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Volixen114 karma

Hey Asa, I love everything about you, especially your "Insatiable" series! As an insatiable woman myself, I connected with your work instantly. It also helps that you're gorgeous. How would you recommend a 28 yr old woman get into porn? And what should she ask herself/be sure of before she takes the leap?

Also, I read the NY Post article and I'm shocked that your parents didn't bite your head off when they found out! How is that? Do you have special parent-calming powers? Lol.

Volixen14 karma

I kind of figured about it being life changing, everyone finding out, and never getting hired anywhere else (the latter 2 are the reasons I haven't jumped on it sooner--pun intended). I recently read that BANKS are closing porn stars accounts b/c the gov't is putting pressure on them. Smh! Horrible.

Thanks for the agent recommendations! I'll def look them up if I ever decide to go for it. Xo.