I have an award-winning butthole. I'm also an author now. I wrote INSATIABLE, which is a memoir. You can buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Insatiable-Porn-A-Love-Story/dp/0802122590/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1400136746&sr=8-1

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brazzersofficial3525 karma

No question, I just really miss your butthole.

ChandyC781 karma

Is she not working with Brazzers anymore?

brazzersofficial2373 karma

Asa is currently an exclusive girl for Wicked Pictures. I'm sure she'll work with us again in the future, but I really just miss her butthole.

AsaAkira12090 karma

Most of my scenes are still anal!

rickessa1009 karma

Have you ever accidentally shat on a dick?

AsaAkira13482 karma

girls don't shit

WarrenDogeBuffett2424 karma

i cant read so i may not be buying the book

AsaAkira13801 karma

I wanna suck your cock

Dabee6252067 karma

Hi - so I Google'd you and it says that you're an "anal queen." Does that mean if you have kids in the future they will be anal princes and princesses?

AsaAkira12971 karma

Yes, and I will make sure I tell them every day.

Shalobster1605 karma

If I ever meet you in public can I take a picture with you like Tyler the creator did?

edit: Context

AsaAkira11767 karma

If you ask nicely maybe I will say yes.. depending on my mood

MatsumotoMania1313 karma

Is there anything you would absolutely decline, no matter how well it paid?

AsaAkira12716 karma

I would never eat shit, fuck a child, or fuck an animal

slayerofscum1188 karma

If you could sit down with one famous person from the past or present and eat dinner, who would it be and why?

AsaAkira13141 karma


AMarineDogg1036 karma

How do your parents feel knowing they have a famous porn star of a daughter?

AsaAkira11793 karma

They definitely wish I were doing something more socially acceptable, something they could brag to their friends about... but ultimately they are happy for me, and supportive of my decision to do porn. We talk every day, and have a great relationship still.

Enesex1641 karma

And here my parents are unhappy with me because I'm not a doctor.

AsaAkira12148 karma

Eh you could technically say the same is true for me.

Kknowsbest991 karma

What's the best advice ever given to you?

AsaAkira12631 karma

Always pee after sex

obi-wan-kenobi-nil967 karma

Hi Asa! What was it like working with Kassem on Going Deep?

AsaAkira11470 karma

He was awesome. He refused to meet me before our interview, so that our first encounter would be genuine- with him, in character. I met the "real" him after the interview and he was just a cool guy. He's very funny, I was a fan of his before I ever went on the show.

s_w_921 karma

What is something you are fascinated with?

AsaAkira12174 karma

Incest. Specifically twins. But not just in a sexual way.. although that is part of it. As an only child, my dream would be to have a twin brother who loves me so much that he won't let anyone else near me. It's dumb but it's my fantasy.

STHTFH885 karma

Asa, you are one of the funniest people on Twitter. Could you write us a haiku about your butthole?

AsaAkira12337 karma

anti wrinkle cream not just for the face and neck! now for buttholes too

gutkiss816 karma

Do you enjoy watching your own porn?

AsaAkira11298 karma

Yes. I try to watch every scene I do. I think it's comparable to someone watching their own private sex tape they made with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Tube8_Ava781 karma

which of your holes is your favorite?

AsaAkira11828 karma

My vagina! I just talk about my butthole all the time because it's more fun.

Argurth696 karma

What is the largest thing you ever fit in your poop hole?

AsaAkira11289 karma

Probably Mandingo's dick. I'm not really a size queen.. bigger is not better for me. I could never date someone as big as Mandingo.

JeanReshCayid590 karma

Hello Asa! I'm a student from the United Nations International School in Manhattan and the whole male student body was wondering who your favorite teacher was at UNIS? Also do you remember Mr. Evans or Mr Basenne?

AsaAkira11003 karma

I really loved this german tut house math teacher (I was in math C, even though I'm Asian, I know I know) and I was trying to remember his name but couldn't... He was really funny. Also there was a history teacher in tut house that basically ran the class like a dictator but it was the only time I ever enjoyed History. I have really bad memory when it comes to high school, I was smoking way too much weed.

goinginforguns418 karma

That had to have been Mr. Siefring, one of the best history teachers I ever had. Evans was a great personality, but man, I didn't learn any history from that guy. He sure did like spending all class talking about Lake Baikal and those freshwater seals...

AsaAkira1637 karma

Yes! Mr Siefring!!! He was so mean but it worked for me.

OddEye570 karma

What hobbies do you participate in that people would least expect?

AsaAkira1958 karma

I love karaoke. I love reading. I love watching really bad television, and really good movies... I don't know that any of these things would be surprising, haha

gforge350 karma

Well now I gotta ask. What's your go-to karaoke song?

AsaAkira1697 karma

"Before he Cheats" by Carrie Underwood

mickeystamina482 karma

How do you feel about uncut penises?

AsaAkira11593 karma

I actually prefer it, especially for my butthole. I find the concept of circumcision really strange.. Like, why would we be born with something that needs to be cut off? But obviously, I am an equal oppurtunity sex-er.

Kknowsbest460 karma

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?

AsaAkira11813 karma

It would have to be Lucy Liu, because she's basically the only Asian actress in hollywood.

Rechill425 karma

Asa how old were you when you first penetrated your butthole?

AsaAkira1759 karma

The very very very first time was an accident (I believe him) when I was 21. The first time I enjoyed it, I was about 24.

WholeGrainWheat386 karma

Hello! First, congratulations on your book! I look forward to reading it! Two questions if I may: 1. What made you decide to write the book? Are you going to continue writing new pieces? 2. I’ve always been drawn to anal sex, and am wondering if you have any tips for me that I can try with my girlfriend? She knows it is at the top of my list, but I have not had any success yet in making it happen. Any suggestions Asa?

AsaAkira1911 karma

Ok you totally asked the first question because you felt bad to ask an anal question, am I right? haha just kidding.

1) I've always been a huge reader, I've always wanted to write a book. I didn't know that it was a realistic dream for me, until I met my literary agent Marc Gerald and he made it all possible. I'm trying to write a second book now, it's fiction.

2) A great position for first time anal is reverse cowgirl. Use lots of spit, not lube- spit is the best lube. If you don't have enough spit, use a silicone based lube.

reddevilvaibs337 karma

What do you prefer more? Girls or boys? At what age you realized that you're bisexual?

AsaAkira1627 karma

It kind of depends on my mood... But ultimately, I gravitate more towards men. It's a boyfriend/husband I want in the end, not a girlfriend/wife. I was about 15 when I first hooked up with a girl.

StickleyMan321 karma

Hi Asa! Thank you for doing this AMA! I was very excited when I heard it was happening.

I am what one might call a connoisseur of pornography, and I'm a HUGE fan. Huge in terms of my love of pornography in general and your body of work - not dick size. I moderate a subreddit called /r/SFWPornGifs, where we focus on the story and dialogue and non-coital aspects of porn. And I'm a big fan I can sincerely say that of all the porn I've consumed in my life (and it's an inordinate amount of porn), I've never seen you dial it in.

I have a few questions and I'd be honoured if you answered any of them.

  • Who was your favourite director? How was working with Jonathan Morgan in Caught? You were amazing in that movie as the ditzy sidekick. It's amazing to think that porn now contains references to things like the final season of Dexter. Honestly, I think you cured my fear of clowns. How fucking cute is Capri Cavanni in person? How delicious does her vagina taste?

  • What's it like being directed by another porn actress like Stormy Daniels in Nothing but Trouble? How much is scripted and how often do you ad-lib?

  • What went through your mind when you picked up the script for a heterosexual porn interpretation of Deliverance Do you ever read a script and ask yourself what the fuck is going on? What roles have you turned down, and why?

  • Whose choice was it to have you drive a Kia?

Keep being your awesome self. My penis and my brain thank you. Three and a half inches of raging tumescence, inspired by you. I've never said this to anyone before, but thanks for all the masturbatory inspiration you've given me. I could have populated another planet with all the DNA I've spilled watching your films. You and Tori Black could have helped repopulate the galaxy.

Please stop by over at /r/SFWPornGifs and say hi!

AsaAkira1178 karma

My favorite director to work with will always be Mason. She directed my first anal, my first DP, my first gang bang... Working with her is magical. I hope every girl in the industry gets a chance to work with her. Jonathan Morgan is an amazing director, and he has given me some great tips about acting, for the dialogue scenes. Capri is exactly as delicious as you'd imagine. Stormy is my new favorite. Her scripts are hilarious, and we stick to what she's written pretty closely-not much ad-lib. I don't drive a kia. I drive a prius.

Anfini313 karma

Who was the most fake as shit guest on DVDASA and could you please tell us why?

AsaAkira1415 karma

I will never name them. But it was a big name.

samhasim260 karma

How is your marriage affected by your work in porn? I know your husband directs and acts, does being in porn mean you kind of have to be with someone else who is in the industry so they have a better understanding of the things you deal with?

AsaAkira1494 karma

On a good day, it's not affected by it at all. On a period day, shit can get pretty crazy.

Just kidding. sortof.

postExistence256 karma

Thanks for stopping by!

A lot of men get their ideas of how sex should be from the porn they watch. Should there be some kind of porn public service announcement where actors tell viewers to distinguish between the sex in porn from "real sex"? And are there any “good” things they can learn from watching porn if they pay close enough attention?

AsaAkira1530 karma

I do wish there were some kind of disclaimer at the beginning of each movie, but I'm not sure it's so realistic to think people would actually pay attention to it. I think there are lots of good tips to be learned from porn, but I definitely don't think of porn as being educational. It's Entertainment, nothing more.

NOLEEE241 karma

If you didn't go into porn, what else did you want to be?

AsaAkira11194 karma


ministryofsound218 karma

Hi, congrats on the release of Insatiable! I plan on reading it at some point.

In the NPR article about the book, it said your positive experience in the pornography industry isn't representative of those of many other women and that the culture is one of emotional, financial and physical exploitation of desperate young women. Do you ever feel bad supporting an industry with a culture like this? Is it possible to change the culture to a positive one?

AsaAkira1431 karma

Porn has done nothing but good things for me, so of course I support it. While I believe there are definitely unstable girls in the industry who are in it for the wrong reasons (usually money,) I don't think porn exploits people any more than any other job does.

metrofeed213 karma

Asa, what is your favorite place in LA to get a taco?

AsaAkira1497 karma

I'm more of a burrito person, and I like chipotle. I know, i know i'm the worst.

i_amnotacanadian197 karma

About those dorm invasion scenes, bangbus, or anything to do with fucking strangers, are those really strangers that you pick up on the street?

AsaAkira1481 karma

No, they are amateur porn performers

frogginfish184 karma

How different was school in Japan than over here in the states?

AsaAkira1410 karma

I actually attended an American school while I lived in japan, so it wasn't much different than the schools here

justinisntfunny182 karma

You have, hands down, one of the funniest Twitter accounts out there. It's a completely different medium, but would you ever consider a stand-up tour? Or even just one show?

Edited for elaboration.

AsaAkira1293 karma

Never. I would never have the guts to do that!

dcsportshero164 karma

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your segment on 106.7 on the Sport Junkies last year. Thank you for that.
What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

AsaAkira1282 karma

I love reading the reviews of the scenes I've done. I like knowing people like watching me : )

myvirginityisstrong151 karma

I've always been curious... How long are male performers supposed to last? What happens if they come too fast? What if they don't cum? What happens then?

AsaAkira1368 karma

porn scenes typically last between 25 and 35 minutes. If they cum too soon, (which doesnt happen often) we just wait for him to get hard again and continue. If he can't cum, we usually give him about 30-45 minutes to jerk off. If he can't cum after that, we either reschedule for just the cum shot, or on very, very rare occasions, call another male pornstar in to do a stunt pop shot.

lolitastreaminglive145 karma

In the episode post Bobby Triv and Quiet C's wedding you said something along the lines of "does everyone find THE one?" -- do you feel as if you and Toni's "open relationship" (for lack of better wording) made you question that, sorta like a Freudian slip? Do you prefer monogamy?

AsaAkira1166 karma

When I said that, I was referring to the sense of peace that Bobby and Quiet C share in their relationship. They never fight, they don't really even argue. I wonder if that kind of relationship is possible for me?

Brian33122 karma

Awesome book I loved reading it. How was your experience on the Bryan Callen show?

AsaAkira1130 karma

I think that's probably one of the best interviews I've ever done, he asked some really great questions and we just had a really great conversation. He's an awesome guy!

Volixen114 karma

Hey Asa, I love everything about you, especially your "Insatiable" series! As an insatiable woman myself, I connected with your work instantly. It also helps that you're gorgeous. How would you recommend a 28 yr old woman get into porn? And what should she ask herself/be sure of before she takes the leap?

Also, I read the NY Post article and I'm shocked that your parents didn't bite your head off when they found out! How is that? Do you have special parent-calming powers? Lol.

AsaAkira1166 karma

I would make sure she knows that once she films her first porn scene, her life willnever be the same again. Doing porn is like getting a tattoo on your forehead- it's forever, and everyone will know. Your friends, your family, your enemies, future employees... they will all find out. There will be lots of jobs that won't hire you once you do porn. If you still want to do it, I'd recommend you contact a reputable agent like Mark Spiegler, LA Direct, 101Models... All three are easily google-able.

RexRuffman112 karma

Can you type dirty to me right now?

AsaAkira1538 karma

dirty to me right now

Sotari107 karma

Hey Asa, big fan.

I just wanted to know how you got into the porn business in the first place and what did you do (or not do) to give you such a big name in the business?

AsaAkira1178 karma

I always wanted to do porn... I really think I've just been super lucky.

azza_pazza92 karma

Girlfriends coming over later, what kinda sex should we have? Give me a plan of action! (She's an 8/10 on the kinky scale)

AsaAkira1237 karma

You should ask her!

garypenn79 karma

Hi, Asa. I hope this finds you well. As someone of note in the pornographic film industry, I am curious: what it is like to manage your personal life with your work life? Are they very separate spheres for you, or are they somewhat integrated? Thank you for your time. :)

AsaAkira1119 karma

I definitely see porn as an extension of my personal life, and I'm lucky I'm able to capitalize on it. So I guess you could say the two are integrated.

beingmischievous69 karma

How do you feel about pegging guys? Is it something that turns you on or did you just do it for the camera?

Also, what do you think are the best/worst bits and would ever want to do to your husband?

AsaAkira1162 karma

I had an ex-boyfriend who I used to fuck in the ass all the time. It's a lot of fun, for sure.

kobachi30 karma

  • What do you think the most common false belief(s) about the porn industry is?

  • You said once that you think many adult performers end up with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Would you be willing to share further thoughts on this?

  • Are you aware that as Bach is to music, Arnold Schwarzenegger is to body-building, Washington is to America and Shakespeare is to literature, Asa is to porn?

AsaAkira165 karma

Thank you for the compliment. You put me in very good company, Lol. It's for sure very easy to develop body dysmorphic disorder when you're in porn- your body is judged constantly, and you are never JUST right for everyone. There is always someone who thinks you are too skinny or too thick. I would imagine it's similar in hollywood, or in the modeling world. I think part of it is also living in Los Angeles, where everyone seems to be way more bodyimage conscious than the rest of the country. My weight is something I struggle with a lot- Inside me is a fat girl dying to come out!

petit_trianon23 karma

Any advice for a 20 year old female trying to make her way in the world?

AsaAkira1122 karma

I try to live by this concept:

"If your life were a movie, and you were the main character, what would you want the main character to do?"

It's helped me make all my major decisions.

bjr479921 karma

Asa, I would leave my career in medicine to do porn with you. Just sayin.

Here's my question; considering Bill Poons perversion and how he "gets off" is pretty out in left field, what is the most out-of-character/nontraditional way you masturbate and what were you thinking about?

AsaAkira160 karma

Sometimes I think about catching my husband cheating on me. It's really weird, and makes me think I might have a cuckold fetish? But if that ever happened in real life I don't think I'd be turned on at all.

AngusMeatStick16 karma

As a director and a performer, do you believe all the people talking about how porn is going "Mainstream"?

P.S. Asa's butt makes Angus go nuts

AsaAkira138 karma

I don't think porn will ever fully go "mainstream"- I mean , look at prostitution. It's supposedly the oldest profession, and in 2014 it's illegal. I don't mind though, I like the taboo-ness of porn. It makes it more exciting.

jaunereborne16 karma

why do you think there are a lack of asian americans in western pornography esp. in cali where it is known to have a large population? also how prevelant is racism in the industry?

AsaAkira157 karma

I don't think it's a "racism" thing. I think it's a cultural thing. Asians are much more family-oriented, and aren't quite as quick to dive into an industry their families will be ashamed of.

QU_Hectic13 karma

Who's a bigger whore, you or Ava Devine?

AsaAkira128 karma

Probably Ava Divine. And I mean that as a compliment to her.

lastateofmind510 karma

big dvdasa fan!

what's more important to you as u got older. And what's got less important to u

AsaAkira138 karma

Success is more important as I get older.. not sure why. It's something I didn't think much about when I was younger. Friends are less important. Wait, does this mean I'm just turning into an asshole?

finalsloth8 karma

hello ms. insatiable. a few queries:

  • how do you feel about curved dicks? (left, right, up, down, corkscrew)
  • how long do you plan on staying in the industry?
  • do you enjoy cooking? what's your favorite thing to cook?
  • what's your favorite hobby or leisure activity?

also, you're my favorite actress and i dig your swagger.

if you could shed some additional advice, what can a closeted satyr do to break into the industry?

AsaAkira164 karma

My favorite kind of dick is the kind that curves up- it just hits the perfect spot for me, especially in missionary.

I don't really have a clear answer as to how much longer I'll stay in porn... I think it's gonna be one of those things where I wakeup one morning like, "ok, thats it- it's out of my system. I'm ready to move on."

I actually don't cook. Sorry. But I do anal, so I think that sort of makes up for it.

s_w_6 karma

Who is your favorite author?

AsaAkira126 karma

I love David Sedaris. Also Augusten Burroughs. Also Chuck Palahniuk... and a newer guy I love is Chad Kultgen. I also really love Agatha Christie, specifically the Poirot books. Sue Townsend wrote my favorite series ever, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole... I could never pick one favorite.

le_marsh4 karma

You are allowed to shoot a scene with any world leader alive or dead. Who do you choose and why. Please give me the gritty details... I need this.

AsaAkira154 karma

I bet world leaders are horrible in bed. I think it would be fun to fuck Hitler in the ass with a huge strapon though.

King_Krawl3 karma

Got a set of 3 questions for you.

  1. What do you do to relax (outside of sex?)
  2. If you were on death row what would your last meal be? 3 Would you rather have been born with no teeth (can't get dentures) or no tongue?

AsaAkira14 karma

1) I like to read and watch really crappy TV.. Real Housewives of Anywhere 2) Pizza 3) No tongue

ok_onlyonemore3 karma

What's your opinion about the story David Choe told on y'all's podcast about the massage experience kind of maybe been rape? And what do you think about the way the Internet reacted to it?

AsaAkira13 karma

I actually just answered this on Jezebel yesterday, and I don't think I can say it any better.. So I'll just repeat what I said there. First off, Davie IS NOT A RAPIST. The story of the masseuse was fabricated. On our show, many of the stories we tell are 1) altered greatly to protect the privacy of the people we speak of, and 2) often just straight up lies to provoke a reaction from our co-hosts and listeners. It’s dumb. It’s immature. But that is our fucked-up sense of humor.

I realize that by saying “It was a joke! Dave didn’t rape anyone, we were just kidding!” it doesn’t make us any better. Actually, scratch that- it makes us a lot better, since we didn’t actually rape- but we still made a rape joke, which most people find offensive. I tend to take every negative thing, and turn it into a funny thing- it’s how I cope with the world. I don’t think it’s ok to murder babies, but I do find dead-baby jokes hilarious. I’m not racist, but I do like to hear a racist joke every now and then. I don’t condone rape, but I do condone rape jokes. I apologize for being so tasteless.

AsaAkira12 karma

Ew I did not mean to call him Davie. I meant Dave.

hotjazzinyourface2 karma

I've jerked off a bunch to you..you'll be hearing that a lot on here. I on the other hand think of the trials and tribulations of a beautiful relationship with you. I'd like to think we would make it in a vapid and misunderstanding world. Work through hard times, raise wonderful children. All while having super sexy sex fun time. You would sit on my face, burying my face in your pussy, cumming, while I gasp for air. I pull away shortly before you bring me back by pushing down on my face with your ass. I almost cum bur you squeeze my balls while saying "not yet, not yet. It needs to be in my asshole". You move your pussy out of my mouth, then climb on to my dick, which is glistening from your saliva.. you slowly move up and down, until saying you can't take it anymore and finally put into your ass. Lubed and loosened from my tongue, it slides easily all the way to the base of my dick. You move it inside and out until you say "okay, now you can cum". Without hesitation I let loose the wave of cum I've been holding back, all deep into your asshole. You lay on your side without taking it out of you and say you love me and we fall asleep locked in each others arms, while still inside of you.

AsaAkira12 karma

I just read this entire thing waiting for a question

TheGoofyGuy2 karma

Hey Asa! Congrats on the book, it's one that I actually purchased and not downloaded (can't say the same about some of your scenes). Do you get mad when people pronounce your name "Ay-Suh" instead of "Ah-Sah"? I was lucky enough to take a pic with you a couple years ago at AEE and you are super tiny (a good thing). Your twitter feed is probably one of the funniest around. Can you do a quick haiku for us?? Thanks! you rock!

AsaAkira14 karma

Asa is actually my real name- so I'm so used to people pronouncing it wrong. When I was a kid, I used to dread when people had to pronounce it for the first time, cause i just KNEW theyd get it wrong. Now, it doesn't bother me- I understand that it's not a common name, I can't expect people to know how to pronounce it.