I'm here at reddit eating a tuna sandwich. I just did a reddit AMA back in April. I can't believe you guys have more questions this quickly. Go ahead, ask away.

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Edit: Just can't believe the amount of love and support I feel whenever I interact as I do in these AMAs. So much more I'd love to share with you. And a good way to begin to address that is for you to go out and spend twenty-three fucking bucks on my fucking book. Oh, and I think the fucking audiobook's even cheaper. You have to pay less to hear my story in my voice than to hear it in your own.

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DornishWhine2322 karma

Is there anything we fans can do at this point, to help make Hellboy 3 a reality? Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for the gold!

RonPerlmanHere2517 karma

Probably just show as much enthusiasm for its eventuality as is possible. Because people are listening.

judomonkeykyle1564 karma

Can you tell us how you got cast as The Lich in Adventure Time?

RonPerlmanHere2876 karma

I was the tallest.

RonPerlmanHere3431 karma

It's animated.

That's why it's funny.

Victoria you can write that if you want to. You're my muse, and my typist.

lmanders321535 karma

What is your book about? I think Ron Perlman is probably a lot of things, but I never would have guessed "author."

RonPerlmanHere4092 karma

It's about 295 pages.

Phantomachine1503 karma

What was 20-year-old Ron Perlman like?

RonPerlmanHere3243 karma


RonPerlmanHere3912 karma

I was never this funny until an hour ago.

beernerd1396 karma

If The Tick remake happens, will you reprise your role as Fiery Blaze? Please?

RonPerlmanHere2235 karma

In a heartbeat.

Love me some Patrick Warburton.

wabysaby1158 karma

Huge fan who is at a loss and can't think of any questions other than "Should wishing for more wishes be acceptable in a genie situation or is it just taking advantage of the genie?"

RonPerlmanHere2163 karma

No. I would... Jesus, these are some interesting questions. Always kick a genie when he's down.

JustGotJammed1081 karma

How would you sell me " Easy Street" in 5 words?

RonPerlmanHere3008 karma

You better buy this fucker.

GrandMasterT1035 karma

What did you say to Sigourney Weaver after she made that crazy basketball shot in Alien Resurrection?

RonPerlmanHere1926 karma

"NO you DINT!"

RonPerlmanHere2058 karma

That's what I wished I'd said.

Manky_Dingo1023 karma

What is your favourite movie you've starred in and why is it Police Academy: Mission to Moscow?

RonPerlmanHere1373 karma


Isn't that obvious? Have you ever SEEN Mission to Moscow?


NiceassRon859 karma

I've now read your book twice and it's had a deep impact, how does it feel knowing your words can touch someone so deeply?

RonPerlmanHere1621 karma

Because the book is more personal than anything else I've ever put out into the universe to date, getting that kind of feedback is more gratifying than you could possibly imagine.

Jewishwillywonka727 karma

Hey Ron! I heard you were once set to play someone in Guillermo's Hobbit film(s.) Who might you have played?

Watching SOA right now!

RonPerlmanHere1465 karma

Beorn The Bear, the Bear-man, I was going to do that when Guillermo was directing it.

judomonkeykyle709 karma

Guillermo del Toro was on here a couple months ago and I asked him about the first time he met you.

Ron was dressed in what looked like a Miami Vice suit, he had like a blue Miami vice suit, with a silver bolt in the back of his jacket, very very hardcore 1990s! Big shoulder pads.

Here is a link to his answer. Anything you want to add to the story?

RonPerlmanHere1180 karma

I would like to add that since Guillermo made that jacket famous, the amount that it fetched on eBay is astronomical. Thank you very much GDT.

Ask_Me_What_Love_Is411 karma

Now I want to see the jacket.

RonPerlmanHere917 karma

Sold it on ebay.

McGarnagle1981672 karma

If I were to ever see you in a hotel, or other public place, would it be cool if I asked to take a picture with you?

Does anyone ever walk up to you and ask you to say "War, War Never Changes"?

RonPerlmanHere814 karma

Yes. Yes.

you_ruin_everything653 karma

RON!! HUGE FAN OF YOURS!!! There was a really big rumor going around that you and Jimmy Smits did not get along very well on the set of SOA due to his farting during your scenes. It sounds made up, but it’s a widely spread rumor. Any validity to this?

RonPerlmanHere1134 karma

The only validity to that rumor is that it's made up. I love Jimmy.

Nightmare1990634 karma

Hi Ron, welcome back and thanks for doing another AMA. During Guillermo Del Toro's AMA he said you are "secretly a fat man". If you could only have one dessert for the rest of your life what would you choose?

And was there any movie in particular that had the best craft services?

RonPerlmanHere1185 karma

Well, first of all, thank you Guillermo for making it not so much of a secret. And second of all, whatever it is, it would have to be... just teeming with chocolate. I'm a choca-holic. I have my entire staff, you are looking at my entire staff, when you're looking at me. So when I want chocolate, I have to go to D'Agostinos and get me some.

Well, CITY OF LOST CHILDREN was shot in Paris. Need I say more?

RonPerlmanHere1019 karma

Not a lot of movies have Fois Grois just randomly sitting out on the craft services table.

trracer607 karma

Just loved you in "In the name of the rose". How was it to work with Sean Connery? Did you tease Christian Slater about his awkward sex scene? How long did it take to apply your makeup in that movie?

RonPerlmanHere1106 karma

I would love to answer those questions, not in order of how they were asked.

First of all, I insisted on rehearsing Christian's love scene so that I could instruct him on what a real man would look like with a woman of Valentina Vargas' obvious charms.

It took 4 hours to apply.

Working with Sean Connery was a pinch me moment. It was something that I would have never imagined within the realm of possibility. And he was someone who i had never imagined would be as cool as I was imagining he would be. And I was happily wrong on both counts.

chimeraguy526 karma

Ron! You fucking made hellboy. I am not a big comic book movie fan, but I can watch Hellboy over and over. Is there any chance of a Hellboy 3 at this point, and is that something you would look forward to doing? I am sure the make-up and prep is a huge pain, but the suit looked great.

RonPerlmanHere812 karma

I think Hellboy 3 is the best thing we could do for the fans that were so devoted to the first 2 films. And I argue for it every day.

LeonardoDeQuirm446 karma

Have you ever played Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas?

RonPerlmanHere632 karma

Admittedly, no.

smilesunshine0925415 karma

Hi Ron!

Any funny stories from the set of SOA?

RonPerlmanHere1379 karma


shotgun_ninja408 karma

Does your tuna sandwich have celery in it? It's not a real tuna sandwich without the tasty crunch of celery.

RonPerlmanHere1199 karma

Goddamnit. I knew there was something wrong with this piece of shit tuna sandwich. Bring me the person who ordered this and fire them immediately.

RonPerlmanHere904 karma

Wait, I take it back.

RonPerlmanHere1041 karma

I feel like I want to throw my cell phone at somebody right now.

SRD_Grafter393 karma

One of the things I noted in your wiki page is that you have been married for over 30 years, which is impressive in Hollywood. What advice would you give to someone wanting to stay/maintain a long term relationship?

Also, will your character show up in Pacific Rim 2?

Any good stories you want to share from the sets of Hellboy or Pacific Rim?

RonPerlmanHere804 karma

Learn how to say the following:

"You are so right, darling."

That's it.

We're negotiating.

Yes, absolutely. That's all I have to say on the matter.

judomonkeykyle376 karma

How did you get casted for The Punisher: Dirty Laundry short film? Did they write the role just for you?

video link

RonPerlmanHere402 karma

I'm good pals with Tom Jane. When he was getting ready to shoot, he asked me if I would consider doing it. Didn't take long to say yes.

lmanders32329 karma

Why did they cast Will Ferrell as Mugato in Zoolander, when they could have used you with far less makeup?

RonPerlmanHere501 karma

I couldn't have been half as funny as Will was in that role. Or any role, for that matter.

Atreides1010325 karma

Hi Ron! Was your end credit scene in Pacific Rim planned from the beginning or something that you and Guillermo cooked up? I was pleased that Hannibal didn't die and cut his way out like the bad ass you are! You also were fantastic as Clay on SOA. Much Love!

RonPerlmanHere485 karma

Hannibal was supposed to die in the movie. The thought to keep him alive by having him cut himself out of the Kaiju's belly was an afterthought after the film had already been shot.

ThrowAwayHorsePeople307 karma

Tell me...does war really ever change?

RonPerlmanHere394 karma

What can I say?

neeohh272 karma

What music are you listening to these days?

RonPerlmanHere674 karma

Still listening to a lot of Sinatra, Tom Waits, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and a li'l Rachmaninoff thrown in.

gogojack272 karma

Is that tuna sandwich made with Hellman's Mayo, or Hellboy's?

RonPerlmanHere848 karma

Just thanking god it wasn't miracle whip.

richardwrinkle263 karma

What size fitted hat do you wear?

RonPerlmanHere755 karma

Not really sure. But I have really large hands, if you know what I mean.

HoserUSC261 karma

What was the weirdest thing you found red makeup on after filming the Hellboy movies?

RonPerlmanHere592 karma

My phone.

RonPerlmanHere605 karma

My zipper.

RonPerlmanHere714 karma

My phone and my zipper.

rareplease248 karma

My girlfriend is at work and asked me to pass along this question:

How did you like working on City of Lost Children? Is it different to work with French actors and a French crew?

(girlfriend is French, btw)

RonPerlmanHere370 karma

It was a magnificent experience, working on City of Lost Children. The beautiful thing bout cinema is that it is a universal language, and it is executed the same way the world over. So working with French crews and actors is more something that's coincidental than it is definitive.

lmanders32247 karma

You obviously have a big enough fanbase, and you've got the look and chops for it, so why is it that (with the exception of Hellboy) you've never really starred in an action film as the leading man?

RonPerlmanHere724 karma

It's mystifying, isn't it? But if you'd like to see me in more mainstream roles, please write your Congressman.

lmanders32246 karma

Once, my brother was part of one of these DVD clubs and he accidentally bought Hellboy. I was mad at him for his wasted purchase. As a goof a couple of nights later, we sat down and actually watched it. Listen... I admit i was wrong. Can you ever forgive me? I was wrong ok?

RonPerlmanHere504 karma

You have a characteristic that I have yet to discover in Hollywood or politics: the ability to admit you were wrong.

TheRealEricJ225 karma

Hey Ron-

Got a chance to work with you oh so briefly on Hand of God.

First just wanted to say thank you. I was all nervous walking into that day but after chatting with you at lunch before shooting I felt a lot better.

Secondly how did you feel about the new "let the viewers help decide the pilots" thing amazons doing nowadays?


RonPerlmanHere380 karma

Just grateful that Amazon is in the original content business, adding to what is turning into the golden age of television.

ThatCoyoteSays203 karma

Did you make the tuna sandwich yourself or did you purchase it at a Deli or similar establishment?

Follow up question: If you prepared the tuna sandwich, how do you typically make them?

RonPerlmanHere392 karma

The sandwich was purchased on my behalf. I'm not sure whether it came from a deli, or an actual tunafish on rye sandwich factory. My recipe for tuna is rather simple:

Just some mayo, some celery, and a fork.

ThePoopant191 karma

Do you happen to like apple sauce as much as I do?

RonPerlmanHere466 karma

Probably not.

rearviewmirror71186 karma

Holy shit you're a published author? What's that like?

RonPerlmanHere381 karma

Boy, I would sure love it if you read the book and let me know what you thought!

RonPerlmanHere368 karma

The coolest thing about having written the book is hearing people's responses to it. So it's not really a finished exercise until it's received by the world at large.

shivan21184 karma

How did you learn your russian accent?

RonPerlmanHere530 karma

Well, the first time I feel like I applied a Russian accent was the Police Academy movie, which we actually shot in Moscow, so everyone there helped me with how instructive they were at grappling with speaking english. But probably my greatest influence in learning the Russian accent was whoever the guy who played Boris in Bullwinkle.

Former_KGB180 karma

What's your favorite childhood memory?

RonPerlmanHere375 karma

Playing ball with my dad. Tied with going to Yankee Stadium with my dad.

aemarsfan173 karma


RonPerlmanHere404 karma


rearviewmirror71168 karma

What's the funniest story from your book Easy Street?

RonPerlmanHere308 karma

It's hard for me to pick one.

But the one that makes me laugh out loud when I think about it is my description of Nelson de La Rosa, the 27 inch man that Marlon Brando chose as his alter-ego in the film Island of Doctor Moreau.

Sanlear162 karma

I remember seeing you years ago in an episode of Highlander as a "fake Methos". Even though it was one episode, it was memorable.

Is there any one episode or small role you've done over the years that you'd like to revisit?

RonPerlmanHere219 karma

Don't want to revisit any roles, but sure, I'm fond of a lot of the smaller ones that nobody got a chance to see.

I_Am_Intoxicated160 karma

What is your favorite brand of whiskey?

RonPerlmanHere651 karma



Not a whiskey drinker. Love me some Gray Goose vodka. And some Casa Amigos tequila. Maybe George Clooney will invite me to his next wedding.

Phyxius0522153 karma

What was the hardest and most fun you had filming the Hellboy movies? Thanks for making Hellboy awesome!

RonPerlmanHere302 karma

The hardest thing about the Hellboy movies was winning the role, and the effort it took for Guillermo to finally make that happen. All the rest of it was kind of easy and a real pleasure. What a character. What a filmmaker. What a cast. And the amount of love and resources that were poured into that project is rather uncommon in my field of experience.

RonPerlmanHere186 karma

And you're fast too!

fight_injustice139 karma

How did you deal with constantly feeling like a total bad ass on the set of SOA?

RonPerlmanHere287 karma


richardwrinkle120 karma

Any chance you guys film a Hellboy 3?

RonPerlmanHere346 karma

It's definitely a part of the conversation that I have with Guillermo every time I see him. I, for one, would love to see how the Trilogy resolves itself. And I will fight for Hellboy 3 as long as my cold dead hands are not cold and dead.

Velorium_Camper119 karma

Has there been a role you've turned down, but regretted it later?

RonPerlmanHere196 karma


I_Am_Intoxicated115 karma

What do you think of this current season of SoA?

RonPerlmanHere506 karma

I think it's number 7.

Funmachine110 karma

Can you blush?

RonPerlmanHere265 karma

Oh yeah.

unicorn10-10110 karma

What's your favorite animal?

RonPerlmanHere300 karma

My dog, Nigel. He's a jack russell terrier and my best pal.

candykam109 karma

What is your all time favorite movie?

RonPerlmanHere275 karma

Godfather part 1.

HoserUSC108 karma

If you, the real life person Ron Perlman, had a super power, what would it be?

RonPerlmanHere541 karma

Flying. But only first class.

Carlbark95 karma

I'm really looking forward to reading your book! Are you reading it in the audio book? And you should consider learning Swedish and read the Swedish audio one as well. Your french was flawless!

Stay awesome!

RonPerlmanHere137 karma

Thank you. No Swedish this year. But we'll consider it.

Yes, have read the audiobook in English only.

zefareu94 karma

Is tuna on rye your favorite sandwich?

RonPerlmanHere288 karma

No. Tuna on rye is tied with about 8 other things for my favorite sandwiches, among with is the Meatball Hero, Chicken Parmigian Hero - so not 8 other things, 2 other things.

adelutza_p94 karma

How would you feel about doing a Christopher Nolan movie?

RonPerlmanHere179 karma

Sure would love it if he asked.

RonPerlmanHere153 karma

And happy to take it from there.

BullshitCircus86 karma

Good afternoon, Mr. Perlman! Just digging into Easy Street as of this morning, and the audiobook helps my commute to work immensely.

A couple of questions, naturally:

A.) Vasilly Fet from The Strain was written with you in mind, but unfortunately you were unable to play the part in the TV series. Now that Sons Of Anarchy is off your plate, have you been approached to play any part in future seasons?

B.) Are you looking forward to revisiting Hannibal Chau in Pacific Rim 2, and do you have any thoughts on where he can go to become even more badassed?

C.) Favorite Sinatra song? Have to ask from one fan to another.

Thanks for your potential answers, thanks for this AMA, and go Hellboy 3!

RonPerlmanHere118 karma

1) I hear Kevin Durand is killing it in the role. So absolutely would never consider replacing him. But would love to address maybe doing something else in The Strain down the road.

2) Would love to revisit Hannibal. And completely throw myself at the mercy of Guillermo whose invention Hannibal was in the first place. And who is unsurpassable in where he can take a character in his most unique imagination.

3) My Funny Valentine.

OutOfEffs84 karma

Mr Perlman! I'm a huge fan, and so is my dad. For this AMA, he asked me to find out what your three favourite roles you've played are?

RonPerlmanHere164 karma


Almost impossible to choose. But if I had to, I would say Hellboy, Vincent, Judge Pernell Harris in Hand of God.

jazziegraves79 karma

Greetings from brooklyn..can't wait to meet you tomorrow! Question: what magazine would you like to be on the cover of that you haven't been on already? Is there a movie/tv role that you wished you were offered to do?

RonPerlmanHere147 karma


RonPerlmanHere295 karma

Or Good Housekeeping.

FightinRndTheWorld71 karma

How long did you have to learn French before filming City of Lost Children? Was it as awesome an experience as it seemed?

RonPerlmanHere118 karma

Quite an awesome experience. Because I was onscreen for almost every moment of the film, it appeared I had to learn a lot more french than I really did. In actual fact, all of my dialogue fit on one page, so it was not as big a lift to learn the French I spoke in the movie as it appeared to be. But a complete and utter pleasure.

seismicor66 karma

Which gun that you used in a movie is the best?

RonPerlmanHere131 karma

I kind of felt a little differently about the 357 Magnum than any other gun that I've ever fired. Don't quite know why. I suppose it's a combination of grace and power.

thisguystaint52 karma

Has there ever been any discussion of you and Jeunet working together again?

RonPerlmanHere83 karma

There was a movie that he made last summer that I was supposed to be in, but there was a conflict with the dates, so that wasn't able to happen. But there is a huge desire on both of our parts to reconnect.

daberzerker49 karma

How hard was it to train for Aliens vs. Hellboy?

RonPerlmanHere99 karma

Pretty much trained the same way for every movie. Particularly movies where I am called upon to be in decent condition. I do a combination of weight training and cardio. The thing that changes drastically when I'm working on a picture like that is diet. I cut way back on calories and try not to eat after 7 pm at night. I'm a chocoholic, I have to have chocolate every day, so every once in a while I'll skip a chicken breast so I can have a chocolate bar.

tattoolemky44 karma

Hi Ron,thanks for doing another AMA. Well,I've got your book Easy Street on order,I have Hand of God on my Prime watchlist and Book of Life is released a day before my birthday..I'm guessing that you had fun doing all of them,but which of them stretched your talents the furthest?

RonPerlmanHere83 karma

Difficult to answer. Loved every minute of each of them. Happy birthday.

Atreides101038 karma

Hey Ron! Hope you're having a good day! Congrats on publishing your book! I'm gettting the audio version so I can hear you narrate your story. Does the book include stories about the movies you've made?

RonPerlmanHere72 karma

Absolutely, very much so. And the Audiobook is narrated by yours truly, and I sometimes get overly emotional in my narration.

MichaelMyersResple37 karma

Your narration of City of Thieves was really amazing. Any plans to do any more audio book narration? I'd love to hear you read the Yiddish Policemen's Union.

RonPerlmanHere53 karma

I'm gonna check into Yiddish Policemen's Union, sounds fascinating.

No plans at the current time, unless of course I write it myself.

Melly_Bxtch36 karma

I have a question.

A comment first though.

You are awesome. Whenever I start a new game in Falout anything, if people talk during your intro, they get smacked.

now, my question:

How did you become what the internet refers to as the Fallout Guy? Did you audition, did Black Isle and later Bethesda contact you? And did you ever think your line, "War... War never changes" would become so popular and well known?

RonPerlmanHere61 karma

Don't think anyone that went into the original Fallout game ever thought it would be the juggernaut that it has turned into, and certainly don't think anyone was thinking that any of the lines or references of that game would become iconic. Kinda just the luck of the draw.

Gaust35 karma

Hey there! mind if I ask you how was to work with Federico Luppi on Cronos? Did you like being in that movie?

RonPerlmanHere46 karma

My first collaboration with Guillermo, so of course, a great experience. Frederico Luppi is a gentleman's gentleman and an actor's actor, and a classy guy to be around that you hope just rubs off a little bit on you.

mcgooglesismyname33 karma

Hey Ron, how are you? I'm great, thanks for asking. Anyway, how is it being the "manly" icon for the guys that know about you? Oh, and how much was your mustache? I am looking into getting one myself. Thanks man, you rock!

RonPerlmanHere80 karma

You're welcome. I've never been more confused.

ThatOldDuderino30 karma

Ron, you're an amazing actor to watch. I've seen you work damn hard. I've also heard a lot about you dressing as Hellboy for charitable functions & to visit sick kids, so that's truly cool. You've built a lot of good karma; how important is a personal spiritual philosophy to your life and what is it?

Thanks for your response. Blessings.

RonPerlmanHere80 karma

Karma is the biggest gangster known to man. Be good to it. It probably will be good to you.

angmar280530 karma

For some reason I miss Clay on SoA. Any predictions on how it will end?

RonPerlmanHere49 karma

No clue.

maggotalchemist25 karma

Mr. Perlman...Why are you the greatest person in the history of mankind?

RonPerlmanHere56 karma

Just lucky I guess.

richardwrinkle21 karma

What tips do you have to stay in good shape?

RonPerlmanHere88 karma


You're talking to the wrong guy.

willflemo9 karma

I love a bit of onion with my tuna sandwiches, thoughts?

RonPerlmanHere32 karma

Good for you. I mean, good luck with that.

Axel9277 karma

Hi Ron!

You sir, are incredibly awesome. What is your favorite book?


RonPerlmanHere20 karma


Well, without sounding too obvious, my favorite book this week is Easy Street The Hard Way.

And then anything Phillip Roth ever wrote.

shivan216 karma

How do you manage to make so many projects (AMAs including) every year? Do you go on vacation?

RonPerlmanHere22 karma

My favorite thing to do is work. I consider that my relaxing time.

Girthcream5 karma

Where can I get those golden boots of your's?

RonPerlmanHere12 karma

Go to GuillermosHouse.com

edlyncher4 karma

Will you narrate any future Fallout games?

RonPerlmanHere8 karma

Don't know.

mannywall2 karma

Hey Ron I'm a big fan of yours! Don't know what to ask. So, how's it going?

RonPerlmanHere5 karma

It's going beautiful. You?

adelutza_p2 karma

Is it true that you were the first choice to play Thorin in The Hobbit? :)

RonPerlmanHere5 karma


stamara62 karma

Are you ambidextrous and if so has it ever helped you?

RonPerlmanHere9 karma

Not ambidextrous, born lefty, trained to play all sports righty, so completely fucked.

GrilledCheezus712 karma

Your part in Pacific Rim was so perfect and fit you so well. I have to ask you, are you a mob boss of any sort in real life?

RonPerlmanHere5 karma

No. Particularly not at home.

shivan212 karma

How did you meet Jean-Jacques Annaud? How was it working with him?

RonPerlmanHere6 karma

I met him in 1979, at a general meeting to be considered for a role in Quest for Fire. Jean-Jacques is among my favorite people on the planet. I refer to him as one of the legs of the stool that keeps me on my feet. He is one of the 4 horsemen...I'll think of it, but he's a sensational human being, and he's given me some of the greatest roles I've ever played. He sees me in a way no one else sees me, and has become a dear, dear friend.

richardwrinkle1 karma

What are your thoughts on juicing fruits and vegetables?

RonPerlmanHere4 karma

Gimme a year to think about that.

karmanaut1 karma

Have you ever reconnected with anyone who was mean to you or whatever when you were younger? Maybe a bully from school or an asshole boss or whatever? What did he/she have to say about your success? How did you act?

RonPerlmanHere7 karma

Boy, I wish. I have such a long list of people whom I'd love to reconnect with.

But alas, still waiting.