I really enjoy writing bios. And watching erotic costume dramas This one time I made a movie about a man who tries to turn another man into a walrus. It comes out this Friday. Please do see it (if you like that sort of thing) - it's called "Tusk". If you don't believe me, here's the trailer....http://tuskthemovie.com

Let's chat, world!


Hi guys - I have to get going but I am hooked on Reddit! Thank you all!

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judomonkeykyle1498 karma

If they were to make a Galaxy Quest 2 would you like to reprise your role?

Justin-Long2214 karma

Absolutely! I'd love to see what Brandon Wheeger is up to 15 years later. There's been talk about doing - not sure how real it is - but yes, I'd do it in a heartbeat. In the meantime, never give up, never surrender.

3scompany4throomate1314 karma

I'm a big fan of the movie Accepted. So what was it like behind the scenes?

Justin-Long1591 karma

Wild. Just a craaaaaaazy wild ride. I laughed so hard with Jonah that my face would hurt.

macjumperson1232 karma


Has anyone ever approached you about doing a spin off as the character "Brandon St. Randy" from Zach and Miri? You killed it in that movie!

Justin-Long1179 karma

Kevin and I talk about it every once in a while. We both had so much fun with that movie

lmanders321152 karma

We've seen you play a bumbling stuttering nerd and we've seen you do fast talking smooth guy too, so which is the real Justin Long?

Justin-Long1214 karma

It depends on who I'm talking to. I like to think I'm somewhere in between.

GinLibrarian852 karma


First off, I adore you. Truly.

Second- has anyone ever pointed out how similar you look to Carrie Brownstein's character on Portlandia?


Justin-Long1717 karma

HEY GINLIBRARIAN!!! Thank you. Truly. Not only have people pointed that out, but ENOUGH people pointed it out that the guys at Portlandia (who I'm huge fans of) were finally just like "Ugh, Ok, we'll put him on the show" I'm gonna be in this season. I play a guy who is dating Lance's mother. It was the best job I've ever had

HorrorFactor798 karma

Dude, what was filming Idiocracy like? It's one of my favourite movies.

Justin-Long1301 karma

Oh yeah, man, me too. It was one day - such a fun one. Luke was super laid back and easy. I was so distracted every time Mike Judge would come over and give me direction because I couldn't separate him from "beavis and Butthead". Stephen Root was on set. He had recorded my previous "out going message" on my phone as "Milton" - it was so good that I kept in on their for a year (since we worked on Dodgeball). Since it was time to record a new outgoing message, I asked Stephen if Mike Judge would be cool if I asked him to do B and B. Root said I probably shouldn't as he had an iffy relationship with MTV. Later that night we all went out after work and had a few drinks. I had enough courage that I asked Mike "Hey, do idiots ever come up to you and ask you to record their outgoing messages as Beavis and Butthead" and his great dry slight drawl he said "yeah, why, you want me to do yours?"

fetalcastration727 karma

Do you really go full walrus?

Justin-Long1081 karma

I don't want to spoil the movie - you gotta go see it! But yes. Yes, I do.

Speicherz435 karma

everyone knows you never go full walrus...

siggeplump333 karma

I thought that was ass-to-mouth. Have I been tricked?

Justin-Long1908 karma

ass to tusk

StynaLane715 karma

If you had to get a different celebrity's face tattooed onto your face, whose face would it be, and why?

Justin-Long1919 karma

I would get all the Baldwin brothers as Russian nesting dolls...Stephen would, of course, be the smallest. Why? Because what a great conversation starter!

lmanders32594 karma

Listen, I'm thinking of getting a new computer. Do you have any advice as to what kind I should get?

Justin-Long1108 karma

I really do know very little about computers. But I could tell you how to respond to strangers who point at you at airports and say "Hey, you're the Dell Guy from those movies"

Donald_Keyman568 karma

On a scale of "maybe if I was Asian" to "that's actually me" how much do you think you look like this guy?

Justin-Long835 karma

It's just below "that's actually me" but only because I would've remembered wearing those outfits - otherwise, I'd be confused myself. What a handsome devil! is that Carrie Brownstein?

agarret83523 karma

What is your favorite university, and why is it South Harmon Institute of Technology?

Justin-Long793 karma

My favorite university is Vassar College (because it's my alma mater). A close second is Fairfield University because it's where I grew up and where my dad teaches. It's South Harmon Institute of Technology because the writers of "Accepted" thought the kids would love a dirty acronym. (SHIT) Really, who DOESN'T love a dirty acronym! #ForTheKids

agarret83362 karma

Have you asked Jonah Hill about his wiener?

Justin-Long841 karma

yes. many times. It's pretty much all we talk about

richardwrinkle502 karma

Justin I'm a big fan! One important question. Would you rather live free, or die hard?

Justin-Long1272 karma

Live free....thats kind of the ultimate goal, isn't it #NewHampshire #RonPaul #unnecessarilyPolitical

IAmVeryMoist499 karma

Hello Long Justin,

The following question is a bit revealing about oneself and may require much thought...If you could squeeze any condiment out of your belly button, what would it be and why?


Justin-Long892 karma

Thank you for asking - I was wondering when somebody would. #ElephantInTheRoom

Justin-Long1014 karma

I forgot to answer. Ketchup. Because I think I like ketchup so much that were it to come out of my belly button, it still wouldn't disgust me enough NOT to eat it.

Quentanamo_Bay434 karma

How was it being a contestant on @midnight?

Justin-Long760 karma

Oh hi, Chris Hardwicke. I told you already, I had so much fun!

mpls_hotdish346 karma

What's your favorite movie that you've been in, and why is it Waiting...?

Justin-Long1077 karma

Ha. Waiting was definitely one of the most fun to shoot. We were all young (20's) and in New Orleans. I got really close with a bunch of the cast and still keep in touch with many of them (which is rare). WE'd go out everynight - I was really irresponsible on that job. I look at my performance in it and I think it suffered because I was always hung over. Though we always justified it (going out) since the movie takes place over the course of one day after a big night out. We thought we were a bunch of method actors but really we were unprofessional 25 year olds running amok in Nola for the first time. #NoRegrets #ButIDoRegretDoingTheSequel

Sakura_7294 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

Justin-Long1108 karma

My dad #sappy #ThisFallOnABCfamily #LifetimeMovies #nausea

judomonkeykyle294 karma

How did you prepare for your role as George Harrison in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story?

Justin-Long732 karma

Paul Rudd and I holed up in his hotel room the day before poring over Beatles docs. We were so nervous - it was such a daunting task to play the Beatles (even though it was a comedic movie) - we wanted to respect how sacred they are. Jason Shwartzman called his room and told us he was freaking out. One of those guys said they had run into Jack Black the day before and asked him if he was nervous (to play Paul). Jack said, "no, dude, I got it. Just watch 'Hard Days Night'!" We were so nervous Jack would come in and blow us all away. It was one of the most fun days of my life. I ran into George's son Dani years later and he said really nice things about my performance. I almost cried. It was a special, surreal moment for me. Especially since Dani looks and sounds exactly like George, my favorite member of my favorite band #NameDroppyStory

richardwrinkle279 karma

You starred in the cult classic movie Crossroads in 2002. Any truth to the rumor the title of the movie is based on the hit song “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs n Harmony?

Justin-Long320 karma

That is absolutely true #ProbablyNot

Mackin-N-Cheese251 karma

Hi Justin! When I see you, I always think of your work as Warren Cheswick on Ed. Can you tell us any stories about working with Tom Cavanagh, Michael Ian Black, and (gulp) Julie Bowen?

Justin-Long331 karma

"gulp" in a horned up way? I loved and miss that show and those guys so much. I learned so much watching Tom work - he taught me things I could've never picked up in acting school (which is where, I think, I would've been had I not gotten the show). michael made me laugh when I was on camera more than anyone else. I used to go see his shows with "Stella" at the club in the village - all these cool actors I looked up to were also fans of theirs and would show up. I was madly in love with Julie. She was the funniest, smartest woman I'd ever met - and she had the mouth of a sailor - she used to make the grips and camera guys blush. She sat on my lap once and "made out with me" as a bit - I couldn't even pretend to laugh, I was in such turmoil

judomonkeykyle215 karma

What was it about Zerk Wilder that drew you to audition for him in “The Sasquatch Gang”?

Justin-Long236 karma

He was unlike anyone i'd ever gotten to play - a little angry roughian. He reminded me a bit of Matt Dillon meets Sam Rockwell. It was so fun - the most fun

unicorn10-10195 karma

What's your favorite animal?

Justin-Long462 karma

Monkey. Easy. Being around monkeys genuinely makes me happier than when I'm around humans (even friends and family)

Therealjoek181 karma


I recently learned that I am going to be a father for the first time. In your experience what are the pros/cons of naming a child Justin? Any harsh kid nicknames?

Also, I'm a fan of the Jeepers Creepers series. This may be a long shot what with your characters status in the films, but any news on another sequel getting made?

Justin-Long642 karma

Congrats on impending fatherhood! No obvious pitfalls (re: bearing the name Justin) but if it precedes a name like "Long" your child might hear things like "Justin Schlong" or "Justin, are you LONG?" - fun variations on that theme. As long as your last name isn't "Thyme" or "Case" "Myass", your kid should be fine

snoogans10015180 karma

Hi Justin.

Was able to see Tusk at the world premiere and loved it!

Will we ever see the character of Brandon St.Randy again? And if you could revisit the character, where would he be now?

Justin-Long266 karma

Thank you! I would love to do Brandon St Randy again - 2 of the most fun days of my life. Kevin and I talk about doing a road trip movie with BSR and his boyfriend, Brandon ROuth. When he sent me the script for "Tusk" (in theatres this friday....go see it...again) he prefaced it with a letter in which he said he wanted me to do "a two-hander character study" - I thought it was the Brandon St Randy/Bobby Long road trip movie. It turned out to be a script about a human walrus - he failed to mention that in his letter.

richardwrinkle168 karma

What was the most fun you have ever had shooting a movie?

Justin-Long778 karma

It was a movie called "Strange Wilderness". We made up most of our lines, there was weed, there were ridiculous set pieces, Jonah Hill and I were living together and would drive to work and laugh non stop. It got a "0" on rotten tomatoes - it was a good lesson in the fun experiences not always corresponding to how the movie turned out. though I really like that movie. you just HAVE to be stoned to appreciate it. I was a huge fan of Steve Zahn's. It was a thrill to get to work with him

I_Am_Intoxicated158 karma

"Accepted" is still my favorite movie to date.

How was it working with Blake Lively & Jonah Hill?

Justin-Long392 karma

I was considerably older than Blake so I remember being a little creeped out by that kissing scene we had to do - if I was, god knows how creeped out SHE must've been by it. I was way too old to be playing a college freshman (thanks, genes!) and Blake actually was the appropriate age. She turned 18 when we were shooting. She had a Candyland-themed birthday party. There were cotton candy stations and chocolate fountains. Blake was and is the sweetest person. I used to do an impression of her for Jonah - she would slap me and say "that's not what I sound like" but, not to toot my own horn, it was pretty good. Jonah and I became great friends. He was the funniest person, aside from my brothers, I had ever met

seismicor157 karma

Hi, what's the status of Jeepers Creepers 3 and have you been contacted by Victor Salva to make an appearance (I guess in a flashback)?

Justin-Long227 karma

There is a script (it's called "Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral"). Gina plays the lead in it (which would be awesome to see her come back and kick some ass). It's been tough getting off the ground, financially, unfortunately. According to Victor, I do get my hands on a flashback.

judomonkeykyle133 karma

Do you have any interesting stories involving Charlie Day and/or Jason Sudeikis you can talk about?

Justin-Long187 karma

They were constantly writing and coming up with the funniest shit. No specific stories - just lots of laughter. I wish I had had more stuff to do with them.

marcoosha102 karma

How much did you and Kevin rip on Bruce Willis (share horror stories) on the set of Tusk?

Justin-Long208 karma

We spoke as glowingly or disparagingly of many people we worked with, depending on our experiences with them #diplomacy

purplegreendragon91 karma

Hey Justin, thanks for doing this iama. What is your favorite breakfast? I would love to know that. Mine is two eggs sunny side up, two slices of bacon and a cup of coffee

Justin-Long197 karma

What a unique breakfast experience you aspire to!

aspirer4277 karma

What's your favorite memory from working on "Ed"?

Justin-Long95 karma

Ugh, so many good ones. Most too long to even begin to type out. One of the most memorable involves a fight between michael Winslow (Police Academy's "sound effect guy"), Christopher Lloyd (DOC!), and Tim Busfield (Poindexter from "revenge of the Nerds" among MANY things) - it's too long to tell but if you ever run into me, make me tell it. It was incredible. Michael Ian Black was the first guy I worked with who consistently made me break character. He was insanely funny. I also remember having a huge crush on Julie Bowen and Kelly Ripa and pretty much anyone Tom Cavanaugh got to make out with on that show.

FoxtrotUniform1370 karma

Hey Justin. I'm big fan of yours (I really love Accepted) and Kevin's and really looking forward to Tusk. What about the script made you want to make a horror film with Kevin, even if it was uncharted territory for him?

Justin-Long127 karma

Thanks alot! Truthfully, I would've done anything Kevin wanted me to. I was kind of in even before I read the script. It sounds pretty simple and trite but I always try and weigh the potential fun in doing something - Kevin's sets are the most fun - whether you're a gay porn star or a walrus or, maybe one day, BOTH!

duckmunch69 karma

Hey Justin,

I apologize, in advance, if I am out of line here….but are you in gay porn?

Justin-Long167 karma

Guilty as charged

secretidentity66687 karma

You better Shut your mouth or I'm gonna fuck it

Justin-Long190 karma

A friend of mine was a waiter at The Viceroy restaurant in NYC (Not sure if it's still open). He used to hear some really great soundbites from the customers. Apparently he overheard a guy say to his boyfriend, in a weirdly hostile and aggressive way, "You better shut your mouth or I'm gonna kiss it". I thought it was so weird and funny. I'll always be grateful to Kevin for letting me say it and preserve it. Then he turned me into a Walrus.

purplegreendragon68 karma

Hi Justin, I really liked you as the Mac in the Get a Mac campaign by apple, I think it was the first time for me really paying attention to advertisement. So, my question is, had you as much fun as it seems doing these spots, or was it just another job at the time? Oh and do you use a Mac or a PC?

Justin-Long147 karma

Thanks! There were moments, like there are on any job, where I'd tune out a bit because most of my dialogue was pretty much the same. I was always jealous of John (the PC) because he got to do all the fun stuff, all the heavy lifting. But I certainly never considered it "another job" - I always knew how lucky I was to have that. Mostly because I was getting paid to hang out with John (a dear friend) and laugh. Doesn't get better than that. I use a Mac, yes. I genuinely do like their products #HireMeAgain

mharris22761 karma

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Youth in Revolt" and your character is awesome in that movie, especially when you drug everyone. What has been your favorite role to play so far?

Justin-Long88 karma

Thanks so much. When I was playing "Paul" in Youth in Revolt, I listened to a lot of jazz music in between scenes. I'm not a big jazz fan but he just seemed like one of those people who are so burned out (but contemplative) - it always seems like they have a constant stream of jazz music playing in their heads. My favorite role was probably Brandon st Randy in "Zach and Miri" or Zerk in "Sasquatch gang"

marcoosha43 karma

What's your secret to happiness?

Justin-Long169 karma

I don't know that I've found it or, if I have, that it's much of a secret. I'm a firm believer in checking in with nature as much as you can. Appreciating how fleeting this all is and embracing the now #EckhartTolle #ShutUpAndTalkAboutTusk

jonemillard43 karma

How was @midnight last night? I love that show!

Justin-Long121 karma

Hey again, Chris Hardwicke. Stop! I told you how much fun I had!

marcoosha29 karma

First off, saw the Premiere in Toronto at TIFF, amazing job (thanks for signing my poster)

How were you positioned in the walrus suit? I mean, it looked so uncomfortable to be in.

Was there a harness in there? Were you on your knees the entire time?

Justin-Long53 karma

Thanks. And yes, that walrus suit was not built for comfort. There was a big foam pad that I'd rest on in between takes or, if we had enough time, they'd roll me on my side to take the pressure off my scrawny little arms. It was a workout. For me, anyway.

little-lion-sam15 karma

Justin Long, I don't think there are enough words in the English language for me to express my love for you. Anyway, if you could guest star on any TV show in the world, past or present, which would it be?

Justin-Long22 karma

That is very kind of you. Thanks. If I could guest star on any current show, it'd be "portlandia" and I just got to guest star on it! If it could be ANY show, it'd be Family Ties just because it would melt my brain.

TheSwampDweller4 karma

Hello Justin, I love your films. I am really excited for tusk. Ive followed it since the carpenter and the walrus. What was a longer process in terms of make up Tusk or Jeepers Creepers?

Justin-Long9 karma

Thanks, Swamp Dweller. Tusk was actually a shorter makeup process, for sure - though I only had to be in the Creeper makeup for one day. It's also because there have been significant innovations in latex and effects makeup since we shot JC in 2000. #ImOld JC makeup took about 6 or 7 hours to get into that getup for the final shot where I pop up behind my hollowed out eyes. Tusk took about 4 and a half.

tkurps4 karma

Any desire to come back to Broadway? Loved you in Seminar!

Justin-Long7 karma

Thank you. That was a dream come true - right up there with Die Hard. Goldblum was an endless well of entertainment - and a real mensch. I'd love to do a play in the city again - broadway or not. Every summer I try and do a play up at Williamstown theatre festival in mass. Go see Tusk!