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If you're good at something, never do it for free.

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Know why Taiwan’s medical staff packed up and left during SARS? They saw the writing on the wall and everyone was not prepared and they didn’t sign a suicide pact. This time they are the MOST prepared and have the fewest deaths. Sometimes you gotta say fuck the bosses. Sorry the vast majority of the population has to suffer. At the time I was very much against their actions but if you cover up for management fuck ups they will think they’re doing just fine and their actions are acceptable.

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Though it is a non-violent crime and it was done to help save your life, do you feel that some penalty must be paid for your father's actions? I mean not 3 life sentences but maybe 10 years?

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Y U no love dogecoin no more?

     Much Hurt  

Such sad

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Hi Mr. Ventura, a lot of former pro wrestlers from your time have passed away quite early. Do you feel that it was directly a result of the lifestyle of pro wrestling?