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I recently learned that I am going to be a father for the first time. In your experience what are the pros/cons of naming a child Justin? Any harsh kid nicknames?

Also, I'm a fan of the Jeepers Creepers series. This may be a long shot what with your characters status in the films, but any news on another sequel getting made?

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Hey Gregg! You had a killer show in Minneapolis a year or two back. It was a blast. Loving the Tolerated EP as well. My questions:

  1. How has the sampling game changed from a legal standpoint over the years? It does not seem to be as controversial as it once was.

  2. Favorite cheese?

  3. You released All Day with no previous notification and you gave it away for free. I remember checking /r/music one day and it being the top story. That is what really introduced me to your music. Has that kind of structure worked well? Will you do the same thing for future albums?

  4. Coke or Pepsi?