**EDIT: Gotta catch a flight to New York. Thanks for hanging out with me. 'Til next time, eat your Wheaties.

My short bio: I'm Anthony Pettis, UFC Lightweight champion. I just won Wheaties Next thanks to my awesome fans, and now I'll be the first MMA fighter to ever be on the Wheaties box. Big fight coming up December 6th. Ask me anything!

My Proof: https://twitter.com/Showtimepettis/status/506892928334450688

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nuqqet9k188 karma

Have you ever been left hanging so bad that it made you visibly shudder?


ShowtimePettis144 karma

That's hilarious.

Scruffy213136 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Lesnar sized Demetrious Johnson or 100 Demetrious Johnson sized Lesnars?

ShowtimePettis132 karma

This is making my head spin right now.

ImNotARocketSurgeon103 karma

What are the chances that you'll end up a victim of the recent nude photo leaks?

ShowtimePettis254 karma

Pretty high...

BolderThanBarristan96 karma

When are you getting on the Joe Rogan podcast?

ShowtimePettis143 karma

When he invites me.

BlazedAlien93 karma

What weight do you walk around at?

ShowtimePettis133 karma


hansel415075 karma

Do you ever worry about how repeated blows to the head could cause you problems down the road (concussions mainly)? If so, how do you plan to combat this?

ShowtimePettis107 karma

I definitely worry about my health. Concussions are an ongoing problem in most sports. But at the same time, for me, my best offense is my defense and I try to avoid any damage in practice or during the fights.

Tblanco68 karma

What is your plan to beat Nurmegomedov?

ShowtimePettis135 karma

How do you pronounce that?

theflealee68 karma

What was your reaction to Dos Anjos knocking out Henderson? I don't think anyone expected that even if they thought Dos Anjos was going to win.

ShowtimePettis131 karma

I was definitely surprised. I fought Ben Henderson twice. One of the toughest Lightweights and I hit him with the Showtime Kick and that didn't do it. So I was surprised when he was knocked out.

Oswald_Cobblepot_66 karma

How many times do you plan on fighting in 2015? [serious question]

ShowtimePettis116 karma

Three times.

Assy-McGee64 karma

Hi Showtime! Glad you could spare the time to drop buy. It’s nice to see an elite striker become a champion who can “do that spinning shit” as Nate Diaz so eloquently put it. I have a few questions for you if you could be generous enough to answer:

  1. Do you think your brother was pushed too fast so far? His first fight in the UFC wasn't "dominant" and his second fight was against a UFC vet in Alex Caceres. It seems like he could have used a few more fights in the regional scene or a slower progression in difficulty.

  2. Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?

ShowtimePettis130 karma

  1. I don't think he was pushed too fast into the UFC. I think he needs some time to develop in the UFC. I spar with this kid every day. I know how good he is and he hasn't even shown 10% of his potential.

  2. Anna and Elsa. My daughter makes me watch Frozen every night. And sings Let It Go.

mollymurphs63 karma

How many bowls of Wheaties did you have to eat at your photo shoot?

ShowtimePettis192 karma

There's no such thing as too many bowls of Wheaties.

DeathNinjaBlackPenis48 karma

Who's the most entertaining fighter to watch?

ShowtimePettis278 karma

Anthony Pettis

kneeco2848 karma

Do you think excessive weight cutting is a problem in MMA? If so, what could/should be done about it?

(you're one of the best btw, congrats on the Wheaties box, can't wait to see you back in action)

ShowtimePettis79 karma

No, I don't think it is. I just think some athletes are undereducated about weight cutting.

iwantsomecheesecake44 karma

How do you like your new nickname... "Shelf time" Pettis?

ShowtimePettis137 karma

Injuries are part of the sport. I'm only 27 and I'm going to recover the right way to have a long career. But the name does have a ring to it.

Robbie_Reddit41 karma

Ever since the showtime kick do you always feel the pressure to preform a crazy move like that in all your fights?

ShowtimePettis92 karma

My fight style is very flashy. I grew up doing TKD and I never tried to one-up myself in any of my fights. Flashy moves just happen when I see the opportunity.

ldbc1239 karma

Have you ever needed to use your skills in the real world for any reason (self defense, etc.)?

ShowtimePettis64 karma

Not recently, but growing up, yes.

ShowtimePettis42 karma

I play around with it all the time in sparring, but it was never a move I practiced to perfect.

Lakecharlesport33 karma

Who are your closest friends on the UFC roster?

Who are you looking forward to fight during your career?

Favourite fighters to watch?

ShowtimePettis85 karma

Sergio Pettis, Urijah Faber, Erick Koch, Dustin Ortiz

Right now Gilbert Melendez, the only person I'm focused on

Anderson Silva

YesButConsiderThis32 karma

Do you gave a go-to meal that you eat every time before fighting?

ShowtimePettis63 karma

Salmon, sweet potato, and spinach

NorbitGorbit31 karma

what weird contract stipulations are part of the wheaties agreement (are you allowed to be photographed in public eating a competitor's cereal etc...)?

ShowtimePettis63 karma

Probably not LOL

MojarraMuncher29 karma

Almost all the champions (Jones, Velasquez, you, ect) are getting injured in training. Not all injuries can be prevented but what would you suggest to do to decrease the amount of injuries of current champions and delaying great cards?

ShowtimePettis51 karma

This is a physical sport and the only way to properly train for a fight is to fight. So injuries will happen.

ihavetheneed28 karma


ShowtimePettis63 karma

Advice: If you want to start doing MMA, get good insurance.

The way I stay motivated is my will to leave my legacy in the sport.

Tblanco26 karma

Who do you view as your biggest threat in the Lightweight division?

ShowtimePettis87 karma

I feel very confident I have the skill set to beat anyone in might weight class. But the fight I'm looking forward to is Jose Aldo.

Tblanco26 karma

Did you and Gilbert get along while filming the TUF season?

ShowtimePettis54 karma

It's not that we didn't get along. Nothing much was said. We both knew we'd be fighting each other and there was a mutual respect, we're both skilled and in this position for a reason.

Muskwa24 karma

Can you say anything about what Nate Diaz said during the airing of TUF 20? I've heard that you guys had something go on.

ShowtimePettis56 karma

Nate Diaz didn't say anything during the entire time filming. 7 weeks filming and nothing was said. I'm focused on my next opponent and that's Gilbert Melendez.

ReqdLife23 karma

What's been the hardest thing you've encountered on the journey to where you are now?

ShowtimePettis65 karma


Idrissle19 karma

Q: when you face Aldo what effect will his leg kick oriented style have on your body kicks and vice versa? Both of them are pretty unique and devastating techniques, and I was wondering how you think they'll interact.

Just wanna say I'm a fan. I used to Taekwondo when I was a kid and I've been watching MMA for a long time. Kinda dabbled in it, but school takes a lot of my time. Every time I watch you fight I feel like a fat lump lol.

ShowtimePettis26 karma

I don't think my body kicks are my strength, nor do I think his low kicks are his strength. I think we're both strikers and it's going to be very entertaining for the fans.

CHUBS2219819 karma

When you are in a fight, how much pain do you actually feel? I've been curious as to how much it hurts.

ShowtimePettis44 karma

Not much. You don't feel it til the day after. And it hurts even more if you lose.

obliviator119 karma

How much do you eat everyday?

ShowtimePettis38 karma

A lot.

deadmanRise19 karma

What goes through your head before a fight? Do you get nervous? Do you have a pre-fight routine?

ShowtimePettis32 karma

I'm always nervous and there's so many things that go through my head before a fight: preparation, letting people down, being embarrassed on PPV, and making my team proud.

sjone199218 karma

What's your favourite finish you've seen in mma?

ShowtimePettis65 karma

Anderson Silva, front kick to the face

tbrays24242418 karma

Who is one the one person (dead or alive) you want to get in the octagon with?

ShowtimePettis31 karma

Muhammad Ali, the GOAT

eagle22us18 karma

How did the Wheaties box deal come to pass? Did they approach you or was it handled by White and co.?

ShowtimePettis45 karma

The Wheaties deal was brought to the UFC and the UFC had to choose an athlete to represent them. And given the timeframe of my title defense, Dana picked me to be on the box.

joomma16 karma

Do you know of any way to tell if a TKD school is legit or just black belt mill?

ShowtimePettis21 karma

Not really, each instructor runs their gyms differently.

ThankYouHarry16 karma

How is your overall health? How many times would you like to fight in 2015? Your fans miss seeing you in action!

ShowtimePettis25 karma

I'm 100% and I would like to fight three times.

eztarget89614 karma

Hey Anthony big fan, as a Packers fan how do you think they will do this year?

ShowtimePettis35 karma

I'm hoping they'll be good. Big fan of the Packers. Being from Wisconsin, you must be a Packer fan.

FrankieVallie14 karma

How did you become such a baller?

ShowtimePettis32 karma

Hard work.

Rory_Macdonald_13 karma

How do you feel about some of the more restrictive rules - no soccer kicks, downward elbows, knnes to the head of a grounded opponent?

Do you think that it would favour you if these were changed?

ShowtimePettis16 karma

I've never fought with any other rules, so I'm not too sure how that changes the game.

undo_the_gi13 karma

How often do you train in the gi?

How much does it help your MMA? If at all.

ShowtimePettis27 karma

During the injury, I trained every day with a gi. Definitely helps out your game in MMA, it slows everything down and you have to learn to use technique as opposed to your athleticism.

ramosong12 karma

Hey Showtime, being a Milwaukee native and myself from Madison, what was the feeling like when you won the title in your hometown?

And how does it feel playing yourself in EA Sports UFC?

ShowtimePettis22 karma

It was an amazing feeling to accomplish one of my goals in my hometown. And taking the belt back to my dad's grave.

It's cool to see myself in the game, but I suck at the video game, so I don't win very much.

YDJ98711 karma

Hey Anthony, I've been doing Taekwon Do since I was 9, and now I'm doing MMA at 19, kinda similar to your path. Do you have any key advice for success?

ShowtimePettis28 karma

Fall in love with training and the rest will come.

jimbo_slice6411 karma

Do you have any other moves like the Showtime Kick you've been practicing?

ShowtimePettis54 karma


MintyHippo3010 karma

What do you think of the overall level of striking in MMA? It feels like you're a step above everyone else except maybe Aldo, but there are so many fighters that don't improve significantly in that area. Do you think these fighters need better striking coaches or need to watch more tape?

ShowtimePettis6 karma

MMA has a lot of material to learn and it's each athletes' decision as to how they wanna fight. And my style and Jose Aldo's style happen to be striking, but ultimately it's up to the athlete and their camps to decide what style of striking they're going to use.

mjw23710 karma

Which fighter in TUF 20 stood out the most?

ShowtimePettis30 karma

I can't say much about TUF yet. It airs September 10th. I will say there's some amazing talent on the show.

TheRealEchoNine10 karma


ShowtimePettis34 karma

I think it was an early stoppage.

IceCreamPirate9 karma

How big of a threat do you see Eddie Alvarez being in the UFC? Do you see you two fighting in the near future? Best of luck in your next fight!

ShowtimePettis27 karma

Eddie Alvarez has been a champion before. Anybody that knows what it takes to be a champion is definitely a threat.

SeanMac248 karma

Anthony would you ever consider fighting at 170 in the UFC and challenging for the welterweight title?

ShowtimePettis24 karma

I wouldn't say never, but right now 155 is my home.

jimbo_slice648 karma

With Barao recently passing out due to it, what are your views on weight cutting?

ShowtimePettis19 karma

Athletes need to be more educated about it.

Slefmruts8 karma

Hi Anthony, I've been a huge fan you yours for many years now and have been following you career since your first fight in the WEC against Mike Campbell. I encourage you to check out /r/MMA if you get the chance.

That being said, I have two questions for you;

  • With Renan Barao not making weight this past weekend, Dana White has mentioned that if Renan can't cut to 135 in a healthy manner, he should look to go to 145; which would most likely mean Jose Aldo would go up to 155. If this were to all happen, how do you think Jose would fare at lightweight, and would you rather fight him at 145 or 155.

  • Also, the two fights you have lost, Steve Mazzagatti has been the ref, do you think there may be some correlation between the two, or just a coincidence?

ShowtimePettis20 karma

1) I'd rather fight him at 155. I don't think 10 pounds would make much of a difference. And he should be a contender right away.

2) I have no idea. I didn't even know that.

Kookaplata8 karma

How would you feel if Sergio went on to become a more accomplished MMArtist than you? Are you guys even jokingly competitive about that kind of stuff?

Also, how do you break down your efforts in terms of training vs. PR and marketing in order to maximize your value?

Thanks, congratulations on your recent successes, and looking forward to seeing you in the cage again!

ShowtimePettis16 karma

I'd love it, that's the goal.

I focus on training. I have a great team that focuses on PR. The main goal is to have more people know who I am and watch me fight.

beastly_bird7 karma

How long do you think you have in the sport and what are your plans for after the UFC?

ShowtimePettis28 karma

I'd like to think I have 10 years left, but I already am starting to build my future. Two TKD gyms, sports bar, barbershop, Wheaties box.

buzziebee7 karma

What's your favorite cereal besides wheaties?

ShowtimePettis25 karma

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Perdin7 karma

Hey Anthony,

Are you glad you didn't make the EA Sports UFC cover, so you can avoid the cover vote curse? Not only did Gus get injured but Jones got injured as well and they both made the cover!

Have you seen TommyToeHold show on Youtube?


Why is everyone ducking Vitor Belfort?

ShowtimePettis19 karma

  1. No I'm not happy that I didn't make the cover. I'm pretty comfortable with injuries as I've had my share of them already.

  2. I've seen it before.

  3. Vitor Belfort will be challenging Chris Weidman for the Middleweight title the same night I defend my title, Dec. 6

Nairbnotsew6 karma

You're pretty well known for doing some ridiculous and inventive attacks in the cage. Do these just come to you in the moment or do you actively work on and practice unorthodox moves in training to confuse your opponent?

ShowtimePettis13 karma

Little bit of both. I don't focus on being unorthodox, it's just my fighting style.

CrazyCapitalist6 karma

Hello, Mr. Pettis! Thanks for doing this AMA. Your last fight with Ben Henderson was fantastic, but all too short! Who do you think has the best chance to take your belt from you? What are you focusing your training on right now?

ShowtimePettis28 karma

I don't think anybody has a good chance of taking my belt. I believe I'm the best in the world. But I'm focusing on becoming a better athlete and an all-around martial artist.

trizephyr5 karma

What inspired you to become a UFC fighter?

ShowtimePettis16 karma

I wasn't planning on being a UFC fighter. I started training MMA to teach my students kickboxing and Jiu jitsu. I own two TKD schools in WI, shoutout Victory Martial Arts.

beastly_bird4 karma

What do you think about the guys who use TRT (testosterone replacement treatment)? Is it cheating?

ShowtimePettis23 karma

It's definitely cheating. And if you need to cheat to compete, then you need to find a different career.

meatfrappe4 karma

1) If the UFC added a WWE-style "tag-team" championship, who would you want as your partner?

2) What's the best perk of being a UFC champ that we don't know about?

ShowtimePettis20 karma

1) Little bro 2) Being a role model for kids that look up to me.

nosrettap3 karma

First off I think I play as you the most in EA UFC so there's that.

What song gets you the most hype before a workout or a fight?

ShowtimePettis6 karma

It's Showtime by Tum Tum, my walkout song

bethepirate3 karma

The Champ is here! Anthony - the list of contenders is long and distinguished, which of them do you think is going to make the most exciting fight for your fans and take your career to the next level?

And do you identify as a latino fighter or do you consider your roots to be fully american?

ShowtimePettis8 karma

Latino, Mexican and Puerto Rican blood are running through me.

peacheslovecream2 karma

Woooo sup champ. So you just filmed tuf. How was coaching with a camera on you? Im guessing showtime was comfortable as now your on a wheatis box! What's next a muay thai movie with keanu reeves? Would you want to get into movies

ShowtimePettis4 karma

It was a long process. Had a great time. Watching the strawweight class play out. But excited to be back in my own camp.

I'm open to all opportunities, not sure where this journey will take me.

ally_tgm2 karma

Have you been frustrated that you haven't been able to fight as often as you'd have liked because of injuries and TUF? And is there any prospects at 155 you're keeping an eye on?

ShowtimePettis5 karma

Yes, definitely frustrating. At the same time I knew what I was getting myself into. Injuries will happen. It's my job to prevent them.

Homer002 karma

I've met you a few times at local events (RFA, NAFC, etc), you always show up to support your teammates and your brother.

Now that you, your brother, and most of your teammates are at the big stage in the UFC, what event do you prefer? A local show with lots of teammates or a UFC event with some big fights?

ShowtimePettis9 karma

Local event with lots of teammates. I like to see my teammates succeed and pursue their dreams.

ericsabosss2 karma

What moment in your career do you think has contributed to your success? If you see that your opponent doesn't have their guard all the way up in a fight, what's your go-to combo to take them out? Who would you rather fight, Mike Tyson or Royce Gracie? (Both in their primes)

ShowtimePettis11 karma

Royce Gracie, because I won't get knocked out, I'd just get tapped.

cakeeater8082 karma

Besides training, what do you do for fun?

ShowtimePettis7 karma

Play basketball. Spend time with the family.

FrankieVallie2 karma

Do you and Sergio try to outflash eachother during sparring sessions?

ShowtimePettis5 karma

Yeah, actually we do. Duke makes it very personal for me and Sergio while we're fighting, and I think we push each other to be more creative and better martial artists.

johnmong8452 karma

We're seeing that there is a crossover in interest between MMA fighters and professional wrestling. Brock Lesnar is even the WWE Champion at this time. What is the general consensus that MMA athletes have towards pro wrestling, considering that it technically isn't real fighting?

ShowtimePettis7 karma

I've been a fan of pro wrestling my whole life and I think it's very entertaining.

octoari1 karma

What's one thing you do to prep for an upcoming match that most people wouldn't suspect?

ShowtimePettis14 karma

Watch old martial arts movies.

ShowtimePettis27 karma

Bloodsport would be on the top of that list.