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I believe he is drawing the distinction between the soldiers of the wehrmacht - the regular German army - and the SS - the more elite 'stormtroopers' who were the primary executors of the holocaust.

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Believe me, I know all about Babi Yar. That's where we lost most of my family.

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My family and I have really always been interested in doing something like this - for the last few years there's been an email thread going around where we send each other articles, suggestions, reviews of equipment, and pass around realty listings of land plots for consideration. We've made minor progress - stockpiling goods for emergencies, I got EMT training, my sister worked on a farm for a summer, my brother's a boy scout and a 'budding marksman', etc. But we still live relatively normal suburban lives otherwise, and sometimes I wonder if this is like an elaborate role playing game that we'll never actually go through with.

So my main question is this: how did you ultimately decide to bite the bullet? What makes a dream like this into a reality?

And then I have a few practical questions, if you have the chance:

1) You mention that you don't have a car, and I was wondering what the benefit of this is other than a gesture. It seems to me that having a car provides an important option in a crisis, even if you don't use it frivolously.

2) How does your son feel about being so far removed from his peers? Are you concerned about his ability to date/ get married/ give you grandchildren in isolation?

3) Ideally, is there something you would have built or brought that would make the experience easier/ more comfortable? I'm thinking Barbies Dream Compound here, sky's the limit.

4) Are you, at the point, fully sustainable? Or are there things you still need from 'the world'?

5) Medical emergencies aside, how would you deal with chronic illness out there? This is a real concern for me as I consider moving forward - I have Crohn's Disease, and I'm in remission which means it's not a crisis, but I still do need to take a lot of medicine daily, and follow up with doctors/ blood work with some regularity. Would your lifestyle be able to accommodate something like this? I realize getting Crohn's is unlikely, but as you guys get older, it's not unreasonable to expect some problems may arise.

6) I'd be super grateful for any other advice/wisdom!

Thanks for coming here, and best of luck!

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Congratulations on your daughter's successes! It seems like it's becoming harder and harder to ignore the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and hopefully public policy will continue changing to reflect this.

I recognize that your daughter's condition is severe enough that the MM would be worthwhile regardless, but I was wondering if you feel like she's intoxicated all the time now, or if her body's becoming used to it? I have Crohn's Disease, and medical marijuana treatments are gaining a lot of traction for us, but I really don't like feeling high. I guess I was wondering, if you have a sense for it, what the expectation is for long term marijuana at therapeutic doses in that regard?

Also, how does your daughter consume it? In food/vaporizer/marinol?

Thanks. I hope she continues to improve!

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Are you worried about sustaining debilitating physical injury/brain damage?