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Is there any chance that well be seeing pictures or footage from this trip? I've been extremely curious.

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Being that Steel Panther disappeared for 20 years, and you guys maintained your devilishly epic looks , I theorize that Steel Panther had accidently stumbled into a cryogenics lab at some point in 1988 while on some crazy multi-day bender. I mean, look at Axl Rose, what the hell happened!? What was the first thing upon awakening that astounded you guys?

In all seriousness though, how difficult was it to emerge as a hair metal band in the time period you did? Who would you say was the biggest help to getting the band above ground?

Also what are the chances that we can party together when you guys come around to Jersey again?

It’s death to all but metal, not BUTT metal. \m/

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How does one acquire a Wiener Mobile?

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So about party time in Jersey on the 18th, nudge nudge.

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I've been setting up/been a part of Movember Fundraisers since 2011. As a member of a community heavily involved in such activities, I just wanted to say that Movember is a great philanthropic program that is a fresh breath of air compared to the boring norm of cancer walks, etc. Everyone loves the enthusiasm involved and just wanted to say thank you for setting up such a great program.