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EvilDrReef8 karma

I have a few questions, actually.

First, do you ever wonder if you'll run out of stuff to talk about? I know that's pretty much impossible, but I presume that there's a finite number of articles on HSW.com :)

Second, with all the host rotations on some of the other HSW.com podcasts (particularly I'm referencing Stuff You Missed in History Class), how do you two always stay such a bastion of hosting stability?

EvilDrReef2 karma

What kind of new and exciting board games have you been researching during your time in the hospital? Anything you want to try or plan on playing when some of your more inept friends come visit you? Like 7 Wonders, Catan, or Small World? I also hear Formula D is nice.

Also, how does it make you feel when your friends cheat at stupid games?

EvilDrReef1 karma

I actually got and played against the computer a bit today. I'm strongly tempted to get the actual card game once I understand the rules a bit better.