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The pronunciation of "Morgellons."

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Given the recent increase in smaller, more genre-specific festivals that may be less expensive or less difficult to travel to, how do you see Bonnaroo competing for attendees in the future? Do you plan to transition to a more genre-specific event, or do you think the gestalt of Bonnaroo will continue to draw attendance despite arguments that your focus is too diverse?

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What is your favorite new place to eat in Atlanta? I haven't lived there in a few years and am going back soon, so what should be on my must-eat list?

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I think you've heard this before - I think I remember a listener mail about it - but I just wanted to thank you for putting my kids to sleep. I've listened to you through 2 pregnancies, as well as when my kids were newborns, and your podcast is like baby-ambien for them. So thanks for that.

Questions: Are there any episodes you wish you could "revamp" with new info or research? Are there any episodes you hate so much you want to pull them from the archive entirely (or have done so)? Thanks!