Edit: Thank you for the support and questions, they're now ALL answered :) If you still have one comment and I'll reply shortly.

I'm a 14 year old student at a UK University studying for BSc (Hons) Computer Science. I've already done a Diploma of Higher Education and my GCSE's which is how I left school so early. AMA!

Mods have seen proof and will comment shortly, will answer all questions! (Edit: Mod has verified in the comments!)

Will start answering at about 15:15 Eastern Time (I'm UK but using eastern as it seems to be the standard here)


Edit 2: Thanks for the overwhelming support! I'm going to sleep now but I'll be up to answer all the questions I get in the morning. Will also progressively work through anymore during the day. Thank you guys again so much <3!!! Edit: Keeping up so far, anyone who asks a question before 10PM Eastern Time will get a guaranteed reply, but if I'm sleeping it may be tomorrow.

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KoalainaComa61 karma

Got laid yet?

hiilikecats60 karma

Nope :c kinda illegal and wouldn't wanna put anyone in a position where technically they're a paedophile so I'm waiting till I'm 16.

KoalainaComa28 karma

just asking the important questions..

hiilikecats25 karma

hehe I don't blame you! one day though... I hope.

All the girls be like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43GChXc6RVY

dlman6 karma

Went to uni at your age in the States. I regret not trying to date high school girls then. Enjoy

hiilikecats4 karma

how did it work out for you?

Uncle_Creepy1233 karma

He's telling a lie.

hiilikecats5 karma

Oh. Didn't want to come as an asshole so didn't assume anyone was lying.

anxiousalpaca2 karma

it's the Internet so everyone is lying, including you. but good job on going to university at 14


hiilikecats3 karma

Ahahaha I know but thank you c:

JaiOhBe48 karma


hiilikecats97 karma

"What is this 14 year old smart ass doing on reddit and how can I try to be funny?"

Haha just joking. Wasn't born with psychic powers I'm afraid :C

JaiOhBe45 karma

...Pretty much on the nose actually...LOUSY SMART ASS.

hiilikecats8 karma

Yeah smart asses making you look stupider than George Bush.


dangeurs7 karma

There are only two types of people in the world: Smart asses and dumb asses. Be proud OP

hiilikecats3 karma

Thanks mate! I am.

kittens_in_mittens_19 karma


hiilikecats28 karma

One of my favorite questions so far. I've thought about this a lot before I decided to leave school and honestly I'm already socially developed enough (most of my friends are about 17-19) to fit in and I'd rather have "my own experience".

Worth it for me, but it was a concern.

kittens_in_mittens_11 karma


hiilikecats16 karma

Haha, I'm liking the Student Union bar and the fact I'm legally allowed in so I will :) Thanks!

bananastand199117 karma

How did you manage to get it sorted so that you left school early to begin university? Do you live in at university or are you close enough that you can travel in? Also, when do you expect to graduate?

hiilikecats21 karma

I contacted the course leader for my program (he's really nice, really motivated and cares about the course; wouldn't be in without his support) and he said as I had the qualifications as long as child protection issues were met I'd have no issue joining.

I live about 7.5 miles from my Uni and there's good public transport where I live so I commute; you have to be 16 to move out in the UK.

I'm doing a placement year, so 2017 :)

Swagosaurus_YoloSwag23 karma

A guy one year younger than me will graduate college when I graduate high school. You're making us look bad, dude.

hiilikecats5 karma

Guessing that's why it's 72% upvote lmao

bananastand19914 karma

Thats awesome! I'm in the UK as well, so understand about the not being able to move out, but I wasn't sure if they had anything special set up at your university. Good luck with your degree!

hiilikecats5 karma

I'm the youngest person there so no they don't. I hear they don't get many 14 year olds :C

AfonsoFGarcia16 karma

How do you feel when everyone around you is older than you?

hiilikecats51 karma

Not actually that strange. A lot of my friends are about 18-19 anyway so I'm getting on with people pretty well. I'm also 6ft 2 and am quite built so I do just fit in, not actually told anyone my age yet. hehe

alekzander0124 karma

Tall, smart, and built

Ah shit, now am jelly.

hiilikecats17 karma

I'm a bit of an ass IRL. I'm not some perfect human :C

Smusheen29 karma

and modest...... motherfucker

hiilikecats13 karma

Fucking 14 year olds being better people. #KillAll14YearOlds

MajorEpicTaco6 karma

It's the result of being humorous and intelligent. I believe it's referred to as being "a smart ass".

hiilikecats3 karma

Haha, thanks you. Nah I mean in other ways. I'm pretty awkward.

AfonsoFGarcia16 karma

Yeah, I guess that helps. I'm 22 and I'm 5ft 8, so I'm usually the small guy. Not telling your age seems like a good idea, it should avoid some comments.

hiilikecats9 karma

Hehe, one of my mates is pretty short too lol. Gonna try and keep it this way for as long as I can.

AfonsoFGarcia6 karma

I hope you have a great time! It may sound a little cliché but the fact is that college is a time of discovery of the self.

hiilikecats6 karma

Thank you! I hope I will develop as a person as I am a bit dull sometimes c:

_TheBlackGuy13 karma

Soooooo can you help me with my homework?

hiilikecats13 karma

Uh. Sure, send me a message? :)

_TheBlackGuy15 karma

Really? I was kidding but damn

hiilikecats18 karma

Figured but might as well if you need the help lol.

mighty_bitch9 karma

How do your peers react when they get to know your age?

hiilikecats13 karma

Honestly, pretty positive. No issues so far (only about 3 know my age) and the 3 that do don't seem to care - we get on great regardless. I don't think anyone seems to care, which is what I want.

mighty_bitch6 karma

That's nice! All the best for your future...will keep an eye out for genius 14year old :)

hiilikecats23 karma

I'll probably be 16 by the time I'm running the world ;)

MrEdweenie9 karma

So young and dedicated.. What does it take to do what you do and actually finish school way before you're time? Was it family traits or just very long dedicated hours of work?

hiilikecats25 karma

Hehe thank you! When I was 11 I was little bit nerdy so I was like "this primary school is boring i wanna go university". So without my parents knowledge I sent off a letter to the OU. They looked through my CV and asked me to do an interview. 20 minutes later I get a call telling me I'm approved for a taster on my course.

Eventually I'm in Year 9 of High School (you start when you're 13 for Americans) and I'm getting bored at school; little lonely and pretty easy. So I send off a letter to the course letter and it starts from there.

Family traits I'd say no, my Mum's family comes from a working class Scottish family and my Dad's, I'm not too sure but he's very bright and gave me a big boost. He taught me to program when I was 5/6 and I picked up on my own from there.

Dedicated hours of work... I'm not sure. I do what I like doing so it doesn't seem it to me.


I'm a Freshmen in American High School and started at 15. I'm guessing it varies greatly from state to state. I know, for example, that Illinois starts school really early.

hiilikecats3 karma

Ahh hmm

Over here we do more than one leaving certificate, you do GED's right?

maikerusan1238 karma

How does your mind work as far as coding goes? I went through university studying for computer science but at the "standard age" I suppose you would call it. I can't spit out code left and right but I can grasp concepts pretty easily and translate from there. Are you wired simililary or can you just crank out code like it's nothing?

hiilikecats12 karma

I can just sit down and write code to be honest, have to keep a documentation window open for any queries but I suppose the problem solving abilities you need to program I've got.

If you're struggling to think of how to write code, just think what's the logical way to do this if you've got no instinct. Sorry for the poor advice but that's all I can come up with c:

maikerusan1233 karma

Not a problem haha. I'm just always curious to see how people kind of lay out the desing process in their head. I appreciate the response though and an early congratulations on your degree mate. Cheers!

hiilikecats3 karma

Haha thank you. I can sort of think the order through in my head, whether it's natural or an acquired skill I'm not sure.

toronado6 karma

So, you'll have graduated by the time you're legally allowed to drink? Do you live at home or in halls? How do you deal with the social side of university?

Kudos to you for getting where you are so young!

hiilikecats9 karma

Thank you c: !

Yes, but tbh alcohol doesn't interest me anyway. I've tried it on holiday and with me it just gives me the "uhhhh where am i going" effect which I don't really like.

I live at home and I'm getting on fine socially, signed up for a few societies and I'm getting on with everyone on my course.

iJuka6 karma

Who pays for your uni?

hiilikecats13 karma

The government! I had to sort it all out myself though :C

The student loan people require a national insurance number which you don't get till your 16 and you can't get a loan till your 18 so after hours of shouting I have to "ratify" the loan which means I promise to sign the credit agreement once I'm 18.

iJuka5 karma

What uni do you go to its not too personal?

hiilikecats9 karma

Salford Uni :) Up north.

AurthurDent5 karma

Hey I'm at Manchester fancy a pint?...On second thoughts maybe not.

hiilikecats6 karma

Hahaha. Stranger Danger :)

yaddah_logo6 karma

At what points in your education did you skip years?

hiilikecats13 karma

Well I completed Primary school, skipped Year 10, Year 11 and Sixth Form/College to jump straight to University.

In America I think this is equivalent to leaving during early middle school and going straight to what you call "college" ?

yaddah_logo6 karma

I'm from the UK, in what years did you do your GCSEs and A Levels (if you did)?

hiilikecats6 karma

GCSE's in January to meet the entry requirements of the course, did no A Levels, started at the Open University when I was 11.

_Leg014 karma

Man do your OWLs and NEWTs and then get back to me.

hiilikecats3 karma

Legit ashamed at myself I got that reference.

EricTheWeirdo7 karma

TIL you can get into a university with just GCSEs.

hiilikecats5 karma

And a Diploma of Higher Education.

EricTheWeirdo5 karma

Well shit, why the hell did I bother with A levels?

hiilikecats6 karma

Cuz they're free?

EricTheWeirdo5 karma

A free waste of two years apparently.

hiilikecats8 karma


PixelLight2 karma

You sound lucky. Not everyone gets the support you seem to have got. I didn't. I'm a decade older than you though. From the UK too so I'm familiar with the system.

hiilikecats3 karma

I paid for the Open University myself with savings and by selling a few things. My Dad paid for 1 of the modules. I took no government support for either the Open Uni or GCSE. I paid for my GCSE's (took in January) with money I'd earned freelancing.

Incenetum5 karma

Favorite porn star?

hiilikecats10 karma

Pretty sure it's self incriminating if I answered this question so I'll have to pass sorry lol.

But SWIM likes the ones with the big boobies.

Incenetum6 karma

Yeah, I'm sure SWIM does like them ;)

hiilikecats8 karma


go back to bluelight.

hiilikecats7 karma

Shit! Delete this man, I'm trying to keep my identity secret!

coffeeINJECTION5 karma

Careful NPH might have to come beat your ass for trying to take his part. Next thing we know, there's this kid hosting the Oscars.

hiilikecats3 karma


Xanthilamide4 karma

Do you feel proud of yourself? Your parents certainly are proud of you.

hiilikecats26 karma

Hate to say it but no. I guess it's bragging rights but personally I don't feel I've done anything special. I'm not the smartest person in the world. Keeping at it and being persistent is what it is, thinking outside the box.

I'm pretty sure about 5% of my year could have left school at the current level to study something at University level.

Incenetum10 karma

People don't want only work; honestly, of the people you say could move on (assuming regular school here), they'd try to balance a social life, even more school, etc. which would drive anyone bonkers. Also, study "something" at a uni level is less impressive based on exactly what they're studying; arts such as acting or painting come more naturally from what I've found, while you still need to grind out problems if you're a math whiz, albeit less of them.

hiilikecats8 karma

Uh idk, I think a lot of people wouldn't like it but would be fine on a course.

I don't "constantly" computer, I go out a lot with friends and produce music and (try) to draw as pastime.

Incenetum5 karma

You just wrote my life except for I'm only in high school, lazy as fuck, and produce vidya over music •-•

hiilikecats9 karma

Ask another question and I'll compare you to Phil Fish.

Incenetum3 karma

I'll be editing my posts now lol

But seriously, interesting insight on your thoughts on the USA, EU Uni life, etc. Hope you do well in... Whatever the fuck you want to do post Uni.

hiilikecats5 karma

Thank u monsieur poisson. Good luck with your indie game movie.

Incenetum3 karma

Fuck you bitch, Fez is perfect and my partner is a douchebag.

hiilikecats8 karma

Ill have u kno bitch is an offensive term and I have already reported u to anita saarkesian. Rekt m8

tinylunatic4 karma

What are your thoughts on Wikileaks and Julian Assange?

hiilikecats4 karma

Always despised the United States government for their low ethics and trying to act as the "world police". Just another reason for me to be angry at them. Julian Assange, hmm, I don't like him as a person and how he acts with press but I appreciate his work.

As long as the "US V.I.S.I.T" program remains in place, I will never voluntarily visit the US. Don't want the world police building a file on me. I personally feel it's a human rights violation.

thaway3141562 karma

At this point I think there's already a file on everyone, they just record everything, and when they need it they'd collect the info from their computers.

Especially the GCHQ does capture everything that goes into the UK.

hiilikecats1 karma

They don't have my fingerprints or a mugshot though.

That's what makes me mad, treating innocent people like criminals and giving no disclosure on what the data is used for.

tinylunatic1 karma

Upvote for you.

hiilikecats4 karma

Thank you Mr. Small Moon c;

tinylunatic2 karma


hiilikecats2 karma

Tiny Lunatic? haha idk trying to be funny.

tinylunatic2 karma

Gotcha, that's kinda clever.

hiilikecats3 karma

Not really you didn't get it :c

mannersmanning3 karma

How do your index (pointer) and ring finger compare on each hand in terms of relative height and size?

2d:4d digit ratio some people call it

hiilikecats3 karma

No idea but here's a picture: http://i.imgur.com/5kx6rcX.jpg

Out of interest, what can you tell from that?

Quote_Poop11 karma

Assuming that since you are 6'2", you've probably hit puberty.

Digit ratio is based off the amount of testosterone and the amount of estrogen you were exposed to in the uterus. Most men have a longer ring finger, and most women have a longer index finger. Men with longer ring fingers tend to be better at math, and usually think very logically, and are generally very masculine. They tend to have masculine facial structure, have increased chances to have ADHD, and are are more aggressive, and assertive. Penis length is also said to be increased with a low digit ratio.

Men with longer index fingers tend to be much more feminine. They are more likely to be obese, have lower sperm counts, increases risks for anxiety, schizophrenia, and homosexuality (homosexuality is disputed, though). They also tend to score higher on exams, have reduced risks for prostate cancer, and tend to be more passive. Although there is no proof, I wouldn't be surprised if high digit ratio increased aptitude in art and grammar/reading (I have no idea what people in the UK call English class).

Seeing as you have a longer ring finger, it would explain why you have an easier time with logical thinking in computer programming. It also explains a little on why you go to university at 14; you're a do-er. You worked hard and persisted until you were allowed to get loans and attend college.

Of course, it really doesn't have anything to do with how smart you are. It just explains what you tend to be good at.

hiilikecats5 karma

Wow, TIL about fingers and hormones! Thanks for the explanation man.

Incenetum4 karma

One thing you can tell is the level of testosterone found in the body; one problem with this is the fact that you may or may not be pre-pubescent, meaning that shit's asinine.

hiilikecats6 karma

Well I guess either I'm post-pubescent or I'm going to have a pretty big dick when I'm older :s

Won't be posting a picture of that, of course. :)

naukema108 karma


hiilikecats7 karma

Sorry but you tell me a 14 year old who doesn't make dick jokes? c;

Incenetum3 karma

What is your favorite kind of cat? Do you play any vidya? Thoughts on the infamous hacker known only as "4Chan"?

hiilikecats4 karma

Maine coon or gtfo. Sphynxlair is a pretty cool breed, my friend has one!

I play osu! and occasionally a bit of LoL but I'm pretty shit at LoL and it gets boring quickly.


Incenetum2 karma

But if no 4Chan, how would we get such things as Anon Works IT or Anon has a hot teacher?!/s

hiilikecats5 karma

I think you've asked enough questions.

Brb checking 9GAG. Lelelelelelelelelelelele.

MConnor983 karma

Damn well done mate! I'm 16 and just started my AS Levels, how did the uni let you in with no A Levels/B-Tech Diploma? Most I've seen require them or a certain number of UCAS points

hiilikecats3 karma

Thanks boss! I have a Diploma of Higher Education from the OU, that's lotta UCAS points.

MConnor984 karma

Oh shit that's awesome! What's it in? How did you do OU at 14?

hiilikecats3 karma

Computer Science. Read below I started OU when I was 11 c:

MConnor982 karma

Fuck me you must be smart haha! What's Salford Uni like? I was looking at it for when I go to Uni (by that time you'll have your degree, it's crazy to think about)

hiilikecats2 karma

Great! I don't like the area but the course leader for Computer Science is brilliant. One of the nicest, most enthusiastic guys I've ever met. Loves what he does, and takes pride in his teaching. Also helped me a LOT to get in; couldn't do it without him. The course is up to date also.

MConnor982 karma

Sounds good. I have another question(s) if it's OK with you. Did you do your OU diploma over the 2 years full time, if so how did you fit it in with school? And how did you pay for it?

hiilikecats2 karma

Part time. Ngl I didn't read most of the material just jumped straight to the assessments. Learned from that for my current course now.

I had to sell a few things to pay for it and my dad paid for one of the modules.

MConnor982 karma

Cool, you should be proud. Well done and good luck in the future.

I'll buy you a pint if I end up going Salford :P

hiilikecats2 karma

Thanks boss. If I'm still there :)

JonseyMcFly3 karma

What's your IQ?

hiilikecats6 karma

Answered before, I haven't done a test nor do I want to. Probably pretty low.

xSabre3 karma

How many hours do you spend on Reddit?

hiilikecats8 karma

This is a new account for anonymity. I don't really use reddit, only imgur. Funny cat gifs keep me going man

xSabre3 karma

Oh, well how many hours on imgur? :^)

hiilikecats6 karma

Too many. A few hours a day minimum

reticulated_python2 karma

Hey, I don't know if this has been asked yet, but when do you turn 15? It was really cool to read your AMA--I'm in my first year of uni in Canada and I just turned 16 a couple weeks ago.

Anyways, I mainly just wanted to say hi, because it's so cool knowing that there's someone else in a similar situation to me. Do you or did you in the past ever have issues socializing or pursuing romantic interests?

hiilikecats2 karma

Cheers :) Not really, my last ex was a PSYCHO tho but she was from my school. I'm getting on great at Salford and it's really working out for me. Romantically, it's illegal so I guess I'll have to wait.

I'm 15 in a few months.

hiilikecats2 karma

Good luck with your course too btw!!

MatthewBetts2 karma

How are you finding the course so far? I'm doing the same course right now and would like to hear your thoughts on it. Also, what do the rest of the Comp Science students think of having a 14 year old in the class?

hiilikecats10 karma

Pretty slow moving and easy. but I'm just on Week 4. Hoping it'll be more of a challenge next semester.

They don't know. Hehehehe.

jadzia_2 karma

What would you say to someone who dropped out of college (not willingly) but wanted to try a course with the open university? I got curious from one of your other replies and I'm interested in the Diploma of HE for Computing & IT. I want to learn to do a bit of programming but slow at taking in information. Is there any help available if you get stuck with your work?

hiilikecats3 karma

You get a tutor who is actually very helpful and you get their phone number. For some modules you goto IRL tutorials and workshops which are very helpful, however the first year module is VERY basic.

You might be better getting a certificate and using that as entry to a proper uni.

jadzia_2 karma

Very basic might be good for me haha, I have learning difficulties (not severe though). The certificate sounds a good idea, I know I'd get a lot of support at university and learning from home right now would be good for me as there are no colleges nearby/night classes I can take and currently I only have GCSE's and a few AS levels that are poor.

Thanks so much for your reply -^ gives me some hope

hiilikecats3 karma

No problem - i have motor issues but I still get A's on Hard osu! levels :)

Dashx_2 karma


hiilikecats3 karma

I pick up new ones pretty quickly but atm my main weapons of choice are Ruby, C# and PHP. Each for their own respective thing of course.

I can do Java, C, and a few others but not big fans.

iwantmymoneynow3 karma

Primary doing web development?

hiilikecats3 karma

Yeah, but I have a strong interest in games; hence the C#

coffeeINJECTION1 karma

I see what you did there SIS guy, and here I was thinking you'd be all sweet and stuff. . .

hiilikecats1 karma

Sorry, SIS?

coffeeINJECTION1 karma

formerly known as MI6

hiilikecats1 karma


jumpup2 karma

what will you do if you fail?

hiilikecats4 karma

Go back to my old school. The idea is I don't though from what I can tell, hehe.

I already have enough qualifications to leave school at 16 so if I'm 16 and I fail, idk. Live with regret for wasting an opportunity.

jumpup2 karma

ye, but its always good to have a backup plan, also are you doing it because you can or do you really want to?

hiilikecats4 karma

I've done the first 2 years of a University course before so I'm confident I'll be fine. I'm doing it because I want to get a head start in my career. Could have a PHD before people my age finish their Bachelors.

jumpup5 karma

just remember to smell the roses, your 14-18 for only a little while, your part of the working population for most of your life.

(being aware of what benefits the current you has as opposed to others you deem your equals is one of the keys to a happy life, just remember to pick your equals with care)

hiilikecats3 karma

Thanks for the advice! I'm on my fourth week so I've got a bit to go before I start thinking deep ~u~

vonnegut822 karma

Well, since you're moving ahead quite quickly I'm going to ask my most hated question (and one you may come across when you start applying for jobs after graduation - by the way, I assume you're graduating in the next few days?). So, where do you see yourself in the next five and ten years?

Career questions aside, how do you feel about kids of your own age? Do you relate well to them?


hiilikecats5 karma

5 years, either doing a PhD or trying to run a startup that makes money and doesn't get eaten by VC. 10 years, in a secure job or running a successful business whilst studying art or music in part time.

I have some friends my age but not a lot. I don't relate to most and was a bit of an outcast at school. Get on with older people better to be frank.

vonnegut822 karma

Get on with older people better to be frank.

Glad you found yourself in a place where you don't feel so outcast. I know what it's like from my school days, although not perhaps so much with the being smarter than the average, just being more tanned than the average - didn't find a group of people I could fit in with until I reached university. Good luck with the future.

hiilikecats2 karma

Thank you! When you get to your "highest level" of education you realise who your real friends are: for me that's the mates that stay in contact from school and the ones who don't care about my age :)

GuruMeditationError2 karma


hynekfencl2 karma

Do you know about any other person that is as ahead as you are? If so, are you in touch with each other? Do you get along well? Since you obviously usually only meet people that are not like you, what is it like for you to meet someone similar?

hiilikecats3 karma

Nope. From what I can tell, all the other young kids at Uni were pushed by their parents and had private tutoring for it.

I wasn't. I chose this, and that's the only thing of it I'm proud of myself for.

Freelance_JIDF_Shill2 karma

Does knowledge come "naturally" to you, or do you simply study harder than other people?

For example, when your teacher in elementary school explained a concept, did you simply "get it" from the beginning or did you go and study your ass off to learn?

hiilikecats5 karma

I just picked stuff up. I said before I'm pretty lazy. Just a really good natural learner. I'm not even that smart, I just think out the box.

Codename132 karma

When did you begin high school?

hiilikecats5 karma

At the normal age, 11/12? Can't remember.

wegeeMan2 karma

Do you play any sports? I know my rugby club could do with a 6"2 14 year old! Anyways thanks for the AmA.

hiilikecats4 karma

No problem! I don't play sports but I just got a gym membership as I want to improve my CV and gain some muscle. I'm good at rugby but don't enjoy it as a sport.

wegeeMan2 karma

Awesome! Glad to hear your staying fit even if you aren't playing rugby. I wish you the best in your endeavors as a gym goer! Hahaha cheers bro.

hiilikecats2 karma

Cheers dude! You too with your rugby team c:

fateposiden2 karma

so because your mates don't know how old you are, how do explain that you cant drive?

hiilikecats4 karma

A lot of my friends don't drive anyway. I'm not lying, just not going all proud with it.

Meantub2 karma

Being a 15 year old in high school, do you have any tips for anybody like me? (P.S I'm also a very nerdy kid)

hiilikecats10 karma

Fuck the other kids, and when you're older pity them in your success.

TurnsBeerIntoWater5 karma

Fuck the other kids

But not literally.

That would be illegal.

hiilikecats2 karma

it is in Belgium!

MaGNeTiX2 karma

I'm 25 and I've just signed up to do a BSc (Hons) Computing and IT (specialising in Mobile communications and technologies). What's the best advice you could give to someone just about to start?

hiilikecats8 karma

Study hard, don't take anything as "beginners stuff" - there IS always something you will have missed!

Keep up to date, the Computing field is ever changing.

MaGNeTiX2 karma

Thanks :)

I feel I should give you something back for when you're older and start work. Best advice I ever got given in a work environment:

"Even if you think no one notices you, the people in charge will always notice. It's up to you if its for the right reasons."

Obviously if you start a company then this may be pointless advice :p

Best of luck in your endeavours though :)

hiilikecats1 karma

Thanks for the advice. I want to start my own company but it's good to have my plans open!

mangoleon12 karma

Do you work out?

hiilikecats3 karma

Yeah, got a gym membership. Working on my CV and Muscle to be precise.

kri52 karma

No offence to Salford uni, but did you consider putting off uni for a couple of years in order to go to a higher-ranked/challenging uni? E.g. Oxbridge etc.

hiilikecats4 karma

Nope. I like Salford because of how practical they make the course. Didn't bother with Manchester because there's no practical side to it and it's all theory. Computer Science is a practical subject.

Dynamo12xr42 karma

A bit late but are you in halls? or student accommodation, or are you still at home? If in accommodation how are you coping.

hiilikecats3 karma

Staying at home as I'm too young for halls.

William1991 karma

Have you got pranked yet? :P

hiilikecats1 karma

No! Should I be worried? D:

Diasparo1 karma

Happen to be at University of Nottingham? Already found one Compsci Redditor through reddit and five outside.

hiilikecats1 karma

Uni of Salford :) Heard the Nottingham course is great tho!

homeschooldancing1 karma

Thats awesome! I wanted to ask, do you feel out of place in college with no one being the same age? I did most of my college classes online when I was 14 so I didnt get much interaction. Are you treated differently? I also wanted to say being someone who finished my college at the same time as my highschool (I know what you are doing is much more advanced) I just wanted to congratulate you. It certainly isnt easy, but it really does pay off, even doing something simple as I did has helped me get a really well paying job for now and lots of scholarships to go to colleges for free. Business and schools love seeing that commitment. Basically just wanted to say that that is awesome you are doing that and I wish you the best of luck, trust me its going to help a ton in the long run!

hiilikecats1 karma

Thank you thank you! :)

I don't feel out of place because no one knows I'm 14 and I'm treated equally. It's working out great so far.

[deleted]1 karma


hiilikecats1 karma

I've played it by ear so far and it's working out great.

I've put a few times my process so have a quick skim through the comments for that :)

[deleted]1 karma


hiilikecats3 karma

Also I'm really, REALLY, really lazy. I don't spend -too- much time studying but I like to read up what interests me c;

hiilikecats2 karma

Not at all, there's about 30 people I speak to on a weekly basis and about 10 on a daily.

No regrets. I feel like I've missed nothing :)

aurora18821 karma

How involved in Freshers were you?

hiilikecats2 karma

I didn't go to any of the nights out (age limits) but did stay around campus and talk to a few people!

jlove7121 karma

Do you drink, smoke, party?

hiilikecats3 karma

No drink, no smoke, party... maybe c: from time to time I guess

bigusdiccus1 karma

Do you play runescape?

hiilikecats3 karma

Nope. Never have either.

hiilikecats2 karma

Nope. Never have either.