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Also there could be a selection bias in that not as many conservative people signed up for genetic testing. Who knows how many more half siblings there are out there.

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I’d be willing to bet that 23andMe me customers are above average intelligence as well and also people that use donors. I’m sure your bio dad genetics played a part too but it’s just one of many.

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Has the weather been easier to deal with in Europe compared to your home country? I would think a place people consider gloomy would be ideal for you. Something like United Kingdom or Seattle.

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Hi Suki, I enjoyed your ted talk!

I wanted to ask if you lived in constant fear while under cover knowing that if you got caught you would most likely get treated as a spy and sent to a labor camp. Were there ever any close calls?

What are the N Koreans view of S Korea and the S Korean people? Are they aware of the larger wealth discrepancy between the two countries?

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Do you worry about sustaining permanent injuries (such as wearing of the cartilage)? I would think this is very hard on your knees, especially the running part.

For people that do these races regularly, are they in better shape in old age (because of the cardio benefit) or worse (because of accumulation of injuries)?

How old are you?