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Carey! You probably won't remember, but my girlfriend and I got the opportunity to be your drivers at Dragon-Con. While in my van, you mentioned that your book is coming out and then we had a lovely chat about André, his enormous leathery ballsack, Samuel Beckett, and the diaspora of talent transferring from film to television. Talking with you was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be grabbing a copy of your book as soon as I am able.

I have a few questions, one of which I believe I asked you in the van, but here goes:

If you could play a character in the Marvel universe, who would you choose?

You and your wife are one of the most attractive and talented couples I've ever seen, do you still attend chili cook offs?

Do you prefer the beach or mountains?

Do you have a favorite lesser known travel destination?

Do you have a favorite book?

And of course what is your favorite food (Entree and Junk food option)?

Thanks! We hope to see you at Dragon-Con again next year!

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Hey! I was one of your drivers @Dragoncon (for the past 4 years).

I've heard stories of different stars and their attitudes toward the "Con" environment. What keeps you coming back?

I always have tiny unexpected moments with guests (I got to sing "the Monster Mash" with Peter Mayhew last year) that stick in my head as special and priceless. Do you have any particular stories about crazy happenstances that happened outside of the 'walk of fame' or a panel?

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Do you have any memorable experiences of tasting a certain type western of food for the first time?

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Hey! I drove for you at DragonCon this year!

I heard a story from one of my passengers (you'll probably know who) about the 1st time he met James Callis.

He said you introduced them during a shoot in Vancouver, and he asked you if "James was really as 'weasely' (don't remember his exact wording) as his character in BSG".

He then proceeded to tell me about the process of James getting cast for the role and having to convince the writers to change some of Gaius Baltar's characterization.

Any way you'd tell that story from your perspective/verify?