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"What is this 14 year old smart ass doing on reddit and how can I try to be funny?"

Haha just joking. Wasn't born with psychic powers I'm afraid :C

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Nope :c kinda illegal and wouldn't wanna put anyone in a position where technically they're a paedophile so I'm waiting till I'm 16.

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Not actually that strange. A lot of my friends are about 18-19 anyway so I'm getting on with people pretty well. I'm also 6ft 2 and am quite built so I do just fit in, not actually told anyone my age yet. hehe

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Was thinking of doing ice defrosting. I'd start it by getting it until moisture shows up, then do 2 more episodic parts where it melts a little more, then never make a game like it again.

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I was very tempted to and it would've definitely gotten a much bigger response but I wanted to remain responsible and not piss Valve off too much. I think Watch paint dry was so close to being a real Steam game in line with some of the other joke Greenlight games that a lot of people thought it was genuine! :p