Hi guys. I'm Ryan Mundy. I just joined the Chicago Bears. Prior to the Bears, I spent my first five seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and one season (2013) with the New York Giants.

You can check out my official site at http://ryanmundy.com/.

I'm here with Victoria today to take your questions. AMA!

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PlatypusOfDeath50 karma

Hey Ryan, some of us from /r/CHIBears have put together a few questions we'd like to ask you.

  • Any major differences between the bears and giants? -me

  • As a defensive player, how does Trestman work with the defence? We often hear about his abilities as an offensive guru, but rarely hear about how he guides his defensive players. - /u/Radiophage

  • Which other S on the roster pushes you the most in practice? - /u/ASwan930

  • complete this sentence: The Green Bay Packers are________________. - /u/p-i-p

  • What helps you get in the zone right before a game? - /u/TheObnoxiousOne

Thanks for your time and thanks for all of the hard work and effort you've put into being a Bear! BEAR DOWN and have a great season!

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IamRyanMundy25 karma

It's kind of like the previous question - talking about Michigan & WVU - every program has their way of doing things. They have their own formula for success. I've had the opportunity to play for 3 of the arguably best organizations in all of sports - the Steelers, the Giants and the Bears - so whenever you come into a new environment, it's all about learning how they do things, because clearly they've had some success. So you just try to do your best and learn how to become a part of their team and organization.

Coach Trestman takes an active role in participating in our defense and supporting us. He definitely makes sure to keep involved, acknowledging the positives that our defense does as well as what we need to work on. It's an ongoing thing, it's not really set in stone. During the week, he will put up some defensive highlights, and vice-versa, and also on special teams, so it's an ongoing thing, making sure everybody is aware of teammates' efforts, because it can sometimes be unnoticed when everyone's so focused on what they're doing - whether it's offense, defense, or special teams.

Martellus Bennett, I have to say. I really enjoy competing against him, because he's an outstanding tight end and he prepares me, week in and week out. We've seen over the past couple of season how important the tight end position is becoming, and he's a great player who brings a lot to the game week in and week out.

The Green Bay Packers are... division rivals whom we hope to go two and o against this year.

Really just going out and feeling the energy of the stadium. I listen to music on my pre-game warmup. I like to feel the energy and atmosphere of the stadium, hear the sounds and see the sights, that's really what gets me going.

Thank you!

iia22 karma

Does anyone ever come up to you and ask if you have a case of the Mundys?

IamRyanMundy18 karma

Uh... no! I've heard a lot of Mundy / Monday jokes, but never that one.

QuincyStandback20 karma

Hey Ryan, I have a simple question. Who is the biggest trash talker on the team?

IamRyanMundy40 karma

Hahaha... Kyle Long. He's definitely a personality, has a lot of energy, and when he's on the field, he definitely has some smack talk going playing mental games with his opponents.

skibumlsc13 karma

Hi Ryan,

Who was/is the most influential teammate you ever had? And why?

IamRyanMundy41 karma

I have 2.

So Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark.

Because they were 2 outstanding football players who really showed me how to be professional, take care of my body to achieve longevity in the league, but they were 2 great family men and 2 great guys off the field. They showed me how to balance out being a professional athlete with being a great husband, a great father, and a great member of the community.

Izz201112 karma

What are your thoughts on deep dish pizza?

IamRyanMundy24 karma

I've had some good deep dish pizza. I've had Lou Malnati's, it was pretty good. I haven't had too much yet, but Chicago has amazing food. I've been to some great restaurants.

skibumlsc11 karma

What is one thing that a coach has said to you that has stuck with you?

IamRyanMundy14 karma

"Play the next play." That's come from various coaches, but I find that to be the best coaching point for all players, because football you are going to make mistakes, things can happen to you, but it's all about how you respond and go on to the next play, so it's something I've tried to live by my entire career playing football.

daftmoniker8 karma

What charitable organizations do you plan to participate in?

IamRyanMundy15 karma

This year, I've partnered with the United Way to be their spokesperson for the Chicago Bears, so I'm looking forward to participating in various initiatives that they have throughout the season as well as throughout the year. And also, I do a lot of stuff on my own - not really affiliated with any foundation or organization. I do a football camp with one of my high school teammates Steve Breaston, and we've been organizing this for our 5th year next year. I also do a turkey drive, it'll be the 3rd year for that, at Thanksgiving. I'm also looking to do a winter coat drive and possibly an event in the springtime as well. Trying to stay busy!

gavlop8 karma

Hi Ryan Mundy, big bears fan here. How’s the atmosphere surrounding the team locker room in preparation for the big game Sunday? How can you describe the team chemistry on the defense, especially with so many new players including yourself?

IamRyanMundy13 karma

the atmosphere in the locker room was very positive and upbeat. We didn't have any knee-jerk reactions after the home opener loss, and we're excited about going into San Francisco to their brand new stadium to play against a great opponent. So we are looking forward to the energy and atmosphere of opening a new stadium. And we brought in a lot of veteran guys who have played at a high level. We're still gelling, but that's no excuse, we are going out and playing at a high level.

gavlop4 karma

Good stuff, thanks for replying

Also, any rituals or inside jokes/pranks you guys have on defense?

IamRyanMundy9 karma

We have a couple of handshakes we do during pre-game warmups on game day. No inside jokes... We keep it simple. I always put my left foot in my pants first, I put everything on left then right. Shoes, pants, shoulder pads...

oscarveli8 karma

  • What has been your favorite part of playing professionally?
  • How did it feel to win the Super Bowl?

IamRyanMundy11 karma

My favorite part of playing professionally was having a dream come true. I started playing football when I was 7 and my dream of making it to the NFL came true at the age of 23. It was a long time, but it was an amazing feeling to hear my name called on Draft Day.

It's really - how did it feel? Really indescribable. To be at the top of your profession, the pinnacle, a lot of guys don't even come close to winning the Super Bowl who are outstanding players, and I had the opportunity to be on the Super Bowl winning-team, so that was a great experience.

pieisgood517 karma


IamRyanMundy13 karma

wow, there's a lot of those. Goofiest was Prince Amukamara, he was a jokester, always kept it light, sometimes I would look at him and just start laughing because he is just that silly.

Maccas756 karma

Hi Ryan! Have you ever seen a game of Australian Rules football? If so, what did you think of it?!

IamRyanMundy10 karma

I've never seen an actual game, but I've seen a ton of highlights. It looks like a very physical sport. I have a lot of respect for those guys. They are doing what we do on Sundays, but without pads.

Chomiak19926 karma

How differently do the separate positions on defense, mainly LBs and Safeties, prepare for a dual threat QB like Kaep?

IamRyanMundy9 karma

we always have to make sure we are on the same page and communicating and doing our job first before we try to go and help out. With a mobile QB, he can run, we have to be in our spots and doing our job, so preparation is important and communication is equally important.

vamsi935 karma

How is it working with fellow safeties Chris Conte and Danny McCray?

IamRyanMundy9 karma

It's a great experience, we have a really good working relationship. Chris and Danny are veteran guys who have played a lot and understand the game. We have great communication. We understand what the cultures need out of us. And we are out there day in and day out, whether practicing or doing what we need to execute.

hatsofftolarry225 karma

Hi Ryan. What does the daily diet/exercise regimen look like for the average football player?

IamRyanMundy7 karma

Well, I try to make sure I eat 3 meals a day. I don't have a specific meal plan, but the cafeteria provides a lot of high protein, high carb stuff. For me, since I have such a high metabolism, I sweat a lot, so I need lots of calories throughout the day as well. So I make sure I eat 3 meals, breakfast lunch & dinner, and probably a snack before i got to bed. It's recommended that i have about 3200 calories a day. For exercise, I lift weights Monday, Wednesday, and a light lift on Friday, and in addition to that I have treatments that I do - so I get a massage on Monday, acupuncture Tuesday, and more bodywork on Thursday, and then I get a tune up - either more bodywork done on Saturday or Sunday before the game. Depends on the schedule.

FratDaddy695 karma

Huge Bears fan here, what's it like going from a depth player to a new team that is relying on you to step up and play a big role? It certainly looks like you've come into that position well as one of the better players on defense last week, have you struggled at all with the increased responsibility?

IamRyanMundy13 karma

No, it's something that I've prepared a very long time for. I have learned from some great veterans early on in my career. And last year in NY I was able to step into a starting role and perform very well. So now this opportunity is what I've been looking for my entire professional career - come in as a starter and lead this defense to a championship. And that's something I'm very excited about.

kevie3drinks5 karma

Sunday night football, brand new stadium, Vernon Davis and Colin Kaepernick, are you ready?

IamRyanMundy14 karma

OF COURSE! Definitely ready, I'm excited! Brand new stadium, great atmosphere, doesn't get any better than that! Everyone will be watching.

duckmunch4 karma

Hey Ryan, why didn't you return that INT for a touchdown against the Cowboys?(when you played for the Giants)

You were SO CLOSE!

IamRyanMundy15 karma

I was 1 yard away! I did my best! Definitely did my best. I think a bigger question is: why didn't we score a touchdown?

gbcr4 karma

How would you compare your experience at michigan to your experience at wvu?

IamRyanMundy10 karma

It was really like comparing apples & oranges. Every football program has their way of doing things. And I just had to come to WVU and learn the way they did things - doesn't mean that one way is better than the other, because they were both very successful programs, but I had to learn how they ran their program and we ended up having a very successful year.

c-razzle4 karma

Who, would you say, is the leader of the defense and for the offense?

IamRyanMundy12 karma

For the defense, I believe we have several. Definitely Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman, and Jared Allen. For offense - Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, and Jay Cutler.

salazarb4 karma

What misconceptions did you have about the team that when you joined you were like "Wow, I didn't think it would be like that" ?

IamRyanMundy8 karma

I actually didn't really know what to expect coming here. I came here with an open book and didn't have - I didn't know anybody on the team here, so I didn't have the chance to ask what it was like. I came and found out for myself. I'm definitely happy with the decision I made to come here, it's a great place.

richardwrinkle3 karma

Who is the hardest hitter you have ever played with? Fastest player you have played with? Favorite stadium to play in other than Chicago and Green Bay? Good luck this season!

IamRyanMundy6 karma

I'd have to say Lawrence Timmons. He has a hard hit.

Mike Wallace. That's easy.

Pittsburgh! Love the field.

razoredge373 karma

Hey Ryan, How is it going with the Bears? Ia m a big fan and a little shell shocked by the loss on Sunday. I am glad you are here. How is the moral this week?

IamRyanMundy9 karma

So far, it's been a good experience here in Chicago. The people and the city has been treating me very well, and it's embraced me and my family. The morale in the locker room is great. We understand that we didn't get the result we wanted for the first game, but we are optimistic and excited about our opportunity this sunday and moving forward.

rudeboybill3 karma

Ryan: Tough loss on Sunday, but was really impressed with your performance and the defense as a whole. Take away a handful of plays and that was a very good defensive game for ya'll. My questions are: What do you think of Tucker's scheme compared to your previous 2 team's defensive schemes, and what's the best restaurant you've been to in Chicago so far?

IamRyanMundy7 karma

In here, we run the infamous Tampa Two scheme - which has created a lot of things for the Chicago Bears, so that was an adjustment in how I had to learn playing safety here, but it's been going well so far. And my favorite restaurant is Gibson's steakhouse, they take good care of me in there, great atmosphere and on top of that - the food's pretty good!

bradb663 karma

Describe your relationship with Jay Cutler. I know you're new to the team and on the other side of the ball, but what's your estimation of him? How did you view him when you were on the Giants playing against him? Be honest...

IamRyanMundy12 karma

Well Jay has been very helpful since i met him. I had the chance to go to Florida and work out, and he's been very helpful. He set me up with a realtor to help me find my house, put me in contact with a doctor for my wife who was expecting at the time.... Any resource i need in the Chicago area, I can go to him and he'll point me in the right direction. And last year - he's a talented guy, and I'm thankful I don't have to play against him anymore.

CuttysConscience3 karma

Hey, Ryan! Huge Bears fan here. I'm excited to see what you can bring to the defense over the course of this season.

My question for you is, which of the young Bears on the squad do you stepping up and having a big impact on the defense this year?

Thanks for your time, and Bear Down!

IamRyanMundy11 karma

I'm going to say Kyle Fuller, our first run draftee. So far I've been very impressed with him and his maturity and approach. he's a guy who's a hard worker, very hungry and really wants to master his craft. So far he's done a great job and I expect great things from him as he continues this season.

rowmac893 karma

Hi Ryan, how do you mentally prepare for a huge game such as the SuperBowl?

IamRyanMundy7 karma

You gotta kind of balance it. You don't want to get out of your routine and forget what got you to that game. But you also need to understand the importance of playing in the Superbowl. So just trying to find that balance between what got you there, and then seizing this opportunity, because not everybody gets it.

RunawayBacon3 karma

Hey Ryan, big Bears fan here. I've got tickets to see you guys play Green Bay and Detroit at home.

Here's my question: Is there anything in particular that you use to motivate yourself each and every game/practice to get better every outing?

So few professions expect/require you to grow by leaps and bounds every time you perform. I understand that being ultra-competitive is a personality trait to even make it to the NFL, but once there, what provides you that extra energy/edge to study that extra hour and drive through on every tackle?

IamRyanMundy7 karma

For me it comes to a matter of being intrinsically motivated, even when you are tired or you don't feel like doing something. For the majority of guys, it is the motivation to be the best. You have to have pride in your work, the product you put out in the field, because your peers see what you do on a week in week out basis, so the thing is you don't want to have bad tape out there, because your tape is your resume. There's no denying what you put on tape, it's visual and it's out there. So a lot of guys, including myself, take pride in what they put out in the field.

SuperDense3 karma

Hello. I was wondering if you had to make any major changes in how you approach the game in light of the new rules restricting contact with receivers down the field? Part of the new rule states that the offensive player can’t initiate contact either. Is that a big help to you or is it something that doesn’t do much to negate the receiver’s new advantage?

IamRyanMundy12 karma

Well, as we've come to find out, it's becoming increasingly difficult to play defensive back in the NFL. We have to follow a world-class athlete around the field and not touch them - that's a tall task. So we just have to refine our technique and play within the rules.

YasiinBey3 karma

Hey Ryan! Glad to have you on the team.

What do you think will be the most critical thing to catapult the D? Also who's your favorite on the team?


IamRyanMundy7 karma

What will catapult us is energy. Energy and takeovers. Cuz defense prides ourselves on getting the ball to offense. So if we do that, we'll be in a very good place. My favorite on the team... we'll go with Martellus Bennett.

lmi63 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing this AMA. Does crowd noise affect you during a game?

IamRyanMundy6 karma

Well, we only have crowd noise at home games. Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate, but we have hand signals to try to alleviate some of the vocal communication.

rizlaz2 karma

Do you worry about the long term side effects of playing in the NFL?

IamRyanMundy7 karma

Honestly, no... I try to mitigate those by taking very good care of my body, but it is something to think about, you do see some headlines sometimes about guys with problems after their playing days are over. You just do your best to take care of yourself and prepare for a life after football.

Roheed232 karma

What do you feel like the Bears need to do to improve the defense? or do you guys just need time?

IamRyanMundy8 karma

I think we have the players. It's just about executing. We played a solid game I felt like last week, we just had lack of execution on 3 plays, and those were ultimately what changed the course of the game, so our goal is to limit those types of plays and put our teams in a position to win.

puhleez4202 karma

What is your favorite part about playing safety?

Is Chicago really the windy city?

What is your favorite kind of car and what do you drive? ;)

IamRyanMundy7 karma

I like the physicality of the safety position while having an opportunity to get some interceptions.

Yes it is. It's 50 degrees and raining right now, and it's been a very cool summer, so I definitely think it's going to be a long winter here.

Ooh, my favorite kind of car is a Ferrari, any type of Ferrari I would love to have one. The car I drive now is a Land Rover supercharged.

winged_squiger2 karma

Hi Ryan, huge U-M fan here and I have two questions. Who was your favorite coach between the Rodriguez and Lloyd Carr? Which school do you feel best prepared you for life in the NFL?

IamRyanMundy5 karma

If I had to pick one, i would say Coach Carr. And I say that because I spent more time with him at the University of Michigan for 4 years, so I got to know him a bit more, whereas I was at WVU for only a few months, and Coach Rodriguez primarily worked with offense, I didn't work with him as closely as I did with Coach Carr.

I can't really choose which school because both of those experiences - without one, who knows where I would be. So the combination definitely prepared me and allowed me to have an opportunity to play in the NFL and prepared me. They both had a lot of talent at each school, which was always great for practice. I like to think that everything happens for a reason. I can't say that Michigan or WVU got me better, they both helped me get to where I am today.

Trace3101 karma


IamRyanMundy5 karma

1) I've heard of Geno's East but I haven't been yet. Don't know Giordano's.

2) In the league or on our team?

3) I hang out with a lot of guys - Danny McCray, Martellus Bennett, DJ Williams, I'm cool with everybody on the team.

4) No i don't - I only know of a handful, Russell Wilson did it, maybe a few other guys, I don't know many.

5) No but I know it now. What I do know about Matt Mulligan is he's very strong.

6) I have a few options that I am looking at right now, to enter the spectrum. Part of me is thinking about going into the corporate world and possibly doing real estate/ commercial development. But there's also a creative /artistic side of me that i would like to get into - some think tanks, movie projects or art galleries, advertising, consulting, that type of stuff, stuff that allows you to be a little bit more creative. So I'm still working between that. But right now I am just looking into making sure that whenever I am done, I'm prepared.

Leon_cross1 karma

Ryan, what are the chances of you buying me a beer next time you're in California? :D

IamRyanMundy5 karma

Well, the next time I'll be in California is in 4.5 hours, about to get in a plane in a little bit, so that won't happen, but you never know - if I run into you, sure why not!

mattzeni1 karma

Did you prefer Morgantown or Ann Arbor? Which had a better atmosphere? and where did you feel most at home?

IamRyanMundy3 karma

Ann Arbor, it was more like a city and I'm a city guy. Morgantown was a little country, but I loved them both. And Ann Arbor, because like I said, I'm a city guy, and it had more of a city town feel to it. Both were great towns.

WVUer211 karma

Ryan, first, thanks for taking the time for doing this. What team did you enjoy playing against most at the collegiate level?

IamRyanMundy3 karma

Mmm... I always liked playing against Notre Dame. because they have so much history, and tradition - I watched RUDY 100 times growing up, so it was always fun to play against those guys, because with Notre Dame represented.

jstrydor1 karma

hi! Thanks for doing this AMA. I am so sorry to ask about another player, but I have to since I'm a big time Vikings fan. I just wanted to know what you think about Cordarelle Patterson and also what you think about the Vikings this year versus last year? Do you think they have what it takes to become a contender?

IamRyanMundy3 karma

Cordarelle is an explosive threat. I think last week we saw he had 100 yards rushing. But it's a bit early to tell. We have a long way to go, and things will eventually sort themselves. out.

Rick_Nasty1 karma

When your contact is up go to the Raiders. Can you tell the Bears I said hi?

IamRyanMundy3 karma

Haha! I don't know about that, two of my good buddies just went to the Raiders... but we'll see.

NeedAChainsaw1 karma

As someone who lost to the Packers in the 2011 Super Bowl and is now a member of their biggest rival...

How much are you sick of losing to the Packers and would you take a paycut to come over to GB?

I'm just kidding, the Bears are a great team and after your run in NY last year, it's an obvious upgrade. Good luck this year!

IamRyanMundy6 karma

That loss to Green Bay was definitely tough. Losing the Super Bowl sucks. I definitely have an opportunity to get some payback, if everything works out. But this win, if we get a win against the Packers in a few weeks, that will help us towards our goal of the 2015 Super Bowl.

xgobez1 karma

Hello, Ryan. Glad to have you here!

What do you think is holding the defense back and why is it Jay Cutler?

IamRyanMundy8 karma

Jay Cutler plays offense, so he's not holding the defense back. But I don't think the defense is being held back by anybody, we just have to do our job and execute better, that's what the game comes down to. We have more than enough talent to compete with anyone in the NFL, we just have to execute.