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First off, I adore you. Truly.

Second- has anyone ever pointed out how similar you look to Carrie Brownstein's character on Portlandia?


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So this is gross- but it's going to be cussing amazing. I've had quite a bit of bleeding, and because I have splints in until Friday, I haven't messed with any of the dried blood in my nostrils. That first blow is going to rock me world.

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I have chronic sinus infections. We're taking every 2 months or so. I also snore, and due to blocked airways get VERY little sleep, so the fatigue I was experiencing was out of control. My ENT also had me do allergy testing, which was part of the problem. But after having a CT scan he round 2 bone spurs and other blockages, which made surgery the best option.

Definitely talk to an ENT about surgery. It's been a rough 2 days, but I can ALREADY tell a difference with my breathing

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It's absolutely something my doctor and I will discuss in the future. Because he was able to find some serious blockages that could be (and needed to be) removed, he wanted to do surgery first and hen take it from there. But yes, I foresee also probably needing some sleep intervention in the future as well.