Hi, Reddit! My name is Nathan Pyle. I am a Redditor who lives in New York City, and you might recognize some of my work from one of these front page posts:


MARCH (2013) http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/1ayybc/hi_reddit_after_living_in_nyc_for_4_years_i/

SEPTEMBER (2013) http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/1lpowu/hi_reddit_a_few_months_ago_you_asked_me_to_draw/

EARLIER TODAY http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/2337pu/thank_you_reddit_the_nyc_book_born_on_reddit_last/

The work received millions of views and HarperCollins (and my awesome editor Cassie Jones) gave me a book deal - and that paperback book is now in bookstores today!


And the animated ebook* is in the iTunes store!


*for Apple devices - apologies there isn't more compatibility - was not my choice!

I'm so excited I get to do an official AMA - ask me anything!


BOOK SIGNING THURSDAY NIGHT AT WORD BOOKSTORE IN GREENPOINT: Fb RSVP encouraged here - https://www.facebook.com/events/720773671295911

2:23 AM EDIT: Thank you all so much! I'm going to go to bed and answer the rest tomorrow! bundle up and stay warm out there!

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mrmpr76 karma

so... you like... books?

nathanwpyle90 karma

awkwardly averts eyes

ToastedSoup20 karma

"shh, you can tell me. I promise I won't tell."

nathanwpyle31 karma

Looks away, out a window, in the distance.


kathrynbigelow49 karma

Your book is extra special to me since I moved to New York in the time frame that your drawings and book came out. So really, I've been learning a lot from your writing. Your book calmed a lot of my nerves in a way. I guess I don't have a question. Just, thank you!

nathanwpyle25 karma

This warms my heart, truly. Thank you for telling me! And glad you're finding your footing here!

2slowam14 karma

Ex New Yorker - these things are fucking great. I always talk to people about New York City and how to conduct yourself, but your books conjure up so many memories of the grind.

nathanwpyle11 karma

Oh man - the grind - there's no better description than that. Thank you for the kind words too!

2slowam4 karma

I always tell people of the day we've all where you step in the ankle deep puddle on the way to work. You either live with it, or grind back to your place and change then grind back. A 2-3 hour mistake.

nathanwpyle3 karma

YES. And it usually happens at a moment when you feel like the day might just be okay after all. Puddles.

agentsamstanley33 karma

How could you not add a page concerning L-train dancers between First and Bedford! Do you know what time it is?

nathanwpyle61 karma

Here it is: https://scontent-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t31.0-8/1119794_149910235208189_1449598341_o.png -

It didn't quite make the book, but I do feel it's important people know about it! (maybe it will go in the sequel)

DieselMC28 karma

What is your best subway story?

nathanwpyle104 karma

ONE TIME it was a full train and I saw a beautiful woman and I was all "I'm going to go talk to her" and let me tell you not a single person was talking on that train. QUIET AS A AN OHIO LIBRARY.

So I crouch down a bit and say "Hello, my name is Nathan" and EVERYONE IS LISTENING

And she tells me her name is "EXAMPLE" (not her real name)

AND we chat briefly in front of everyone, just pleasant chatting. And then she got off the train and then I stayed on. And nothing ever came of it, but I felt this was the moment I was probably bravest in my 5.5 years here, just because of how quiet that train was.

DieselMC17 karma

Can't tell you how many times the same thing has happened to me (in my head, I never muster that courage)! It's refreshing to hear a subway story that isn't about some fight or hobo. Shame nothing ever came of it though, but it's still wonderful to talk to complete strangers.

svanho18 karma

One time I watched a similar thing down with this poor guy who was shaking and sweating he was so nervous. He told the girl he was talking to that it had been his new year's resolution to try and talk to the pretty girls he saw on the trains but had never said hi to before. She ended up being married though, whomp whomp.

nathanwpyle4 karma

ahh yes, that story sounds very true

nathanwpyle8 karma

It is! as I said, it's my favorite part of the city (people)

joevw20 karma

How do you keep your hair so perfect and dreamy?

nathanwpyle18 karma

Haha this username is exactly the username of my friend in Chicago. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

for real though: http://www.kiehls.com/

Thegreatergatsby2 karma

Kiehls is the best.

nathanwpyle3 karma

^ see? ^

healthstudent18 karma

Just got mine delivered this morning. Can't wait to read it!

nathanwpyle36 karma

Aw yessss! That makes my day - It will be a welcome break from the health books you probably read!

401vs40117 karma

Whoa, just saw this on Facebook. I love your stuff.

Now, uh... you want questions, huh? Tell me something that'll disappoint me in NYC, since I have extremely high expectations for my first visit (which should be soon, I hope).

Also, I kind of have this habit of asking artists on reddit to draw a crow with a CCTV camera instead of its head, so yeah... that. Do that. Please, do that.

nathanwpyle26 karma

DISAPPOINTING AS A VISITOR: the weather might make your stay kind of a bummer

DISAPPOINTING AS A RESIDENT: crushing loneliness

I'll work on the crow thing

401vs40110 karma

Well, I don't have high expectations as regards the weather, so I guess it won't be much of a problem. Also, thanks for answering! I'll make sure to get a copy of the book! :D

Cheers from Croatia!

nathanwpyle10 karma

Ah wow! awesome to get cheers from Croatia - thank you!

4a4a13 karma

What is your favorite thing about NYC?

What is your least favorite thing about NYC?

Where would you choose to live if NYC wasn't an option?

nathanwpyle14 karma

Favorite thing: the people. Least favorite thing: noise. Not in NYC or Ohio (home state): maybe Austin / San Francisco / Seattle / Santa Monica!

chooter10 karma

So I moved to NYC in June of last year and really love it.

What are your favorite gems about the city?

nathanwpyle11 karma

This is one of my favorite questions! I'll answer in a few bite sized chunks...

nathanwpyle17 karma

  1. The Brooklyn Promenade + Hanco's - Grab pork bahn mi here - http://www.yelp.com/biz/hancos-brooklyn-4 and then walk 2 minutes to the Brooklyn Promenade - view here: http://i.imgur.com/PfPJYYc.jpg - picture by me

smurrrr5 karma

Hanco's is my life blood. I call Henry's (the other Bahn Mi place) Fanco's. Fake Hanco's.

nathanwpyle7 karma


mitchelltrinka9 karma

A lot of your drawings focus on the "space" between people, whether they be standing on line for food or walking on sidewalks. Where did that critique grow from and why do you think people identify with it so readily?

nathanwpyle11 karma

I am fascinated by how 2 extra inches make the difference between brushing shoulders with someone on the sidewalk and gliding past them effortlessly. as in this animation - http://i.imgur.com/CzfG2Vb.gif

AND I think everyone relates because it's the same in every city - it just varies by degree (back in Kettering, Ohio a Starbucks line can be out the door but there's only 5 people in line - that's how much space you get!)

mitchelltrinka4 karma

The sidewalk weave should be required reading.

Hope the book sells tons.

nathanwpyle2 karma

Thanks so much!

handsomewolves3 karma

today was a bad day for the weave for me.

nathanwpyle3 karma

indeed some days are better than others

JamoRedhead8 karma

What gave you the idea to put together this book? Love it btw.

nathanwpyle26 karma

Good question - I made this little photography/GIF project here and received warm reception (100,000 views) - http://imgur.com/QCm4X - and I thought, "Hmmm, I should definitely do more NYC-centric posts on Reddit"

That's literally what I thought to myself.

JamoRedhead8 karma

Unrelated follow-up, what's your least favorite subway line?

nathanwpyle15 karma

I get just a littttlllle frustrated on the 1 for some reason EDIT - this is why: https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t31.0-8/1909322_219079958291216_183993865_o.png

JamoRedhead4 karma

Haha thanks for replying and I hope your book sells! EDIT: Agreed, local trains have the weirdest stops

nathanwpyle5 karma

Thank you! So kind!

adrian12345 karma

lol I started laughing at the 4th picture.

By the way you kinda look like Jamie Lannister.

I was in NYC about 6 months ago, then saw your comic and started to follow you on facebook, given what I've seen in those few days in NYC, I do think your comics are very true!

Please do some San Francisco ones.

nathanwpyle4 karma

Ah, are you a SF resident now? I have visited the Bay area many times in the past couple years partly because I producing TV shows about earthquake science. What a wonderfully different place it is!

adrian12343 karma

I've always lived in the bay area, I was just visiting NYC for a few days. I'm in SF downtown often so I can identify with a lot of the NYC things in your comics. But I think people in NYC dress nicer! SF is more laid back. Would love to see your take on SF.

nathanwpyle3 karma

Yes! The crowded parts of big cities like yours are much like the NYC we experience daily. In any case, I would absolutely thrilled to work on Bay area tips.

silvamagic7 karma


nathanwpyle6 karma

haha AW SHUCKS - but truly I want to start in with the merch - and I would love to see a "Master of the Weave" tournament - I'm trying to think of how we could compare everyone fairly on this. Hmmmmm

silvamagic5 karma


nathanwpyle5 karma

OH it's impressive - especially if you've got your theme song running through your head

silvamagic3 karma


nathanwpyle2 karma

now we're talking

AkyrXX6 karma

Hey Nathan! We met about a month ago at Operation Exodus, and I wanted to say thanks for stopping by hanging out with us all!

So one thing I didn't ask you then, but do you still use your Theology degree for anything today? And would you have gotten a degree in something else looking back?

nathanwpyle5 karma

Such a great operation up there! Thanks for hosting those great kids too. I lead a small group with my church on Wednesday nights, so I use my degree every week! I currently taught through the book of John.

MarkFifersMyHero5 karma

First off, I've been counting down the days until I can run around the corner to Word and pick up your book! So exciting!

What is your strategy for getting cheap (or at least affordable) groceries? I'm a musician who just moved to the City a few months ago and live in Greenpoint, and I find that it's sometimes hard to find decent produce/meat outside of a gourmet food store (which does not fit in my musician budget). Tips?

nathanwpyle5 karma

GREAT QUESTION - groceries are always going to be:

1) Expensive or 2) far away from home or 3) Requiring a long wait in line

1) KEEP SEARCHING FOR YOUR STORE Have you tried that brightly lit grocery store that is just south of the Williamsburg Bridge? I went in and it was well-stocked and clean and lovely - but I didn't buy anything

2) MAYBE TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS maybe you already do this but I think many people in New York are afraid to do it, but you know, your neighbors know the most (because well, they've lived in the neighborhood a while)

MarkFifersMyHero2 karma

Thanks so much for the feedback!

I'll try to find out what place that is -- Key Foods, maybe? And you're exactly right about being intimidated; my little Polish neighborhood is lovely, but it's not always easy to chat it up with the locals. (Although today I scored some free Polish chocolates to try from the place around the corner! How sweet!)

Before I moved to NYC I couldn't understand the concept of NOT driving to the supermarket and loading up a whole cart with provisions, bag after bag.

nathanwpyle2 karma

YES you learn quickly here to buy limited amounts of groceries, it's quite an adjustment!

ach_sooo2 karma


nathanwpyle2 karma

certainly relevant to me! (I live near it!)

hipsterrobot4 karma

Love your drawings, I think it's a must have for everyone who's thinking about moving to the city! My question: What do you do for living?

nathanwpyle20 karma

Thank you so much! I hope so!

I just started work yesterday as a full time illustrator/animator/writer at BuzzFeed! I get to draw all day nowwwwwwwwww

mizderi4 karma

What surprised you the most about moving to NYC? And the least?

How do you feel about chicken and rice?

What's your favorite color?

nathanwpyle2 karma

Surprised by loneliness (I'll repeat this over and over) Not surprised by the unending pulsing energy you feel here. Goodness, it's amazing. I have cut back on chicken and rice because getting in shape and the portions are usually too much for me (that is, I will totally eat it all and not think about portions) Blue

mizderi4 karma

I recently moved to the West Coast and I miss it so much. It can never have enough red sauce!

Also, what were you like when you were 7?

nathanwpyle6 karma

My parents said I would always stare out the window when I was in the car. Like it was the most interesting TV show ever, just stare and never not stare. I think that's why I'm here now because I sit at windows and just watch life go by.

svanho3 karma

Do you have any tips on renting in NYC? I'd love to see a whole series on that! Example: living above a restaurant = gonna have bugs. Room in the front of the building, described as "gets so much light," also gets all of the noise from the street 24/7.

nathanwpyle5 karma

I have several new series ideas that I'll be able to create now that I'm drawing full time - and RENTING is certainly one of them - agree with your points - it goes along with several of the pages in the book that describes the 'TRADE-OFF' that exists in seemingly every decision in NYC.

jaller7043 karma

What other cities do you maybe plan on doing?

Are you going to keep it localised to the US and branch out or are you going to start off straight away with cities like London or Berlin?

nathanwpyle2 karma

I'd love to franchise this! I certainly could do a sequel for NYC and have dreams of London / L.A. - if the first book sells well enough, then it might happen!

mizderi3 karma

Please come to SF! I think you would really love it! Or, at the very least, discover a lot of interesting sides of SF no one ever really gets to see.

nathanwpyle1 karma

Oh man, I love that aspect of the city (in my brief experience there) - it seems ripe for discovery, truly.

Doberman113 karma

Love your depictions! Speaking of which, was there one gif you decided to scratch off at the last minute due to a personal experience and is so, what was it?

nathanwpyle5 karma

Thank you! YES - this was one of my last additions - I realized that soooo many people need to get a glimpse of just how small midtown is compared to the whole of NYC (which is actually too big to depict on the page) http://i.imgur.com/Z3ewceL.gif

onwardtomanagua3 karma

Congratulations, Nathan! Jeff included a gif of your dreamy hair in a work email yesterday. We're all super proud of you!

-Sarah in Chicago :)

nathanwpyle4 karma

lolololol SARAH, thank you - this made me laugh

planetes423 karma

Hey Nathan, are you going to your undergrad class reunion? Ten years man, hope to see you there!

nathanwpyle6 karma

LOLOLOL this is hilarious! I WOULD LOVE TO if possible! WITH WHOM AM I SPEAKING? (PM me!)

liverandbacon3 karma


nathanwpyle5 karma

Q is the best train. Tell your girlfriend we agree.

I have seen someone do that kick move on a youtube video. Holding the train doors is not right, but I'm not sure violence is the answer. I wish the automated voice on the new trains had some mean phrases stored in the memory though. That would be sooo good

Sh0ckJ0ckey3 karma

I just want to drop by and say that I love your drawings! I recently shared that map of Union Square with family so they wouldn't get lost!

Lame question, but since I have no luck at winning bags (even the times where you were doing meet and greets), will they be available to buy anywhere?

Edit: words for clarification

nathanwpyle4 karma

We're giving them away to the first 20 people at WORD Bookstore in Greenpoint Thursday night - YOU REMINDED ME - I should put that up in the top box - thankssssss!

DastardlyNYC3 karma

How long does it take to make an animation page? Not in conception but from the time you sit at the computer to draw?

nathanwpyle5 karma

I can crank an average one out in 3 or 4 hours. I use Adobe After Effects. (after illustrating the assets in Adobe Illustrator)

LickItAndSpreddit3 karma

Probably too late now, but I noticed in one panel you say "in line" in the context of queueing.

From my experience, the vast majority of New Yorkers wait "on line."

Just curious, are you a native, or were you transplanted?

nathanwpyle3 karma

In the main dialogue box, I have the character saying "on line" - in the explanation I use "in line" to help readers understand the phrase is interchangeable - that was my strategy anyway!

I'm from Ohio and have lived here 5.5 years!

MrSassybaskets3 karma

What do you say to your friends back home when they ask you, "how long do you see yourself living in New York City?"

I love the book!

nathanwpyle1 karma

Thank you so much!! Sorry it took a while to get to the question - I say "as long as I can afford to live here, I will" but then I am not married yet and with no children - so I just take it a year at a time. I really love living here.

MrHollywoodCole3 karma

  1. Were most of the ideas in your book your own?
  2. Have people suggested more ideas that you wished you had included since you started drawing / the book was published?

  3. You should make other merchandise (like street signs, stickers) and post them around the city.

nathanwpyle2 karma

  1. The ideas are mine - 5.5 years is long enough to have hundreds of these ideas! (Though, I should say - a conversation with my friend Logan really inspired one of the spreads - 61/62 )

  2. Many new ideas come up every day - which is one reason I really hope for a sequel! I could fill multiple books for sure.

  3. I definitely think merchandise would be great! If I find the right partner, I think it'll happen!

gH0o5T3 karma

Hey your gifs inspired me to go to NYC last year! I absolutely loved it! What is one thing or place to get the ultimate NYC-feel?

nathanwpyle3 karma

I have so many spots that are just beyond the "tourist-zones" - that is, you really don't see tourists traipsing into them often.

One of my favorites is sitting at the North Cove (World Financial Center) - you'll see New Yorkers go by on bikes, scooters, maybe even police horses - and people with the kids and dogs go by in the foreground while boats pass by in the background and you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance - it's one of my favorites!

PandoraBlackBox3 karma

Hello Nathan, Thanks for the ama session

Do u like ur job? Did u know that u r gonna be an author since ur childhood? What s the most exciting part of ur work?

What do wanna make the readers feel when they read ur books?


nathanwpyle3 karma

Thanks for the questions! This is so fun.

I love my job - even before I was illustrating full time, I was producing television shows about science and weather, and that was amazing.

I always wanted to write and be creative and drawing was a big part of that. My mom taught me how to draw.

The most exciting part of my work is meeting and interacting with new people (whether IRL or on the internet like this) - I am obsessed with meeting new people

geierseier3 karma

That is the most glorious chin.

And ...uh, nice gifs.

nathanwpyle3 karma

Hahaha I accept this compliment - thank you.

CloudySpace3 karma

okay, this book is great. now i feel like a real new yorker.

nathanwpyle2 karma

That's what I like to hear!

staffell3 karma

Hi Nate - any plans to do another sort of guide/book in a similar vein?

nathanwpyle4 karma

I KNOW YOU absolutely - if the first one sells well enough. I'd love to do more guides - even beyond etiquette - it's really fun to create.

blasianFMA2 karma

I just saw this on the front page at the top of reddit and was like "OMG he really did it!" Congratulations man! I'm so happy for you.

nathanwpyle2 karma

Thank you!! That really means the world to me. The community here has been so incredibly supportive. Much appreciated.

scrotiemcboogerbals2 karma

What's your favorite color?

nathanwpyle2 karma


scrotiemcboogerbals2 karma

Noted. Thanks!

nathanwpyle3 karma

looks around nervously

CryingHero2 karma

What would be your number one choice of place to eat that wouldn't be the most know of places?

nathanwpyle1 karma

Well there are many levels of "unknown" - if something is truly great, more and more people know about it.

I was able to get service right away at these places - which means it's not overcrowded

I would say people should go to Murray's Cheese Shop for grilled cheese (but maybe you already knew about that)

Dun-Well donuts (vegan even!) is amazing in East Williamsburg

Fencer30122 karma

I received the copy of your book yesterday! It's absolutely awesome and I just wanted to say that I'm really glad that those gifs you made so long ago transformed into this awesome work :D

nathanwpyle2 karma

YESSSS! That really just makes me so happy - I am thrilled that people have the real books in their hands now. If you could spare a review on Amazon/Goodreads/whatever (maybe you already did) - that would be amazing!

mrjoelhager2 karma

My co-worker showed me this today! Apparently he went to college with you! Ordered the book for a friend new to NYC!!! What I've looked at so far is hilarious and very well done both in concept and execution. As a former New Yorker it brightened my rainy day to see the city through your work! Thank you :)

nathanwpyle1 karma

This is so great!! Haha what a small world - (and truly thank you for the order and kind words too!)

Kenobi422 karma

First off, love your work. I think its amazing and informative. :)

Question: Are you thinking of doing the same type of book for other majour metropolitan areas? (DC, Boston...)

nathanwpyle1 karma

YES - absolutely - and I'm collecting votes - what's your #1 preference for this?

Kenobi422 karma

I identify as a new yorker but I currently live in DC. (hence why i had that on the list) but of course ill bet its easy for you to do New York since you live there. i would have to say,

1 DC

2 SF

3 Boston

4 Wherever your travels take you! :)

nathanwpyle2 karma

DC would truly be so fun because I would be able to draw the Founding Fathers in so many different pages. I draw them on one of the pages in the NYC book because COME ON they're the Founding Fathers.

Even so, I'd be thrilled to do any of those three! Great choices.

Suinoel2 karma

Dude, amazing stuff!

I would love to hear your opinions (that I'm sure you're sick of giving) on best pizza, best cheap restaurant in the city, and maybe if we're being greedy coolest rooftop place to hang out at?

nathanwpyle1 karma

Great question!

Really loved the pizza here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/sacs-place-astoria

and also the pizza + atmosphere here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/juniors-cafe-long-island-city

and also the white pizza here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/l-asso-new-york-3

Gundampilot4162 karma

Why is there no mention of the New York Red Bulls in the book?

nathanwpyle2 karma

That stadium http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Bull_Arena_(New_Jersey) - may be the coolest stadium I've been to for any of the New York teams - what a great crowd!!

oceloted2 karma

I know this will probably get buried BUT I love the book and found it really interesting! Especially being from a small town in Australia.

I just has a question about number 7- I don't super understand the vertical versus horizontal picture taking. Why is horizontal better??

Thanks! :)

nathanwpyle1 karma

Thank you so much! This page is about videos in particular - once they are recorded vertically, videos won't play well on a laptop or a computer monitor or a TV screen - so it's better always to shoot videos horizontally (in landscape )

Pictures could be taken either way - but this is about videos

BubblesTheDude2 karma

Holy shit, I remember when this was just a set of posts, threads. Congratulations, that's a great example of a man setting his business up and succeeding. Good luck to you, great inspiration, glad to have witnessed one of my first reddit memories come big!

nathanwpyle2 karma

So great!! Thank you for the kind words - it really amazes me how many complete strangers are just so kind in this wonderful Reddit community.

icepick3142 karma

Please push for Android version of the animated ebook...

or Kindle or Nook...

but seriously, animated version on Android would be awesome!

nathanwpyle2 karma

I agree! The hope is that the book gets enough attention to warrant an adjustment from the big companies!

jbe482 karma

What is your favorite pizza place?

What is your favorite bagel place?

Also, I love your work and find it truly inspiring as a design student who's from NYC

nathanwpyle2 karma

So many wonderful pizza spots - I always look for new spots - just found this place and love it:


Favorite bagels - you can't go wrong here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/h-and-h-midtown-bagels-east-new-york

jbe482 karma

Of course H&H!

I've never heard of Juniors but I'll make sure to check it out next time I'm home!

ALSO, if you have time make sure to check out Tom's Restaurant in Brooklyn, it is easily my favorite place in New York City. Owned and operated by the same family since 1936 and I'm pretty sure they haven't changed the decor since then either http://www.yelp.com/biz/toms-brooklyn

nathanwpyle2 karma

YES I have been and love all the different butters they brought me. OH MAN this is making me hungry

Hollyw0od2 karma

Bought your book on my iPhone but it's listed twice in the store! I think I got the non animated one :( just a heads up.

nathanwpyle5 karma

So so sorry - I actually did the same thing myself - tell iTunes and Apple about this - I'm going to do the same - please let me know what your experience is in asking them to help you rectify this! I want to make sure we mark the ebooks clearly so this mistake does not happen to more people.

Hollyw0od2 karma

No problem! Enjoyed the pictures so much I had no issue buying the second animated copy, worth it IMO. But definitely will let them know. Great job, keep up the good work!

nathanwpyle3 karma

Truly thank you so much!!

LGoodman2 karma

Hwy Nathan! I'm a friend of your brother's and a current student of your father's. Seen you a few times at various fine arts events. I've been following your posts since I saw the first one a year ago, and have loved them all.

I'd love to know more about your other projects right now. I heard something about producing a T.V. show or something like that? Can you tell me more about your other ventures?

nathanwpyle2 karma

Hello! Happy to answer any question you have - crazy to talk to one of my dad's students! (Say hi at school for me tomorrow!)

I produced shows for the Weather Channel as recently as last year - I produced two episodes of a show called Hacking the Planet in which we discussed what the future of weather/natural hazard manipulation would be. Will we ever be able to control or mitigate earthquakes or volcanoes? It was very interesting, and I was sent to Iceland and Hawaii to investigate volcanoes, so that part was especially great!

Those TV gigs usually lasted a few months at a time - once I received a book deal, I took off a whole year from television to focus on my art - and then after that, BuzzFeed hired me as a full time illustrator! (Today was my second day!)

So all in all, it's been unpredictable as it is for any freelancer in New York!