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TheGoofyGuy25 karma

Hello Chloe! Love the show and your twitter feed. What's your favorite sports team? Do you have any say in what you wear on the show? I somehow imagine you walking around in the same look as Skye or Chloe. Dat red dress doe http://imgur.com/eMAhm9u

TheGoofyGuy2 karma

Hey Asa! Congrats on the book, it's one that I actually purchased and not downloaded (can't say the same about some of your scenes). Do you get mad when people pronounce your name "Ay-Suh" instead of "Ah-Sah"? I was lucky enough to take a pic with you a couple years ago at AEE and you are super tiny (a good thing). Your twitter feed is probably one of the funniest around. Can you do a quick haiku for us?? Thanks! you rock!