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Satchel, the new album sounds great, it seems like the "steel panther" sound is completely breaking through, as opposed to previous albums where you could almost pick out bands that directly influenced the song. Was the writing and recording process different this time around, and did you try and carve out a signature sound for your new album?

Second question: Satchel, do you find that bitches get more turned on by a melodic solo, or a fast, flashy solo? As a guitar player myself, this is a crucial question. Thanks for doing this, you guys fucking rock. Cant wait to see you at Starland in may

metalman4212 karma

Great advice, thanks! I think I didnt words the first part right. What I meant to ask was more along the lines of, for this album, was the writing process any different from the last two? All You Can Eat sounds super bitchin, and more complex than the last two. But maybe its just me!