Whatsup Redditors!!! We are Satchel and Stix Zadinia from the world famous Steel Panther. Also known as, the greatest rock band of all time. We just released our killer new album, ALL YOU CAN EAT, which you can grab right here :http://www.steelpantherrocks.com We also have the best original YouTube series EVER called SP TV. Check it: http://www.youtube.com/steelpantherrocks


PROOF: Satchel: https://twitter.com/Steel_Panther/status/458328493026074624/photo/1

Stix Zadinia: https://twitter.com/Steel_Panther/status/458327956545208320

THANK YOU SO MUCH, FANTHERS!! Satchel & Stix LOVE YOU. That was a great time. See you SOON.

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KappaKingPrime455 karma

If this post gets top upvotes I will show my tits with Steel Panther ink on them.

WeAreSteelPanther80 karma

Lets go!-Stix

meterburn92 karma

Satchel : Do you ever feel bitter about all those guitarists from the 80's who built their entire careers from ripping off your guitar licks?

WeAreSteelPanther140 karma

I get more pussy than most of those dudes, so... no. Satchel

Milan0653 karma

What are your thoughts on Condoms?

WeAreSteelPanther180 karma

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said condoms!!

Guie_LeDouche49 karma

Any chance in doing a music video with Katy Perry? Maybe get her topless? Please?

WeAreSteelPanther188 karma

I did a video with her once. There was no music in it though. Satchel

dogforbid48 karma

It would be my honor to have you guys run a train on my wife. Can we set this up?

WeAreSteelPanther84 karma

Yes. We can totally set this up. First, we need to see a picture of your wife.-Stix

Guacotacos42 karma

Being that Steel Panther disappeared for 20 years, and you guys maintained your devilishly epic looks , I theorize that Steel Panther had accidently stumbled into a cryogenics lab at some point in 1988 while on some crazy multi-day bender. I mean, look at Axl Rose, what the hell happened!? What was the first thing upon awakening that astounded you guys?

In all seriousness though, how difficult was it to emerge as a hair metal band in the time period you did? Who would you say was the biggest help to getting the band above ground?

Also what are the chances that we can party together when you guys come around to Jersey again?

It’s death to all but metal, not BUTT metal. \m/

WeAreSteelPanther86 karma

I think people can tell that our music is pure and honest. It rocks. And I also think that people need a little levity... there are plenty of bands out there that take shit waaaay too seriously. We are all old enough now to know that nobody will ever take us seriously. So fuck it.

Slam_Dunkz38 karma

Do you guys think that members of 80’s metal bands get pissed that you guys get attention these days while they do not?

WeAreSteelPanther97 karma

No. I think they are stoked that we are bringing heavy metal back to the forefront where it belongs!!!!- Stix

HeyBudHessel33 karma

What is the best way to avoid getting my heart fucked in the ass?

WeAreSteelPanther91 karma

It's like regular anal sex. The more you do it, the less it hurts bro.-Stix

Hellafied30 karma

is Lexxi the brains behind the whole operation? I suspect so...

WeAreSteelPanther48 karma

hahahahahahahhahahahaha. Satchel

Pinwurm28 karma

Will you ever make a video to "gangbang at the old folks' home"? I need to see it.. for.. stuff.

WeAreSteelPanther49 karma

My mom is filming one for it right now. Satchel

Pech_Peter28 karma

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

WeAreSteelPanther105 karma

African or European? Satchel

_Belzebub_25 karma

Is bringing your GF to a Steel Panther concert the right thing to do? If so: Right for whom?

WeAreSteelPanther78 karma

yes. It's right for you, your girlfriend, and the band. You get rocked, and we get laid!-Stix

schecterplayer_9223 karma

How many bottles of water do you guys go through in a typical night of eating pussy so your mouth doesn't dry up?

WeAreSteelPanther44 karma

I typically use Crystal Lite and Whiskey, so its hard to say how many water bottles I use.- Stix

alexobert23 karma

Stix, have you shown Corey Taylor your penis?

WeAreSteelPanther39 karma

not yet-Stix

metalman42122 karma

Satchel, the new album sounds great, it seems like the "steel panther" sound is completely breaking through, as opposed to previous albums where you could almost pick out bands that directly influenced the song. Was the writing and recording process different this time around, and did you try and carve out a signature sound for your new album?

Second question: Satchel, do you find that bitches get more turned on by a melodic solo, or a fast, flashy solo? As a guitar player myself, this is a crucial question. Thanks for doing this, you guys fucking rock. Cant wait to see you at Starland in may

WeAreSteelPanther44 karma

Most girls don't know the difference between Eddie Van Halen and CC Deville. If you want to get pussy, just grow your hair out and wear spandex! as Far as writing goes.. I write what comes natural.. Our songs are completely organic.

IAmAPest19 karma

Why DO all your lyrics sound like Dr Seuss?

WeAreSteelPanther53 karma

Because Dr. Suess fuckin rules.

oldjack18 karma

Is "Bukkake Tears" a true story?

WeAreSteelPanther60 karma

All of our songs are about true experiences. That's what makes them totally bitchin. Satchel

WhatsTheMatterMcFly18 karma

What do I do If I'm afraid of heavy metal?

What do I do if I'm afraid to rock?

To Rock?

To Roooooooooock?

WeAreSteelPanther37 karma

Don't be afraid........to rock to rock to rooooooooooooooock!!-Stix

ptyalisme18 karma

Satchel : How do you managed to have a nice girl's ass?

WeAreSteelPanther45 karma

That's 1000 squats every morning before I have my cheerios. Satchel

Krandallsfury18 karma

The world is ending and you can perform one final sex move on a lady. Which one do you do?

WeAreSteelPanther45 karma

I would pull a combo Boston Pancake-Rusty Trombone on a chick! - Stix

Ridley_Scotch16 karma

Hey guys, my friends and I absolute huge fans of your music, so keep doing what you guys are doing. You're fucking awesome. Now I have to ask...

Which Asian hookers are the best hookers?

WeAreSteelPanther74 karma

I prefer the ones that don't speak any engrish. Satchel

PhillipBruceCreelman15 karma

Who in the band has had sex with the fattest girl?

WeAreSteelPanther42 karma

Technically, Lexxi has. I probably have boned the most fat girls, but Lexxi has the record for the actual fattest one!-Stix

bestcoastwesttoast15 karma

Your first two albums were the fuel for a cross-country road trip my friends and I took last summer. "Super Sonic Sex Machine" was the anthem. Where should we go this summer?

WeAreSteelPanther26 karma

Go to a whorehouse. Maybe we will run into you. Satchel

lxaseven15 karma

Has anyone in the band sucked cock for money?

WeAreSteelPanther38 karma

Yes- Stix

ziggyy7714 karma

Was Sarah Silverman gang banged on the set of Death to all but Metal?

WeAreSteelPanther52 karma

no, but I shoved my dick in her mouth to shut her up for a while. Satchel

RidinPurrty14 karma

All You Can Eat is by far the crudest album y'all have done, but also the best. How did y'all start and what made y'all decide to write songs about the things you write about?

WeAreSteelPanther23 karma

We just wanted to keep it fuckin real, so we did!- Stix

electrickenzo14 karma

In honour of your new album being called All You Can Eat what would your ideal buffet table consist of?

WeAreSteelPanther44 karma

Cocaine, Weed, Liquor, Bitches, and Money.......and pizza, and a taco bar, and a milkshake machine!- Stix

brenthoop13 karma

Does Lexxi get any ass?

WeAreSteelPanther45 karma

Yes, he gets a ton of ass. I'm not going to specify whether it's dude or chick ass, but it's a ton!-Stix

gello1713 karma

My pussy friend thinks we did too many drugs last night. I told him if you want to be bitchin', there's no such thing as too many. How much coke does it take to look as bitchin' as you guys?

WeAreSteelPanther22 karma

It takes a lot of coke to look like us. You can see it in our faces. Just be careful and don't get busted by the cops!!!- Stix

mpopo1213 karma

Hey Guys just want to say thanks for doing a AMA, I've been a fan of you guys ever since I saw you guys at the MMRBQ when you guys did Eating Ain't Cheating with Preston Elliot form WMMR. My question for Satchel is what got you into playing guitar and who are your influences. That and when are we going to get the Steel Panther Bitching Covers album. Shock on!!

WeAreSteelPanther14 karma

zeppelin, AC/DC, Maiden, Sabbath, Van Halen... All the classics. Not' sure if we will do a cover album... satchel

lukeburgoyne13 karma

Which steel panther song has gotten you guys laid the most?

WeAreSteelPanther26 karma

Gold Digging Whore.-Stix

ipwnedyourmam11 karma

When was the point that you thought to yourself "wow - we've finally made it"? What made you think it?

P.S Thanks for being so awesome and bringing metal back, with your comedic sense. I came to the first UK show at Download a couple years back...Iknowallyour real names

WeAreSteelPanther21 karma

When we did this fucking AMA!!!!-Stix

Bubbleslul11 karma

Can I join SP as a pussy pounding super roadie?

WeAreSteelPanther26 karma

Yes. But you will be pounding pussy that's been pounded by several parties of people. Satchel

djmcintyre11 karma

Whats your favourite shape?

WeAreSteelPanther38 karma


mindfullofspoilers11 karma

Have any of you eaten while having sex? If so, what's the best food for the ocasion? Keep rockin'!!

WeAreSteelPanther66 karma

I eat all the time during sex. A lot of the bigger girls come with food to the shows. It's a good way to save money for cocaine. Satchel

El94panther10 karma

I LOVE YOU GUYS! What are your spirit animals?

WeAreSteelPanther38 karma

What the fuck is a spirit animal? I think mine would be a panther... Either that or a Trouser snake. Satchel

SubcommanderMarcos10 karma

Would you rather fuck a porcupine or a car exhaust

WeAreSteelPanther27 karma

I'd choose a porcupine covered in car exhaust- because neither of those sound fun on their own.-Stix

homerunman10 karma

What was your favorite song to record? \m/

WeAreSteelPanther49 karma

I liked recording Gloryhole because during the process of tracking that song, I was getting a blowjob!- Stix

Photopyle10 karma

What's your favorite way to kill time on the bus between shows?

WeAreSteelPanther30 karma

Getting high and playing UFC 3 Undisputed.-Stix

_MuchoMojo10 karma

Fuck, Marry, Kill:

Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan

RKitch211210 karma

That's easy. Kill Ke$ha, Fuck Miley and marry Lindsay Lohan

WeAreSteelPanther94 karma

I say kill em all. Then fuck em. Satchel

Chino11309 karma

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

WeAreSteelPanther82 karma

Dude, I want to party with you. You must have some killer weed. Satchel

Born0fH3llfire8 karma

You guys are fucking great. Can we be best friends?

WeAreSteelPanther25 karma

Only if you have drugs. And huge tits. And a vag. Satchel

MarciHawkins8 karma

Can you give Starr my phone number?

WeAreSteelPanther49 karma

He already has it. He just isn't calling you.-Stix

brobrobroccoli7 karma

As you guys get more pussy after one gig than I'm getting in my whole life - other than playing in the world's most awesome metal band - what's the most foolproof method you know for picking up chicks?

WeAreSteelPanther25 karma

Roofies. THAT works.........everytime.-Stix

DirtNasty887 karma

How small is Michael Starr's dick?

WeAreSteelPanther25 karma

It won't hurt you, let's just put it that way.

Themoneymancan7 karma

How was my mum?

WeAreSteelPanther19 karma

She's still here... hold on Satchel

Johnersss6 karma

If you could work with one heavy metal god, excluding yourselves, who would you work with and why?

WeAreSteelPanther21 karma

Zues. He had bitchin hair and he can wield lightning. That's pretty fuckin metal!!!-Stix

FloydRosita6 karma

Stix: Are you a fan of Bobby Rock at all? (this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPJrDogIHoc)

All jokes aside, you guys are both awesome at your respective instruments.

WeAreSteelPanther18 karma

I am. He is a killer drummer. I think he played with Nelson which automatically makes him rad!- Stix

Bacon_Weenie6 karma

What musician would you guys like to play with?

WeAreSteelPanther13 karma

Brahms. Satchel

calliemariemua5 karma

Satchel, my boyfriend gave me full permission to get fucked by you and any other member of the band. Can we make this happen?

WeAreSteelPanther21 karma

Only if your boyfriend has a dick smaller than mine.

iTCHed5 karma

How does it feel to be so damn sexy?

WeAreSteelPanther15 karma

It feels really great to be sexy. You get more pussy when you feel sexy.- Stix

SlashedStone13645 karma

How many STDs do each of you have?

WeAreSteelPanther18 karma

We each have 3. Thats because we all pretty much bone the same chicks-Stix

Hol_Bo5 karma

What's the nastiest thing you've ever seen during a show?

WeAreSteelPanther18 karma

A girl's tampon fell out of her vagina while she was on stage with us at the key club!-Stix

superstan695 karma

Stix i wanna be a good drummer but i also want to be very sexy, on what do i need to concentrate first?

WeAreSteelPanther9 karma

Concentrate on the sexiness. You can always take drum lessons. You will have a hard time finding a "sexy" teacher.- Stix

mr_fapfapfap5 karma

Guys how much of Ralph's vocals are in the can as a percentage?

WeAreSteelPanther30 karma

Who's Ralph?-Stix

chancesteward5 karma

How many boobs have you touched? Thousands?

Also Satchel, how do you replicate every 80's guitar tone flawlessly live? It seriously astounds me.

You guys rock! I love the new album. Fuck yeah!

WeAreSteelPanther11 karma

Millions. And it's all in the fingers. Satchel

mlwcias5 karma

HEY YOU, awesome motherfuckers! are polish boobs really the best as Stix and Lexxi once said? :D ps, I love you Satchel !!

WeAreSteelPanther21 karma

Polish titties are pretty fucking unbelievable! They are heavy and thick, which is always fun!!!!-Stix

KappaKingPrime4 karma

Hey guys. I'm 19, I'm average looking and i play bass in a bitching rock band. Why I'm still a virgin?

WeAreSteelPanther41 karma

You have to be really good looking if you want to get pussy playing bass. Like, really good looking. Satchel

Thesadtruthliveson4 karma

Wait there are dudes behind that hole at the gloryhole ?

WeAreSteelPanther13 karma

Does it really matter?

mattblissett4 karma

Has the internet made things easier for you as a band?

WeAreSteelPanther27 karma

What is the internet?-Stix

Leper923 karma

Worldwide, where would I find the sluttiest, horniest girls?!

WeAreSteelPanther26 karma

Usually, on Stix's dick after any Steel Panther show.

sassyvandark3 karma

Me. You. Bed. Now.

WeAreSteelPanther3 karma

Oh.. fuck yeah. Satchel

Gypsy_jaimz3 karma

Hi guy, this question is for satchel....what advise would you give any up and coming band that wanted the rock n roll lifestyle?

WeAreSteelPanther18 karma

Grow your hair, Look fucking hot, have rad songs and grow your hair. Satchel

Natashasz2 karma

Don't you feel a little bit guilty about Big Vagina Syndrom?

WeAreSteelPanther15 karma

Sounds like you might be the one who feels guilty, sweetheart..:/

LeeGeddy2 karma

Why does your bassist looks like a shemale?no ofense to your music!

WeAreSteelPanther8 karma

No offense taken! That's bitchin. I'll tell him you said that and he will be happy!!!!-Stix

ACE_C0ND0R1 karma

Who in the band spends the most time at the Glory Hole?

WeAreSteelPanther1 karma

I'm here right now. satchel

Tiergirly1 karma

pizza hut, mc donalds or taco bell ?

WeAreSteelPanther2 karma

McDonalds. It's like the fucking American Embassy!- Stix