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Absolutely! I'd love to see what Brandon Wheeger is up to 15 years later. There's been talk about doing - not sure how real it is - but yes, I'd do it in a heartbeat. In the meantime, never give up, never surrender.

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I would get all the Baldwin brothers as Russian nesting dolls...Stephen would, of course, be the smallest. Why? Because what a great conversation starter!

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ass to tusk

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HEY GINLIBRARIAN!!! Thank you. Truly. Not only have people pointed that out, but ENOUGH people pointed it out that the guys at Portlandia (who I'm huge fans of) were finally just like "Ugh, Ok, we'll put him on the show" I'm gonna be in this season. I play a guy who is dating Lance's mother. It was the best job I've ever had

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Wild. Just a craaaaaaazy wild ride. I laughed so hard with Jonah that my face would hurt.