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Victoria's helping me out today. AMA!



Update: I'd like to say to all my fans: Thank you SO MUCH for your years of support, and love, regardless of what i do. You guys always support me and I so appreciate the love. Happy Holidays and stay blessed and stay tuned for CELEBRITY APPRENTICE coming soon!

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exfatgirl85 karma

I loved you in Kill Bill. Seeing such strong, badass women in a movie is my favorite. I'd love to hear some behind the scenes stories from that film!

What was Quentin Tarantino like to work with? Uma Thurman?

VivicaAFox141 karma

Oh wow!

Um... KILL BILL was an awesome experience. But very physical. The first 3 months we trained for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It was like the Olympics or something, okay?

And it was tough. But then I also went to China for 1 month, and trained for hours a day, 5 days a week. So LOTS of training. But then when I came back, and we filmed it, and the fight scene, I knew it was incredible, even though I counted 30 bruises on my leg one morning - we were INTO it. They were battle scars, I was proud of them. And when I finally saw it on the screen, I thought it was worth it.

Quentin was the most professional, most demanding director I've ever worked with. And I cannot wait to work with him again.

Uma just had had her son! And I can remember at first all the girls were dropping weight so quickly, and she was frustrated because she was still breastfeeding, and I said "Don't worry, it'll come off." So she went to China for a month to film, and when I saw her again, a month later, I walked right past her! And she was like "yay! I got skinny!"

I used to hangout with Uma all the time. I liked her kids, and they liked me. We would go bowling on our cheat day, and have pizza with the kids. It was an amazing, amazing experience. It really was.

Thro_away_name27 karma


VivicaAFox50 karma

Well, we trained for a month in Beijing, and then they went to Tokyo.

mrincredibleskid65 karma

How did it feel to be told off by Carlton when you guest starred on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?


VivicaAFox75 karma


That's so funny that someone brought that up! I love that! Wow!

You know... Alfonso and Will and all of us - we all go back so far - and that was so funny, to see my character who was a bitch-on-wheels, giving Will's character the hardest time, that Carlton - of all people - could smack me into place! I liked my "choke-chain" being pulled by Carlton!

RudyButkus50 karma

Hi Vivica and thanks for doing this AMA. I loved you on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Question: How was it like working with Larry David?

VivicaAFox54 karma

Well, you have to put on your big girl boots. It's because you're like your own writer, producer and director - because it's improv- you have to come up with funny stuff to say, and sometimes, he would let you know if you weren't as funny as you thought you were! And that can hurt your feelings. So you just had to say "Okay, back to the drawing board, I'll come up with something else."

It was funny and it introduced me to a whole new audience. I used to be able to go to NYC and blend in - and now, I got "Oh wow, LOVED You on CURB! so it was a whole new audience I got exposed to.

EltonJuan22 karma

I wish more writers and producers would let actors know when they're not being funny enough. It's easy to tell when an actor thinks they're funnier than they are which can be painful to watch, especially when no one is saying anything about it.

That being said, you knocked that role out of the park. Great work!

VivicaAFox21 karma

Thank you very much, and I totally agree.

robinsky140 karma

What did you enjoy most about working on Independence Day?

VivicaAFox74 karma

Kissing Will Smith!

That's why we won the MTV "Best Kiss" award.

TheGreatPastaWars31 karma

I always wondered, how often do you have to do those kissing scenes? Because if I'm in one with either you or Will, I'm messing up as many times as possible.

VivicaAFox50 karma


Uh... sometimes it takes a couple of takes.

SleepyBrain29 karma

If you could be cast as any character in Game of Thrones, who would it be?

VivicaAFox27 karma

What character do YOU think I should be cast as?

EltonJuan12 karma

The part of Tyrion Lannister was made for you.

VivicaAFox43 karma

okay... Thanks for all the suggestions...

kdk12k2k1229 karma

Hi Vivica! Thanks for doing this AMA!

My mom loves disaster movies and she told me to tell you, “You ROCKED in Independence Day!

She also loves your voice.

Per my mom

I was so glad to see you on Oprah’s Where Are They Now?

The abrupt ending of 1-800-Missing left me wanting more and wanting some type of resolution. Did you and the cast know the show was ending or were you caught off guard? I.e. What happened?

In Independence Day and Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 did you do most of your action scenes or did you have a stunt double?

Per me

You guys looked like you had a blast shooting Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Do you like the doo-wop groups of the 60’s? And since you had a lot of wardrobe and hair/make-up changes, do you like the fashion of that time period as well?

VivicaAFox31 karma

Wow! Great question, and absolutely one of my favorite shows that i Starred on. They re-named it MISSING after i joined it - originally it was called 1-800-Missing - and we were looking for that final pickup, we were literally 10 shows away from syndication, I will never forget, I landed in Africa doing an event, and I got a call from my agent that they cancelled that. And I was really saddened - I thought we had a great show, the ratings were fantastic, we boosted Lifetime's visibility, but it still runs in syndication and I would LOVE to do another detective style show.

Okay - for BOTH movies, being that I am such an athlete, and I am a very physical type of girl, I did I would say 90-95% of my own stunts in both movies. I made sure that when the fans saw action happen, that they knew it was me.

Hahahaha! What a fun question! I definitely love the doo-wop groups from that era, and WHY DO FOOLS was one of the most difficult films I made, just the prosthetics alone - sitting in the makeup chair for 2-3 hours. The only thing I didn't like was that hair - the hair was VERY stiff! But I definitely love the fashion, but the hairstyles i wasn't too crazy about.

kdk12k2k1213 karma

Vivica, thank you so much for answering our questions.

We're huge fans.

For those who haven't seen: Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

You're awesome.

VivicaAFox13 karma

Thank you SO much. I so appreciate the love and support. And I promise to keep on bringing entertainment that you can enjoy!

asdrubalivan19 karma

Hello Vivica, What's the most difficult part of being famous in your opinion?

VivicaAFox32 karma

Gosh! Um, the hardest part about being famous is sometimes the lack of privacy. That, you know, when you want to run to the grocery store and look a wreck, someone wants to take a picture of you and put it on the internet. Social media has definitely changed things.

EltonJuan21 karma

Living in LA, I see celebrities out at public places and I've never acknowledged them. For the types of people that are compelled to talk with celebrities in public, what's the best way to approach you or other personalities without being bothersome?

VivicaAFox41 karma


Well, the main thing I ask people to do is don't come up to me while I'm eating. That's kind of rude, because you're eating? So don't interrupt my meal, i would never interrupt you. The first thing you say is "Hello" - we are people too - make sure you are greeting them properly, I've been greeted as "Tyra Banks" or "Vanessa Williams" - so make sure you are greeting the RIGHT celebrity - and then if they respond in a friendly way - if they don't seem like they want to be bothered, just say "Wanted to say hello" and keep moving. If they do respond positively, keep it short and sweet and simple, and don't go through your (or THEIR) whole resume.

Say "I appreciate such and such" or "thanks" and keep it moving! Because sometimes when you see people and they want to break it ALL down...

TheWinstonDouble17 karma

People always yell at me when I admit I haven't seen Kill Bill (I am going to, I swear) yet. If you actually were to recommend on of your one movies, which would it be and why?

VivicaAFox19 karma

How old are you? That'll help me make a better recommendation.

ingloriousmanterds17 karma

What is the best role you were up for that you really wanted but didn't actually get? Thanks for doing this AMA!

VivicaAFox33 karma

Storm in X-Men.

VivicaAFox25 karma

I love Halle - no shade at Halle! she did a great job - but I got INDEPENDENCE DAY. You can't do everything!

ingloriousmanterds22 karma

You would have been a great Storm! Thanks for answering my question.

VivicaAFox19 karma

You're welcome! Happy Thanksgiving!

OhHelloPlease14 karma

Have you ever read A Rocket Scientist's Reaction to Independence Day? http://www.ultimax.com/whitepapers/1996_3.html

VivicaAFox16 karma

HAHAHA! no. What was their reaction?

OhHelloPlease11 karma

I'm sorry to report that you should have died:

"HOLE #9. The firestorm rushing through Hollywood’s famous (and notoriously over-filmed) Alameda Tunnel would have created a terrific venturi at right angles to the flow which would have sucked just about every particle of air out of the exotic dancer’s hiding place. In fact, it would have yanked the three of them right out. Also, in every major tunnel accident in the past, the tunnels became blast furnaces when fuel tanks let go, leaving nothing but slag, vehicles’ radiators (heat transfer works both ways), and shattered tiles. No palm trees should have been left standing outside, either."

VivicaAFox31 karma

Well, thanks for letting me know I'm toast! That's the magic of movies - I live. So huh. So there.

Frajer13 karma

What was it like working on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

VivicaAFox11 karma

Hahaha! Fun! It was exciting, to finally get a role, because I did a lot of fill-in parts for them? Because when I got the part of FRESH PRINCE, i had kinda come from soap operas, so transition into a sitcom - I did a few standin for Jasmine, and she was doing some cameos on FRESH PRINCE, so I would fill in for her and kinda be her understudy. So when I had the opportunity to audition and Land a role, I jumped at it and was like "Yes, I'm making it!" And then later to go on and star with Will in INDEPENDENCE DAY - we'll always be connected.

chaz91w13 karma

Good Morning Vivica, I have always thought you were one of the most beautiful woman on the silver screen and have enjoyed many many of your films. My question is whether Mr .Tarantino gave you any back story to Vernita Green, something that may have hinted to Uma Thurman's reference to the deadly Viper Assassination Squad in Pulp Fiction? If not, what is one of your golden rules in life you always try to follow? Thanks for your time and have a great thanksgiving!

VivicaAFox19 karma

YES, he definitely let us know. Every Friday, we would look at vintage like 1970's films, martial arts and stuff like that, and so Quentin helped us to understand the genre he was going for, and that these girls had history together. And my character, Vernita, was such an expert with knives, and she was attached to her nickname "Black Mamba" and she was pissed that they named her "Copperhead" instead of "Black Mamba" and so she was angry at Uma's character - she had a chip on her shoulder, for sure. And the fact that Uma's character left us.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." And remain honest and humble.

vixxielouwho13 karma

Hi Vivica, thanks for doing this!

I’ve been a huge fan of yours since Out All Night (still hoping for a DVD release!), but my favourite role you’ve played on television was Loretta on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Did you have fun playing her and how was working with Larry David?

VivicaAFox19 karma

Yes, WOW!

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM was another great experience. I'll never forget it after I got booted off of DANCING WITH THE STARS, I was on my way, headed to Turks & Caicos, to drown my sorrows in a pina colada, and I got a call, and my manager said "Please, you got this audition - it's improv, it'll be easy, it's for CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, it's my husband's fave show." and I said "Oh yeah, I've heard of that."

And my husband said "Call him L.D., that'll GUARANTEE you get the job."

So whaddya know, in the audition, as soon as he walked in I said "Whassup L.D." - he told me later that he knew, as soon as I called him L.D., that i was the one!

SO then I leave, go to Turks, I get to the pool, about to enjoy my pina colada, and I get the call that i've got to come right back to LA, I got the part!

2012ctsv12 karma

How did Quentin approach you about playing your role in Kill Bill? Were you totally psyched to do it or you did you need convincing?

VivicaAFox22 karma

I had heard about KILL BILL coming about. And I reached out to my agent, and she says "Well, I'll contact him and see, but as of now, we haven't heard anything." And then about 2 weeks later, she hit me up and said "Guess what, Tarantino's office hit us back, and you are set to have a meeting with him." And I was like "Awesome" but she said "The meeting will probably only last 30 minutes." We met at a coffee shop, and our meeting lasted an hour and a half. Quentin is quite the talker. He told me the reason I was there was because he was in a video store and saw the cover of TWO CAN PLAY THAT CAME and he said "Vivica Fox! That's my Vernita Greene! I think she would be great!"

And the rest is history.

Goaboutyourbusiness12 karma

Hi, Thanks for doing this AMA! Particularly with "Set It Off", what was the best thing about working with such talented actresses? Favorite on-set memory perhaps? Btw, I love your wig line!

VivicaAFox15 karma

HAHAH! Alright! You liked the hair, way to go!

Working with the girls on SET IT OFF was definitely in my top 5 of filming experiences. We worked the last 6 weeks of the 9 weeks of filming at night, so I called them vampires - it took me a couple of weeks to catch up with my sleep pattern! It was so wonderful to see this movie that people thought was going to be a joke about chicks robbing banks has become a cult classic. People love SET IT OFF. And thank you so much for supporting the Vivica Fox hair collection! We've got some great new styles and colors coming soon for 2015!

SinisterBlackBlood11 karma

Hi Vivica,

What was it like working with Matlock?

VivicaAFox13 karma

Oh wow...

Awesome. We filmed that show in Wilmington, North Carolina. And that was also when I first started acting. And the fact I got to walk on the set, and there was Andy Griffith, I was like "HOLEY MOLEY!" that was awesome. That was definitely at the beginning of my career.

SinisterBlackBlood5 karma

Thanks for answering!

BTW you were great in Kill Bill and Independance Day!

VivicaAFox5 karma

Thank you very much!

beernerd10 karma

What's your strategy for winning Celebrity Apprentice?

VivicaAFox11 karma


To know my place, stay in my lane, and PLAY MY POSITION!

beernerd6 karma

Sounds like a winning strategy to me. Have you picked a charity yet? If so, which one and why?

VivicaAFox8 karma

Yes. The charity that I play for on CELEBRITY APPRENTICE is Best Buddies. And I've been involved with them for over 10 years, and they find housing and employment for young adults with special needs. http://www.bestbuddies.org

I was introduced to the organization by Olympian Carl Lewis.

TheGreatPastaWars10 karma

Hello, Vivica. I saw you On Fresh Prince of Bel Air and asked my TV if you would be my girlfriend. Did you hear me, by any chance? Because if you did, I never heard your response.

Also, did you keep in touch with Will after all that time and did it help land you the part in Independence Day? How had Will changed between the tv series and the movie?

VivicaAFox11 karma

Hahaha - NO, that day I didn't hear it honey, but thanks for the invite and happy Thanksgiving!

I've always been very supportive of Will & his family, and vice-versa - but i had to audition, SIX TIMES, to land the role of INDEPENDENCE DAY, because at the time I was working on a soap opera and didn't have a big enough name. And what changed for him in that time was his bank account and his muscles -they both got bigger!

TheGreatPastaWars5 karma

Haha, excellent response. And you just had really good chemistry with him both times, so I thought maybe that played a factor.

VivicaAFox8 karma


Yeah, I mean, it was great that we were friends? And I also worked with Jada on SET IT OFF? So, you know, it's always great to work with people that you know - because getting to know each other, you're not so uncomfortable. When we did our kissing scene, it was like "Dude, let's have some Binaca and go for it." And we did. But Will is just awesome, I just truly admire him.

YaketyMax8 karma

Michael J. Fox's real name is similar to yours (Michael A. Fox). He didn't want to use "A" as his real initial because he didn't want to be referred to as "A Fox."

What's the story with the "A" in Vivica A. Fox?

VivicaAFox15 karma

Well, I am just the opposite of him. I want to be considered a fox!

So, you know...for me it was a bit more catchy and more memorable. I could see a guy not wanting to be known as "A Fox" but for me it worked.

A stands for Anjanetta - birth-given, not made up!

AGallagher4108 karma

What's your favorite ride in Disney?

VivicaAFox13 karma

Haha! Considering that i'm headed to DisneyWorld tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving - I'm having a different kind of Thanksgiving - what would be my favorite ride? How about a roller coaster ride? Tower of Terror!

Wtayjay8 karma

How many donuts can you eat in one sitting?

VivicaAFox13 karma

Uh... 3. I don't really have a sugar tooth. I'll say one.

jdbdawg8 karma

You've done a ton of different styles of TV and films. You're currently starring in Mr Box Office with some amazing comedians like Bill Bellamy, Alex Thomas, Tony Roberts and Jon Lovitz. What's it like performing with such an established group of comedians in a sitcom setting?

VivicaAFox8 karma

We have a blast working on MR. BOX OFFICE. Those guys, they're just the BEST. And I learn - especially from Jon - new comedy tricks every time that we work together. I'm having a blast.

2feetorless8 karma

Any funny stories from Curb? Did you like working with those guys?

VivicaAFox10 karma

YEAH, it used to be hard not to bust out laughing, to hold a straight face was hard, because, I mean, these guys would come out with some jokes.

SoltanPill8 karma

Are you tired of the double standard that women face in the industry today? From the dearth of quality roles past 35 to the way tabloids behave. It feels like men are allowed to fuck up many times - from drugs, to DUIs, to violence yet a woman has something as common-place and human as an extra-marital affair or says the wrong thing and they are blacklisted. I really hope women in the industry have each others backs because they should!

VivicaAFox10 karma

I absolutely do. I mean, I can tell you that the group of girls that are my friends in the industry - from Regina King to Wendy Racquell-Robinson, Vanessa Belle-Calloway - we all have a wonderful support group. We celebrate each other, we stick together, and we lift one another up on a consistent basis.

gValo8 karma

Do you have any funny stories about Jamie Foxx or Tommy Davidson from your time working with them? Did you have any idea how big Jamie would become?

VivicaAFox16 karma

Well, we did BOOTY CALL - man, those guys - they were from the world of IN LIVING COLOR - and they just could ad-lib jokes that would just pass us out on the floor. I would have to bite my napkin so I wouldn't bust out laughing. In between - this guy, Jamie, could multi-task like no other. He would be in his dressing room, playing the piano, writing songs, and then he would do comedy shows on our day off, and then he would host parties on some nights when we got off work - I mean, he was just like the energizer bunny - his drive and determination was like no other I'd ever experienced. I knew he was going to be big. And I'm SO proud of him.

Boxscape8 karma


VivicaAFox15 karma

I'm very happily single, but thanks for the invite.

Boxscape7 karma


VivicaAFox4 karma

Big kiss, happy Thanksgiving!

WhyElGuapo7 karma

I always wonder how actors/actress get into their profession. I always hear about the forever waitress acting just waiting for their "big break"...but think it can't be like that for everyone. I don't really follow Hollywood too much but just realized how many movies I love that your in :) Did you kind of fall into your profession or did you study and grind for years and years before your first big break?

VivicaAFox9 karma

Actually, I was discovered by a casting director - I kinda have the Lana Turner story - by a casting director named Trevor Walton while I was having lunch on Sunset Boulevard. I was at Craving, and I was having lunch, because I used to model, and he said "Wow, you've got a great look, have you ever thought about acting?" and I said "Nah" and the next thing I know - he got me an audition and helped get me an agent! And yes, I did study. I work with a private acting coach, and i always make sure, when I go into my auditions that i am prepared and professional.

gwcurvyaccount7 karma

First, I just want to say great AMA so far!

I've always enjoyed your roles, and wonder: who were your inspirations as far as actors/actresses when you were a kid? What about now - have they changed at all?

VivicaAFox13 karma

I've always been a huge fan of Pam Grier. She was my role model and inspiration. Pam Grier and Diana Ross were my 2 favorite women growing up. Pam because she was so strong and could kick your ass. And Diana because it was the first time I got to see an African-American woman change outfits six times, have great hair and great nails and makeup, it was just FABULOUS honey, so they are my all-time favorites.

SlyMurdoc7 karma

Did you enjoy making Booty Call?

VivicaAFox10 karma


I loved making BOOTY CALL. It was kind of like those safe sex comedies, and I didn't know how my mom was going to deal with that? My mom was like "That was a little racy, baby, but it was good."

kdubbs7 karma

Hi Vivaca! I appreciate you doing this AMA! I loved you in Independence Day and Kill Bill!

James Avery was my grandfather and I saw that you, Alfonso, and Will go way back and that you were in Fresh Prince for a time. Do you have any gems from the time you spent with Avery that stick in your mind? Any memories would mean a lot to me.

VivicaAFox10 karma

Yeah - outside of FRESH PRINCE I got to know Mr. Avery, who was just a wonderful talent, and I used to LOVE the sound of his voice, because it was so commanding and masculine. I was devastated when he passed away. And the best memory of him: he could tell THE BEST jokes. They were edgy jokes that i will keep private.

eventhestarsburn7 karma

Hi Vivica! I hope I'm not too late!

When I was growing up my dad and I loved to watch Independence Day together. Jasmine was my favorite character, and I just thought you did such a great job of portraying her. I always connected with her because dolphins were my favorite animal as well and as an 8 year old that was about as much information as I could take away from the film at the time, haha. The scene where you run from the explosion while you're in the car with the dog and your son keeps me on the edge of my seat every time. I LOVE it. Basically, you rule.

Anyway, my question!

If you were really an assassin like your character in Kill Bill, what would your assassin name be (other than Vernita Green) and what would your back story be?

Thank you!

VivicaAFox8 karma

Mmm, wow, that's a good question!

What would my name be?


Uh, Black Vixen. And my character would strike at night, to keep the city safe. I would be an assassin for good.

eventhestarsburn6 karma

Holy shit, thanks for responding! I have to go call my dad now.

VivicaAFox10 karma

Hahhaa! Tell your dad I said "Hi and happy Thanksgiving!"

eventhestarsburn6 karma

He said "well tell her thank you and give her my best! Also, ask her when the prequel is coming out"

Also, I was super stressed about my flight home for Thanksgiving being cancelled because of the impending weather on the northeast but you answering my question has completely turned my day around. So thank you. It means a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy Disney!

VivicaAFox7 karma

Alright! Cool! Glad I could bring some SUNSHINE TO YOUR LIFE! Mwah!

OrangeClyde6 karma

Vivica! I love you so much! Set It Off is one of my favorite movies of all time! My question for you is: do you really prefer Malaysian hair? I love you!!!

VivicaAFox7 karma

MUCH LOVE right back at you! And yes, I do love Malaysian hair. But i also love different types of hair too - sometimes a synthetic wig is quick, and shiny, and beautiful. I don't discriminate against different types of hair, as long as it's good hair.

jdbdawg6 karma

Your career trajectory is inspirational - do you have any advice for women who are just getting started in the entertainment industry?

VivicaAFox11 karma

Yes. The one thing that I always tell young actresses is to know the craft you are getting into. Acting is difficult. Learn to be a triple threat: learn to do drama, comedy, sing AND dance. Because you never know what the role may call for.

Audifred62676 karma

Do friends call you VIV or FOXY per chance?

VivicaAFox21 karma

Hahahah! They do call me "Viv" for short. And then sometimes, every once in a while, they call me -- "Easy Breezy Cover Girl"

el_weirdo1236 karma

What was it like on the set of Kill Bill?

VivicaAFox10 karma

intense. Intense because all the girls really wanted to do a great job, you know? We wanted to look strong. We trained for SO long. So when it was time to go to war and put on those game faces, we did the damn thing!

exfatgirl6 karma

As a celebrity, you have a huge exposure to many different types of people. What is something that you're passionate about?

And would you be interested in donating some time to or working with a Veteran's service organization?

VivicaAFox10 karma

Definitely the month of October, women's causes, breast cancer awareness, domestic violence, and children. And yes, I have in the past, with Wounded Warriors. I am so grateful for those that sacrifice in our military, and I visited a lot of bases and gave out hugs and took pictures and told those guys thanks for their service.

jdbdawg6 karma

What's something that your fans might be surprised to learn about you?

VivicaAFox11 karma

That I'm very down to earth. I'm real. And I love having fun.... that I'm a sports junkie! Football & basketball are my 2 favorites. And i love tennis too. And white cheddar popcorn.

jdbdawg6 karma

Comedy, Action, Drama... you've done it all. Do you have a preference?

VivicaAFox4 karma

Not really. I just prefer working on fun projects that stimulate me as an actor.

redder236 karma

Hi Vivica, who is an actor/ or director that you would love to work with but still haven't got the chance to? Also, what is your favorite movie?

VivicaAFox9 karma

Actor that I'd love to work with would be Samuel L. Jackson - I'd love to do a cop drama-comedy with him. That would be SO awesome, wouldn't it?

And director - I'd love to work with Antoine Fuqua, who just did Denzel Washington's movie. And my favorite movie is THE NOTEBOOK and TERMS OF ENDEARMENT.

And a little guilty pleasure that i liked this year that came out was ADDICTED. William Levy is beyond sexy.

redder232 karma

Thanks for answering! And I would love to see you in a film like that with the great SLJ...with maybe Fuqua directing? Why not!

VivicaAFox3 karma

YEAH! Sounds good to me!

drunken_hoebag5 karma

Hi Ms. Fox! I hope I'm not too late! I loved you so much in Independence Day!

What is your go-to drink on a night out?

Thanks for doing this AMA and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

VivicaAFox9 karma


I'm a wino, I love pinot noir, red wine, by Coppola. I don't really drink hard liquor. Makes me too damn aggressive.

drunken_hoebag6 karma

Note to self: Start drinking Coppola red wine so you can be as cool as Vivica A. Fox.

VivicaAFox7 karma


jdbdawg5 karma

Do you feel that there are better roles being written for women in today's industry vs years past?

VivicaAFox8 karma

ABSOLUTELY. It is so wonderful, especially on TV - African-American women having the chance to be the leading lady on dramas and comedies!

garrettmcqueen5 karma

Hi Vivica! First, I have to say as a kid I watched "Two Can Play That Game" no fewer than 100 times. Did you ever get fan letters from people who actually went through the 10 steps? Also, What sort of training was involved for your role on Kill Bill? Did it bother you that (as the joke always says) the black character died first on screen, even though it doesn't happen first chronologically?

VivicaAFox10 karma

Oh, absolutely! The reason why I'm so happy and proud of TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME is because all nationalities walk up to me and let me know how much they loved that movie, because it was my first starring role, to know that it's a movie that people love and enjoy even to this day - still warms my heart. And I have girls that come up to me and say "GURL, I learned SO much from that movie!"

Hahahha! Uh... KILL BILL I had to train for 4 months, learning Tae Kwon Do and how to do the wires and to work with the knife. And Quentin Tarantino killed me on purpose first because he was like 'OH MY GOD, he killed Vivica first!" he wanted it to be controversial.

jdbdawg4 karma

In addition to having some spectacular film and television acting credits, you also host and produce. Since you've got such a strong background in entertainment, was it a natural transition from TV to film to producing?

VivicaAFox5 karma

Absolutely. I'm very grateful that my business partner, Rachel Richardson, always told me to know that i'm in a business called "Show business" and the more that I know about the BUSINESS that goes on behind the show, the longer my career will last.

jdbdawg4 karma

Do you have a favorite TV show that you watch religiously?

VivicaAFox6 karma


jdbdawg4 karma

Do you have a favorite character that you have played over the years?

VivicaAFox6 karma

Favorite character would be Shante', from TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME. It was first starring role - when I got out of the limousine that night, and saw the marquee saying STARRING VIVICA A. FOX, that's a night I will never forget!

liamquane4 karma

HI! What's the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

VivicaAFox6 karma

The best thing a director can do for ME on-set is to let me know exactly, you know, what he needs and how he wants something, but after we do certain takes, then let me - let me do my magic as well do, if I have a certain takeaway I want to add to a scene.

My_Reddit_Account_954 karma

Who is your favorite actor?

VivicaAFox10 karma

OOooh, who's MY favorite actor... my favorite male actor is Matthew McConaughey, he's awesome to me. And for eye candy, I love Chris Hemsworth, Thor, he's yummy. For female, I love Helen Mirren - she is just awesome and can do comedy OR drama. And also Regina Hall, I think she has great potential. And is SO versatile, too!

liamquane3 karma

What was it like working with Quentin Tarantino? what was his directorial style like? :~)

VivicaAFox7 karma

I loved working with Quentin. As i said, he is very professional, demanding, but he knows eXACTLY what he wants, so he's my kind of director and I would love to work with him again.

origami_rock3 karma

How do you feel knowing you and your butt were the best things in Independence Day?

VivicaAFox5 karma

HAHAHA! Oh... thanks for loving my back! But I think there was a little bit more to it than that in INDEPENDENCE DAY. But thanks for loving my back baby! I worked hard on those. I love to do water aerobics, lots of stretching, but i'm not a gym nut at all.

sallymea2 karma

Hello Ms Fox. I am a huge fan. I will say I completely fell in love with you, head over heels, when i saw you on punk'd...BABY!!!#girlcrush. I watched an interview and a question was asked on who's bio pic you would love to do and you said Whitney Houston. I am so game for that. Even though I love Angela Bassett and I believe her stab at her lifetime movie of her will be a bit better than Wendy Williams stab at the Aaliyah movie, I would love to see your interpretation of her life. Is this bio pic still something you see happening in the future (with the family's approval and her actual music)? ...fyi... I really think Paula Patton should play Whitney.

VivicaAFox6 karma

I think Whitney Houston's story definitely deserves to be on the big screen. And I would love to play Whitney as a woman and have someone else play her younger - because I definitely believe her story deserves it. She was one of the first women to sell 100 million albums, and I knew her personally. And yes, I would love to do her story, absolutely.

paradox_lost782 karma

What's your favorite john Singleton film?

VivicaAFox4 karma


cincodelavan2 karma

How did you get involved with jerseylicious? I live less than 10 mins from Gatsby and have known Christy and Gayle since I was a little kid.

VivicaAFox2 karma

JERSEYLICIOUS came about from the Style network, before they disappeared. They reach out to me to host the reunion special, because i was doing a pilot for my own talk show, and they asked if I would host it, and i loved that group of people, and I was really sad when the network went away. But I do love my folks from Jerseylicious. Always will. They rock.

SoltanPill2 karma

Are you a fan of Kristen Wiig and the movie Bridesmaids?

VivicaAFox5 karma

Oh heck yes! She's so funny. YES, LOVE HER!

atomjack121 karma

That awful scene in Set It Off, where you're all sitting around doing really bad Brando impressions, is one of the worst things I've ever seen in my entire life.

What was it like filming that scene? Did you realize at the time how truly bad it was?

VivicaAFox4 karma

Oh, stop it! Once again, i beg to differ. I got lots of compliments on that. You're entitled to your opinion. And at the premier, it got a wonderful response, sorry you weren't there.

[deleted]1 karma


VivicaAFox6 karma

I heard that that was going to be the basis for KILL BILL 3, but then I heard the other day that Quentin was retiring! So I don't know!

[deleted]1 karma


VivicaAFox4 karma

Yes, i've done a lot of voiceover work. I did a voice on SCOOBY-DOO, as Angel Dynamite, on the cartoon Network show. And i was the voice of Alzheimer's on the radio. I've done a lot of voiceover work over the years - and I like it because I don't have to be in a hair & makeup chair for 2 hours!

[deleted]1 karma


VivicaAFox2 karma

HAHAHAHA! on a red carpet, my swag is on 10. Everyday life, I'm kinda casual. I put my swag on 7.

trigunned-1 karma

How come the Black Mamba kicked your ass so easily?

VivicaAFox7 karma

Uh, HELLO! No she did not! She just happened to get that one good thing on me. I thought i was holding my own. That was a great brawl. A fabulous chick brawl. And i have never heard that i got beat badly, so back that thing up !