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Isn't this mostly just tracking what underpaid interns are doing while they're supposed to be running to Starbucks?

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You may appreciate this recent out-of-character interview http://www.playboy.com/playground/view/playboy-interview-stephen-colbert

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Well, yeah, no company is going to spend millions on clinical studies for a drug they can't possibly make any money on.

But the implication that pharma companies are worried about MDMA -- or even that they're actively working against it -- is silly. They certainly aren't trying to protect zoloft or lexapro -- both of those are already generic! Pharma companies are motivated by profit, but that doesn't make them evil. There's no secret cabal trying to ensure our soldiers stay sick. I don't think anybody wants that.

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Isn't the patent on MDMA also long expired? It's not a drug anyone would get rich off of either way.

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Can you explain in more detail? How can you differentiate traffic from an FCC intern from that of a commissioner? Don't they have the exact same IP?