My short bio: Hi, I am Ed 'Shortfuse' Herman ask me anything!!! I am a professional UFC fighter. I have an up and coming fight on May 10th 2014 in Cincinnati Ohio for UFC Fight Night 40 you can tune into Fox Sports 1 at 8 pm ET. I am also a father of 3, And own Trials MMA and Fitness in Fort Collins, Co. please follow me on twitter @edhermanufc

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mrhungloe19 karma

Looking over your record, I noticed you beat Glover Teixera. What do you remember about that fight,how tough was he, and could you do it again today?

EdHermanUFC22 karma

I remember dominating him for 3 rounds and that he punched very hard lol, yes I would beat him again.

Iansauer14 karma

Hey Shortfuse, big fan here. If you could fight any current or former UFC champion, who would you choose?

EdHermanUFC33 karma

Tito Ortiz because he didn't pick me on TUF lol or Matt Hughes cause he was always a cocky prick to me !

ThatAHOLE6 karma

I'd like to hear more about the way Hughes treated you too. What happened? Did you ever read that summary of his autobiography? He's just a terrible person.

EdHermanUFC14 karma

Ha he was just a cocky ass hole

MikePearsteep3 karma

Shortfuse via calf crank.

EdHermanUFC3 karma


Iansauer1 karma

I'd definitely pay to watch you kick Ortiz' ass.

SugarPistils2 karma


PinkySlayer7 karma

Tito Ortiz is a clown and a buffoon, but he is also one of the fighters that brought mma and the UFC into the mainstream. The sport owes him a great deal, and I believe any fighter willing to risk their bodies for the sake of competition/the sport ought to be shown some respect. For better or worse, the sport of fighting attracts all sorts of questionable personality types and characters. Couple that with getting punched in the head tens of thousands of times in your career and it's not hard to see why some of these guys have meltdowns in later life, like mayhem miller. Nonetheless I think it's important to remember the sacrifices these guys have made and that they are people with struggles and problems just like me and you. They just happen to be some of the best athletes in the world.

EdHermanUFC10 karma

I agree Tito was my favorite fighter growing up and it really hurt my feeling when he didn't pick me on the show lol boo hoo ha we are all still regular guys with feeling and emotions

gatorfan8039 karma

How excited was your daughter when she won the free braces. I bugged all my friends until they went on and voted.

EdHermanUFC16 karma

Ha she was happy thanks for all the help supporting I was prob the happiest it saved me like 4k lol thanks!

avail5138 karma

Is TRT abused overall in MMA? Do you think fighters will seek alternatives?

EdHermanUFC21 karma

Yes , and yes they all ready are and have been the sport is full of cheaters.

babarbaby6 karma

Are you worried about sustaining debilitating physical injury/brain damage?

EdHermanUFC11 karma

No not really the scare of injury is more in training, I've never been knocked out so for now I'm not to worried about brain injury if that ever happens I will consider retirement

mrsbass796 karma

If you could fight anyone living or dead who would you choose and why?

EdHermanUFC20 karma

ID like to beat Hitlers ass !

ChicoBones5 karma

Greets from one ginger to another. Any ginger-prejudice or trash talk happen in the UFC? Stay strong and fight-on my ginger-friend!

EdHermanUFC10 karma

Lol no, no one in there right mind wants to mess with a bad ass red head they know we are crazy and most of us don't know the meaning of quit lol

MrDorph5 karma

What goes through your head during a staredown and the weigh-ins in general?

EdHermanUFC11 karma

I'm hungry and thirsty lol, no I get pretty pumped up adrenalin is pretty high you think how prepared you are and all the hard work and sacrifice you have made to be there.

thegrassyknoll5 karma

Where do you see MMA as a sport in five years?

EdHermanUFC10 karma

Bigger and better then it is now

vonwolfehausen5 karma

"I should have gone to sleep like a man, but I tapped out like little bitch." Best line ever!!!!

EdHermanUFC5 karma

Lol thanks

A_Native_On_Reddit4 karma

Would you rather win by KO, or submission?

EdHermanUFC16 karma

Nothing beats the adrenalin rush of a KO.

NOSaintsBeans164 karma

Do you have any stories you could share from your season of TUF that didn't get aired? Also, how does it feel to know you are the only middleweight from that season to still be in the UFC? Do you feel that some others should get another shot?

EdHermanUFC18 karma

Ya I got one, the night before my fight with Rory Singer I took an old whiskey bottle and filled it with apple juice then proceeded to pretend like I was getting all liquored up in front of him he threw a fit and stomped around throwing a fit saying he couldn't believe how disrespectful I was, I think I really got in his head and it showed in our fight lol good times, Rorys a good dude and a great coach but I had to do what I had to do and being on that show makes you a little crazy

Kknowsbest3 karma

If you never got into the sports industry, what would you be doing right now?

EdHermanUFC8 karma

Hard to say maybe working for my uncles drilling company ABS.

ThatAHOLE3 karma

How far back do you go with Chael Sonnen? I've heard him say a couple of times that he's been with you literally since the beginning of your career. What exactly happened with your falling out with Team Quest, and what was it like being on Ken Shamrock's team?

Best of luck in your fight in a couple of weeks. Have always enjoyed watching your fights and I'd like to see you put together another run like the one you did before the Shields fight.

EdHermanUFC8 karma

I started training with chael in 2002 at team quest, there was never really a falling out I was sick of losing teammates/training partners and coaches basically management didn't keep up there end it was hard to leave but was best decision for my career I am still close with all my old teammates.

Being on Kens team sucked I got ripped off out of all the great coaching staffs on the TUF series that was pro the worst.


B00m19933 karma

What is fighters pay like? how much of it goes towards training camp and travel costs etc?

EdHermanUFC7 karma

It depends every fighter gets different pay some guys spend a lot on camp some dont I prob spend around 10% on camp the UFC covers most of our travel expenses .

HockeyCannon3 karma

Who's the better receiver, Randy Moss or Jerry Rice?

EdHermanUFC15 karma

I like jerry rice he won more and was more respectable off and on the field

thehardestkjel3 karma

Do you think if Dana White handled himself with a little bit more professionalism the UFC might already be at the level of, let's say the NFL?

I'm pretty sure the commissioner never says "fuck, or we got fucked"

Also, do you think we will see the day ufc Fighters make the type of money boxers do?

EdHermanUFC12 karma

I'm not sure i think people like Danas whites honesty, yes I do think the money will be there maybe not Mayweather money because its more spread out not just one guy making all the money on a card But it will be unfortunately after my time.

Iamdingdongmaster3 karma

What made you take the fight with Jacare, and be the only UFC fighter to fight in Strikeforce?

EdHermanUFC14 karma

Ya wasn't the best decision of my career I can thank my X agent for that one, I was broke and needed a fight bad reason to take a fight lol. But I also thought I had a chance to win and it would have rocketed me in to the top 10

ChrisMooreMMA3 karma

Hey Ed, Thanks for doing this AMA. I am an aspiring mixed martial artist training out of Raleigh, NC and I was wondering if you had any advice for someone like me? I'm currently on a weight loss journey coming down from 380lbs and I've already lost almost 100 lbs and use the goal of one day fighting in the UFC as my motivation to be at a weight that suits me. I still have a long way to go skills wise and I'd like to fight ideally at 185 much like yourself. Anything I should be doing that works for you as far as your training regimen?

EdHermanUFC11 karma

Train harder then you think you can surround your self with positive people how have your best interest in mind and truly care for you. I Wish you the best !

DaniellaLeto3 karma

hello! Tell me what is your dream? What is your main aim?

EdHermanUFC11 karma

To be happy and make enough money to support my family , travel the world as much as possible and inspire people.

notbrandonbrandon2 karma

Are you going to be in the new UFC video game? I hope so.

EdHermanUFC7 karma

I hope so I'm the only guy who's been in the UFC this long and not made it in one of the games it sucks, I wish my son could play me in a video game how cool would that be .

FLGulf2 karma

What are your thoughts on the Harlem Struggle?

EdHermanUFC4 karma

Funny !!!

ArthurDigbyS2 karma

Based on your experience on TUF, what one thing would you change about the TUF show for all future fighters?

EdHermanUFC10 karma

Man alot lol , let us read we were not allowed books or magazines

jrmoreau2 karma

Big fan of yours Short Fuse! How is Colorado treating you? Saw you training with my people at Easton TC in Boulder in a Facebook pic.

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Colorado is great love training with the Easton crew great bunch

horseradishfistfight2 karma

Other than not getting picked by Tito, how was the TUF experience? Would you do it all over again? If you could've been coached by anyone in the world, who'd it be?

EdHermanUFC5 karma

The experience was good for my career, yes I'd do it again hopefully with a better coaching staff lol, man I'm not sure there is some great coaches out there I've worked with some of the greats but am still always looking to improve my skills.

NLPEI2 karma

Do you have a favorite zombie film?

EdHermanUFC5 karma

Not really a zombie guy I like the walking dead but more of the how you would survive if the world went in to Kayos aspect.

iorgfeflkd2 karma

Why do you think, besides you, Ken Shamrock's team did so poorly on TUF?

EdHermanUFC4 karma

Because half the guys weren't experienced enough and we had a the most un experienced coaching staff in history except ken who was never there .

iorgfeflkd2 karma

Unrelated question: are you Jewish?

EdHermanUFC4 karma

No im am a spiritual person but no religious affiliation I enjoy reading the differences in religious beliefs and how they affected our history and current events

e6c2 karma

Ed, there seems to be a lot of confusion about fighter's pay, can you clear some of it up for us? How does sponsorship really work? Do you go out looking for sponsors or do they come to you? How much does it cost to sponsor a fighter? Where does the bulk of a fighters income come from: fighting, sponsors, instructing, public appearances etc..

EdHermanUFC6 karma

Sponsorships are at an all time low for mid tier ufc guys like me it's pretty bad, my agent dose most of the leg work by I search for my own as well threw personal contacts and local connections it can be as low as 500$ some sponsors are even offering less is pretty ridiculous the minimums used To be like 2 or 3 k for each sponsor, prob 80% of my income comes from my fight purse right now.

CapaciousRichards2 karma

What other MMA programs do you follow? I love the Bellator championships, but I notice a majority only follow UFC. Is there any room in MMA for smaller competitions, or is UFC going to end up completely dominating the sport? Good luck BTW!

EdHermanUFC4 karma

I follow a lot of organizations mainly because teammates, friend, or to see how Guys i competed against are doing and I'm a fan of the sport in general that's how I got in to it in the first place.

There's most defiantly room for smaller organizations but yes UFC will continue to dominate they have the majority of the best fighters and pay the most.

FedorDosGracies2 karma

When you step into the cage, are you still feeling the effect of your weight cut?

EdHermanUFC5 karma

Not usually I am bigger then ever and make weight easier each time we got it down to a science I have made the mistake of rehydrating or using the wrong minerals or IV vitamins that my body didn't like and felt sluggish and fought like crap.

MyBigLang2 karma

Hey Ed, what did you think of the fights last night, and what fight in the future are you most excited for?

EdHermanUFC5 karma

I didn't watch the fights last night we had 8 fighters from my gym Trials MMA fight yesterday we went 6-2.good night night for us, but I was hoping Texiara would win, and my next fight may 10th

ningrim2 karma

if someone hasn't seen you fight, which of your fights would you want them to see first?

EdHermanUFC7 karma

Maybe the fight vs kyle noke I was able to show off some of my jujitsu skills

Dag3rn2 karma

Shortfuse, big fan here! My question is what advice would you give to someone looking to get into mma and professional fighting?

EdHermanUFC4 karma

Start training for the enjoyment of it first no one starts playing basketball because they think there going to make it to the NBA they do it because its fun, if your already an aspiring martial artist or wrestler and the skills are there find a good camp with solid people who have your best interest in mind .

keithsardine2 karma

Who would you say the toughest guy you've ever fought was keeping in mind that you never had the opportunity to stand toe-to-toe and chin-to-chin with yours truly, the Queen of Clean Keith Sardine?

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Lol nice!! Prob Jacara or Texiera

micajoeh1 karma

How can You, and other MMA/UFC Fighters take such a beating?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

I don't know I've never taking a beating , I mean I've been beat and in some wars but no one has ever beating me to a pulp or knocked me out. But yes I understand your point this sport Is not for every one and you have to pretty dam tough to make it in this sport.

reallydumb4real1 karma

Whats up ed.

How have you seen mma/the UFC change since you were on TUF? Maybe in terms of fans or how fighters are treated or anything else.

Thanks for your time!

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Just the general knowledge and acceptance about the sport has grown so much, when people say are u watching fights tonight they are talking about MMA not boxing.

apokillypse1 karma

For some reason, I thought you were the dude who said BJJ wasn't effective and got armbarred by Noguiera. haha

EdHermanUFC4 karma

Ya not me that was Dave Herman's dumb ass more then half of my wins are by submission lol

jamiezero1 karma

Who chose your nickname? We're there any other nickname options you were thinking about? Who has the most bizarre nickname? Who has the best?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

My good friend Chris Leben gave me the nick name because I used to have a really short temper when we were younger, I tried iron man eddie Herman looking back that would have been pretty bad lol. one of the funniest was Eddie the bath room ellis lol, worst is prob ricky the horror story lol.

jamiezero1 karma

Haha awesome! How's Chris Leben been recently?

If it had come up, would you have fought him in the UFC? There seems to be a divide between fighters on whether they'd fight training partners or friends.

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Not a chance we always said we wouldn't fight we were more like brothers we agreed that the only way would be if one of was champ and the other #1 contender and we got a million bucks each witch at the time was un heard of money for MMA lol

jamiezero1 karma

Makes sense!

What's your opinion on changes to MMA rules that some fans talk about, like no time limits, or allowing soccer kicks?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Not a fan of either

UnoriginalNickname1 karma

I don't like weight cutting. I think fighters should make weight right before they enter the cage. What do you think about the idea of mat side weigh ins?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

sounds dangerous people would still try and cut weight

UnoriginalNickname1 karma

The current system of weight cutting is dangerous too.

Mat side weigh ins would eliminate the motivation to cut because fighters wouldn't have any time to recover and thus they couldn't try to fight 10-20 pounds heavier than their opponent.

EdHermanUFC2 karma

A lot of guys do it much more healthy than u know its not the old don't eat or drink for a week bs like in high school wrestling I eat dinner the night before and breakfast the day of shit i had a steak last night and I have to make weight in less then 2 weeks , the cut still sucks but there's definitely an art to it, its just part of one on one competition if u don't compete its hard to comprehend

Cherokee541 karma

Hardest hit ever sustained?

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Prob Clifford Starks smashed my orbital and sinus cavity ouch but I still won the fight yaya.

Butterbawls1 karma

what do you think of the trt ban? Do you support the use for some athletes and not for others?

EdHermanUFC5 karma

I absolutely agree with the ban, its bull shit its a way for guys to cheat i was vary happy about the ban they need to start test more and for HGH as well.

TheRewardIsCheese1 karma

What's the worst injury you've sustained during your career?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

ACL tear in my knee.

attacktheradical1 karma

Prime Fedor vs Cain under Pride rules. Who wins and how?

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Cain all day American GNP

My_Password_is_This1 karma

I just started BJJ October '13, any advice? Not looking to get incredible, just have fun. I think I missed my prime to start thinking serious (I'm 20)

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Lol u have plenty of time to get serious I didn't start tell I was 21 my advice is have fun take your time and enjoy , it will change your life.

ortoPi1ot1 karma

hey Ed, big fan from TUF days.
no question, just wishin you all the best man!

EdHermanUFC2 karma


marvin_nash1 karma

Ed, how do you feel about Leben's recent retirement? You guys were long time teammates right? Also what's your opinion on the UFC pay scale? It has been highly criticized recently by the media and former UFC fighters.

EdHermanUFC4 karma

I think it was a smart decision I didnt wanna see him suffer any serous injurys we are still super close and he's doing great he will be in my corner for my up coming ufc fight, I think we deserve to get paid more yes but I'm not gonna complain I make a fair living I do think we deserve some sort of retirement and long term medical coverage.

MizterUltimaman1 karma

What do you have to say about your journey towards joining the UFC?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

It was cool I had a lot of tough fights to preparing me for the UFC .

buchanasaurus_rex1 karma


EdHermanUFC3 karma

training with guys like couture, hendo, lindland and Evan tanner so early in my career was pretty cool and yes I stay in touch with quite a few of the guys plus I see alot of them in the fight game at different shows we had a lot lot of Great guys out there for different stints. Ya Colorado is great lots of good people to train with.

JCoxRocks1 karma

If you had to fight any one of these fighters in their prime, who would you choose and why:

BJ Penn

Anderson Silva

George St Pierre

Jon Bones Jones

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Anderson silva because he was the champ during most of my career so far and I always thought my style would match up well with him.

Lordofthegoons1 karma

What's your favorite/most successful KO combo or setup?

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Dirty boxing/ upper cuts

aolostmaiden1 karma

Just wanted to say mad props to you Ed. In one of your fights, about 5 or so years ago, around the ultimate fighter days, I saw you get out of a sunk in rear naked choke. The poise that you had while on your back getting choked out was impressive, as well as the skill to escape and the balls to not tap out.

I gotta say, one of the best examples of technique I've seen. Big fan dude!

EdHermanUFC2 karma


NoFaceKillah1 karma

What do you do during down time when Ur nor training for a fight. Like your hobbies and such?

Just wanted to say I've followed Ur career since the TUF days and honestly congratulate u on being with the UFC for so long. Keep doing what you're doing and good luck on the rest of career/upcoming fight bro.

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Well thank you for the support. I enjoy Traveling, eating different food, spending time with my family, snowboarding, ridding Quads and dirt bikes, camping, hiking, drinking good beer and whiskey having a good time with my friends. Regular guy stuff haha

EdHermanUFC2 karma

And watching football lol.

amebix7201 karma

Who is your favorite current champ as a fighter?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Jose Aldo is fun to watch

evlgns1 karma

Hey Ed! Thanks for doing the AMA when you aren't training / fighting what else do you like to do with your time , hobbies etc.

You ever thought about using the red by Chevelle as entrance music lol.

EdHermanUFC2 karma

I enjoy Traveling, eating different food, spending time with my family, snowboarding, ridding Quads and dirt bikes, camping, hiking, drinking good beer and whiskey having a good time with my friends. Regular guy stuff haha and of coarse watching football GO SEAHAWKS !!

Not familiar with that song all check it out , think im coming out to lynard synard, simple man next fight.

jigsawkane1 karma

Of the two guys involved in the PPV opener last night (Holloway and Fili) who goes further in the UFC? I thought (and still think) that Fili has a way higher ceiling than Holloway, but Holloway had the experience edge.

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Ya I meet fili a few times he was a cool kid I hope he dose well.

johnnyshotclock1 karma

Hey Ed, who's the best up and comer coming out of your gym?

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Man that's tuff one right now prob Kris Hocum or female amateur Samantha Gilliland is gonna be really good.

wilsonmma1 karma

have you ever loss any teeth?!

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Yes my front 2 in a car accident when I was 15 I got implants that eventually wore out and I'm in the process of getting them replace not fun.

SISURita1 karma

What about in a fight?

EdHermanUFC1 karma


wantsomechips1 karma

Good AMA man, you're answering a shit ton of questions.

You're going to get a lot of reddit street cred for this.

EdHermanUFC4 karma

Lol day off on the couch relaxing no prob

U-Volt1 karma

I will be there in Cinci cage side to cheer you on! Good luck!

EdHermanUFC2 karma


I_Am_Intoxicated1 karma

What's your favorite beer?

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Man that's always changing all name some classics, geniuses, negra modelo, Amstel ( out of the tap in Europe ), some local faves 90 shilling, widmeir heifeweizen

Garchomp991 karma

calmly rushes in Holy shit. Uhm, as someone is who actively pursuing a career in MMA, what advice do you have? I am actively participating in grappling tournaments, hold a Green Belt in Goshin Do Karate and a Level 1 in Hayastan Grappling (similar to a Blue Belt in BJJ). Thank you!

EdHermanUFC1 karma

Enjoy the ride surround your self with positive people who have your best interest in mind train hard but smart listen to your body!!

My_Password_is_This1 karma

Did you watch the fights last night?

EdHermanUFC3 karma


duckmurderer1 karma

Not a question but a demand:

Make this your entrance theme:

edit: full song here:

EdHermanUFC3 karma


Odin0431 karma

I'm going to be seeing you fight in Cincinnati, you planning on having an after party?

EdHermanUFC1 karma

Yes working on it not sure yet but all post on my twitter when I know !

shwarma_heaven1 karma

So a personal question - and please refrain if too personal: what would you say that you gross and net at the end of the year as a professional UFC fighter of your level? Could you go into the costs a little?

We have all heard numbers thrown around about the top guys. It might help some of the up and comers if they knew the considerations of someone grinding their way up.

EdHermanUFC2 karma

It depends a lot on win or lose and if I grab a performance bonus I make a little under 100k with a win and sponsors half that with a loss every body knows the performance bonuses are 50k now that's before taxes and training cost and then depends how healthy you are how many times I can fight a year typically 2 or 3 times a year for me, this is all public recorded they release every ones pay after each card. Training cost can be around 20% and then another 25% in tax after right offs, you can do the math I've had really good years and ruff ones living pay check to pay check like every one else lol. But theres guys making a lot more and there's guys making a lot less !

Ac3zzzz1 karma

What are your thoughts on Joe Lauzon?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

He's a bad ass

kubryk1 karma

Hey Ed ... what's it like to see the kids on TUF now after you were a part of some of the integral moments that built TUF into what it is now?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

There's really athletic tough dudes coming up excited to see how the season pans out.

onehundredtwo1 karma

Just wanted to say good luck in your fight!

EdHermanUFC3 karma


Gmckitrick1 karma

eh man. whatd ya think if the jones v texiera fight last night?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

I didn't watch heard jones dominated figured that might happen.

mackavelli1 karma

How much do you usually weigh in the cage at fight time?

EdHermanUFC4 karma

205 ish

OneManGOONsquad1 karma

What's your favorite meal(s) when not training?

Also, how did you feel when Dana gave you a contract at the finale, too?

EdHermanUFC5 karma

Lol is it clique to say pizza and beer ha, na prob a fat juicy Bone in rib eye!! At the time I was still super upset I lost it set in later and I was vary happy and thankful.

amgrulz1 karma

Do not confuse Ed Herman with Ed Herrmann.

EdHermanUFC3 karma


JonnyBoomBots1 karma

How often do you get one those mythical "undisclosed bonuses"? Are they awesome?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Iv never gotten a mythical one lol got a few small ones over the years but they tend to keep getting smaller.

Ai_of_Vanity1 karma

Who do think is gonna win out of Weidman and Machida?

EdHermanUFC3 karma

Man should be good prob Weidman but machida is a bad man!

shwarma_heaven1 karma

How many fighters do you think are juicing without a TRT? Without naming names, how many are main card guys?

EdHermanUFC2 karma

Prob at least 50% prob closer to 75% main card guys but hard to say. im proud to say I've done it all these years all natural.