Hi, I'm Cary Elwes and you might know me from The Princess Bride, Saw, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and Twister...

My new book is called As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride is available for pre-order online now.

You can also find me on various forms of social media through my WhoSay page here: http://www.whosay.com/caryelwes

Victoria is assisting me this evening. AMAA.

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Edit Thank you for participating in my reddit ask me anything. I enjoyed answering your questions, and hope my answers were to your satisfaction. Please go out and buy my book, I promise you you'll enjoy it. And maybe I'll be coming to a city near you as part of my book tour. As you wish.

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GrandMasterT1316 karma

Did Kevin Costner ever say anything about you being the better Robin Hood, because you can speak with an English accent?

Cary_Elwes1554 karma

When I met him, he was very funny about it. He said "I know you."

judomonkeykyle1032 karma

In the poison drinking scene in "Princess Bride" what was actually in the cup that you drank?

Cary_Elwes1997 karma

Grape juice. It was just regular grape juice.

peepjynx937 karma

Mr. Elwes, did you ever find out the truth behind the character Pierre Despereaux from Psych? Was he really a con artist?

Also have you ever said, "As you wish," to your wife?

And what was it like working with Mel Brooks?

Cary_Elwes1242 karma

That's for me to know and for you to find out.

Of course.


YasielPuigz905 karma

Hi Cary, please share, were you ever able to figure out how to do the CLAW correctly?

Cary_Elwes1176 karma

I'm still having trouble with it today.

flipfirstdash896 karma

Mr. Elwes, you were my sexual awakening as a teenage girl watching Men In Tights. And The Princess Bride. Oh heavens I loved everything you were in. Was it hard to keep a straight face during filming Men In Tights? Any wonderful stories from the set?

Cary_Elwes1269 karma

It was very hard to keep a straight face during filming. Dave Chappelle and I became very good friends, and he just delighted us all. I was just so grateful to Mel Brooks, whom I had admired for so long. My favorite moment, I should say, there were two: one was kung fu with Dave Chappelle, and the other was getting to work with Dom Deluise and Isaac Hayes. I got to work with Isaac Hayes! It was really all Mel, he's a genius, you know?

nfriel799 karma

Are you, in fact, the most dashing man who has ever lived?

Cary_Elwes1057 karma


I don't know how to answer that. But thank you.

firemoo708 karma

Hi Mr. Elwes, I have two questions for you.
1. I've heard your name pronounced a number of different ways, sometimes one syllable and sometimes two. What is something that the correct pronunciation rhymes with?
2. I have loved a great number of your works, but was especially excited to see you on Psych. Was there anything that stood out to you in that experience as unique to that particular show, versus other shows or movies you've worked on?
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Cary_Elwes1146 karma

Elvis, but with a W.

In every episode as Despereaux, I got to do fun things, like scale a skyscraper, drive a high-powered speedboat, fly a plane, etcetera. Loads of fun things to do. We just laughed everyday.

dragonfly1993678 karma

what question do you want to ask reddit?

Cary_Elwes1092 karma

What is your favorite thing you've seen me in?

dragonfly1993625 karma

craziest fan story ?

Cary_Elwes1852 karma

I met a fan once who had "As you wish" tattooed on the back of her neck... she wanted me to autograph it so she could have my signature added too. Initially I hesitated but her mother insisted.

monkeyboy8me624 karma

Cary Love your movies Robin HoodMen In tights , The Crush , Saw and my favortie The Princess Bride! Can you tells us more about Andre The Giant and how much he could drink and what? Thanks Ps the claw is coming to get you!

Cary_Elwes1749 karma

Andre could drink more than anyone I've ever met. And the reason he drank so much was because he was in a lot of pain from back injuries. But he never complained. He always had a smile on his face. And so went drinking with him one night in NY, and all I did all night was sip a beer, and he thought it was quite amusing. He could drink 103 beers in one sitting. One sitting. And not pass out or anything, or even tipsy!

It was like Bill Goldman said: it's like the Pentagon. No matter how big people tell you it's going to be, it's always bigger when you're in front of it. He was like the Eighth Wonder of the World. He was one of the sweetest people I'd ever met.

monkeyboy8me367 karma

Thanks for the reply . Do you still think ROUS don't exist ? That was a great fight scene . I bet the guy in the suit wasn't to happy getting punched lol.

Cary_Elwes605 karma

Yes, he had pounds of latex over him so he couldn't feel it.

judomonkeykyle597 karma

If you were asked to return as Robin Hood in Robin Hood 2: Men in Slacks (Working Title), would you reprise the role? But seriously, there needs to be a sequel!

Cary_Elwes829 karma

You must send all of your inquiries care of Mel Brooks' office.

dragonfly1993575 karma

Any good Billy Crystal stories?

Cary_Elwes1461 karma

Billy Crystal's medieval Yiddish standup caused Rob Reiner and myself to be banished from the set, and Mandy Patinkin to bruise a rib from laughing.

DornishWhine569 karma

What was it like working on the original Saw movie, and seeing such a low-budget production go on to become such an incredibly profitable franchise over the years? Did you and the others involved feel like it would be a success? Thanks for doing this!

Cary_Elwes1008 karma

Thank you!

No, we didn't now it at all. We shot it in 18 days, for a budget of $1 million dollars, and it made $100 million dollars on its opening weekend. We were obviously very happy.

ezzerlr554 karma


Cary_Elwes1218 karma

No, no I don't. I'm sure you do though.

judomonkeykyle513 karma

If you were to appear on Comedy Central's Drunk History, what historical person would you talk about?

Cary_Elwes922 karma

Would it be American History or English History?

I think Sir Walter Raleigh.

DogsaIive450 karma

Does Wallace Shawn's voice really sound like that?

Cary_Elwes591 karma


judomonkeykyle428 karma

Any funny stories from the set of Liar Liar you care to talk about?

Cary_Elwes853 karma

I remember we were all very impressed with Jim Carrey actually smashing his head on the concrete bathroom floor when he was beating himself up...

Lot of funny outtakes with Jim ad-libbing.

DPNovitzky407 karma

Mr. Elwes, thanks for doing an ama! I remember your work from the Studio Ghibli Film, The Cat Returns. How did you enjoy doing voice work versus on screen acting?

Cary_Elwes618 karma

Less hair and make-up involved. I really enjoy doing voiceover work.

prettylittlehen401 karma

Hello Cary, One of the best episodes of "Seinfeld" included you and Debra Messing as guest stars. Will you share a little information about how you came to star in that episode or a story or two about working with the cast? Thanks!

Cary_Elwes1030 karma

Yes. It was such a thrill to get that call because it was one of my favorite shows, and it still is. And to see all these wonderful actors in their characters, just was really a thrill for me. I couldn't believe i was working on that show, I couldn't believe i got the call, that I was actually shooting it. It was the first time I did a sitcom, so I was a little nervous, but they all made me feel very welcome. All the characters they played reminded me very much of the 4 characters of the Wizard of Oz, you know? Because you had Jerry, who was basically the Tin Man - he had no heart. You had George, who was the Cowardly Lion, and Kramer was the Scarecrow, because he had no brain, and Elaine was Dorothy, because she was lost. I didn't come up with that, it was Annie Liebovitz, but I remember when that photograph came out, I thought the same thing when I was on the set watching the four of them.

bartekbugajski88393 karma

Hey Cary!

Just wanted to share my story how I got to meet you in my hometown Kraków in Poland while you were filming the John Paul II movie there back in 2004. Thank you for an autograph and taking the photo with me HERE. I grew up watching Men In Tights on a repeat and to meet you was definitely one of the coolest and most surreal experiences of my life therefore thanks a milion for being so nice. I told you back then I loved when you did "Liar, Liar" with Jim Carrey and...

...My question is if you're ever planning to work with Jim again? Don't wanna sound stalker-ish but few years ago I saw on his Twitter that you guys were still hanging out.

BTW Very much looking forward to "A Bit of Bad Luck"! Stay cool, you're awesome.

Cary_Elwes416 karma

Thank you for your kind words, I really enjoyed Krakow and enjoyed meeting you.

I would love to work with Jim again, if we could find the right project together.

paronomasiac386 karma

I already plan to, but let's pretend that isn't true: why should I buy your book?

Cary_Elwes817 karma

You should buy my book because there are tales in there that you never knew of about the making of The Princess Bride that will make you see the film in a whole new light - in a good way.

Aznb01p365 karma

How does it feel to be a Robin Hood that can actually speak in an English accent?

Cary_Elwes764 karma

It felt like being a Robin Hood that could speak with an English accent!

ThouShaltMakeItClap356 karma

What is your opinion on the existence of R.O.U.S.'s?

Cary_Elwes1197 karma

I could spot 'em from a mile away! There's plenty in Hollywood.

Tigerzebra256 karma

What was the best part about "Hot Shots?"

Cary_Elwes784 karma

Sneaking a goat into Charlie Sheen's trailer and filming his reaction.

courtiebabe420209 karma


Cary_Elwes502 karma

Because it was the movie that changed my life. And gave me the career I have today. It was my first big Hollywood movie. And because... I laughed every day on set. People ask me "was it as much fun to make as it looks?" and I say "It was more fun." It was a fairytale come true.

GrandMasterT205 karma

Is there a particular funny story about working with Mel Brooks?

Cary_Elwes556 karma

Yes. He told me, before lunch, that he wanted me to fire a bull's eye during the Archery scene, and told me I had all of lunch to practice.

Half an hour later, we get back from lunch, and I'd only gotten one bull's eye during practice. When the camera started to roll, I got one on the fifth take. And you can still see the shock on my face in the scene.

TheTricksterServal204 karma

Do you have any memorable moments with fans? If so, what made the experience memorable?

Cary_Elwes762 karma

I always like meeting my fans. I never get tired of it. I once met a fan who said "Wait a minute - don't tell me" and I said "Cary Elwes" and they said "No, that's not it." and I said "Yes it is" and they said "No, no it's not." and this went on for a good 5 minutes... so they really had mistaken me for someone else.

Sanlear190 karma

Is there any particular movie or TV genre that you haven't done yet but would like to?

Cary_Elwes398 karma

A Western.

Casey234184 karma

Shadow of the Vampire was an underrated gem, it was almost a love love letter the silent movie era, can you tell us anything interesting about working on that? Any stories about the cast?

You also voiced The Baron in the English dubs of Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns, was doing voice work challenging?

Cary_Elwes246 karma

Yes, that was a delight, and I loved working with a number of actors i admire, including John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe, who had to spend 5 hours in the makeup chair, poor fellows. And Eddie Izzard who is one of my favourite comedians. We filmed it in Luxembourg, a very small country in Europe that contains some of the largest gold deposits in the world.

No, doing voice work is fun. You sit in a darkened room with a microphone and create a character with your voice.

MostDishonorable163 karma

Carey! You probably won't remember, but my girlfriend and I got the opportunity to be your drivers at Dragon-Con. While in my van, you mentioned that your book is coming out and then we had a lovely chat about André, his enormous leathery ballsack, Samuel Beckett, and the diaspora of talent transferring from film to television. Talking with you was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be grabbing a copy of your book as soon as I am able.

I have a few questions, one of which I believe I asked you in the van, but here goes:

If you could play a character in the Marvel universe, who would you choose?

You and your wife are one of the most attractive and talented couples I've ever seen, do you still attend chili cook offs?

Do you prefer the beach or mountains?

Do you have a favorite lesser known travel destination?

Do you have a favorite book?

And of course what is your favorite food (Entree and Junk food option)?

Thanks! We hope to see you at Dragon-Con again next year!

Cary_Elwes245 karma

In the Marvel Universe... maybe Dr. Doom?

When I'm in town, yes.


The one I just wrote.

Nacho soup!

Thank you!

lmi6156 karma

Hi, Cary! Thanks for doing this AMA. What is your favorite place that you've traveled to? Also, what's your favorite movie?

Cary_Elwes359 karma

My favourite place I've ever traveled to is Spain. And my favourite movie Apocalypse Now.

PatentedSpaceHook135 karma


First off, I'm a huge Princess Bride fan and cannot wait to read your book! I'm a high school teacher,and I always try to find a way to show The Princess Bride to my classes to expose new generations to this timeless story and movie.

Anyway! My question. I remember reading a few years ago about you performing in the live read of The Princess Bride as Prince Humperdinck. What was it like for you to revisit the story again and play the villain?

Cary_Elwes205 karma

Weird! Just because I was playing Humperdinck instead of Westley.

spencerlance113 karma

Hello, I loved your work in Psych, and Princess Bride.

Any fun behind the scenes moments from either of those?

Cary_Elwes201 karma

Well, all the behind-the-scenes moments from Princess Bride can be found in my book. And for Psych - I think I hot sauce in Dule's sandwich, and he still ate it!

xiongchiamiov112 karma

Do you have a favorite Errol Flynn film?

Cary_Elwes189 karma

Adventures of Robin Hood.

kdk12k2k12110 karma

Hi Cary! Long time fan of your work.

Two quick q’s:

  1. It seems as though costume pieces are a prerequisite to acting in the U.K. Did you enjoy doing such works, specifically a piece like Lady Jane?

  2. You’ve played good and bad guys. We have to admit we love both but you do a really great job playing “the baddies.” What draws you to characters like Jonas in Twister and Nick Ruskin in Kiss the Girls?

Cary_Elwes194 karma

1) Yes. I did enjoy making Lady Jane. In fact, it was Lady Jane that Rob Reiner saw that helped convince him to cast me in The Princess Bride!

2) I never view the character as good for bad, I just try to find the humanity in the character.

George_E_Hale91 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

I've introduced The Princess Bride to the current generations of Japanese university students. Many of them are into horror and recognize you from Saw.

My question is about Dracula. What was it like hearing the various attempts at a UK accent by the non-Brits on set?

Cary_Elwes137 karma

Well, everyone did very good English accents, actually. We had a voice coach on the set with us for all the actors, so everybody worked very hard on that. It was great fun to work with Coppola, who is one of my favourite directors of all time.

Pyro_Jax86 karma

Hi Cary! I met you a few times when you were here in SLC, UT for Comic Con! I dunno if you remember me, but you gave me like a million hugs (Thank you!!!) As we talked about having confidence and self esteem issues... You mentioned that you too have had similar issues, (even though it's hard to believe with you being so handsome and talented!) You told me that meditation helps, is there anything else you do that helps?! Also, what's the most extreme thing you've done to get into a character, and which character was it?! Thank you- Jax

Cary_Elwes145 karma

You're more than welcome, I remember meeting you. Yes, I have meditation, writing a journal helps, and exercise.

The hardest role I had to get into - I think playing a serial killer was probably hardest. It wasn't the most fun headspace to be in.

seismicor82 karma

Hi, Cary. What are your favourite horror movies? Are you a fan of horror genre?

Cary_Elwes189 karma

My favourite horror film is the Shining by Stanley Kubrick. And yes, yes I am. When it's made well.

Cary_Elwes160 karma

I like Insidious.

hunterhall681 karma

Cary, one of my favorite movies of yours is twister. In this movie you play a rather different role from all of your others. Did you enjoy filming twister?

Cary_Elwes147 karma

Yes, I enjoyed filming Twister. One of the other great things was that we shot very close to Iowa, so I got to visit the real Bridges of Madison County, and the house that they filmed the movie in, which is now a museum.

amandatickles176 karma

Cary, can you tell us something about you that we don't know, and something we'd never guess? ;)

Cary_Elwes239 karma

I spent a lot of my childhood in Spain. I'm doing these interviews in my underwear!

juicyfizz71 karma

I loved your role as Brad Follmer on the X-Files. Do you have any favorite memories from working on the show?

Cary_Elwes98 karma

Yes. I enjoyed working on that show. The wonderful cast & crew, and we had a special thrill in the last few episodes when Chris Carter came in to direct. The character was very ambitious, and very by the book.

jonemillard71 karma

Hi Cary,

I am a big fan of your work. Do you have any funny stories to tell about filming The Princess Bride?

Thank you for doing this!

Cary_Elwes190 karma

My pleasure, thank you.

Yes, Andre the Giant could only get around on the Derbyshire Moors set on an all-terrain vehicle. One day, he convinced me that I should try it out. Foolishly, I did, and within minutes I drove over a rock and broke my left toe. It was three weeks before we were due to film the sword fight scene. And so I hadn't fully healed by the time they shot that.

doubleUsquared69 karma

So, how many beers do you think you drank with André while filming The Princess Bride?

Cary_Elwes152 karma

Just a couple. Everyone paced themselves. Because Andre could drink anyone under the table.


Hello Mr. Cary Elwes! (Or is it Rocky..?) First of all, I still LOVE The Princess Bride and it's remained one of my favorite movies since my nana introduced me to it. What was your favorite thing about the production of that movie? I would love to know.

Cary_Elwes106 karma

I was just thrilled to be working with such a tsunami of power, starting with William Golden, Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, Chris Sarandon, Chris Guest, Wally Shawn, Carol Kane, Fred Savage, Mandy Patinkin, Robyn Wright, and of course Andre the Giant...But I was in awe of them all.

KirbyManofelso64 karma

Hey Mr. Elwes!

You have been in a diverse range of movies. What was your favorite movie/part to be a part of?

Cary_Elwes150 karma

Princess Bride, which is why I've written this book.

Kerbear34462 karma

Hi Cary. I met you at Salt Lake City Comic Con. I was the very frazzled girl who had the president of the Cary Elwes fan club card from 1994. First off, thank you so much for being so sweet and kind (once a president, always a president!). You made my con. I have been checking out the book signings you have coming up. Any chance of doing one in Denver or a nearby area? Will there be more signings added?

Cary_Elwes70 karma

If you visit this page it lists out all of my official appearances. I sadly do not believe we will be in Denver.

drocks2755 karma

Mr. Elwes

I am so excited for your book “As you Wish” to come out. Thank you for putting that out there as I am sure you are asked about experience filming The Princess Bride all the time even though you have done so many things. My question is about Psych though. What was it like to be Despereaux and working with James Roday and Dulé Hill?

Cary_Elwes79 karma

I had so much fun working on that show. James and Dule in particular were just a delight to work with. All I can remember is laughing pretty much every day.

nickelkeep54 karma

Hi Cary! I'm sure everyone else is saying it, but I'm a huge fan, and The Princess Bride is my all time favorite movie!

If you had to choose, and it's you fighting it, not an acting role, would you rather go up against a Tornado, Jigsaw, or an ROUS?

Cary_Elwes126 karma

Rodent of Unusual Size. I would beat it with difficulty.

Moozez53 karma

As someone who can make people laugh as well as act, did you ever have the opportunity to improvise or write your own scenes in The Princess Bride? If so which ones?

Cary_Elwes124 karma

I improvised all of the "being mostly dead" physical behavior. The dialogue in the film was pretty much set - the only person who improvised their dialogue was Billy Crystal as Miracle Max. Doing the physical comedy was fun.

jonemillard47 karma

What is the best film you've recently seen?

Cary_Elwes150 karma

Okay. I would say...Boyhood.

mooj12344 karma

Hi, Cary!

This is a bit of an obscure question, but it's been bugging me and a friend of mine for a few years now. We both watched an English dub of a German animated cult film called Felidae years ago. The gist of it is that it is a neo-noir film in which primarily the entire cast of characters are cats.

Official information on the English dub's cast seems to be non-existent on the web, as it was never actually released in the West. However, we both noticed that the lead character of Francis sounded a helluva lot like you, and many people who've watched this same film appear to agree. Ring any bells?

Cary_Elwes73 karma

No, I don't believe I was involved in that. It might be my Doppelgänger.

TheTricksterServal43 karma

What are your thoughts on the recently talked about Princess Bride stage adaptation? Are there things you think need to appear?

Cary_Elwes83 karma

Well, all I know is that it's a go on Broadway, and I'm sure they will do a brilliant job on it. They don't need any advice from me. Plenty of song titles to choose from, that's for sure.

maggie666635 karma

Hi Cary, random questions, boxers or briefs? Beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? Socks or barefoot? Mani or pedi? Why/why not? :))

Cary_Elwes75 karma

Boxers. Both. Coffee. Barefoot. Neither.

kowboy4230 karma

I love your movies, especially you in Days Of Thunder. Did you want to do comedy or be a more serious actor?

Cary_Elwes49 karma

I like doing both.

NotSureHowThingsWork29 karma

What's the word on Elvis & Nixon? Is that still happening?

Cary_Elwes45 karma

No. Sadly, no.

hannahstorm528 karma

Hi Cary, what makes you laugh & what's your biggest weakness? Also, what would you say is your best feature (physical or otherwise)?

Cary_Elwes65 karma

My daughter makes me laugh. My biggest weakness is also my daughter. And I don't know, you'd have to ask somebody else, I don't really focus much on my features.

mermaidfart0617 karma

Hello Mr. Elwes! You were my childhood crush when I saw the Princess Bride. I was like, 5 and in love with "Wessley."

Anyways, with that being said, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Cary_Elwes30 karma

I like to spend time with my family.

GrandMasterT13 karma

Who would win in a real NASCAR race? You, Tom Cruise, Will Ferrell, or 8 pound 6 oz baby Jesus?

Cary_Elwes56 karma

Well, I wouldn't be caught in a race where an 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus is on the track.

beernerd13 karma

Ivan, can I call you Ivan? Great... I was wondering why, with a name like "Ivan Simon Cary Elwes", you chose to be known professionally as Cary? I mean, Ivan Elwes sounds pretty cool...

Cary_Elwes45 karma

I was named Cary - Ivan was the name that was given to me at birth, but I was always called Cary.

katherinedevir9 karma

Salute Cary, I loved you in Robin Hood and think you're very talented, here's a silly question, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where? Kiss from France!!

Cary_Elwes30 karma

Uh... I'm very ticklish. In a lot of places. That's all I'm going to say about that.

burrofuma7 karma

Mr. Elwes,

I was that annoyingly funny dude at DragonCon that asked about a charity fencing match between you and Adrian Paul. We still need to make that happen, sir. What action can I take to get this closer to a reality?

Hugs and parrys!

Cary_Elwes29 karma

If you guys help put my book as number one on the Amazon best seller list, I will make it happen!

Riyant6 karma

Hey Cary!

I'm not sure if you've ever answered this, but I'm curious. Have you ever played Dungeons & Dragons? If you have, what was your favorite character? If you haven't played Dungeons & Dragons, would you be interested and what class would you want to play as?

Cary_Elwes12 karma

I am only interested in playing with my daughter right now, and she's too young for Dungeons & Dragons.

SuzW36 karma

Hi Cary! Im in wuv with you... Will you marry me? My husband wont mind.

Cary_Elwes10 karma

I'm already married, but thank you for the offer.

AerPilot4 karma

Can you tell us anything about Saw VIII?

Cary_Elwes9 karma

I know no information about that.

KirbyManofelso2 karma

Hey Mr. Elwes!

Any favorite parts/movies you have been involved in? You have been in a diverse range.

Cary_Elwes5 karma

Westley was my favorite role, which is why I wrote this book.

Obradbrad2 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this! I have two questions. - Did you know how the Saw series would end from the first movie? If not, did you ever imagine you'd be coming back later on? - How does doing horror movies differ from other genres? Thanks again!

Cary_Elwes7 karma

I did not know i would be coming back later on. And I'd read the script, so it was in the script, but we didn't know there was even going to be a sequel, let alone my character ever coming back.

Usually a lot more fake blood!

josephine_amos2 karma

Would you rather:

  1. Have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers?

  2. Have a dragon or be a dragon?

  3. Stand barefoot on an iceblock for 20 min or be tickled on your bare feet for 20 min?

Why for each? :P

Cary_Elwes4 karma

1) I like them just the way they are!

2) Neither.

3) Tickled!

unicorn10-102 karma

What's your favorite animal?

Cary_Elwes9 karma

Well, I like dogs? I like dogs. I like all animals, really. All animals.

Kerbear3441 karma

Do you get weirded out when fans approach you in public? Have you ever met anyone who made you "fan girl"?

Cary_Elwes3 karma

Well yeah, meeting Marlon Brando was definitely like that for me. I'm fine with being approached by fans, unless I'm having a private moment with my family.

cranefeather1 karma

Which role of yours do you think is the* least* well known, and which do you think you would have the most fun reprising if you had the option?

Cary_Elwes4 karma

I don't know. Probably Mashenka? And not sure I would want to do any sequels.

tomhagen1 karma

Fan of your work, Cary. A few questions:

What are some of your lesser known roles in films that you wish more people knew about?

I’ve read that you’ve been attached to direct a couple films (seems like they were both related to music), but haven’t heard anything on them as of late. Are you still planning to direct in the future?

Did you ever get Brando his lemon meringue pie?

Cary_Elwes3 karma

As I mentioned earlier, there was a film called Meshenka that I shot - that was filming when Rob Reiner came to visit me in Berlin about the Princess Bride. We were shooting it in 1986 in Finland and Berlin.

Yes I am.

No, I did not.

silence15451 karma

Hi, Mr Elwes!

I must admit that I saw Twister several years before I saw The Princess Bride, so whenever I see you I immediately flash to Jonas Miller before Westley.

Any particular memory filming Twister that you'd care to share?

Cary_Elwes3 karma


We loved filming in Oklahoma - I was fortunate enough to actually get to chase a Twister in Pretty Prairie, Texas, on one of my days off (which I don't recommend kids try without proper supervision).