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I just discovered Wilfred and have watched the first five episodes. Just wanted to say that it's an awesome show and I love it!

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There's a Dear Sugar podcast?! This is so exciting, made my day! Yay!

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My neurologist told me that he was prescribing Lamictal for my seizures instead of other anti-convulsants because he believed it to be the safest option for women who are / may become pregnant. He also said that it may be possible to breast feed while taking Lamictal.

I think that it is a relatively new medication, so you'd have to weigh the risks and benefits in your particular situation. In my case, I'll try to reduce my dose or stop completely before becoming pregnant, as long as I am able to control my seizures without it.

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Oh cool, what cities in Canada have Lego stores?

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Just wanted to tell you how much I loved Kumaré — it was a beautiful and heartfelt film.