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Obligatory "username checks out"

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Sam in particular always had a kind of genius for making something funny because it was dumb. He was great at playing these Homer Simpson-type characters who could really sell you on dumb stuff. Sam running around the room to the song "run around the room" is still one of my favorites.

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Do you still keep in touch with any of the other kids? If so what are they like? I kind of have this idea that being on Barney would be like growing up a preacher's kid - you either turn out super wholesome or an insane party animal.

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I know that Tolkien was first and foremost a philologist, and that he started constructing what would become an elvish language as a teenager, long before he started writing anything related to middle earth. Is he thought of as kind of the father/pioneer of constructed languages (in the same way as he is for modern fantasy fiction), or had it been going on long before him? How is he regarded in the conlang community, or is he regarded at all?