We host the podcast Stuff You Should Know ( where we talk about everything from how electricity works, to the history of pinball, to whether it’s legal to sterilize addicts (spoiler: it is if they agree to it in exchange for money). We have a neat-o website (, and if you’re into videos, here’s our YouTube channel ( with all sorts of good and weird stuff on it. AND! We even have our own subreddit ( that was even made by someone OTHER THAN US! Plus, this fall we’re doing live shows in Toronto and Vancouver and hope to take the show on the road around the U.S. in 2015.

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viper76223 karma

Is there something you hate more than going to the Post Office?

SYSKChuckandJosh107 karma

Chuck: nope

bagsofsand106 karma

Why does Josh's voice not sound like his face looks?

SYSKChuckandJosh97 karma

Josh: I have some sort of weird speech impediment. From having an overly-thick tongue, I've decided.

Beeclef48 karma

Personally, I love your voice, Joshers!

SYSKChuckandJosh42 karma

Josh: Thanks, pal

Serenity_Nowver76 karma

Have you considered a "How Reddit Works"?

SYSKChuckandJosh106 karma

Josh: Not a bad idea. We are clearly still trying to figure that out now.

SYSKChuckandJosh46 karma

Guys, thank you so much for all of your awesome questions. We had a great time! Reddit 4evah! - Chuck and Josh

SYSKChuckandJosh42 karma

RIP Joan Rivers :(

Roscoe_cracks_corn41 karma

Ok, Josh specifically: How on earth do you keep a straight face while you're filming "Don't Be Dumb?"

SYSKChuckandJosh52 karma

Josh: I just go to my special place and do my talking from there.

WastedKnowledge40 karma

What are the chances of you guys putting out a SYSK T-shirt that simply reads "Chuck." ???

[edit to clarify]

I should point out that I'm referring to the way Josh hilariously says "Chuck" when introducing a new idea!

SYSKChuckandJosh54 karma

Josh: I would wear that shirt.

freakanature40 karma

What has been the most polarizing topic that you two haven't seen eye-to-eye on?

brittanyjax94 karma

The pronunciation of "Morgellons."

SYSKChuckandJosh53 karma

Josh: Haha, that's it!!

SYSKChuckandJosh38 karma

Probably so, which says a lot.

SYSKChuckandJosh33 karma

Chuck: believe it or not, we usually see pretty eye to eye. Each of us feels stronger about some stuff than others, but it's never been a problem.

SYSKChuckandJosh26 karma

Josh: That's a tough one. We share a lot of the same general views.

SYSKChuckandJosh23 karma

Josh: I don't mean that to be a punt; I honestly can't think of anything we disagree on so much it's polarizing. I will continue to chew on it though.

Serenity_Nowver6 karma

Clearly the pronunciation of Morgel..err. Morgal...

seanpatricksteele10 karma

Morgue Uh Lawns

SYSKChuckandJosh19 karma

Josh: Mor-GELL-uns. Morgellons.

Tainted_Glove37 karma

Hi guys - love the show!

What would be a typical episode of the Alternate Universe version : "Stuff you shouldn't know"?

ie is knowledge always a good thing.

SYSKChuckandJosh59 karma

Josh: That's an amazingly good question and one I don't think gets asked enough. I've always wondered, for instance, if we're any better off if we'd never learned to master nuclear fission or fusion. I'm not against nuclear power per se. But consider if we'd never created the nuclear bomb. Would we be better off? I can guess Japan would say yes to that. There are people on the other side who say The Bomb kept the Soviets and U.S. from a full-on war. I don't know the answer, but I think it's an interesting question.

knumbknuts31 karma

Did you permanently lose any subscribers with the April Fools prank?

I didn't last long enough in that episode to get to the payoff... deleted the feed immediately (I was listening to it on 4/2, so it didn't even occur to me).

The penny finally dropped when I was google stalking Chuck to see if he had gotten tossed in the clink or something.

P.S. I've never laughed so hard to your podcast as when Josh heard about the drinking game and peeled off a couple dozen Chucks.

SYSKChuckandJosh36 karma

Josh: No, we managed to keep them all, but we did hear from a lot of people who said they turned it off before the reveal and only found out later on after going back to give it another try.

tamajared27 karma

Hey guys, I've been listening to you religiously for years.

What are some things that you still have no idea how they work, even after doing an episode about them?

SYSKChuckandJosh42 karma

Chuck: Most things physics related. No surprise there, I'm sure.

SYSKChuckandJosh106 karma

Josh: The stupid sun.

PropJoseph20 karma

Who are your favorite podcasts outside the "How Stuff Works" family?

SYSKChuckandJosh29 karma

Josh: Pretty much anything in the Bullseye family, like Judge John Hodgman, My Brother, My Brother and Me. And you should check out Sawbones, which is an awesome histmed-esque show.

SYSKChuckandJosh22 karma

Chuck: Judge John Hodgman, 99% Invisible, WTF, Memory Palace, Bullseye are all in my rotation.

grapecoffee17 karma

Hi Chuckers and Josh! I really loved the TV show. Any plans for something else in the future? Also, come to Boston and do a live show!

SYSKChuckandJosh20 karma

Josh: We'd love to get another show and are squeezing our brains for another good one. As for Boston, there is no reason we shouldn't come up there. So I guess we will.

SYSKChuckandJosh18 karma

Chuck: Boston is on our radar for sure.

Superkarateman13 karma

Do you guys do the research for the show, or do you have researchers that do the "heavy lifting"?

SYSKChuckandJosh27 karma

Josh: Oh, no we do all of our own research, not just for the podcast but for all of our videos, live stuff, everything. That way we (frequently) really know what we're talking about.

Triplecrowner12 karma


Do you use the laptop stand I sent you?


SYSKChuckandJosh15 karma

Chuck: YES! It had been in use every day since I got it. THANKS!

JefftimusPrime10 karma

Hey Guys! Thanks so much for providing me hours of free entertainment and knowledge!

You guys both reference video games fairly often. Are there any that you are currently into or was it something you used to enjoy doing?

And what was your favorite console and game?

edit: Say hey to Jeri!

SYSKChuckandJosh15 karma

Chuck: I don't play much but I did get obsessed with The Last of Us on PSIII

KurikuShot10 karma

I haven't completely caught up despite my best efforts in the last 3 months to listen to your entire catalogue (Only at the start of 2014 right now) but is that young enthusiastic fan of yours who helped you guys pick podcast topic still around? He sounded like a really nice young man and I hope he's well.

SYSKChuckandJosh16 karma

Chuck: Sam! He just went to college. I wrote him a letter of recommendation. Sniff sniff.

streetmapp10 karma

Has there been an episode that you guys have wanted to do, but for some reason weren't allowed to do it? If so, what was it and why weren't you able to?

hovdeisfunny13 karma

Their last year's answer to this was Scientology.

SYSKChuckandJosh27 karma

Josh: That one is more likely than before. There are some that we've avoided just because they can be such hornets nests. Like breastfeeding, for instance. That's an amazingly polarizing topic. I mean, have you seen that Ricki Lake doc on it? It's not like we'll never do an episode on it; I'm just not looking forward to being damned either way when we do.

Serenity_Nowver11 karma

Maybe focus on male breastfeeding. I think we all have a position on that one.

Big_Shrimpin10 karma

One horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

SYSKChuckandJosh33 karma

Chuck: I would love them all and the fight would be over.

Big_Shrimpin24 karma

I am picturing tiny horses nestling into your beard.

SYSKChuckandJosh27 karma

Chuck: Exactly.

unlishthebeast10 karma

Hey guys, your podcast has made many a commute of mine much more tolerable. I'm so happy you're coming to Toronto - can't wait to meet you in person!

As for my question, what type of podcast topics do you both prefer? Food-based? Technical? Medical?

SYSKChuckandJosh9 karma

Josh: I like the ones that have surprising origin stories or an outsized impact on culture. Those and the ones where the explanation is fascinating but complete (as in, we can fully explain how the thing works in an episode; like magnets).

SYSKChuckandJosh7 karma

Chuck: I dig the history ones the most.

Superkarateman10 karma

What topic stirred up the biggest hornet's nest, and why? Did you know going in that this would create a stink?

LOVE your podcast!

SYSKChuckandJosh13 karma

Chuck: anything remotely political. Homelessness was a big one. Surprisingly.

chrrisyg9 karma

This summer I had an incredibly boring job filing service reports at a car dealership. I appreciated having a job, of course, but if it was not for Stuff You Should Know keeping my brain active I would have fallen asleep or gone insane. I listened for about 8 hours a day and over the course of about a month and a half I burned through a lot of your episodes. Thank you for making a great podcast!

In high school I was on my school's knowledge bowl trivia team. I would imagine with all of the research you guys have done on a variety of subjects, you would be amazing at trivia contests. Did you do anything like that in high school, and do you participate in contests now?

Unrelated side note, I love your podcasts about space related topics (Mars, the space race, etc.). I am an aerospace major and I always learn a new interesting fact.

SYSKChuckandJosh15 karma

Josh: We've actually hosted a couple of all-star trivia events (and lost). Even with the help of smart people like John Hodgman and Ira Glass. :(

fireballs6199 karma

Hey guys,

First, I'd like to get the usual "I'm a big fan of your work" out of the way. I discovered your podcasts on a trip to Michigan a few years back when there were still only about 100 episodes, and I've been a fan since. Keep up the good work!

You two seem pretty interesting, so I'll ask a few questions, answer any or all or none:

  1. Which are each of your guys' favorite books (if you had to choose)?

  2. Which episode do you think was your best, and which would you like to revisit at some point?

  3. Who would win in a fight between you two?

  4. What is the process of researching a topic like? How prepared are you all going into a podcast? Have there been times where you scrap a topic because its just not going well?

SYSKChuckandJosh17 karma

Josh: My favorite book is 1491. I wouldn't be opposed to revisiting black holes, though I think the Barbie(R) episode is possibly our best (but I can never remember everything we've done). Depends on with what weapons. We've never scrapped a topic, but there is a break-in-case-of-emergency episode on animal detectives that was so boring we decided to keep it on the sidelines and release only in the event of an emergency.

SYSKChuckandJosh14 karma

Chuck: Middlesex, Underworld are a couple of favs from this year.

glasnova8 karma

So you got me when the April Fool's episode came on and I thought Chuck actually left. What would happen if one of you were to leave? Would you bow out of this podcast with dignity or try to replace the other person? Have you ever talked about closing up the SYSK podcast because you simply can't think of anything new to explore? Or maybe do you two ever fight about stuff?

SYSKChuckandJosh13 karma

Chuck: personally, I think SYSK is synonymous with both of us at this point. I don't see SYSK with different hosts. And we get along great for the most part.

[deleted]8 karma


SYSKChuckandJosh8 karma

Chuck: great idea!

Kosars10thWhiskey8 karma

Chuck v. Josh, cage match, who wins?

SYSKChuckandJosh27 karma

Josh: No one wins in a situation like that.

EvilDrReef8 karma

I have a few questions, actually.

First, do you ever wonder if you'll run out of stuff to talk about? I know that's pretty much impossible, but I presume that there's a finite number of articles on :)

Second, with all the host rotations on some of the other podcasts (particularly I'm referencing Stuff You Missed in History Class), how do you two always stay such a bastion of hosting stability?

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: not worried about running out. Far too many things in the world to discuss. Stability - we kind of just found our groove.

narms138 karma

Hey guys! I sent you an email when I was in high school telling you that I listened to the podcast while studying, but my roommate listened to terrible pop music and you told me how awesome I was on the listener mail section... I'll never forget that!!!! Do you guys ever realize how much of an age difference there is in your listeners and do you have any data on who listens to the show?

SYSKChuckandJosh16 karma

Josh: Just based on anecdotal evidence from email and the like, we really seem to run the gamut demographically. We hear from tons of people of all ages, gender, walks of life, what have you. It means that being curious trumps all other characteristics.

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Chuck: we can't get great demographics, but have a decent idea. it spans the gamut from teens to seniors.

Aprils-Fool8 karma

What has been your weirdest fan encounter?

SYSKChuckandJosh37 karma

Josh: There was a girl in LA who was literally swooning around Chuck and me. It wasn't in any kind of attracted-to-us way, I think she was just the definition of star struck. It was one of the most bizarre things I've been party to, especially being the reason for it.

SYSKChuckandJosh35 karma

Chuck: They've all been pretty normal. Although I got stalked once in a Home Depot without the dude saying anything. Then an email about it.

Pedromman7 karma

Hey guys, have been listening since Chuck sounded a lot like a girl and went by Candace. What are your guys favorite NFL team?

Thanks for all you guys do, you're the best! Go Hawks

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: Falcons of course.

kidcoins7 karma

Are there any episodes that you regret putting out?

SYSKChuckandJosh7 karma

Josh: No, but there are ones where I feel like it could have been better. We recently recorded one on socialism (that comes out next week) where I felt like no matter how I explained socialism I wasn't getting it across correctly. Sometimes you just have to go ahead and assume that at least one of the attempts worked.

SYSKChuckandJosh3 karma

Chuck: we've had a few stinkers, but never anything I truly regretted or anything. They all have some value, I feel.

Aprils-Fool7 karma

What is your favorite part of your job?

SYSKChuckandJosh12 karma

Chuck: My favorite part is performing live for folks. And the TV stuff was pretty fun too.

SYSKChuckandJosh11 karma

Josh: Pretty much the whole thing. We get to meet a lot of people, we get paid to research interesting stuff ALL THE TIME, and we've been able to try new stuff almost constantly. It's been a pretty sweet deal so far.

Pedromman7 karma

Skittles or M&M's?

SYSKChuckandJosh16 karma

Chuck: M&Ms all the way.

SYSKChuckandJosh9 karma

Josh: Both!

Thoopa6 karma

I thoroughly enjoyed your TV show. Why was there never a Season 2 and beyond?

SYSKChuckandJosh18 karma

Chuck: see our episode from today - how TV ratings work!

MsPolythenePam6 karma

Who smells better?

SYSKChuckandJosh24 karma

Chuck: Josh for sure.

SYSKChuckandJosh26 karma

Josh: Thank you.

ser32326 karma

Big fan of the podcast! Thanks for doing this.

I'm curious how long it takes you guys to prepare for a show? And, what's the one thing, out of all your shows, that people should know?

SYSKChuckandJosh9 karma

Josh: Depending on whether we record two or four in a week, we will prepare the night before and the morning of the day we record typically. There is definitely a sweet spot; you can over-prepare I've found. Let's see, the one thing people should know is...

tbanning25 karma


SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: very nice. I loved LA for a while, but it was time to leave. Also joined back up with my oldest friends and family. So, great!

eastcoastdandy5 karma

When do you feel you hid your stride with the show? Is there an episode that stands out as "we got this"

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: pretty early on, although I acknowledge with retrospect to have seen a lot of growth as "professional talkers."

SYSKChuckandJosh7 karma

Josh: Most decidedly.

atlasbound5 karma

Hi Josh and Chuck - Thanks so much for all your work throughout the years. Your podcast is great. What's your favorite way to eat pasta?

SYSKChuckandJosh10 karma

Chuck: I twirl on a fork with a spoon. Is that what you mean?

atlasbound3 karma

LOL. That is an excellent way to eat it. I actually meant do you like it with red sauce, white sauce, with some various proteins, etc. I really should be more specific.

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Chuck: gotcha. I make a MEAN red sauce for the house. My wife makes the best pesto you could ever imagine. That's pretty much the only way I role, although I do like white sauce, I just don't eat it much. Also - whole wheat linguine now.

ca1der4 karma

Come out to San Francisco for a live show, you'll have some brews waiting.

What's your most memorable episode?

SYSKChuckandJosh14 karma

Chuck: Yum! And Cannabalism.

ThoracicPork8 karma

Yum! And Cannabalism

LOL - what type of beer goes best with people?

PlatinumPancake12 karma

Actually, I've heard wine is better, a nice Chianti

SYSKChuckandJosh14 karma

Josh: + fava beans

Superkarateman4 karma

From a financial aspect, which part of your multi-channel empire (podcast, web site, YouTube ads) generates the most $?

SYSKChuckandJosh10 karma

Chuck: finance is one of the least interesting things in the world to me, so thankfully there are some other smart people on that side of the business!

garofalo424 karma

What does your EDC (Every Day Carry) consist of? What do you bring with you every day that makes your life easier? Thank you for always uploading great podcasts. They make my cardio days at the gym go by much faster.

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Josh: Earbuds

sujins4 karma

Sometime next week I will be finished listening to all of your episodes and I've been dreading it for quite some time.. 2 episodes a week just isn't enough!

-What is the most difficult part of your job?

-What portion of topics are listener requests, things you guys pick, and things you are told to do?

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: Most difficult part is the sheer number of shows and trying to remain consistent in our work. Requests - hard to say. Semi-frequently?

El_Poltergeisto4 karma


SYSKChuckandJosh10 karma

Josh: I kept one particular email (I don't remember what it said any longer) in a special subfolder marked "In case I'm ever shot to death".

SYSKChuckandJosh7 karma

Chuck: it is all pretty normal actually. Although once someone sent us a Gremlins costume, which I didn't really understand.

Nisja4 karma

Hey guys, thanks for such a great podcast! I save up a few episodes and have a full-on binge every few weeks. Epic...

Anyway, do you have any plans to hop over to the UK in the future? I know it's always cloudy and full of Brits, but we like to know stuff!

Also, do you play any instruments?

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Josh: I don't play, but I'm keenly interested in learning the piano. It would be neat to be able to walk into any lounge and play a little. I hope we can make it to the UK for sure. Maybe 2016?

Serenity_Nowver4 karma

What is a topic you've always wanted to cover but just don't think you can get it past the corporate standards? Alternately, one that you just don't want to deal with the feedback email fallout from?

Side note: I've been going through a super rough time due to breaking up with my fiancé; having your podcast running during most of my waking hours makes things almost bearable :) Thanks!

SYSKChuckandJosh10 karma

Chuck: No, we're pretty much left alone with the content, which is nice. Glad we could help out!

developerjustin3 karma

Love the show! I'm curious what it's like for you guys outside of the show. Example: Jamie and Adam on Mythbusters aren't friends at all off of the set. Are you guys buddies?

SYSKChuckandJosh11 karma

Chuck: We aren't good enough actors to fake chemistry!

hurricanereece3 karma

What are your favorite bands and genres of music? What are your least favorite?

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: big fan of indie rock, classic rock, classic country, 90s hip-hop, classical and alt-country. How's that?

I_may_be_at_work3 karma

Your podcast is one of the first things that my girlfriend and I bonded over in the early stages of courting. Do you have any interesting stories about meeting/dating your significant other?

SYSKChuckandJosh10 karma

Chuck: mine is pretty boring. We were good friends for years, then it grew into dating, cohabiting and then marriage.

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Josh: That is very sweet, and I'm glad we could help you and your SO get together. I still manage to impress Umi from time to time with the podcast. :)

takechance3 karma

What are your top 5 topics you have talked about?

SYSKChuckandJosh8 karma

Josh: Barbie(R), any of the Christmas ones, guide dogs maybe, dying for sure. This question makes me indecisive.

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: Cannabalism, Duels, Vikings, Zoot Suits, Typhoid Mary

Serenity_Nowver3 karma

I seem to recall in the beer episode, you both landed on Sierra Nevada as your #1 pick. Has that changed? And, more importantly, what's your #2? Heading to the store shortly...

SYSKChuckandJosh3 karma

Chuck: I've been drinking a lot of Bells Two Hearted lately. DELICIOUS.

Lieutenant_Worf3 karma

Hey guys! Loving the podcast! I only recently discovered it but its been great listening and I love the rapport you two have going!

My question: How did you get started doing podcasts and do you have any tips for would be podcast creators?

Also I'd love a ticket to your Toronto show, but I wasn't able to get any through the general box office. Have any spares... ?

Also I think you should do a "Stuff you should know" about Star Trek!

SYSKChuckandJosh9 karma

My tips are always 1) make it sound great 2) have a regular release schedule 3) be yourself and talk about something you love

brittanyjax3 karma

What is your favorite new place to eat in Atlanta? I haven't lived there in a few years and am going back soon, so what should be on my must-eat list?

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

Chuck: Hmmm. Josh should handle this one.

SYSKChuckandJosh9 karma

Josh: Atlanta's pretty great for dining. Latest favorite place is St. Cecilia and Umi Sushi is probably the best sushi in the country.

Antonton3 karma

Hey guys, love the podcast! I was recently in Guatemala, so I went back and listened to the Guatemalan Adventure. It was absolutely fantastic! Do you have any plans to do something like that again in the future? Perhaps not a full-fledged trip to a foreign country, but another "narrative documentary" type of show?

Thanks for doing this, come on out to LA again soon! And say hello to Jeri as well!

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: I doubt it, although that was pretty neat. It isn't really the format - I wish we had that kind of time!

[deleted]3 karma


SYSKChuckandJosh8 karma

Chuck: Both! I love camping, but I also love a good book on a quiet beach.

NeonFights3 karma

Love the show guys! My morning walks to the office are smooth and carefree with you guys on the eardrums.

How did you guys meet up with Jeri (Gerrie? Gerry?) and agree to have her sit in the production chair?

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Chuck: Jeri was there when we both got hired. Kismit!

Honda3503 karma

Hey guys! How do you feel about the commercials throughout the podcast? Is it painful to record them? Do you really believe in what you're promoting?

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Chuck: I think ads are good for podcasting in general in that they have legitimized the medium somewhat. It is not painful to record them - they're all nice people to work with.

NotASmartDude2 karma

Hi you guys! The first thing I want to do is thank you so much for your podcasts. I’m a huge fan. Just that. I could keep going on about how much of a fan I am, but I do know you guys get that all the time. So let’s skip that for now.

The second thing is: What do you think about your shows being translated in different languages?

I ask this because I’m interested in helping you with that. I’m a 20-year-old fellow that just moved from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego, CA this year.

Just like more than half of the American workforce population, I hate my job. Luckily me, they allow us to use mp3 players. I’ve been working there for almost 2 years and eventually I needed new stuff to listen to other than music and audiobooks. I found your podcast and downloaded a few episodes. Once at work, I started to listen to "How Mexican Wrestling Works" and I loved it. I kept listening to at least 4 to 5 episodes a day since and I think I’m halfway to listen to every single episode.

After a month in my SYSK marathon I realized that a show like yours is exactly something that people in Mexico need: A widely known educational show with factual information and a little humor relief. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I came up with this huge plan and I hope you guys like it.

I know you guys are OK with other people translating your shows but I wanted to ask your opinion on the matter and since I really want to do this I felt the need to ask you guys for permission and maybe some ideas, since the podcast will be based on your own SYSK.

If you want to learn more about the plan I came up with or thousands of other topics, or if you just want me to tell you how big of a fan I am, send me a PM and I’ll be really happy to talk about either one of them, or both.

Edit 1: Paragraphs

SYSKChuckandJosh8 karma

Chuck: send us an email to [email protected]. Put "translation" in the subject line.

UnknownQTY2 karma


Or did I miss it? :'(

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Josh: Man, I wish! And it's become good again so I really want to more than ever before. I'd also love for us to be on Drunk History.

jackie0618722 karma

Hi! Just listened to the Ebola podcast and at the end Chuck mentions during a listener e-mail that he'd like to narrate audio books. Is that true? How about Josh? I work in audio books and would love to get either or both of you involved.

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

Chuck: send an email to [email protected]. Subject line - "that thing we talked about"

richb832 karma

Who do you guys sit with at the Stuff cafeteria? I'm guessing the Stuff the don't want you to know guys stick pretty much to themselves?

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

Chuck: they are SO WEIRD.

llahlahkje2 karma

Long time listener, you guys were the soundtrack to my daily constitutionals for the longest time.

Question: Do you regret having to add advertising to the show?

From a listener's perspective I know the lights need to be kept on and salaries need to be paid so I take that into account but I always wondered how performers who used to be ad-free felt about that transition.

SYSKChuckandJosh8 karma

Chuck: I like the show making money for our company. And it helps to legitimize the medium. So overall, I like it.

viper762 karma

Do you guys follow some sort of conversational script when recording a show? or just keep the conversation running until you are finished with the topic?

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

We have a general idea of where to start and where to end. Then we just converse.

randychico2 karma

Was there ever anything you believed in that was shattered after finding it was wrong after doing research?

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

Chuck: not really. Usually it's more "delighted"

Aprils-Fool1 karma

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: I don't eat breakfast much, but it comes in two varieties. Fruit smoothie/healthy and eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy/unhealthy.

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Josh: I'm low carb so I eat a lot of delicious omelets. I'm pretty great at making omelets.

hovdeisfunny1 karma

Hi Josh and Chuck! Big fan of all of your stuff.

What episode do you think has the most practical value in everyday life?

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

When would you like to come to Madison, WI?

What would you most like to do with the show/brand? Another tv season?

Incidentally, I wonder if Josh remembers me from Twitter.

SYSKChuckandJosh3 karma

Josh: We would definitely come to Madison! Keep an eye out for us. We'd love to do all sorts of new stuff (in addition to the current stuff), like another TV show definitely, a book, and we'll be doing lots more live shows in the next year we hope.

seanpatricksteele1 karma

Are you going to see Rob Delaney tonight in Athens?

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

Chuck: sadly, no.

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

Josh: Me neither, though I saw him last time he was in Atlanta and it was awesome.

mark49s1 karma

Between the podcast, the videos and the (short lived but awesome) TV Show, do you guys still have the time to right articles for HSW?

SYSKChuckandJosh3 karma

Josh: We do not. From time to time we will update things (like the Dungeons & Dragons article) but new HSW material has been scarce from us lately.

seanpatricksteele1 karma

Besides Pam Dawber and Jeff Goldblum, which actor/actress would you want to play the role of you in a Hallmark made for TV movie?

SYSKChuckandJosh5 karma

Chuck: Hmmmm. Screech?

rhysgiles1 karma

So, when are you coming to London?

SYSKChuckandJosh6 karma

Chuck: hopefully next year?

PlatinumPancake1 karma

Hey guys! Love the podcast!

  • Have you determined who the young Pullman is yet?

  • How many e-mails do you get from listeners?

  • Are you guys planning on coming back to New York any time soon?

  • Did you guys catch any of the Simpsons marathon on FXX?

  • Who are your favorite movie directors?

Thanks guys!

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

Chuck: I didn't get any satisfying "young Pullmans" Fav directors - Alexander Payne, David O Russell, Kubrick, Sophia Coppola, Wes A, PT Anderson

SYSKChuckandJosh4 karma

Chuck: NY in November. Stay tuned!