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Edit: My dad happened to text me this photo a few minutes ago. He swears he never did gay porn but I don't know...apparently everyone in my family is weird and into naked people. Photo is SFW I promise.

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richardwrinkle618 karma

If you were single would you ever date a guy with a small penis? What if he had a great personality? I'm asking for a friend....

SloanethePornGal587 karma

Yes! I am not a size person. I have dated a whole range of weirdos, from hot guys to ugly guys with and I've seen all kinds of dongs. If you make me laugh, I will date you.

Dookiestain_LaFlair554 karma

Do you think there is a big market for videos of women farting whip cream out of their ass? I have only seen like two or three videos like this, but I think there is a lot of money to be made and this might become a new trend, or do you think I am over estimating the potential? Also it could be cool whip or buttercream icing. Thank you for your time and your response.

SloanethePornGal536 karma

I believe that in order for the fart to really move the cream it would have to be a very aerated dairy product. I would say Redi-Whip would work best. A buttercream isn't going to have the splatter effect that you're looking for. But yeah, there's a market for this. It's called CakeFarts and it's delightful. Hope that answered your question!

Dookiestain_LaFlair352 karma

That was a more insightful and informed reply than I could have possibly imagined. I find your observations about the texture of the buttercream vs Redi-Whip with regard to being propelled from the cornhole to be some of the best work done in this field of study so far. Once again I thank you for your time and your expertise.

SloanethePornGal280 karma

I really appreciate it, I've put some thought into that question before, I'm glad I was finally able to talk about it somewhere.

Tallest_Waldo234 karma

This is the best thread in any AMA ever.

SloanethePornGal156 karma

Ha and I really want whipped cream right now.

bunnylicker90 karma

Do you think artificially increasing the volume of farts.. I.E. Air up the asshole via a tube.. would be frowned upon, or a requirement?

Do you think they would hire.. uh.. butthole fluffers?ohgodwhy

SloanethePornGal102 karma

I think this could be a groundbreaking idea in the porn industry

eat_me_now440 karma

In your experience has anyone ever tapped out? Like flat out said I'm not doing this in the middle of a scene?

SloanethePornGal933 karma

Oh yeah. Have you ever seen the Efuckt where the porn girl freaks out? If not, here it is. Very very very NSFW

Mokkurkalfi524 karma

This video made me super sad :(

SloanethePornGal801 karma

It makes everyone super sad. Especially those girls' parents.

bastardbones366 karma

Can you put the worst noise you've ever heard in the industry into text?

SloanethePornGal1358 karma

Girl: Pffffffft

Guy: What the fuck did you just fart on my dick?

Girl: I had chipotle for lunch, I'm sorry!

This is a true story.

superbob24335 karma

Why do porn sites not use .cum domain names instead of .com?

SloanethePornGal464 karma

Wow, is that a thing we can do?

SloanethePornGal373 karma

Wow, is that a thing we can do?

kushswagblazeit298 karma


SloanethePornGal772 karma

In my last company, the men didn't last the long, the editing was just really good. I've never even slept with someone who's lasted longer than 5 minutes. And btw, girls don't need to actually get fucked for 30 minutes, no matter what the porn sites tell you.

kushswagblazeit588 karma


SloanethePornGal449 karma

Erections, jizz,'s all fake in the hardcore world.

eviloperator186 karma


SloanethePornGal327 karma

A lot of times they take Viagra and a lot of times it's a stunt cock!

kauto71 karma

Is it different with a place like MetArt?

SloanethePornGal257 karma

Yeah MetArt is not a BANG BANG BANG type of film, the on set vibe is super sensual and the guys have a much easier time performing. Plus we film with porn stars who are often real life couples!

Accujack167 karma

Every time I see a Met Art picture of a beautiful woman with the watermark on it, I read it in my head as "Me Tart". Now I can't think of it any other way.

Any recommendations?

SloanethePornGal425 karma

No and now you've fucked me up for life as well.

kingfrito_500526 karma

thats actually really sweet. That makes me happy, metart is one of my favorite places to get porn because it feels..more ethical almost and im glad thats not just an illusion.

SloanethePornGal33 karma

Thank you! Yea, we're the porn company with a heart of gold!

JesseVegas274 karma

Any awkward or super embarrassing moments you were involved in on set?

SloanethePornGal919 karma

The most awkward thing that's ever happened to me is when I slipped on a fresh cum spot in the shower set and fell on the floor and chipped a tooth. I was crying for so many reasons after that happened.

JesseVegas172 karma

OUCH! :C I hope it was fixed, but thanks for the reply!

SloanethePornGal326 karma

Twas a minor chip, haven't had it fixed. I think it adds character!

JesseVegas123 karma

Way to take a negative outcome and make it positive, thumbs up to you _^

SloanethePornGal1872 karma

Life's too short to cry over spilled cum.

Binary_Omlet253 karma

What is the coefficient of kinetic friction on the interior surface of your favorite girl?

SloanethePornGal688 karma

Ff = μ N

Ff = medium size penis

μ =Mia Sollis

N = Sleep number bed on a medium firm setting

arcanition337 karma

Holy shit, 10 points for knowing the equation for frictional force.

SloanethePornGal230 karma

Did i get it right?!

arcanition140 karma

Yep! Ff (Force friction) = μ (coefficient of friction) times Fn (the "normal force").

SloanethePornGal345 karma

FUCK YEAH!!!!! take that Science Man Smoleny! (that's my 12th grade physics teacher...he once called me the worst student he'd ever had.)

Midifinch250 karma

What is the most disgusting thing that you have seen to date?

Midifinch129 karma

That does look nasty! :o

SloanethePornGal358 karma

Your shoes would actually stick to the floor when you tried to walk...

bleedscarlet219 karma

What's the biggest myth about porn that people ask you about, that you'd like to debunk?

SloanethePornGal326 karma

The biggest myth: all male pornstars can ejaculate loads on command. Not true. At my last job a lot of the cum shots were faked with this

bleedscarlet172 karma

Wow! TIL fake jizz costs $1.29/fluid ounce.

SloanethePornGal448 karma

I like that it's described as having a musky smell. I think cum smells like pool water, but maybe that's just my opinion?

Megabytesmeow477 karma

I'm not the only person that thinks it smells like chlorine?! High five!

SloanethePornGal410 karma

It smells EXACTLY like chlorine!!

bleedscarlet121 karma

I feel like if you're going to use fake jizz...why not make it smell nice, heck, why not make it TASTE nice? I think I need to contact some manufacturers...

SloanethePornGal462 karma

BACON FLAVORED FAKE JIZZ...why is this not a thing I've been swallowing for years now?

Troyandabedinthemoor2 karma

Can you describe in more detail how they use this?

SloanethePornGal18 karma

So they hook up a pump out of shot and then they fill the pump with the fake jizz and they squirt it using tricky camera angles so it looks like it's coming out of the dick.

HighYellowBlackMan208 karma

What did you have for breakfast today?

SloanethePornGal528 karma

I'm glad you asked that because today I fucking did it up. I had homemade multigrain bread, topped with this really stinky blue cheese, covered in thinly sliced apples, drizzled with truffle honey. Was fucking awesome. What about you?

HighYellowBlackMan459 karma

Cheerios. Honey-Nut style, of course.

SloanethePornGal433 karma

Mmm you ever get down wit dat apple cinnamon doe?

HighYellowBlackMan131 karma

No apple cinnamon. If we're out of Cheerios, I would typically have toast.

What did you have for lunch today? I had a turkey sandwich that my 10 yr old daughter packed for me.

SloanethePornGal485 karma

That's so cute! I had a 10 yr old for lunch.

Edit: that sounded really perverted, I was going for a cannibal angle but missed the mark. For lunch I had a really depressing Wassa cracker with salmon, arugula, lemon, capers, and cracked pepper.

JonathanBowen48 karma

That sounds more like an after lunch snack.

SloanethePornGal317 karma

Listen Jonathan, I will eat blue cheese whenever I damn well please. My after lunch snack was a pita pizza.

EvilDasNad5 karma

That....sounds so damn good. I know what I'm having for breakfast this weekend.

SloanethePornGal12 karma

Yeah make sure to get the truffle honey. It's like $14 for the smallest jar but worth it

kevik723 karma

That sounds amazing.

SloanethePornGal5 karma

It was so fucking good, I threw away the wrapping on the cheese so I don't know what kind it was. But just get something soft and funky and you'll be good to go.

kevik723 karma

I love a pungent cheese.

SloanethePornGal7 karma

I can just do an AMA on my love of cheese. You know, if you want...

DaveYarnell194 karma

How does your work affect your romantic life?

Have you slept with any adult performers? What was it like?

SloanethePornGal364 karma

It improves my life! I used to work exclusively in gay porn so I've learned a lot of interesting blow job techniques (although, I gotta say, I was good at that before I started porn...) And no, I have not slept with any adult performers. They are sooooo not my type.

terraburn50 karma

So what is your type?

SloanethePornGal176 karma

Funny, bearded, smart, wears glasses, loves to read, likes my cooking, will buy me all the pugs i want.

SomedayISuppose166 karma

Have you worked on film before?

SloanethePornGal286 karma

on film or on a film? No to on film (I don't think I'm what they're looking for) but I'm going to direct my first movie in March!

Tallest_Waldo335 karma

I'd watch ya do stuff to other people's stuff. Just sayin.

SloanethePornGal272 karma

That's so kind! But would you buy me stuff of an amazon wish list? because then i'd consider it...

roflocalypselol152 karma

Well then they're wrong.

SloanethePornGal175 karma


Lovebugeater159 karma

How did you get the job?

SloanethePornGal294 karma

my really awesome best friend worked there and she got me the gig at BangBros. Then, believe it or not, I got my new job working for from Reddit!

kevik72116 karma

How did reddit help?

SloanethePornGal297 karma

So until yesterday I had a different account and I posted a bunch of stuff that made it to the front page. Someone from MetArt noticed it, PM'd me, I thought they were trying to cyber me, turns out they weren't, and the rest is history.

kevik72102 karma

That's fucking awesome. I guess reddit is good for something after all.

SloanethePornGal188 karma

I know, now I pretty much get paid to reddit for a living!

PM_me_your_successes347 karma


SloanethePornGal138 karma

that made me laugh. so does your username

NorbitGorbit159 karma

How much overlap in crew is there between porn and hollywood movies? Could the budgets reach a point where it would be more economical to make general audience movies with porn actors?

SloanethePornGal221 karma

Yeah, like any Hollywood film we have a large crew, craft services, and we sometimes go over budget. I'm really hoping that we start to see a trend towards Hollywood movies venturing into the "Blue Is the Warmest Color" and "Brown Bunny" territory. More hardcore sex in mainstream films!

IDGAF1203411 karma

More hardcore sex in mainstream films!

"And then he smells crime again, he's out busting heads. Then he's back to the lab for some more full penetration. Smells crime. Back to the lab, full penetration. Crime. Penetration. Crime. Full penetration. Crime. Penetration. And this goes on and on and back and forth for 90 or so minutes until the movie just sort of...ends."

  • The Fifth Sense: The Smell Of Penetration, produced by Dennis Reynolds

SloanethePornGal471 karma

I'd rather watch a sexual adaptation of The Nightman Cometh.

nyxerus238 karma

You gotta pay the Troll Toll

SloanethePornGal180 karma

That will now be in my head for the next 6 hours...

BrokeInMichigan64 karma

Still staring Danny Devito?

SloanethePornGal108 karma

Um YEAH, who wouldn't want to see that guy's D?

Steve_Zer0322 karma

I bet it looks just like him

SloanethePornGal144 karma

Truer words have never been spoken.

MusicToDriveby49 karma

I work as a prop guy on sets... and the idea of being a prop guy in these is horrifying. Can you imagine the cleanup work?

SloanethePornGal94 karma

I can't I won't and I never will

DaveYarnell41 karma

How the heck do you guys make money with all that staff and equipment?

SloanethePornGal75 karma

Subscriptions, video sales, and other non-porn related ventures!

norman_druart151 karma

Hey Sloane! It's funny you landed on Met-Art, it's nothing like BB. Anyways, do you have any tips for someone willing to work in this industry (as a photographer)?

I also think you're very pretty. :>

SloanethePornGal209 karma

Aw, you're very sweet! I was really sick of the hard core world, and I LOVE MetArt stuff so I was super excited when they offered me a gig (I also get to work from home, so basically, I'm living the dream!) Yes, we are actually looking for photographers right now! You can email me here: [email protected] and we can talk about your photography!

ImA13x111 karma

I may email you some of my work as well(legit stuff, not dick pics)

SloanethePornGal22 karma

Yes please do! We are ALWAYS looking for interesting new photographers!

knuckle_split150 karma

Does the porn industry look for huge cocks? Every porn video I seen the dudes dick is massive. Either that or just really good angle shots. Idk I've always wondered

SloanethePornGal638 karma

No way! The porn industry is always looking for dicks of all shapes and sizes. And I'm just speaking for myself but I ain't no size queen, I like a nice normal sized penis. You know, like 10 inches or so.

Wild__Card__Bitches114 karma

No, all dicks are that big except for yours.

SloanethePornGal262 karma

I've seen /u/knuckle_split's dick and i can tell you right now that it is massive

kauto146 karma

Do your parents know what you do and what do they think? Have you found that people judge you because of who you work for?

SloanethePornGal654 karma

They do know what I do. I went to private school my entire life and my dad always likes to remind me, "I paid half a million dollars for you and your sister to go to school and you end up working in porn, could have sent you to public school for that and bought a summer house in Maine."

And yes, some people judge me but to them I say, suck my clit.

achenx75145 karma

Is the porno usually shot straight through, or are there a lot of breaks in between filming?

SloanethePornGal375 karma

Lots of breaks. Cig breaks. Bathroom breaks. Enema breaks.

Merxermike120 karma

Any pornstar you did not get along with at all?

SloanethePornGal343 karma

At my old job, yes, there was one porn star who was just starting out and she was just awful. She did cam shows and she needed to set up an Amazon wish list for guys to buy her stuff. I had to create an email address for her (she didn't have one, she just used AIM), teach her how to use (she had never heard of it), and then had to explain why they didn't sell Louis Vuitton bags through Amazon. She was just dumb and rude to me. Really disliked her.

LlamaJack88 karma

I'd really like to know who that was.

Sucks that you probably can't say :'(

SloanethePornGal230 karma

She's not even acting anymore because she found a sugar daddy but it was not even a big name star. I think her name was Ana Monroe or something

kevo52119 karma

So can we see your boobs? Why did they not clean the floor?

SloanethePornGal526 karma

Ok i felt bad, these are really my boobs and the only bikini picture I've ever taken

SloanethePornGal406 karma

LordViren273 karma

Everyone on this thread got really excited and then died a little inside.

I like your style.

SloanethePornGal150 karma

Yah but look above, I added the real ones!

BarackSays108 karma

Why the hell was D. Sanchez employed for so long? Dude legitimately ruined Bang Bus for YEARS.

SloanethePornGal174 karma

Yeah people either loved him or hated him. I for one don't like a d-bag making comments while I'm trying to jill but hey, to each their own.

zipzipzipzip105 karma

I wish there were more porn stars who looked like you and less who look like, you know, porn stars. Anyway, a question.... Ummm, cheddar or brie?

SloanethePornGal148 karma

Aw that's really sweet of you to say! Cheddar for my scrambled eggs and brie for my sandwiches or crackers. For crackers, the brie must be baked en croute with brown sugar and almonds.

DIRTBOMB5694 karma

What's the absolute weirdest thing you've ever seen? And what is something that you'll never forget?

SloanethePornGal99 karma

Weirdest thing I've ever seen in porn or just life in general?

Goosefucker116 karma

Let's go with porn.

SloanethePornGal337 karma

In porn: I've seen a girl put a cockroach in her vagina. In real life: I saw a motorcycle accident where a guy was beheaded. Like, I WATCHED it happen. Will never forget that.

Goosefucker569 karma

Wow. Was he okay?

SloanethePornGal665 karma

Yeah he was fine, walked away with a slight headache.

hollowaydivision80 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this AMA! Two questions:

  1. Some people think "amateur"-looking, low budget porn made without editing and with a sub-par camera is more immersive than porn that is clearly an adult film. How have you seen that relationship between "professional" and "amateur" products in your industry? Especially when you factor in the costs of producing an "amateur"-looking film vs. a professional one, the "amateur" look has to be more appealing, right?

  2. What percentage of people in the porn industry have any kind of formal education in film techniques? Is there anyone you know who has done any sort of film education program specifically based around porn itself?

SloanethePornGal118 karma

1) I think the future of porn will have an amateur/high quality vibe to it. People are sick of the Vivid style parody porn crap but they also don't want shaky camera phone P.O.V. The film I'll be directing in March will have a voyueristic feel to it. I want people to feel like they're hiding in the room watching people fuck. So yeah, it's a more immersive experience and I think people respond to it better.

2) I don't know the exact figure but most of the film people in the adult world that I know come from a technical training background (i.e. they went to school for it.) And I don't know of any programs that teach JUST porn but that's a great idea! writes note to boss...

Tjblackford54 karma

You asked about ideas before. There it is. Have your group go away for a weekend away. Have the set be like an old Victorian mansion that has the secret passages and hidden rooms and they find them and see the other members having their fun. You can have the classic peep holes in the eyes of a painting. Have a couple go on a hike in the woods and on their return the spy others on the balcony of their room. That's a start I guess.

SloanethePornGal72 karma

Ohhh thats like a sexy Haunted Mansion ride. I LIKE IT

jitendra803475 karma

in bangbros bangbus, picking the guy from road to fuck Porn star is real?

SloanethePornGal179 karma

Sadly no, you have to go through a lot of rigamarole to be on a film. We have to prove your age, you have to sign releases, etc.

Belzial74 karma

Hi! My comment is not really a question, mostly its an observation. I've noticed that most '' mainstream'' porn shots I've seen are as follows:

Mini-scenario bullshit that some enjoy->Undressing->Cockgargling/choking->Female performer being penetrated->Some more cockchoking->Male performer finishes on female performer.

I know the format has been proven to be effective. I enjoy it from time to time, but it mostly is because I find the girl is either a good actress or she really does enjoy herself.

I found out that I get off the most on people getting off, call it sympathetic orgasm or whatever you want but, it seems I like it more when the guy tries to please the girl, I know some love lesbian scenes more due to that fact, but I find it odd. Mainly because I try to envision how the ''actress'' feels, and when I see fake long nails I just picture those inside a vagina and it must hurt.

Long story short: I do like when a girl gets off, I don't like lesbo-for-pay scenes.

My question is: Is there any niche for a type of video where the girl has to get off?

This is a tl:dr, btw. I would have typed if it was not for the fact that I hate to read a wall of text and I assume other people do too.

SloanethePornGal130 karma

Honestly what you're describing is the company I work for now, and that's not even a shameless plug. It's very important to me that our girls have nice, natural, trimmed nails, normal clothing, just, you know, look like girls next door. I think what you're looking for is stuff from They have the best girls making love to girls. And is awesome if you want to watch two people really enjoying each other. Some of our scenes are actually filmed with porn stars who are couples in real life!

erratic_behavior53 karma

What's your role when you're behind the scenes?

SloanethePornGal126 karma

Right now I do all kinds of stuff, mainly making silly videos and the other times I guest star on podcasts. But right now I'm writing my very first movie (so please send in your ideas because we want to start making movies crowd sourced from you guys)

alent1234141 karma

A girl buys a house and this plumber, mailman and electrician come at the same time

SloanethePornGal122 karma

What about the pool boy? Does he just watch?

VicVictory326 karma

No, he's actually doing his job, because HE'S not a damn Commy.

SloanethePornGal207 karma

My pool boy is Cuban, so....I think he might just be one....

UnSulliedHand46 karma


SloanethePornGal51 karma

Yeah! Definitely! The problem is American girls often want a lot of money to shoot movies, so it might cost you, but hey, you can always give it a shot, right?

pbj98640 karma

Having been in the porn industry, what is your personal preference on size of a partner that you might be serious with? Are you willing to date someone who is on the smaller side, or do you find it too hard to be satisfied?

Likewise, do you prefer rough, hard sex or something more slow and sensual?

SloanethePornGal149 karma

I enjoy a medium size penis, 6 inches or so. I don't like a big penis. My gyno once told me I have the vagina of a 12 year old so I think I'm on the smaller size (not really sure what he meant by that and when you're spread eagle with your legs in stirrups you don't ask questions.) I prefer rough, weird, dominant sex with the man taking control with a few slow and sensual moments thrown in. But you gotta finish hard and rough if I'm going to get off.

TrapandRelease28 karma

How pervasive is amphetamine usage in the porn industry?

SloanethePornGal68 karma

Well I personally take Adderall everyday but I have severe ADHD! As for illegal meth, I don't really know the exact numbers but I think a lot of hardcore actresses use it :(

RamsesThePigeon27 karma

Hi, Sloane.

I'm just going to show up and make casual conversation with you during your AMAs. Is that alright with you?

SloanethePornGal27 karma

Yeah duh, what do you want to talk about?

RamsesThePigeon16 karma

I didn't really have a specific topic in mind, to be honest. Every time that you show up, though, I'm reminded of the hypothetical conversation that I wrote about the gloryhole set.

What do we have in common that we could discuss?

SloanethePornGal20 karma

That was a beautiful comment. Hmm, what are your thoughts on sea monkeys?

RamsesThePigeon15 karma

I have mixed feelings. My girlfriend bought a little sea monkey farm about a year ago, and she was really excited about it. This made me nervous, because I couldn't shake the feeling that her office - where she intended to keep them - would turn out to be a less-than-appropriate environment. I encouraged her to refrain from hatching them, mostly because I wanted to spare her the dismay of their eventual loss.

So, uh... yeah. What kind of books do you like?

SloanethePornGal11 karma

Well how'd it turn out? Are they still with us today? As for books, oh man, I'm a total book nerd. My concentration in college was 18th century literature. I couldn't get enough. I love all kinds of books. Currently re-reading a reference book called "Bawdy Language" highly recommend it. Also, I just finished "The Stand" by Stephen King. Loved that too! How about you? Favorite books?

norman_druart21 karma

What type of porn do you prefer?

SloanethePornGal74 karma

I go between different things. I spend a lot of time on /r/forcedorgasm because I love BDSM and then I like softer stuff, like lesbian movies where the girls actually like fucking each other.

24runner19 karma

A friend I went to high school with had worked for bang bros and reality kings. And seems to be making good money. I was wondering how to get on behind the scenes. What is an entry level position in the industry?

SloanethePornGal55 karma

Entry level? Rear. JK, I would say photo editing, or PA is entry level for the porn world.

vivi_ar18 karma

How do they fake cum shots with lotion in a video? Would be simple for pictures no idea how they do it in video form.

SloanethePornGal40 karma

They use tricky camera angles and stand off to the side and make it look like the cum is squirting out buy using a tube sometimes taped to the guys penis. Does that make sense? It's kinda hard to explain!

_the_flounder_15 karma

Hey Sloane. Is there any opportunities in the porn industry for a physics major?

SloanethePornGal73 karma

Hmmm, would you ever do a film? Your porn name could be Stephen Cocking

NotYourMothersDildo11 karma

Worse look: birkenstocks or man sandals with too many straps?

SloanethePornGal27 karma

It really depends on how pasty the leg is wearing the sandals and level of hair. Pale + no hair= german tourist. Tan + hair= Outside magazine subscriber.

bigbobsbeepers919 karma

What's up Sloane? Thanks for making my day at my boring job a little more exciting! Got a couple questions for you:

1) What was the one moment when you realized that you wanted to work in the porn industry?

2) What's your favorite part about working in the porn industry?

SloanethePornGal30 karma

Yay! Happy to brighten your day! So, 1) I knew I wanted to work in the porn industry since the first time I downloaded a porn video from Kazaa. I loved porn from the age of oh, I dunno, 11? 2) I love all the weirdos I meet and I also get to work from home, in my underwear, staring at boobs and butts and peepees all day. Can't really beat that.

bigbobsbeepers916 karma

Definitely beats a desk job haha. Appreciate the response and good luck on the new gig!

SloanethePornGal13 karma

Thanks very much! I mean I still work at a desk, it's just a coffee table in front of a T.V. that plays non stop Bravo or Dante's Peak or ConAir 7 days a week

Granito_Rey6 karma

Have you ever mainlined heroin?

SloanethePornGal10 karma

Never. Ingested it once in an ecstasy pill though.

classsttartstomorrow4 karma


SloanethePornGal9 karma

where are you located? Send me your resume to [email protected] and I'll pass it around!

CSB1224 karma

How do I get over my undying love for you?

SloanethePornGal3 karma

Damn, that's a hard one, I wish I could help you. I mean, you can follow my instagram. I post really weird pictures and then you'll realize I'm a fucking weirdo with too many pets and maybe that will change your mind?

Talidaar4 karma

Hey Sloane, I have a serious question here: Blunt or Bong?

SloanethePornGal30 karma

Depends on what I'm doing/ where I'm going but I'm gonna say bong.

jackwoww3 karma

Hi Sloane?

Why are you the best OP ever?

We missed you!

SloanethePornGal5 karma

I missed you too! I don't know, I'm not that good, I just like talking about boobs and porn and weed and pizza and all things that are beautiful in this world.

delosreyeschristian2 karma

Which mainstream pornstars did you find pleasant working with?

SloanethePornGal11 karma

Remy LaCroix is lovely as is Amarna Miller. Oh, also Isabella De Santos and Abella Anderson

norman_druart2 karma

Amarna Miller is one of my favorite new models. Really love her.

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Isn't she fantastic? She's smart and sweet and so damn sexy. I love her

norman_druart3 karma

I've always had a thing for redheads. I first saw her in some Lesbea film and she really made a lasting impression on me.

SloanethePornGal2 karma

Ohhh I've got some good redheads for ya!

izzytheENT1 karma

How did you first get into the industry?

SloanethePornGal1 karma

My best friend recruited me to do SEO marketing a couple years ago and I've been in love with the industry ever since then!

AdoptedTargaryen1 karma

Had no clue what BangBros or MetArt was before, but now I do yay curiosity! Thanks for the AMA!

As for a question: do you have experience working on sets for lesbian porn [not the kind shot 'for' men where they have ridiculously-unrealistically long fingers nails and tons of makeup]... and how would you describe the atmosphere? is it the same, different than straight films you shoot?

annnnd what's your favorite holiday?

okay, thanks again for this! :]

SloanethePornGal3 karma

I have yet to be on set for a lesbian film, but I'll be on set in March in Barcelona and I'll let you know how it goes!

As for my favorite holiday, Halloween! This was my costume this year: