Sinbad. Stand-up comic. Musician. Funkmaster. You probably know me from comedy, or the TV show A Different World, or House Guest, or Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Victoria from reddit's helping me get started.

My new comedy special "Make Me Wanna Holla" premieres on Comedy Central this Saturday, June 14 at 9pm. In case you can't make it you can pre-order it here on amazon or ITunes.

Some previews:

Too Honest to Be a Teacher

Vegetarians & Carnivores

Generational Differences


Update I'm gonna wind down in about 15 minutes. So you guys have 15 minutes left.

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Sarahsmydog2640 karma

This couldn't have come at better time. I am at work and got hot sauce on my shirt. How do I get it out? Please fix my problem.

OriginalSinbad3678 karma

Turn your shirt inside out.

Frajer1561 karma

Was it weird playing fictionalized versions of yourself on American Dad and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

OriginalSinbad2120 karma

i love love love doing american dad and always sunny

always sunny character is really how i am.... mental

MsGhoulie1263 karma

Hi Sinbad! Thank you so much for doing this AMA! In the 90s, you did a sex ed. video where you were dressed as a condom. This is something I have always remembered, and not just for the obvious reasons. Every other bit of sexual education material I had seen previously treated human sexuality as something super serious and if ever discussed it was purely clinical and sometimes shameful. After that video, I thought if Sinbad could wear a giant condom for the world to see and be cool and funny about it; I can totally go to the store and buy some without feeling super embarrassed. Thank you for that! Now I have to ask, how did you even get approached to do that, and how did they pitch being a giant condom?

OriginalSinbad1683 karma

You know, it was Magic Johnson's group of people at the time. And it was always my dream to play a condom (nah, but it sounds cool). Remember, AIDS was a big thing back then, and pregnancy. And for me, I figure, if as a comic I can't make fun of it, then I'm a hypocrite. So go ahead and use me. They just asked me if I would be a condom in a box and I said "only if I'm a magnum." And I was.

JaedenStormes1119 karma

Sinbad, my mom gave me your "Funny Guide to Life" when I was in the hospital as a kid. It might have saved my life. Thank you so much for that.

When can I see you in movies again?

OriginalSinbad1304 karma

First off all, I'm glad you are with us. And second, I am working on that right now, writing some new stuff. Your mom must be a cool woman.

theArnoldFans1942 karma

I watch Jingle all the Way every December. Were you asked to be back in the sequel that's now being filmed starring Larry the Cable Guy? And what do you think about Arnold coming back again as the Terminator?

OriginalSinbad1918 karma

what they are doing a new version without me.... ain't gonna work

puntimesagain779 karma

I'm 32, single, and women scare the shit out me any 13 second tips?

OriginalSinbad1856 karma

you must think like luke sky walker and use the force with women. when you can levitate a chair you will be ready. OR just pick the finest woman in a room and walk up to her and say " i lost your number" .

his_pearl776 karma

What was the guiding principle for the reason you've chosen not to use profanity on stage?

OriginalSinbad1748 karma

I used profanity when I first started, but we all sounded the same, like bad Richard Pryor imitations. So I decided "let me try something else to set myself apart." And I realized I could say more and push it to the limit even more by leaving certain words out, doing my thing.

Joe434578 karma

In First Kid you played a secret service bodyguard, who would you take a bullet for in real life?

OriginalSinbad1549 karma

are you crazy... i will not take a bullet for me

laziegenius566 karma

How did you come up with the name, 'Sinbad' ?

OriginalSinbad1057 karma

I loved sinbad movies ... and wanted to be him, so i took his name

theArnoldFans1557 karma

Where do you keep your TurboMan doll? Did you pick one up or other toys from Jingle All the Way?

OriginalSinbad968 karma

Somebody STOLE my TurboMan doll! I think my nephew stole it. I had a Dimentor Doll, and Arnold Schwarzenegger lied to me and said that he would get me a new one, and they NEVER made them. I cried. I think that they didn't want the competition between TurboMan and my doll.

dallacious413 karma

Is it true that when I'm in Sinbad's house, I'm his bitch?

OriginalSinbad1195 karma

well look who's here... my ex

secretgman408 karma


OriginalSinbad790 karma

I am funny because because of a small gap in my brain

brandinni360 karma

What was one of the funniest things that you can remember about working on set with Kenan and Kel in, "Good Burger"? *edit spelling

OriginalSinbad543 karma

I asked to do that show, they were doing a Nickelodeon show. I asked to do that show because they made me laugh out loud. Oh man, it was CRAZY, it was funny. Yes, we actually ate real burgers. They were nasty. Somebody made 'em, or they might have been bought from another fast food restaurant, I never checked but I should have. And if I told you what was in the Good Burger sauce, I'd have to kill you.

Spec_Agent_Bob346 karma

Can we be friends? I don't really have a good question, but you're one of my favorite comedians and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell my friends that they will be replaced by Sinbad.

OriginalSinbad538 karma

we are now officially friends

mindscrambler26299 karma

Are you on your eighth voyage yet? That 7th voyage was pretty cool in that movie.

OriginalSinbad416 karma

wait til you see my 13th voyage

bustednugget269 karma

Please fix my life?

OriginalSinbad347 karma

what do you need fixed

bustednugget267 karma

How to be happy? Thanks for the reply. I grew up watching ur films

OriginalSinbad633 karma

Life can be awesome. Just claim it. See? only took 5 seconds.

Troof_police260 karma

Did you ever think about having your own line of windbreakers?

OriginalSinbad792 karma

They were NOT windbreakers! They were Sergio Tacchini sweatsuits, back in the day. Ser-gio Tacchini. Italian sweatsuits. I would not be caught dead in a windbreaker. No windbreakers here son! And no Members Only jackets!

Troof_police248 karma

damn, i just looked up sergio tacchini sweatsuits. the ones that just came out are badass. may have to get one.

OriginalSinbad576 karma

See? You did not understand.

Opiphanes224 karma

I think the real question on everyone's mind is what cereal do you like best.. count chocula, boo berry, or frankenberry ?

OriginalSinbad541 karma

i hated all three

PM_Me_Genitalia218 karma


OriginalSinbad475 karma

Prince is about as funky as it gets... and he is not from this earth? since he has seen the future, i follow him :)

CaptainFUN203 karma

Any cool stories about working with Phil Hartman?

Also how'd you enjoy filming Jingle All the Way in one of our ridiculous Minnesota winters?

OriginalSinbad308 karma

Phil and I had a ball... we made up most of the stuff you see in the movie and minnesota had a freak heat wave while we were there

larlelar179 karma

This is super weird, and I'm not sure if this will be seen, but my best friend and I regularly send each other pictures of your face to cheer each other up. I have no idea how this started, but it's been going on for years. Some sleepless night we were just talking and for some reason we can't remember, "Everything is okay, because Sinbad is awesome" became a thing.

So, my question is more like a favor, but... My best friend is named Ashley B, and she's been having a hard time lately. A lot of difficulty in her life.

Would you say something nice for me to pass along to her, or even some advice on how to keep her head up during difficult times?

OriginalSinbad346 karma

tell ashley that tough times will pass... i have been thru. when times are the worst... that's when faith gets to work. tell her this might sound crazy , but start playing an instrument ... music will save your soul and tell her i will see her on the other side.

DeliriumWigger173 karma

Are you coming back to American Dad? If Jeff ever returns, I want you to be a recurring character, travelling the earth chasing ghost booty.

OriginalSinbad258 karma

you may join us in the realm of plasmatic and chase ghost booty with us

15chainz163 karma

How did you end up on American Dad?

OriginalSinbad339 karma

You know what, I think because I did a character on Family Guy, how they kind of make fun of celebrities and stuff. I said "if you're going to do me, dammit, then let me do my own voice" I think I scared them. So I did my own voice. And then they asked if I would do American Dad, and I did it.

honeybadga141 karma


OriginalSinbad291 karma


ghanditron137 karma

Hey Sinbad, have you ever played a tabletop role-playing game like Dungeons and Dragons? If so, how was your experience? If not, is it something you could see yourself playing in the future?

You were fantastic on 'Sunny', by the way. Live long and prosper, dudeski.

OriginalSinbad356 karma

I played Dungeons & Dragons in college with tunnels, when they first came out, it was a real game, and they had all these tunnels & underground passages. I played Dungeons & Dragons dressed up as a real character, in these underground tunnels. I had a costume on, and I felt stupid, and I hoped none of my friends would see me. I would never do that again. It was so long ago... I was always a wizard. I made my own costume, I took a sheet off a bed as a cape, and my sweatpants. I couldn't go full-blown nerd, I just couldn't.

mafoo116 karma

Can you give us some awesome behind-the-scenes dirt on filming A Different World?

OriginalSinbad329 karma

i had an affair with myself

Ewalk106 karma

It's the little things I love about you, just throwing this out there. Remember these audio clips?

Just wanted to say, stay awesome.

OriginalSinbad170 karma

man i have been an apple man since 1984 steve jobs didn't know it was me a year. when he found out he had it removed.k.. hater!

progdrummer105 karma

Hey Sinbad!! Thanks for doing this AMA! My favorite episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is most certainly "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life." I'm just wondering how you got involved with the gang and what was it like shooting with them and Rob Thomas? Thanks again!

OriginalSinbad161 karma

It was probably one of the best times I've had in my recent career. I loved doing that show and would love to do another episode with Rob Thomas. It was cool. It was crazy!

Sticky_Z101 karma

You've always been an "adult" comic, how do you think comedy has changed over the years? BTW You are fucking hilarious and amazing, mister funkmaster.

OriginalSinbad172 karma

adult comic? is that like grown up comedy :) comics need more venues to practice and get good... plus i come from a cool generation

zjbirdwork97 karma


Recently, I moved to NYC. I wanted to be more involved in singing, acting, and even computer programming, just reinventing myself. Since I've moved here, I started working 9-5 to afford living expenses, and I'm in debt, but I LOVE IT HERE. I can't leave. What should I do?

OriginalSinbad390 karma

the first question is .... can you sing dance act or program? have you tried pimping.. it combines all of the above skills

shark_wrangla89 karma

What happened to the kid from first kid?

OriginalSinbad206 karma

He actually became a millionaire doing technology.

MartyMcFly9888 karma

Do people confuse you with the pirate often?

OriginalSinbad133 karma

all the time

kbd82 karma

Tell me, Have you seen her?

OriginalSinbad99 karma

I see her all the time

Bitch_Karma81 karma

My son would like to know what is your favorite cereal?

OriginalSinbad242 karma

Frosted Flakes. is there anything else? That's the only food that exists.

Ikimasen69 karma

Do you know that you're almost everyone's go-to example of a comedian who plays clean but is still funny? Was that a conscious choice or is that just how your sense of humor works?

Also, for what it's worth, I watched the Brain Damaged special on Comedy Central about a thousand times.

OriginalSinbad113 karma

thanks for watching brain damaged proud of that one

i was dirty for a short period but realized i could say much more by changing my language and not sound like everyone else

13thmurder66 karma

Well, i hate everything about my life. Why is that? Your 13 seconds starts now.

OriginalSinbad346 karma

cause your life probably sucks.... change it and have some fun

DayOldTurkeySandwich61 karma

Sinbad, as an actor, how did you prepare before shooting this scene?

OriginalSinbad92 karma

i read thru the script and try to find out who this character is ... and then do my thang... wish i had some secret ritual i could lie and say i do

afterthefire161 karma

Have you ever heard the podcast "How Did This Get Made?"

It's hilarious and simple. they watch a movie, and then talk about it. They do Jingle All the Way. It's so funny, man.

If you haven't, check it out. It's hosted by Paul Sheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas.

OriginalSinbad71 karma

i need to see that ... will watch tonight

maytagjetcleanplus59 karma

what's your favorite video game?

OriginalSinbad175 karma


OriginalSinbad195 karma

i have adhd can't sit long

NickJoe5850 karma

Sinbad you are one of the funniest guys I have ever seen, those damn steps are always so much louder at night. What was it like on the set of Jingle all the way, was Arnold a good guy?

OriginalSinbad91 karma

Oh yeah, Arnold was the coolest cat in the world.

shotgun_ninja48 karma

How many tacos could you eat in one sitting?

OriginalSinbad91 karma

two before i go into a coma

skunkworx45 karma

Sinbad, do you still have any of those awesome parachute pants you wore back in the 90's? If so, PROVE IT!

Also, thanks for all the laughs throughout the years.

OriginalSinbad151 karma

You know what? Those came from a place called Parachutes on Melrose. Yes, really. No, I don't have any. You got to know when you let things go.

iaccidentallydrunk45 karma

I am from Wichita, KS. I heard one of your old clips on comedy central radio not to long ago and just wanted to remind you how awesome it is here. Do you ever miss it?

OriginalSinbad210 karma

do i miss living in Wichita ? really

pretension39 karma

If you were a heron, what would your average day schedule look like?

OriginalSinbad157 karma

i would just nod off and chill.... oh you meant Heron i thought you meant Heroin... my bad

KingsMountain36 karma

Have you ever thrown a white kid in a pool at Denzel Washington's house?

OriginalSinbad66 karma

is this TMZ

rare_comments24 karma

How many years in prison do you think your character in Jingle All The Way served in prison for the various felonies?

Also, that movie seems to take place in a 63 hour day or something, ever notice that?

OriginalSinbad42 karma

it's like the series 24.. we kinda stretch the day out.. and he would be given 15-20 for his crimes

darcusology23 karma

Does comedy have a casting couch? AA Support?do you think its needed?

OriginalSinbad58 karma

comedy does have a casting couch. and i have slept on it many times

buffalucci21 karma

You have always seemed to steer clear of the "scene" often associated with comics of your Era. Was this just good PR, or willpower?

OriginalSinbad65 karma

the "scene" is that code for drugs? i don't get drink or get high I have ADHD so i have a mind scrabble going on all day in my brain

Deaf_Girl_21 karma

How do I build broken confidence that has been slowly destroyed over the years?

OriginalSinbad41 karma

forgive ( for yourself) and move on

Summertime_Dimes20 karma

Sinbad, Lifelong fan. So much so that I have taken to memorizing some of your best bits and doing them for my friends after a few cocktails. Royalty check in the mail.

Will you please take a picture holding the attached picture and upload it? It's me doing my best to imitate the master of comedy himself. Also, women really be shoppin don't they?

OriginalSinbad36 karma

check twitter later... will tweet it

Fantastipotamus18 karma

Sinbad, how do I find true love?

OriginalSinbad59 karma

gotta go thru a lot of fake ones first

CelebornX18 karma


What did you think of Minneapolis while filming Jingle All the Way? I know someone who had a small role in that movie and love watching it every Christmas.

Also, I sincerely hope you answer this question: What's your favorite James Bond movie?

OriginalSinbad44 karma

favorite james bond movie is ;GOLD FINGER...loved the theme song

FunkmasterJoe18 karma

FIRST of all, I'm the funkmaster around these parts, WINKY FACE.

Secondly, when I was a teenager and a mallrat, my local mall had a BUNCH of posters of you everywhere where you were like an astronaut and saying "Math is POWER!" or something like that. I was wondering, how the heck do you get to DO something that cool? Did the math league or whatever just contact you?

OriginalSinbad78 karma

Na, I was a chemistry major, I was a chemical engineering major in college. So my brother (who was my manager at the time) was in engineering. So we would always tell people music is math, comedy is math, it's all beats and numbers. I think math scares people because we call it math. Ok, so I'm going to tell you a secret I never told anybody: I was in mu alpha theta, which is a high school math club, which I hid from all my athlete friends I played basketball with. I like math. I thought I was going to be an engineer. I thought I was going to be the person you hired to blow things up, a demolitions expert. And then I realized I didn't like going to class so I changed, and entertainment took over my life. But I still like math. And blowing stuff up too.

I want people to see that it's not un-hip to try to be smart.

Jfenn0813 karma

You were hilarious in Jingle all the Way. What was it like working with Arnold?

OriginalSinbad23 karma

arnold is crazy and funny

newm107010 karma

How do I get better at flirting with guys? (guy here too)

OriginalSinbad42 karma

quit flirting ... just be bold and say what you want ... all the flirting is irritating

bigdicksam6 karma

How do you feel about Taco Bell?

OriginalSinbad26 karma

I can't eat somewhere where a dog is the mascot.

Micks_like_jesus3 karma

Is there a quote or saying you live your life by?

OriginalSinbad4 karma

l1. lead follow or get out of the way 2 . never to late to start over

Dabaer773 karma

Where have you been?

OriginalSinbad8 karma

in the last 15 minutes?

--redacted--2 karma

Is Rob Thomas still your bitch?

OriginalSinbad3 karma

only when we are locked up

WyattfuckinEarp2 karma

What are you working on now....any do you need a partner in crime? Please

OriginalSinbad4 karma

more movies ... more tv ..... my band ... my daughters band... and whatever else i can find time for

MidnightMgmt2 karma

Loved your reality show. Would you do another reality show? And do you feel the show helped or hurt your career?

OriginalSinbad2 karma

i looked at my reality show as more of a sitcom. was trying to show hollywood that comedystilil worked.. they cancelled because we wouldn't fight more

splurgeon2 karma

Do you own Rob Thomas?

OriginalSinbad3 karma

only on the weekends

lespaul22131 karma

Favorite song to sing in the shower?

OriginalSinbad3 karma

anything by earth wind and fire

kirbyourenthusiasm1 karma

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

OriginalSinbad6 karma

Play music and learn new instruments. And astral-project myself.

titanic_swimteam1 karma

Are there any upcoming projects in your future?

OriginalSinbad2 karma

yes... movies this coming fall i am writing


Who do you think is funny in stand up today?

Non-serious question: Do you still wear track suits in your stand up?

OriginalSinbad3 karma

lots of funny folk kevin hart, chase anthony , terri moore

funeralXthirst1 karma

Can you make it rain junk food for me?

OriginalSinbad6 karma

what food do you like you eat while on the pole

YouYourYoure1 karma

Do you like to cook?

What's your favorite meal?

What's your favorite animal?

OriginalSinbad4 karma

Only breakfast, it's my favorite meal. My favorite animal is a tiger.

icollectdubstep1 karma

How's your tracksuit game these days?

OriginalSinbad3 karma

Oh man, I'm just a Jordan Nike man now.