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Hey Ryan, some of us from /r/CHIBears have put together a few questions we'd like to ask you.

  • Any major differences between the bears and giants? -me

  • As a defensive player, how does Trestman work with the defence? We often hear about his abilities as an offensive guru, but rarely hear about how he guides his defensive players. - /u/Radiophage

  • Which other S on the roster pushes you the most in practice? - /u/ASwan930

  • complete this sentence: The Green Bay Packers are________________. - /u/p-i-p

  • What helps you get in the zone right before a game? - /u/TheObnoxiousOne

Thanks for your time and thanks for all of the hard work and effort you've put into being a Bear! BEAR DOWN and have a great season!

edit: P.S. stop by /r/chibears everyonce in a while

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Favorite essay? Least favorite?

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Thanks for the reply!

Not sure if you'll see this but one last question;

How was the offseason training in Florida with a bunch of your new teamates, any good stories?

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Is there an option to input info from previous years so that a league can keep track of wins from previous years when switching to your app?

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Awesome, thanks for your response