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Oh shit.

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I've jerked off a bunch to you..you'll be hearing that a lot on here. I on the other hand think of the trials and tribulations of a beautiful relationship with you. I'd like to think we would make it in a vapid and misunderstanding world. Work through hard times, raise wonderful children. All while having super sexy sex fun time. You would sit on my face, burying my face in your pussy, cumming, while I gasp for air. I pull away shortly before you bring me back by pushing down on my face with your ass. I almost cum bur you squeeze my balls while saying "not yet, not yet. It needs to be in my asshole". You move your pussy out of my mouth, then climb on to my dick, which is glistening from your saliva.. you slowly move up and down, until saying you can't take it anymore and finally put into your ass. Lubed and loosened from my tongue, it slides easily all the way to the base of my dick. You move it inside and out until you say "okay, now you can cum". Without hesitation I let loose the wave of cum I've been holding back, all deep into your asshole. You lay on your side without taking it out of you and say you love me and we fall asleep locked in each others arms, while still inside of you.

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What are two of your favorite t.v. shows to watch that aren't yours? Did you watch Degrassi to prepare for your role in wheels Ontario?

Ottawanna go to bed!