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Are you always flying? I mean... if it were a very slow news day, do they still send you up??

If you aren't in the air, do you do anything else or is your job strictly flying?

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Was Sarah Silverman gang banged on the set of Death to all but Metal?

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I have a few questions:

1) Were you born in the rain forest? Sorry if you mentioned this, but you said you were 18 now, so were the first 7 years of your life in the rain forest and the last 11 in Australia?

2) You seem so happy in those pictures being back home. Where would you prefer to live now?

3) Now that you have been exposed to all of the technology, is there anything you have now where you look back and think "Wow, how did I live without this before?"

4) You mentioned how your mom had to disguise herself in order to get on a plane to Australia, how many times did she try to board that plane?

5) Follow up to number 4, how was your dad able to find you after being deported and was it difficult to get you out? Or was there some kind of law that he was able to take you easily? Did you want to go with him?


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I may be to late to this party, but I've read on another AMAs from people such as astronauts that they can't watch films like Gravity because of the scientific flaws.... Is this the same with you for movies like Jurassic Park? Do they portray Dino's much differently than what they actually are?