My short bio: This is a response to a user's AMA request for someone who was on Barney. I'm not well versed in reddit yet, but they tell me to do it this way! I was on Barney, and am already having fun answering questions on the request page. Just FYI: I was on the national tour, not the television series. My name is Trent, like my username. Cheers.

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trentgentry253 karma

How is everyone? I've never sat at my laptop for so long before. And get your mind out of the gutter.

FrissioNx238 karma

Has being on Barney ever been the focal point of bullies?

trentgentry401 karma

Good question, thanks for asking.

Yes, when I returned to public school it was quite hard.

Human_Sandwich265 karma

I bet they were just jelly that you were homeboys with Barney.

trentgentry823 karma

Nah, I think it was cause I'm a homo!

PineappleDildos398 karma



wtf just...

Cazmonster259 karma

A wild redditor appears!

trengentry uses Tactical Overshare on redditor.


redditor falls asleep.

trentgentry100 karma

Thanks for the recognition. I'm still pretty green to reddit.

alien122109 karma

Anyone wanna take bets this gonna turn up on a tabloid that says barney makes your children gay?

I'm willing to pit half of my comment karma.

trentgentry169 karma

I knew I was gay way before Barney. But there are lots of other things to be told, if people asked the right questions.

GlitterQueef51 karma

So I take it sexual exploration happened?

trentgentry128 karma

I'm referring to the behavior of the adults. There was a lot of drinking.

TheJoePilato51 karma

Let's go ahead and elaborate on this point. Specifically: have you seen Barney drunk while he was in costume?

trentgentry109 karma

I actually have no memory of either guy that played Barney drinking. In or out of costume. Other cast and crew members yes though.

romeoprico21 karma

Well, that escalated quickly.

trentgentry46 karma

I'm learning that it happens a lot here.

Black_Suit_Matty27 karma

If you know what he means.

funkytonight40 karma


HarrisonFordFocus26 karma

No man, you've gotta be more subtle about it.

beardtamer118 karma


trentgentry177 karma

That's better.

bladerdash166 karma

I used to watch Barney with my son when he was little, and always found the show annoying. But after a while I realized that it wasn't Barney himself, but the KIDS who were so annoying! Especially Tina

Did you ever work with her, and if so how did you keep from slapping her?!?

trentgentry342 karma

I apologize for how annoying we kids were. We were told to over-act and be smile to the point of insanity.

I don't know Tina, but I'll slap her for you if our paths cross.

MasterPooBlaster69 karma

At the annual Barney-con?

trentgentry113 karma

Not sure that's a thing, but I'll attend if you organize.

Ewok_Soap141 karma

When was the last time you saw one of the episodes you were on? Does it make you cringe?

trentgentry273 karma

YES ALL OF THE CRINGE. I haven't watched it in about 15 years.

JMillward141 karma

How do you deal with the fame and swarms of paparazzi in day to day life ?

trentgentry208 karma

I have social anxiety so I stay inside.

jwcgator120 karma

Me too, except I've never been on Barney.

trentgentry86 karma

I think it's much more common and you and I are in good company. I also have bipolar disorder.

jwcgator29 karma

I wish mental health wasn't so stigmatized, it's hard to own up to being afflicted with issues like that. Best of luck in future endeavors and don't stop making music!

trentgentry90 karma

Thanks! The stigma is silly. And this is the first time I've posted about it outside of my personal social media accounts. Ya'll make me feel comfy.

jwcgator29 karma

Reddit is a place full of misfits but it's grown considerably. You'll find people on here that will do everything to try to make you feel bad (due to the pseudo-anonymity you can achieve) but if you can ignore them it's a great place :D

trentgentry12 karma

I'm pretty thick-skinned. I'm enjoying myself and people have generally been friendly. :)

ForgingIron134 karma

What was the weirdest off-camera moment you witnessed?

trentgentry299 karma

We were in Toronto during Halloween one year and there was a party with a drag theme. My dad was visiting and he definitely participated.

SimplyQuid85 karma

Was this... Was this during a Barney shoot?

trentgentry70 karma

No, it was a party the cast and crew had.

damort131 karma

Why was the yellow dinosaur called BJ? And what does it stand for? Is Barney American made?

trentgentry200 karma

Barney is American and the TV series was filmed in Texas. I'm not sure if it still is.

No one knows what BJ stands for.

skobes210 karma we ALL know what BJ stands for.

trentgentry286 karma

Beet Juice.

NurseNesbitt97 karma

I always thought BJ was Barney Junior

trentgentry75 karma

Maybe! I really never knew.

4125kHz54 karma

BJ was named after B.J. Stamps. He was the father of Sheryl Leach, the creator of Barney and Friends.

If BJ stood for Barney Junior that would mean that BJ and Baby Bop are both Barney's kids. You never met Barney's old lady did you?

trentgentry24 karma

No, but I did know Cheryl. She was there for my audition.

MartiniTin109 karma

How did you get the chance to be in Barney?

trentgentry194 karma

I took acting classes as a kid in Dallas. My acting coach was one of the original Barneys and arranged an audition for me. The rest is history!

MartiniTin86 karma

There were different Barneys? I always thought it was the same guy for 20 years, do you happen to know how many different barneys there were?

trentgentry156 karma

I couldn't tell you. We had two Barney's because the suit gets very hot on stage and it would be dangerous for one actor to do an entire show under those lights. So they switched off between scenes and set changes.

wheets59 karma

Was it always the same guy that did the second barney? Poor guy would always get the smelly suit.

trentgentry123 karma

Haha, we had two actors that would switch during the show (they had their own costumes and didn't have to share)

Superty14 karma

I'm calling bullshit on this one Barney is obviously a real dinosaur

trentgentry4 karma


maroonoctopus13 karma

Where in Dallas?

trentgentry23 karma

Young Actor's Studio.

mjh84100 karma

Were any of the kids 'bad'? Drinking on the tour, other mischief?

trentgentry173 karma

One of the kids was kind of bratty, but we didn't have a Drew Barrymore situation.

mjh8473 karma

cool, I guess 9-11 years olds aren't getting into that much trouble.

trentgentry117 karma

Just pranks. We had an awesome prank war going with the producer.

mjh8442 karma

I saw that answer in this AMA, care to elaborate?

trentgentry135 karma

Sure. It escalated to me getting the front desk of our hotel to give me a key to his room so we could rig things. You know, like plastic wrap over the toilet bowl.

Shawarma12396 karma

What were the actors like out of their costumes?

trentgentry177 karma

I know it's cliche, but everyone was lovely.

EpicPigz86 karma

Were you the kid in the blue shirt?

trentgentry112 karma

Yep, that's me.

BurgNast85 karma

Does being on Barney ever help you with the ladies?

trentgentry197 karma

Thanks for the question. I never found it useful in picking up chicks. Also I don't lean that way.

Black_Suit_Matty283 karma

Are you only into dinosaurs? Do you think it was because of Barney?

trentgentry300 karma

Nothing better than a stegosaurus.

ForeverAPirateGal73 karma

Are you a triceraTOPS or a triceraBOTTOMS? You're certainly not a HERbovore though, you're a HIMbovore.

trentgentry92 karma

ticeratops, darling.

solips_sonder13 karma

What's the fun in life if you're not a power bottom.

trentgentry20 karma

Tops have fun too!

ThatSteeve46 karma


trentgentry76 karma

What Steeve said.


sooooo does it help you pick dudes i guess? i mean regardless of sexuality i'd use the shit outta that.

trentgentry90 karma

Lol. Well maybe when I was a teenager and in my early 20s it would impress. I'm nearing 30 now so I try not to use it anymore for picking up dudes.

CatWurst-27 karma

Do you think hanging with a giant purple paedophile during your formative years influenced your sexuality?

trentgentry24 karma

No, I knew I was gay way before I was on Barney. Also, be a little more original.

trentgentry67 karma

Hey fellow redditors. Thanks for making me feel welcome! I've popped open some wine to help me close out the night. Feel free to keep sending questions about Barney or my music. I'll try to respond before dreamland hits me, or tomorrow! Cheers.

TouchTheGuyBelowMe64 karma

  1. Did he ever scare you?

I'm assuming Barney is pretty tall compared to a kid, so it's pretty intimidating.

  1. What was your general opinion of him and the show, as a child and now?

trentgentry129 karma

We had two actors that played Barney and they both were super tall. But they were very nice. One of them is actually a rapper I think now.

IMO- I didn't like the way we had to smile so much. We were told to over-animate and it was so weird

Ditka_Da_Bus_Driver88 karma

Long ago, I had a Barney VHS with an episode where Barney is opening a door for a redheaded kid and accidentally smacks him in the face. The kid just rolls with it, so the editors must have missed it. But he seriously got jolted in the face. I imagine Barney being pretty terrifying off of that event alone.

trentgentry69 karma

I wasn't terrified because I knew the guys in the costume and saw them everyday, on stage or off. I was more terrified of the audience.

usuallyclassy6918 karma

Rapper? Know his name ?

trentgentry40 karma

Josh Martin. I may be wrong about the genre, but I know he makes music like I do.

Jdoggcrash16 karma

Subpop, white denim is the genre I found.

trentgentry6 karma


_KCL41 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this AMA. What was your most memorable moment while on set?

trentgentry116 karma

You're welcome! I was known as the prankster of the group and I'd always rig parts of the set so they'd fall apart or break if one of the other actors touched them. The producer and I were also in an epic prank war.

Discgolfin2477 karma

That's not enough information, pal...

trentgentry25 karma

Going fishing?

Discgolfin24710 karma

I want specific prank details, please!

trentgentry33 karma

ooooo it was 20 years ago, it's so tough to remember! I scared him with silly string once.

astoriabeatsbk38 karma

Has this ever gotten you laid? I remember the guy from Blues Clues did a talk and told a story of a really hot girl that kind of obsessed over him.

trentgentry103 karma

Not laid, just paid.

spinja18731 karma

I heard when the guy climbs out of the barney suit, he comes. Out the butt and it looks like barney is duking him out. True?

trentgentry22 karma

Haha! You're actually right. The feet come off and the rest is pulled off the top.

CreedDidNothingWrong28 karma

Do you still keep in touch with any of the other kids? If so what are they like? I kind of have this idea that being on Barney would be like growing up a preacher's kid - you either turn out super wholesome or an insane party animal.

trentgentry74 karma

Haha, well we all turned out okay. One of them is a mother with a family, another has a bank job, I'm making music in austin, and the other is in LA working in the magic industry. We try to keep in touch.

iamthelight_28 karma

Did your love for music come from Barney, and did you have vocal coaches or any type of music education while on Barney? (Did they provide?)

trentgentry52 karma

I loved music way before Barney. I did have a vocal coach before I was on Barney but not during. One of the dancers on the tour taught me how to read music. I had learned how to play piano by ear when I was little.

adub88723 karma

Was the person playing Barney kinda weird? Also, how many times did you have to sing those damn songs till you got it right?

trentgentry66 karma

Barney wasn't weird.

But the songs. I couldn't even tell you how many times I sang "Ahoy I'm Captain Tony le Foot!"

drocks2720 karma

How old were you? Did you have trouble responding to Tony instead of Trent?

trentgentry36 karma

I was 9-11 years old..and I didn't have difficulty responding to the stage name. I had done other small acting jobs before and was used to it

gizzardgullet19 karma

Did you ever look at the person playing Barney and think "I want to be that guy some day"?

trentgentry38 karma

Nope. I don't like wearing heavy clothing.

LovepeaceandStarTrek19 karma

Has being on Barney done anything significant for you, or is it just something you did as a kid?

trentgentry33 karma

I got to travel a lot. I didn't act anymore after Barney, but I kept singing and still make music today.

celesteyay18 karma

What was the auditioning process like?

trentgentry26 karma

Good question! I had to read from the script and sing Happy Birthday for the creator and two executive producers.

clanleadermax18 karma

would you ever go back for a reunion thing? how much would they have to pay you?

trentgentry33 karma

I wouldn't do a reunion. The cast did have a 10-year reunion party in Dallas in 2006.

GreazyPube16 karma

Did any of the kids you worked with end up going places with their acting career??

trentgentry33 karma

Not the ones I worked with, no.

ThatJonGuy103916 karma

What was your reaction to the seemingly constantly circulating playground rumors of Barney being fired for hiding drugs in his tail, swearing at children on set, etc.?

EDIT: Phrasing.

trentgentry22 karma


LegendaryJay12 karma

so he hid them in his eyes as well?

trentgentry13 karma

I think his eyes were solid, not hollow. Although his toes were fashioned from tennis balls.

GeorgeWashinghton15 karma

Did you know the video who was "brushing his teeth"?

trentgentry19 karma

I've seen that going around, but sadly I don't know that guy.

AbidingDude713 karma

How was the person playing Barney or the other kids when the cameras weren't rolling?

trentgentry25 karma

Everyone was so nice. We were lucky. Getting paid to travel the country with people we got along with.

Thapple13 karma

How did you feel about being on a children's show? Now and when the show was being filmed.

trentgentry22 karma

It was fun. Although it's not the typical setting for a 10 year old. I was much more mature than other kids my age when I re enrolled in public school after Barney. I didn't fit in.

Mikeydoes11 karma

How often do you sing that song in your head?

trentgentry28 karma

It used to be almost everyday. I think I'm fully recovered now.

ashfaceee11 karma

What was your favourite song to sing on Barney? Was it you that stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

trentgentry18 karma

If All the Raindrops! That was my favorite. I still remember the choreography.

And I own the cookie jar.

3AZILLION8 karma

what got you into acting in the first place? was it your wish? parents?

trentgentry23 karma

Other than swimming, I never liked sports so my parents let me explore creative activities like acting, piano, music. The music thing stuck with me as I'm a singer/songwriter now.

pkcrossing897 karma

What are your favorite bands?

trentgentry22 karma

Patty Griffin. The XX, sooooo many. Damien Rice. I like the singer/songwriter vibe.

LegendOfReece7 karma


trentgentry15 karma

Everyday. Very tall.

damort7 karma

How long were you on the show for?

trentgentry16 karma

From 1996-1998. I was on the live national tour though, not the television version.

drayon5 karma

Why hasn't Barney died just like the rest of the dinosaurs millions of years ago?

trentgentry8 karma

Because he's fictional.

byron175 karma

How often have you ever brought it up in conversation in today's time?

trentgentry21 karma

I usually never do. I'd say half the people in my life don't even know about it.

spaceship-earth4 karma

ever touch demi lovatos ass?

trentgentry13 karma

No, she was on the show maybe 10 years after I was on the tour.

purplepooters4 karma

Purple is my favorite color, did Barney make you appreciate it more or less?

trentgentry10 karma

Not really, but we were surrounded by a lot of purple. It never bothered me!

cookies507963 karma

Did you ever watch Barney on tv or were you only on the show and not really a fan?

trentgentry10 karma

When I was younger I did watch it, but by the time I was on the tour I was too old to really like it anymore.

ClownFetishes3 karma

Did any of the kids have a crush on any of the other kids? What about you?

trentgentry10 karma

We were all between the ages of 9-11, so it didn't happen. Of course nothing I was aware of.

theroitsmith3 karma

How much did you get paid?

trentgentry10 karma

I was on the tour from 96-98 and I honestly don't remember now. Some of my money is still invested.

lukistke4 karma

in the nearest 10K, what are we talking, if you dont mind me asking of course?

trentgentry12 karma

I appreciate the question, but I'm gonna keep that piece private :)

courtiebabe4202 karma

This is an awesome AMA!

Here's a question: Since you did the tour, did you ever watch (and I guess enjoy) the TV show, and did you see it differently after you had been involved in the tour?

trentgentry6 karma

I have seen episodes of the show, and after doing the tour I felt a sense of pride because I sacrificed a lot to do it. I didn't get to see my family for months on end, whereas those kids on the show got to sleep in their own beds every night. Traveling is tough at that age. We were the first kids to nationally tour in the United States.

cjw212 karma

You use to live in Dallas? Ever been to Waco? I live there

trentgentry4 karma

I live in Austin now but my family is still in Dallas, so I drive through Waco several times a year. Sometimes I stop at Starbucks. And I always marvel at that big, circular bank building off 35.

HereComesTheWrock2 karma

What were your interactions with Barney fans while on tour? Did you get treated like a celebrity?

trentgentry7 karma

We had meet and greets after each show or during intermission. Sometimes it was for an actor or musician's kids.

men_love_twerkin_too1 karma

Given the chance would you have gone on the show? Also, anything about your career that you would change?

trentgentry3 karma

I always preferred stage acting. Cameras freaked me out. So I'd say no. Acting career or music career?

men_love_twerkin_too1 karma

While we are at it, both?

trentgentry3 karma

Acting: no. I was so burned out after the Barney thing, I didn't want to act anymore. I made my decision and I stand behind it.

Music: Yes. I don't promote myself enough and I don't play enough live (stage fright, who wouldve thought?) Thanks for the Qs :)

ToeToThaKnee1 karma

Couldn't seem to find this question: why did you have to change from Trent to Tony (my name)?

trentgentry1 karma

Trent is my real name and Tony was the character's name that I played on the tour.

makeupiguess1 karma

I watched Barney when I was younger and I was always ridiculously jealous of the kids that got to sit on the this spinning bench that was "s" shape. Did you get to sit on this bench? Said bench.

trentgentry1 karma

Want an awesome bench. No I didn't get to. We didn't have a Barney bag either!

[deleted]1 karma


trentgentry7 karma

My mom never did that. My dad did have an affair while we were gone though. Thanks for the question.

Some-Redditor07-1 karma


trentgentry2 karma

Scroll down to 'additional cast' on the wikipedia page. Did I not post 'Hi reddit!' on my music page?

jimmyp80-3 karma

Where you that blonde kid? I wanted to punch you.

trentgentry7 karma

I'm hispanic with black hair, if you checked out the links in my proof. :)

bombfirst157-8 karma

How many times did barney touch your penis?

trentgentry11 karma

As many times as you have.

Sunshine145-12 karma

Did Barney touch you backstage?

trentgentry5 karma

Barney did not. Were you hoping for a different answer?