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My question: Is this a subtle nod to the six degrees of separation game, or just another shitty PR-driven AMA?

(To give a sense of scale, this comment alone contains 64 words, which is 62% of the total words used by Kevin Bacon in his responses in this shitty ask me anything.)

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  1. I'm a high school science teacher. What's the most important thing (concept/skill/way of thinking) I need to make sure my students know?

  2. Obama appoints you "Science Education Czar." What changes would you make to science education in America?

Thanks for making a show that helps my students get excited about science and engineering.

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Came here hoping to AMA with the Powerglove metal video game cover band. Left disappointed.

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1) What is your favorite Boston sports moment, and why?

2) Have you ever had a Scropion Bowl at the Hong Kong? Come, on--admit it!