Hey lovelies, 2014 is a big year for me. In this year's 50th anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit I was featured as an SI Legend. It's also the 10th Anniversary of a world-changing event – the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that killed almost 300,000 people – a tragedy that I was blessed to survive just one year after being on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

After this tragedy, I created Happy Hearts Fund (http://www.happyheartsfund.org) which has rebuilt 85 schools damaged or destroyed by natural disasters, reached 46,000 children, and impacted the lives of 490,000 community members in just seven years. Watch this video to learn more about HHF achievements: https://vimeo.com/87591486

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is partnering with my charity to send a lucky winner on a trip behind the scenes of next years' cover photoshoot. Find out more at: http://www.prizeo.com/swimsuit

I am very excited to answer your questions!

That’s all for today. I had so much fun answering your meaningful and fun questions. I loved it. I will do it again soon. If you would like to follow Happy Hearts Fund check out our facebook (facebook.com/happyheartsfund)

Ciao! arrivederci! au revoir!

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baddozer239 karma

What's your favorite swim suit style?

PetraNemcova1170 karma

the one which you are given at birth ;)

ThePeachyPanda154 karma

At what point during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami did you realise that you were in danger? Did you hear about it on the news first or did you witness the Tsunami first?

EDIT: I think you might need proof that you're indeed Petra Němcová. Like a photo with AMA reddit written on it. I think your retweet with Happy Hearts Fund might help. https://twitter.com/HappyHeartsFund/status/453918982324903936

EDIT: Isn't needed "If it must remain confidential". So my mistake.

PetraNemcova202 karma

There was no warning at all. Everything happened within seconds. First i heard people screaming and then the whole bungalow which i was in with my partner started to crumble from the tsunami waves.

Thanks for your message on the proof, I already sent it to Reddit :) feel free to check my twitter: https://twitter.com/pnemcova

ThePeachyPanda87 karma

There was no warning at all. Everything happened within seconds.

One of the few and very real things that scares me of oceans.

PetraNemcova143 karma

We cannot control nature but we can prepare and protect ourselves with knowledge of how to recognize natural disasters and what to do when they happen. That has proven to often lifesaving.

vertigounconscious146 karma

serious: do you ever find it difficult to be an incredibly beautiful woman? Where does it become a disadvantage?

PetraNemcova396 karma

Every disadvantage can become a advantage, it is depending on what you do with it. For example, in primary school I was the tallest of all the girls and boys in the classroom. I didn’t like it. It was a disadvantage but became an advantage in my modeling career. In terms of beauty, when people see me they may quickly put me in a box. But when they meet me I get my way out of the box. Beauty for me became a tool to open doors. Embrace all the gifts you get from life they are there for a reason.

Jokovan117 karma

Je super, že je tu konečně někdo z Čech! But to my question, do you think that you are more popular back in Czech or in US? I know it's simple question, but I'm really curious about that.

PetraNemcova123 karma

Ahoj jak se dari? I think probably in US as I stayed away in Press in Czech Republic for a long time. Only when the Tsunami happened that is when czech wanted to know about me.

vertigounconscious107 karma

what's the average SI shooting day like?

PetraNemcova187 karma

it is hot in the morning, hotter during the day, and hottest at night. And the bikinis just get smaller and smaller. Go on prizeo.com/swimsuit and take a chance to see for yourself ;)

masaho102 karma

Hi Petra, do you want to have children? if yes, when would u work on that?

PetraNemcova404 karma

Yes of course, I’m practicing it very often.

masaho73 karma

Thanks for the reply :) hope u succeed!

PetraNemcova113 karma

thank you for your kind support ;)

mercicu96 karma

Who is your "non-super model" role model?

PetraNemcova168 karma

Audrey Hepburn was one of many ladies who have inspired me when I was growing up.

karmanaut85 karma

What is your favorite board game?

PetraNemcova177 karma

checkers because i used to play them with my whole family and grandparents during my childhood. What is yours and why?

readcommentbackwards78 karma

In reality, how tough is Dancing with the Stars? How much time did you put in daily/weekly for learning the routine?

PetraNemcova115 karma

It was 8 hours every single day. No days off. And after each day as well there were many interviews. It was the whole spectrum it was hard and painful and on the other end actually exciting and rewarding!

TumorPizza72 karma

For being an SI Legend, do you get any kind of acknowledgement - like a World Series Ring or something? If not, you should.

PetraNemcova112 karma

I like your idea. Great thinking I will talk to the SI people. All we get now is the SI Legend title which makes me feel extremely lucky and at the same time extremely old. My friend Quincy Jones is called a legend he just turned 81. What are you trying to say ;)

TumorPizza90 karma

Quincy Jones is old, you are timeless.

PetraNemcova110 karma

he is 81 going on 18 :)

SplitRazor71 karma

Was your experience with the tsunami anything like the movie "The Impossible"? I felt like it did a wonderful job showing the disparity one must feel in that situation.

PetraNemcova125 karma

the movie was done in a very real and honest way. The first half of the movie was exactly like my experience even the same hotel and the same beach. It really described the power of nature and at the same time the power of compassion.

mercicu48 karma

Where was your favorite location to shoot for SI swimsuit and why?

PetraNemcova74 karma

It would have to be Vietnam as it was a country with lots of culture and we had tons of fun. Each of you now have the opportunity to come to one of the sports illustrated photo shoot. it has never been offered to the public. You can go to prizeo.com/swimsuit and win a trip of a lifetime for you and a guest.

Robtangle35 karma

Given that you've accomplished so much in both your professional and humanitarian pursuits, what's your proudest achievement? And/or what's your next big goal or dream?

PetraNemcova63 karma

knowing that children who went through so much trauma during a natural disaster and were forgotten after the natural disaster for many months and sometimes years now have disaster proof schools which become hope for a brighter future for them, their community, and future generations is the proudest achievement for me and the happy hearts fund team.

My next dream for happy hearts and beyond is my goal to create sustained response after natural disaster so children are not forgotten for so many years. Each of us can be a part of the sustained response through our choice. when we give after the next natural disaster lets support first responders as well as those who rebuild homes and schools that alone will create sustained response and help communities get back on their legs and not be forgotten for six years.

bigrigmccheese22 karma

Absolutely love your work in the past and really admire the work you're involved with now. I don't have a question per-se, just wanted to post the comment. :)

PetraNemcova45 karma

thank you for your kind comment. Life is full of surprises. You never know where life’s path will bring you. What has been the biggest turning point in your life?

mercicu21 karma

Where is your favorite place that you have travelled to?

PetraNemcova41 karma

I have many favorite places but if i have to choose one it would be Haiti because of the incredible people and rich culture filled with music and art and the beautiful land.

birdtan20 karma

What makes you happiest?

PetraNemcova39 karma

Creating! creating opportunities for children. creating joy with my loved ones….the emotion of creating :)