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I hear what you're saying when you mention you don't have time to get help, but talking to Someone - kinda like a debrief might help you later on when you plan on talking to someone about it more. You could get some advice on things that you might not know are coming...if even at all. No question, but like the idea of phones being turned off in cars!

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The footage in the vimeo link is really well shot. Do you find that the camera that you used needs a lot of different lenses to be effective, in general, not just for this particular shoot?

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From what you've seen so far with how things have progressed, what do you see coming next?

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How was shooting the movie most different from shooting the tv show?

Was there anything you were allowed to do with the movie that you couldn't do with the show, or vice versa?

Were there any jokes or stories that was planned for the script that the network said you guys COULDN'T do?

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That's crazy! When he got the DNA stuff, what was done publicly by law enforcement to essentially say he's not a bad guy? You'd think for everything he'd gone through, it's only right for them to do something like that!