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Hi Mr. Elwes, I have two questions for you.
1. I've heard your name pronounced a number of different ways, sometimes one syllable and sometimes two. What is something that the correct pronunciation rhymes with?
2. I have loved a great number of your works, but was especially excited to see you on Psych. Was there anything that stood out to you in that experience as unique to that particular show, versus other shows or movies you've worked on?
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Hi Mr. Meloy,

I want to start by sincerely thanking for doing this AMA. The Decemberists have been my favorite band for about 9 years now, and I really appreciate this opportunity to ask you a question. I would also like to add that I've seen you guys in concert at least 5 times, and you, hands down, give the best performance out of any band I've seen.

My question is this: What happened to the baby in Hazards of Love? Sorry if this isn't the most exciting question, but my husband and I have spent literally hours debating and theorizing this, or if it was even ever born, and simply must know. We even have this fan theory about infinitely repeating fates.

PS- I've really been enjoying the new album. My pre-order arrived a few days early, and I've had it playing in my car since. Thank you again!

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I've seen Men in Tights more times than I can count, and I love Psych more than I can say... but The Princess Bride is just classic. You can't go wrong with The Princess Bride.

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It's so interesting to think about Rob James-Collier actually getting along with people on the set. Thomas is basically the Joffrey of Downton.

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"The one I just wrote." So slick. I really need to get that book.