.

PX_This-13 karma

Mine places me four blocks away.

PX_This-13 karma

Why do you keep insisting on putting words in my mouth? I never said any of those things.

nixon_richard_m5 karma

I think there's a huge gulf between "seeking truth" and responding to demands from every person that makes a claim that they've done something untoward. So, "sorry" but you're wrong.

You also didn't answer my other questions.

Richard Nixon

PX_This-20 karma

You may think so, but you would be wrong.

We are not "every person." "We" are a best-selling author with 25+ years of professional experience at the very top of "our" multi-billion dollar industry, who has been cyber-harassed and physically threatened by a New York Times staffer, which is a crime.

I didn't answer your other questions, because they're stupid.

nixon_richard_m16 karma

We are not "every person." "We" are a best-selling author with 25+ years of professional experience at the very top of "our" multi-billion dollar industry

What industry are you even talking about? What industry have you been in for 25+ years?

who has been cyber-harassed and physically threatened by a New York Times staffer, which is a crime.

So call the police.

I didn't answer your other questions, because they're stupid.

Now you're just being mean!

Richard Nixon

PX_This-14 karma

The fine-dining industry.

We did call the police. We have an Aggravated Harassment report filed with the 6th precinct of the NYPD.

DStoo2 karma

who has been cyber-harassed and physically threatened by a New York Times staffer

According to GeoIP services. Everyone that has time take a chance to punch in your IP address to that search and see how correct the result is.

I'm supposedly 1000 miles away.

PX_This-5 karma

The IP tracker places me four blocks away.

kushxmaster2 karma

It puts you four blocks away but you feel confident that the person attacking you was only half a block away? My ip address says im in a different country, doesn't mean I'm actually there. The person harassing you easily could have an ip address that isn't even remotely close to what you found. Don't you think it's probable that they chose to spoof their ip to something that would show close to where you are?

PX_This-5 karma

They spoofed two different handles to the same IP, over a month long period, to an address that just happens to be a half block away from the Times staffer at the center of my allegations of impropriety? And how would they have done that?

kushxmaster3 karma

By understanding how ip addresses work, which you absolutely don't understand.

If, and I really stress if on this one because I think you're full of shit, but if someone really wanted to fuck with you yes they could. They would just have to look up the ip addresses for that geolocation and then they could purchase a cheap static ip from that block and use that to harass you.

I don't know why I'm bothering to tell you because it's readily apparent that you don't care about how ip addresses actually work. It's obvious you want to stick to your about your geoIP, which has been proven to you many times in this thread to be completely wrong.

PX_This-3 karma

And I have said many times that I do not rely on GeoIP.

I know what I know. But YOU keep making this about the IP address, which only constitutes a small portion of all my evidence.

if someone really wanted to fuck with you yes they could. They would just have to look up the ip addresses for that geolocation and then they could purchase a cheap static ip from that block and use that to harass you.

And why would somebody do that? To fuck with ME? Seems more like they want to fuck with The New York Times staffer, in that case. Especially since now the police are involved.

So, let's go with that reasoning. Who would do such a thing?

andrewperon39 karma

You said in your original post that you had a pilot that was almost picked up by NBC, yet the article you linked to in reference not only mentions nothing about you having any sort of pilot deal (it has a brief line mentioning a possible pilot with Samantha Bee and another former Daily Show correspondent), but the article is actually about some entity named PX This (who is obviously you, given the username) complaining that this supposed pilot in question used a 'stolen storyline' that's 'too close to be coincidental'.

So is that your thing? You just go around trying to ride other people's coat tails by claiming their idea was your idea in the first place?

I didn't buy your Original Posted story from the get-go, especially with all of that IP Tracer nonsense (which inadvertently, by your attempted explanation, showed how technology illiterate you are), but this just shows a pattern of behavior that's consistent with you being dishonest.

I think this AMA is going to go badly for you. Redditors can smell bullshit, and they don't like it.

PX_This-34 karma

I never said it was almost picked up by NBC, I said it was almost "housed" by CBS.

"Housed" is a loose general term that I think appropriately leaves open to interpretation whatever one might glean from the circumstances presented.

Nowhere did I openly accuse CBS.

I think this AMA is going to go badly for you. Redditors can smell bullshit, and they don't like it.

Oh really, and what's going to happen then? Will Redditors cyber-harass me, physically threaten me? I give Redditors a lot more credit than that, but perhaps you don't-- for whatever reason.

YOU keep implying I am doing this for "attention" or book sales. But in fact I have been an author long enough to know that there are no guarantees in anything. And certainly not on Reddit.

I am here to tell my story, because some people encouraged me to do so. To them I am eternally grateful and regret nothing.

If it "goes bad" for me, I will cross that bridge as I have all others.

DStoo44 karma

Will Redditors cyber-harass me, physically threaten me?

There you go again. Pulling out the victim card. Just because Redditors can't stand your bull shit doesn't mean they're going to do any of that.

This AMA is going to go down (personally) with the Rampart one for 'cluster fuck' levels of poor journalism.

PX_This-25 karma

By your own words, this will "go bad" for me. In what way did YOU mean exactly?

ulobmoga27 karma

He means that there will be a large amount of Redditors who think you are crazy and/or full of shit.

You are failing to convince a large portion of the Redditors of anything you are saying. You are failing to tell your side of the story in any cohesive way. You are just simply failing this AMA.

You've turned this entire thing into a "I'm-the-victim-pay-attention-to-me" sham.

As entertaining as this is, I hope the mods come by and delete this thread.

PX_This-16 karma

a large portion of the Redditors

At this point, 227 / 70%

So the numbers say otherwise.

DingiGonnaDingus5 karma

People are going to call you out for your bullshit and this AMA is going to be a waste of time on your part, because none of us give a shit

PX_This-17 karma

Oh, I have already seen with my own eyes that it has definitely not been a waste of my time.

DStoo3 karma

Any time in the future anyone sees "PX This" on any form of social, print or other national media I (and anyone else) in this thread will go "Man, that crazy AMA lady".

No one will ever learn your name. You will forever be in AMA history as the crazy lady that tried tracking down real leads with an IP address that resolved to the half block.

Did you even bother to tell us how you got that IP address? Because no one would ever think of going to an internet cafe.

PX_This-14 karma

Boy, you sure are taking this AMA really personally. Nobody will ever know my name? Will you lose sleep if they do? What do even you care who knows me or not?

And you will go down in my history as the AMA troll who cared oh so much.

So thank you for that. I mean it, truly.

DStoo11 karma

[You misunderestimate how much time I waste on Reddit. If you'll notice my daily post count has actually gone down. This AMA was so hilariously bad I had to get popcorn and poke holes in hydrogen balloons.]

You just went full retard. Never go full retard. Especially in an AMA. Forever your website, username, and potentially real name will be forever linked to this AMA and your clusterfuck of journalism. People will laugh at the notion of tracking an IP address to a single location (Especially with ipv6). It'll be journalism and law school 101.

You remember those other crazy people in history that got on soap boxes and tried telling anyone that would listen that the New York Times and Media were out to get them. They have Facts! If you take the time to try to assassinate the president or do something crazy they'll definitely point to this AMA. If not, no one will really remember it until nexttime there is a bad AMA. And those of us that were here will look at each other and nod when we tell others about the GeoIP "to half a block" lady did her AMA.

In 5, 10, 30 years from people trying to do research for a term paper will find this AMA. It'll be like digging up the news stories of other times people went full retard in history.

You should have hired someone that knows reddit to ghost write this one or gone to Victoria directly instead of attempting this one on your own.

In either case, keep on what you're doing. I think this thing is only getting started. Like they say with holes, when you're in one keep digging.

PX_This-8 karma

In 5, 10, 30 years from people trying to do research for a term paper will find this AMA. It'll be like digging up the news stories of other times people went full retard in history.

I really truly hope so. That in itself would be worth my day.

But if you think for one second that I harbor any embarrassment whatsoever, you are deeply mistaken.

Suppafly3 karma

What does 'almost housed' mean in your interpretation? Like you had actual face to face meetings with someone who worked for CBS and had a tentative agreement drawn up or what?

PX_This-8 karma

My treatment was registered with the WGA a full year before CBS's deal. It made the rounds of several agencies and studios, which I'm not sure I can disclose, under the terms of the release contracts, which essentially act partly as NDA's.

My treatment is very similar to the concept purchased by CBS, which was unwritten, untitled, and tasked to two people who had no knowledge/experience in the fine-dining industry.

CBS dropped their offer after our project was announced in New York magazine.

So "housed" to me means possibly inspired. Due to the timing, I might venture so far to suggest "likely inspired."

diggdead31 karma

I'm totally confused by this AMA?

Eternally6531 karma


Homomaximus14 karma

If not. Somebody really needs to look at changing their meds.

PX_This-26 karma

Oooh the "she's crazy" rebuttal. So original.

PX_This-4 karma

I'm a real person, I'm easily googlable, I speak entirely based on experience, and I stand by my word. So exactly how am I a "troll"? Do you even know the definition of the word?

PX_This-12 karma

Me too!

Eternally6526 karma


PX_This-14 karma

The essay.

My first book -- which was published and advertised on Gawker about three weeks before the essay appeared in the Times.

My second book-- which details the multiple journalistic transgressions as they occurred over a ten year span.

Which part(s) do you find most perplexing? I would be happy to expound, I know it's a looong convoluted story.

Eternally6529 karma


PX_This-16 karma

One of the issues we're trying to address on my site is the blatant lack of media coverage. We even have an anonymous journalist who concurred that the media protects itself. Nick Davies, in his books, also discusses the phenomenon of secrecy and hypocrisy within the media.

That is the main reason I am even doing this AMA.

No, I was not the only maitre d' in NYC. Just the first to write and publish about it to such an extent (a four-year real-time diary). I was also the first to use the term "diary," which was the terminology used in the title of the essay, immediately following my book. As you can see, the essay is in fact NOT a diary. The essay also contains multiple inaccuracies, a fact asserted by the owner of the restaurant-- who was never even questioned by the Times to fact-check prior to the publication of the essay.

Yes, I have heard of dynamic IPs. That is why the IP was traced as quickly as possible. It is a statistically impossible coincidence for it to have been traced to the home address of this Times staffer were he innocent.

We have extended to the Times the opportunity to address this issue, sue us for libel if necessary. We would then subpoena Time Warner for an exact IP location. The Times has failed to respond to numerous requests for acknowledgement, which in our eyes speaks volumes in itself.

Sorry, I am having difficulty understanding which part rings untrue. I would be happy to clarify whichever point that may be. It's a very long story, many of the details of which you are missing. If you are so inclined, I would be happy to provide my entire second book to you for free so that you may better see how we came to our conclusions.

Eternally6520 karma


pretendwork19 karma

Right? This whole things seems super circular. As far as I can find, the only support for any of the arguments come from the author herself and self-referential links to her own blog.

Eternally6521 karma


PX_This-20 karma

I never said it was on MSN, just the opposite actually. Perhaps you might point out where I supposedly said that.

Where did I say anything was "awful"? I am stating what happened. Whether anyone finds them "awful" or not is clearly their decision.

But if it happened to you, I am willing to bet you too would not find it pleasurable or just.

I have long gotten to a point waaay beyond any kind of butthurt. But there is no way I will just sit back and let anyone call my work duplicitous or untrue. Particularly if my work has never even been read by my accusers.

Eternally6524 karma


PX_This-10 karma

  • Here is an archive of the old MSN article, since moved/removed.

  • Bobby Flay said it to me personally. I have met hm several times, chronicled in my books. I have given him my promotional postcard, which also contains the quote, and I thanked him. He replied, "sure, anytime."

  • I am friendly with Bobby Flay's longtime business partner, Lawrence Kretchmer. Perhaps if you tried phoning Gato in NYC, somebody may be able to relay a message to him from you if your require personal confirmation.

  • "We" is me and my associates, namely Steven Wilson and TJ Khan, who have worked on my website since about 2009. Also, two other associates who choose to remain anonymous, as they still work in executive positions within the fine-dining industry.

PX_This-14 karma

Yes, that's exactly our point.

The Times and Gawker are very rich and powerful. Where is their rebuttal/denial?

We have contacted the exact person at the Times whose jurisdiction this falls under, on multiple occasions with our very serious allegations. No response.

Joel Stein, Charles Duhigg, and Poynter have all acknowledged an oddity, at the very least, but have balked at the idea of further investigation.

Three journalists have outright and publicly expressed a sense of fear for their professional well-being should they accept our $10,000 investigative report challenge.

We are willing to pay $10K for an objective report by an established journalist.

We too are looking for ANY valid rebuttal. Please by all means, debunk us if you can.

pretendwork19 karma

So, you're saying you have no actual proof of impropriety other than the inappropriate responses you received to your allegations? Yet you're writing a whole book about perceived improprieties?

PX_This-15 karma

I am saying that the proof of improprieties is in the CULMINATION of many many many inappropriate responses on the part of the media, whose JOB it is to pursue allegations of wrongdoing and publicize them. The Ethics Code of the Society of Professional Journalists very clearly dictates this (that's googlable too).

I wrote a book, because I am a writer. I am publicizing my book, because that is what authors do.

I am openly challenging Gawker and the Times to debunk my allegations. If they can or cannot, perhaps that will be my next book. My books are all diaries, you see.

As for the blatant multiple ethical violations perpetrated by the media, that is their mirror to bear.

PX_This-10 karma

There are numerous IP trackers on the internet, you can find them simply by googling. We tried two different trackers, both gave us the same latitude and longitude. That lat/lon was then cross referenced on a maps site which provides an address. True, often the address is not perfectly accurate, but in this case it resolved to a location within a half block of the Times staffer's address. Of all the IP addresses in the world, that is a staggering coincidence, especially given that it is located in an unusual section of Manhattan.

The results are enough for us to accept the risk of being wrong. If we are wrong, we are willing to accept responsibility in a court of law.

That in itself is MUCH MUCH more than the Times or Gawker have ever offered in response to our multiple and dire accusations.

DStoo28 karma

There are numerous IP trackers on the internet,

Wait. You used a GeoIP as 'evidence'? The same GeoIP that thinks I'm ready to meet hot young girls near me in Anonymous.

I'm sorry but with that your entire story lost whatever credibility you did have going for you.

often the address is not perfectly accurate,

They're nowhere even close to accurate.

in this case it resolved to a location within a half block of the Times staffer's address

Short of getting TW's logs for who had what IP at what time your 'research' shows absolutely nothing.

You should have talked to someone in IT that knew what they were doing before randomly googling "How to locate IP address."

PX_This-12 karma

I don't recall which trackers they are, but yes, they were both found by googling "IP tracker," in accordance with advice received from a former journalist.

Again, we determined the "statistically impossible coincidence" is enough to assert our allegations. If we are wrong, we are prepared to accept responsibility in a court of law.

In short, we are doing nothing that the media doesn't do every single day.

dekmansh7 karma

For your typical residential internet, those online IP trackers only get down to the ISP level. That's because that's all the information about that IP address those trackers can obtain. A large enough organization will return an actual address, but that's because they register blocks of IP addresses. Nothing outside the ISP itself can truly give you a residential address linked to a dynamic IP.

PX_This-5 karma

Nothing outside the ISP itself can truly give you a residential address linked to a dynamic IP.

Exactly, but only the police or the courts can retrieve the exact address from Time Warner.

Based on the police report, if any more harassment occurs, the police can and will visit the address provided by Time Warner, they will not ask me for the address.

bananahead6 karma

We even have an anonymous journalist who concurred that the media protects itself. Nick Davies, in his books, also discusses the phenomenon of secrecy and hypocrisy within the media.

No doubt there is hypocrisy and secrecy, but journalists love naval gazing and writing about journalism and digging dirt on their competitors.

PX_This-7 karma

Not on their competitors, I don't think so. On those outside their industry, yes definitely. They love to "navel-gaze," but not point fingers at each other.

Even Nick Davies asserts it was a long hard road to get any other journalists on his side-- because they feared Rupert Murdoch.

DrDoofenshmirdz20 karma

How do you expect to escape this dilemma?

DStoo24 karma

Grand stand on Reddit and hope that someone that doesn't understand how IP geolocation works picks up the story.

PX_This-21 karma

Or go on Reddit, and patiently await any rebuttal that doesn't constitute cyber-harassment or physical threats from those who stand accused, maybe.

Dev_on22 karma

I'm not really part of this, but please don't confuse disagreement with harassment.

Theres enough people on bullhorns doing that already

PX_This-17 karma

THANK you. I wholeheartedly agree.

Dev_on17 karma

youre welcome. I'm not going to be kind to you for what I'm reading though. and the comment was directed towards you. Attention-whore is about as bad as it came in here reading, and it's a pretty specific critique, not harassment

to read through this (came here from bestof) it really does look like someone who isn't doing due diligence, and that you wern't expecting to walk into a technically savvy croud. I think had you done some better research, it would have had better results.

That and theres many examples of people calling disagreement 'harassment' and by throwing it out flippantly like you are, I don't think you're doing your AMA any favours.

PX_This-13 karma

Okay, so along that argument, what are you accusing me of?

Fabricating the harassment and threats?

Filing a fake police report?

Lying about everything that has happened over a ten year span?

Fabricating the IP address, its latitude and longitude, and its web-mapped location a half block from the staffer's address?

Fabricating all the improprieties that have been perpetrated by the media? Even though the evidence exists?

Fabricating the wrongdoings of my former employers?

Yes all that would truly be crazy.

What exactly am I being of accused of here?

And no, there is nothing flippant about my being here, please do not put words in my mouth.

Dev_on11 karma

slow down chief. I'm not here to fight.

I'm just pointing out reading this thing that you don't give the impression that you've done proper due diligence. Or at the very least aren't confident enough about it to shut down even the rudimentary critique on here. theres a bunch of tech savvy sysadmins here, they aren't going to be swayed without some hard knowledge.

PX_This-9 karma

Or at the very least aren't confident enough about it to shut down even the rudimentary critique on here.

I have conceded multiple times that I could be wrong, but I fully stand by my assertions and am willing to accept responsibility in a court of law.

I have stated that I am fully prepared to subpoena Time Warner, based on my assessment of our limited "due diligence."

I am not trying discredit those who are tech savvy. My argument is with the New York Times. Period.

DStoo19 karma

patiently await any rebuttal that doesn't constitute cyber-harassment

You mean like how GeoIP is an inaccurate and terrible method for determining where someone is?

Yeah, like that one? That sounds like a great rebuttal that doesn't constitute cyber harassment or physical threats.

I think someone already did that

But you can ignore that as you already have.

PX_This-18 karma

patiently await any rebuttal that doesn't constitute cyber-harassment or physical threats FROM THOSE WHO STAND ACCUSED

Are you from the NY Times or Gawker?

Seriously. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Eat_a_Bullet25 karma

Oh my god, you're actually a crazy person.

PX_This-15 karma

Oooh the "she's crazy" rebuttal. So original.

PX_This-11 karma

I don't. The "dilemma" will be as it will be, I guess.

dezboi11 karma

because a head editor of Gawker was (gay) dating

Why did you feel the need to point out the "gay" thing?

PX_This-14 karma

I didn't. I was quoting the Redditor from the other thread who came up with the ELI5. I didn't think it was a bad idea though-- just to clarify?

dezboi3 karma

Not sure what that clarifies any more than if it said he was straight.

PX_This-6 karma

Well there are four male journalists involved, and one female "essayist." I looked at it like the ELI5 writer was trying to most efficiently state that two of the men were dating each other, and not one of them dating the female essayist.

I did not think the comment was meant derogatorily, nor did I see it that way.

Brad_Wesley11 karma

Can you give us some advice on self-publishing and more importantly promoting a self-published book?


PX_This-11 karma

Yes, I could probably give you tons. Too much, even. :)

Can you be more specific? What sort of advice do you need?

Brad_Wesley12 karma

Well, I have written a book. I have talked to some publishers who are interested. A lot of people are just saying "fuck that, just self-publish". OK, self publishing is easy. I guess the issue is how do I market it?

PX_This-7 karma

Yup, that's the crux all right.

Well (without knowing what you're writing about), the main thing to do is find your audience. You first have to determine who that might be, and then offer your book to those people. Are there websites, social media groups, forums, etc where they congregate? You might try there first.

Is there a particluar sub-set of the media that might be interested in what you're writing? That is another avenue.

The best thing is to write simply because you want to. Obviously, it would be nice if the book is "commercial" too. But if you write strictly commercially (I have a couple friends who do this), then you really have to think like a business. More like a traditional publisher. They usually do not accept any submissions they don't deem marketable. So then you would have to cater your writing to the market.

If you don't mind being more specific, maybe I can better point you in the right direction...?

Brad_Wesley2 karma

Sure, it is a finance/economics/investing book. It has a specific target base which is not "gloom and doom" per se but the target audience is certainly not the kind of people who are fans of mainstream economics and/or the federal reserve. I do know target websites, groups, etc.

I am not overly concerned about making money on it. The main thing is to drive people ultimately to my business but I do want to drive it up the Amazon sales rankings for its subgroup.

PX_This-6 karma

Ha ha well there's always this trick.

And truly, as much as I hate to say it, you should probably start kissing journalists' asses right now.

It's not the way I chose to go, obviously, but it really works.

Brad_Wesley2 karma


PX_This-5 karma

Sure, hope that's helpful.

I just realized that you said Amazon sales, which might be more difficult seeing as you would need multiple Amazon accounts to purchase your own book enough to propel it up the lists. So maybe start collecting friends, relatives, co-workers etc who would like to help you out. Have them all open accounts now if they don't already have them, so that when you're ready...

Brad_Wesley1 karma

Yeah thanks. I work in an industry surrounded by internet marketers so when it goes on sale I can have it in front of over a million people within a week. If I can generate 4,000 purchases I should be number 1.

PX_This-9 karma

Wow! yes for sure, I think.

Ever think of starting a marketing company? Brasscheck by Ryan Holiday supposedly specializes in such services, e.g.

Can I hire your marketing company? :)

JakRain10 karma

What's your thoughts on this AMA? Is it going the way you thought it would?

ShamefulHonesty6 karma

Going along with this line of questions, how many times does it take in your experience to use the word "cyber-harrassment" before the listener starts gagging?

PX_This-11 karma

If anybody I knew was subjected to it, I would never "gag." I would be as supportive as I possibly could, no matter how many times I was told the story.

PX_This-6 karma

Yes, I'm not new to Reddit you know.

I also explained my "thoughts" to the Redditor who first suggested this AMA; it's linked above.

pretendwork8 karma

So, since I haven't purchased your book, can you outline exactly what was "stolen" from it? As far as I can tell, it's just the general subject--wait staff dishing on celebrity clientele...

PX_This-15 karma

"Stolen" is the word used by the Redditor who composed the ELI5 above.

I have always used the word "misappropriated." I have never sought any recourse for the misappropriation and have never placed stress on it.

  • The greater issue at hand would be the ghost-writing of the article (which damaged personal and commercial reputations) by a Times staffer WITHOUT DISCLOSURE.

  • The promulgation of the damaging article by the staffers's boyfriend at Gawker WITHOUT DISCLOSURE of its true author and/or their relationship.

  • The publication of the damaging essay in the New York Times WITHOUT FACT-CHECKING/ CONFIRMING.

  • The CYBER-HARASSMENT AND PHYSICAL THREATS by a NY Times staffer in lieu of proper acknowledgement/explanation.

  • The collusion of the numerous journalists in the COVER-UP OF MULTIPLE JOURNALISTIC TRANSGRESSIONS.

Those are the issues we are addressing. I never actually even said anything was "stolen" from me.

pretendwork10 karma

Isn't this whole book/AMA basically recourse for the misappropriation?

I guess what I don't see is what transgressions really took place if there wasn't any stolen content? Other than inappropriate reactions to your allegations of improper attribution.

PX_This-22 karma

The book is a real-time diary. Both my books are. If they are "recourse," then that would imply I have some astounding ESP into the future. (Am I going to get rich over this? That would be something.) I have always written just for the pleasure and sake of writing. But I do not believe it is my obligation to spare those who have blatantly libeled or censored me, or have sought to suppress the information in my books-- which happen to detail multiple wrongdoings on the part of many powerful people.

You do not consider cyber-harassment/threats a transgression? That is your prerogative, but the media, in most cases, obviously disagrees with you (most recently Sony, Uber, etc). Just, oddly, not in THIS case.

You might also try googling some other stories of improper attribution. The media considers it serious enough that some journalists have been reprimanded and/or terminated over it (Johnson, Lehrer, Zakaria, etc).

Again, oddly enough, just not in THIS case. Perhaps because I'm not a professional journalist. But that doesn't give me any less rights.

pretendwork21 karma

I mean, you're holding an AMA about being harassed and threatened by a NYT staffer and not really providing any context... As far as I can tell from browsing your web site and all the links above, you believe the Times permitted a fabricated story based substantially off of your book to be published as nonfiction. Then you sought attribution, although you haven't really provided any specific instances of misappropriated content, other than general subject matter, and received inappropriate responses.

The thing is: (1) I don't know if there was any impropriety prior to your allegations of misappropriation; (2) I don't know how hard you pushed seeking attribution/acknowledgement; (3) I don't know what you said to them; (4) I don't know what they said to you; (5) I know you're claiming harassment and physical threats but I haven't seen any proof other than self-referential blog posts.

PX_This-15 karma

My second book details everything as it occurred, in real-time. It is about 500 pages long, and it includes everything you are asking.

I would happily distribute copies for free for anyone who is interested.

Are you asking me to copy/paste 300+ some odd pages here? You say I do not provide context, but I have. It's all over my website and my book. ALL TEN YEARS WORTH.

Sorry, but if this issue is "circular," perhaps it's because I have yet to understand exactly which part stumps you so much.

I have answered everything as best I can. Are you asking for the staffer's address? The police report? What "proof" do you require?

pretendwork7 karma

I'm just asking for (1) a source of your belief of misappropriation other than the general topic of the essay; and (2) an understanding of the timeline of your alleged harassment other than links to your blog which contain links to your blog which contain links to other parts of your blog and so on down the rabbit hole (with nothing other than self-posts).

PX_This-12 karma

Number (1) would take a long time to explain, would you like a copy of the pertinent chapters of my book? It's maybe 40 pages, tops.

(2) Timeline? The dates and times are marked by the comments themselves on my website, so I'm still not sure what you're looking for exactly.

The harassing comments began about one month following the release of my second book, published July 2014, ten years after my first (published 2004).

mmacpuguy6 karma

Was Ira Glass complicit in this?

PX_This-10 karma

I don't think so. We have never actually checked, but we did try to hire an investigative journalist to question the publisher-- to no avail.

Ira Glass's "involvement" was one of the things that rang an alarm for us though. Originally, the article was presented in the Times as: random bitchy one-year hostess hates her job working with celebrities, news at eleven.

Frankly, it wasn't even that good.

The New Kings of Nonfiction, rilly?

We think more like: Prominent Times-columnist/ghost-writer puts essay in Glass's hands. Voilà, book deal.

plusharmadillo6 karma

How has your career been affected by all of this controversy? Do you think it's helped or hurt you overall?

PX_This-13 karma

Overall, helped. I can't say for sure what spurs sales, but my first book (published ten years ago) is doing better now than it did ten years ago.

Salman Rushdie once said that a book's significance is determined by its relevance in ten years, not what appears briefly on a NY Times bestseller list. (I'm paraphrasing.)

broncobluster5 karma

How do you feel about the nyt's quest to ruin the image of Florida State University?

PX_This-3 karma

Sorry, I don't read the Times. But it wouldn't surprise me at all. I have witnessed multiple people, businesses, etc ruined by biased and libelous media coverage. And the US legal system is a very long, arduous, expensive, and often impossible form of recourse for most.

jessamineny5 karma

Would you please supply a link to the NYT essay?

PX_This-4 karma

Sure. Here it is.

GimliTheAsshole5 karma

Who is the staffer?

bobarooney3 karma

Jeffrey Henson Scales according to the link.

PX_This-11 karma

Thank you. Silly, I know, but I just didn't feel right doing it myself.

PX_This-21 karma

He is a photographer and editor of the New York Times, and his name is provided within the narrative linked above. Sorry, personally I still don't feel comfortable divulging his name to the general public, but my colleagues disagree with me. Other social media forums have also outright requested his identity, so we have complied on my website.

Essentially, he is the father of the person who OSTENSIBLY wrote the dubious essay in question.

Edit: Oops, this link is more like it.

MeloJelo37 karma

Wait, you've already revealed his name in your other writings, but you won't state it here? Are you just trying to get people to click the links to your blogs and articles?

PX_This-8 karma

The essay in question was bylined: Coco Henson Scales.

The New York Times staffer is her father.

PX_This-8 karma

I already stated it wasn't me who revealed his name to the public. I have already stated that I disagree with its revelation, but I am willing to concede to people's request for it. I have provided the link and the relationship. If you don't want to click on it, you really don't have to.

MeloJelo4 karma

I have provided the link and the relationship

Yeah, and that seems really strange. You're revealing his identity, but disagree with revealing his name?

PX_This-9 karma

I know it seems silly, but that's just the way I feel.

zoidberg13390 karma

Why am I not surprised to hear that Gawker sucks big ol donkey dong?

PX_This0 karma

Because you're one of the smart ones? Because you weren't born under a rock? Because you don't live in a cave? Because the black energy of the Dark Overlord hasn't overtaken your brain?