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What was your opinion on the concept and lore of the Battle Network series? I was always a big fan of .exe and those games.

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Your first two albums were the fuel for a cross-country road trip my friends and I took last summer. "Super Sonic Sex Machine" was the anthem. Where should we go this summer?

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What advice do you have for someone looking to enter the world of games journalism? I'm currently a news writing major with an English minor and my ultimate career goal is to write for a tech blog, but I don't exactly know where to start. I've followed your work and Kotaku for years, and what you do for the gaming community is great. So thank you, and keep up the awesome work.

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Thank you for your response and you basically hit on everything that I've noticed about up and coming journalism. A lot of people simply want review games so they'll write reviews or lists to get hits. I think that those are an important part in gaining a following but what sets you apart is human interest pieces. I'd rather write about an elderly man learning how to play Minecraft than critiquing a AAA title. I enjoy both, but there's a balance. I really appreciate your advice and I'm hoping to get something started here in the future and I will gladly email you with something unique I find. Thanks again!

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I just wanted to say that seeing your film helped in what brought me out of an existential crisis brought on my breaking my wrist and jaw and having a month to talk only to myself (and no solid food on top of that).

I just wanted to say thank you for crafting something so wonderfully delightful and optimistic, despite the events that transpired in the film. You're brilliant.