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Hi Ron! Was your end credit scene in Pacific Rim planned from the beginning or something that you and Guillermo cooked up? I was pleased that Hannibal didn't die and cut his way out like the bad ass you are! You also were fantastic as Clay on SOA. Much Love!

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Hey Ron! Hope you're having a good day! Congrats on publishing your book! I'm gettting the audio version so I can hear you narrate your story. Does the book include stories about the movies you've made?

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Hurrah for the Irish!

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John, I love you! You changed my life with Star Wars! I sat through Star Wars for the first time with my mouth hanging open.You really made a difference for movies back then. I doubt today's kids get that same reaction because they are used to great special effects but back in the 70's it was revolutionary. Thanks for the breakthoughs you made and all the wonderful movies! What do you think will be the next big thing in movies?

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Hi Hugh! I requested this AMA for you after I finished reading the Wool Omnibus and was twitchy for some answers. I was sure that Reddit would have a lot of your fans and you would give a very interesting AMA. I notice that you're being elusive and not throwing us any bones. Come on, Hugh! Just a little somethin' somethin'? You are a great inspiration to many aspiring writers out there and your encouragement is heartwarming.