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Hi Ron!

Any funny stories from the set of SOA?

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Hi Hank,

Love your work. Two Questions: Who was your influences for Agador Sparticus’ character (voice and movements) and did you improvise your lines? The names you called Murray the Dog in Mad About You, were those improvised as well in each episode?

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OH MY GOD. The Divine Miss M is here. I’ll make this fast.
1. I LOVE YOU. I just bought your album because once i saw “Be My Baby” was the first track I knew I had to have it… my mom sang that song to me as a baby and it sorta became “our song.” We sing it to this day if we hear it and it brings a smile to her face.
2. Hocus Pocus is my favorite film you’ve done (I hope you agree!)
3. First Wives Club is second if not tied with Hocus Pocus as my favorite.
4. Beaches makes me cry like a baby EVERYTIME especially when you sing Wind Beneath My Wings, but your voice makes it worth all the puff eyes and tissues that I go through.
5. Can you share a funny story about filming the First Wives Club/Hocus Pocus?
6. You’re in New York and you have a craving for a deli sandwich..what do you get and where do you go?

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Hi Drea!

Love you in Sons of Anarchy ! Can you share any memories on set with Maggie Siff?

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Hi Lea!

Love you and your character on OITNB. Who's your favorite person to do a scene with?