OK everyone, thanks for all the questions. Check out the show tonight on HBO at 11. follow me on twitter @vikramkgandhi, insta: @vkgandhi.

My short bio: I am a host/producer on VICE on HBO. Before that, I impersonated an religious leader and made a movie called Kumaré. Check out my trip to Papua New Guinea tonight on VICE on HBO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPTK8Cc_quY&feature=youtu.be

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Wernicke17 karma

What is the most dangerous situation you've found yourself in?

vikramgandhi35 karma

I'd say, most recently, in Honduras, San Pedro Sula, I was in secluded barrio meeting the leaders of MS13. Our security team was shitting themselves, but it didn't seem so crazy to me. Other than that, a Taliban camp in North West Frontier Province. That being both experiences didn't seem dangerous at the time.

eccentric_smencil14 karma

How do you feel about comparisons between Kumaré and Borat, given their wildly different tones and goals?

vikramgandhi15 karma

i think there are such few films in this sort of hybrid genre that the comparison makes sense. I also really like Borat - he was a foreigner that put a mirror on America and SBC is terribly funny. I do think the goals were different - and I think we were trying to something new that we had never seen before.

notfurya12 karma

Whats the story with the Ukrainian/Russian kidnapping of a VICE reporter?

J_B_Grenouille10 karma

Hi, Vikram. Thank you for doing this AMA. 4 years after Kumare, how do you feel about the project? Do you still keep in touch with some of the people you met while you were in character? Do you have any regrets?

vikramgandhi15 karma

I try to keep in touch with people, a lot of it is social media, or get on the phone whenever I can. This past season on HBO has made me a bit off the radar but I plan to continue being friends with everyone in the film that I can. Beyond that, no regrets really - i can't imagine what would have happened had anything been different.

DanmarkDanny10 karma

Vice has exploded in popularity very quickly. Where do you see it heading in the future ? Also I know you may be asked this a lot but any advice for a young journalist ?

vikramgandhi10 karma

I think Vice is company that's been bold enough to see the future and not be afraid of it. it's only going to grow.

DanmarkDanny5 karma

That's great to hear, I love Vice and hope to see it grow even more ! A cliche question but any advice for a young journalist like myself ? Any tips ?

vikramgandhi11 karma

Journalism is changing. People get news from all sorts of places - not just the nightly news. So if you have access to a world and want to share it with the world, you can do it with a phone. I'd say everyone has something that someone else somewhere wants to understand - so start small and learn how to tell a story that way.

afisftulofpesos7 karma

Hello Mr. Gandhi, I think Vice is the best channel on YouTube, you and among other journalist/producers that works for Vice have the biggest set of balls for going to places normal people don't go to - thanks for the showing us the real deal. First question, what's your own opinion in the current situation in Ukraine and second, how of a badass is Simon Ostrovsky?

vikramgandhi5 karma

To quote my friend Alex Kliment, "this mad adventure of Putin's will be looked back upon as a turning point in his long, slow downfall." As far as Simon, it's hard to measure his level of badass but i can say he is terribly persistent.

ThatSteeve7 karma

Vikram, since it's an AMA I'll phrase in the form of a question, did you know that I wanted to thank you for Kumaré? Amazing film, went in with expectations, got concerned near indignant partway through, amazed & blown away by conclusion & messages, did u know? :D

Thank you.

vikramgandhi10 karma

I don't know until i read this. Thank you.

mtgmike5 karma

No deep question to ask, just wanted to say thanks for what you guys do.

"Journalism" kind of seems like a joke now, but you guys give me hope.

vikramgandhi10 karma

I agree. I had always been turned off by the news format - by its nature its fraudulent. 2-3 minute news packages that give a shape to a story, but leave no real information. Vice documentaries give me hope also.

Mikeydoes4 karma

From your experiences in reporting-- what is the thing that scares you the most, or needs the most attention..

Basically what struck you the hardest?

vikramgandhi18 karma

What is the most terrifying is how little we see what really matters to us, and who misguided the news is. We know what celebrities are wearing but not who's dying to so we can wear our sneakers. So when I see that disparity, you find out how complicit we all are with the shit we would normally object to. But since its depressing, the news doesn't show it. To me that's exactly what i need to see. Our normal news is mostly gossip.

HelenVonBiscuits4 karma

Love the show, wondering if VICE plans to do more stories on the crappy things going on in America?

vikramgandhi5 karma

definitely, tonight is about the drought in Texas. And I have a segment about American's most dangerous city and the future of policing. There will be a lot more domestic stuff coming.

MrSwearword3 karma

What made you go into being a correspondent (let alone for VICE)?

vikramgandhi8 karma

I had been making documentaries and doing short form journalism, but Kumaré was the first time i was ever on camera, by my own volition. it worked out pretty well and I found myself comfortable doing press. I worked as a producer on two segments on Vice on HBO Season 1 during which time i met Shane and the rest of the team while filming in Kashmir. Around this time last year, he asked me if I wanted to host - it was an easy decision.

big_gay_baby3 karma

OH. One more thing. Can you tell us how Thomas Morton became Baby Balls, because I really have to know.

vikramgandhi2 karma

it's pretty straightforward:He's tiny and fearless.

big_gay_baby2 karma

I thought it was literal. :(

vikramgandhi7 karma

no, he actually has adult size testicles.

DJFlabberGhastly3 karma

Salutations! Cheers in advance for doing this AMA. I discovered VICE a couple years ago and have been hooked on phonics on it ever since.

If there is one, which story/event do you think needs to be heard by the world the most?

vikramgandhi2 karma

Since the world is always changing, that answer is for me as well. I think we need to hear more about dictatorships that been cloaked in anonymity, and also learn how complicit we are with evil regimes. I also think that there is no end to the climate change stories, we have to make sure the world knows about this as fact - and not feel like there is a change it doesn't matter. i think its about stories that make us all more accountable for the world we've created.

Suntelli2 karma


vikramgandhi4 karma

Getting to a location, finding the situation that no one has been to, and then going there. no matter what.

GeezerMuldoon2 karma

Do you still chill with acoustic theologians?

vikramgandhi3 karma

whenever possible. and as much as possible.

ArreoTheCynic2 karma

What was the most scared you've been on assignment?

vikramgandhi4 karma

I've only been scared when I thought we might not come back with the story.

TyrannosaurusOfLove2 karma

Not to echo the big gay baby, but how would someone get a job with VICE? What is the typical (if there is a typical) background of the writers/reporters? Thanks dude.

vikramgandhi4 karma

I think I got a gig here because i did something on my own that people at Vice liked - so i'd say do something you fucking love, that tells a story no one else is telling, without flinching, and the chances are VICE will be into it.

ninethreeseven2 karma

Just wanted to tell you how much I loved Kumaré — it was a beautiful and heartfelt film.

vikramgandhi5 karma

Thank you. I appreciate it.


What is your drink of choice?

vikramgandhi2 karma


broskiu1 karma

I've always wanted to become a phot journalist. How does one get into the business for working for such a great news source?

vikramgandhi3 karma

buy a camera, be thrifty, keep shooting every day and find your voice.

HerpDerp721 karma

You've been a nice addition to the show. At first I was like, wait where are my dudes: thomas & ryan...then I finished the episode and thought, yeah okay this guy's cool. Keep up the good work! Any chance Ryan Duffy will be coming out this season?

vikramgandhi3 karma

Thanks. yes, I think you may see more of Ryan.

big_gay_baby-4 karma




vikramgandhi1 karma

Will do.

galimimmus-10 karma

Mr. Ghandi.. did you do any illicit things on your travels? any little boy stuff? what about the camera crew or prodcuers?

vikramgandhi3 karma


galimimmus-10 karma

do you know where to get good weed in austin ?

vikramgandhi7 karma

not really.