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Who was the most fake as shit guest on DVDASA and could you please tell us why?

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Just wanted to give you mad props for mentioning the Buzzfeed bloggers who contributed to the tragedy. It was too nice of you calling them journalists. I checked their Twitter the day your article dropped and they spent the entire day RTing about Weiner.

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Love your food, Roy. Been to all your places. After seeing your CNN series, I get the feeling you can take the Tony Bourdain route, but you'll be going to various hoods and barrios around the world. If this happens, will your career as a chef be put on the side burner?

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Where was your favorite place to eat while you were still living in Hong Kong?

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You weren't kidding when you mentioned that Cooking has over 16k+ recipes. I noticed your personal recipes are over 200 now. So I'd like to know what are the determining factors to have a recipe listed on your site? Are all the recipes developed by the chefs listed on Cooking? Does the recipes also include user submissions?