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I understand about the stigmatization. I ran a contracting company and I tried to hire a lot of ex cons. My brother did 2 years in prison and just hearing the stories of the guys who had gone back two and three times or more because there was nothing out there for them really made me need to act. Of the dozens I hired, many stayed with my company for a long time and a few even ended up running crews for me. I can think of only two times I had to fire an ex con. It just goes to prove that if you give a man honest work and a real chance, he won't let you down.

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Dude, write a book. It'll sell. Unique perspective almost always does.

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Buddy, if you might willing to do this then I might be willing to invest in it. That industry is going to break wide open soon enough.

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Hi Tony! I saw you in Vegas last year with my Mom. I think I had a better time than she did, despite the fact that she threw her underwear at you. No question really, just wanted to say sorry about that.

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Good guess, but my exact words were "Holy Shit".