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Hello Mr. King… Thank you for doing this AMA. What is your opinion on the current state of cable news? Also, what does Conan O’Brien Smell like?

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Hi Stephen! Thanks a lot for doing this AMA.

I’m writing to you from Venezuela. As you've might have heard, our country is in very rough shape, and our economic model seems to be on the fast lane to disaster. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. I graduated last year, and after 12 very grueling months, I've come to the conclusion that I have to leave this country, not only for professional and economic motives, but for safety reasons as well. I'm am currently in the process of applying for a Master’s Degree abroad, with the hopes of finding a job after graduation, and thus beginning the migration process. The problem is that the selection process is driving me insane. Since I'm putting all my eggs in this basket, I want to make the most informed decision possible.
My question is, given that architecture as a career is very closely related to economic stability, what do you think are the indicators I should be paying attention to, in order to find the country whose market or development rate will give me better odds at finding a job after I graduate?

In other words, Pleasantries and Immigration policies aside (the latter being no small matter), what is the criteria or data I should be looking at in order to choose a country that might allow me to have a more stable future, from a professional standpoint?

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Hi Guys, thanks for doing this AMA.

1.My first name is slightly long tricky to pronounce... I saw on the Freakonomics documentary that CVs with ethnic names statistically have lower odds of getting picked. In my day to day life I use a similar, shorter and more common version of my own name, because its just more practical and easier for people to remember. Can I use this name on my CV instead?

2.I'm an Architect. Is there a specific format for architectural CVs?, should I just mention the Studios I've work on, or should I include the buildings I've been involved with? The jobs I've found in the past I just kind of landed on account of recommendations, so I'm kind of a CV virgin.


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Hi, Vikram. Thank you for doing this AMA. 4 years after Kumare, how do you feel about the project? Do you still keep in touch with some of the people you met while you were in character? Do you have any regrets?

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Hello Judy.. I loved you on Adaptation... What is your favorite episode from Archer and why ?